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  • Time for him to go as he continually pushes his book has been getting old for ten yrs now

  • The liberal agenda lives on at the NBC family

  • would keep the 350 employees here.
    Its hard to understand how not having import/export funding makes them build a quarter of a billion dollar plant somewhere else.
    esp when you consider the im/exp bank was created for small companies to help them export, not for conglomerates to soak up tax dollars.
    and even with all those welfare checks to GE from the feds, and with all the tax avoiding shell companies, GE still can't make money.
    How can Immelt have kept his job for 14 years when the stock price is where it was when he started ?
    Of what value has Immelt created for GE shareholders ?
    remember when Connecticut wanted GE to pay some taxes, and GE threatened to move.
    I'm sick and tired about hearing of the US tax rate of 35%, when no one is paying it.

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  • No NBC News.
    He does not appear to side with her.
    She sided with Him.
    The Catholic Church does not endorse non-hetero marriage.
    And never will.
    What the Catholic Church does do is preach that we are to love everyone.
    But they also tell us that if we do evil, they do not endorse it.
    This was the Papal message in response to learning Obama put a non-hetero and a person who changed their sex on the White House guest list for His visit.
    For you see, the Church and Pope have to follow the Bible.
    And anyone who is non-hetero is not following the Bible.
    They will be loved, but their conduct is not endorsed.
    Get that through your head.

  • If you are getting a New Service with Comcast watch out. Seriously, they will lied to you and tell you what you want to hear. Be ready for them to charges you more for install then quoted!!!!!! Just be ready is all I am telling you! I have had some really bad customer service. Don't waist your time taking the customer service survey, because it comes right after speaking to representative that just told you what you want to hear. It will be days or weeks when you find out that the person on the end was just trying to get you off their phone to make his quota.

  • She looked like she was going on a motorcycle ride, or maybe to a gang meeting, or maybe to black panther luncheon.
    She also hugged Xi's wife, who, it was very apparent, didn't want to be hugged, as she almost tripped backing up, after Michelle lunged at her.

  • they have been burning customers for years. soon it will be the stock holders that comcast burns... the new customer stats are a lie.

  • You may remember it was Clinton who was one of the first candidates to accept large contributions from other countries.
    You may also remember that the guy who delivered the money from this guy, had been arrested for violating campaign contribution laws years ago.
    And some of you say big deal. And I say shortly after Clinton was elected, he showed Chinese generals our most top secret military installations.
    And I say it should be obvious what foreign countries donated money to Obama, as just follow which countries he has apologized to, and which ones he has let develop nukes.
    And then we have Hillary, who took a ton of money from Saudi for her foundation, and then didn't call them out for human rights abuses.

  • Despite all the reports of bad customer service the stock is still in business. Just be carefull that if you are getting new installations or need some help with something that no matter what you were told be ready to fight with them to straighten the problem out whether Comcast not doing what they told you they would do, or a incorrect billing. Not only did I HAVE AN UNBELIEVABLE BAD experience I have family and friend who have or having bad experience with Comcast. Note: they will ask if you want to do a survey with the customer service rep shortly after the phone call. The big problems it is that you want know for days later that the representative lied to you!

  • Yet I thought progressives all believed the earth was created by a random big bang, and that we morphed from being single celled ameobas.
    I bet he really doesn't think what he told the Pope.
    You know how he is, tell whatever group you are talking to, what they want to hear.
    No doubt tomorrow, he'll tell another group that we used to swing in trees.

  • Instead, she chose to gush over him.
    I liked Kareem. He was a winner. A class act. He fought Bruce Lee with karate.
    He said when his religion is the minority, then he must follow the rules of the land.
    He also said if his religion is in the majority, then EVERYONE must follow his religion.
    Maria, don't you get that ? When they are too few, they play by the rules.
    When they are many, they make all the rules and force everyone to be like them.
    Its really disappointing you didn't squirm when he said that.
    No, all you did was give your Hillary-like nod of approval of every word he said.
    Maria, they don't have females show their face under his religion.
    Don't you like your job ?
    Maybe you won't mind wearing a veil in the future.
    By the way, he also didn't think much of people who think too many people of Mexican descent are in the country.
    No Kareem. You found a way to race monger. Its not about someones heritage or ancestors or ethniticity. We know that most refugees coming across the southern border aren't from Mexico. What many people don't like is that we have no idea who is coming across that border. Just like 80% of the "Syrian" refugees aren't from Syria.

  • wow.
    Apparently an elected official should tell the highest Catholic, how to interpret the Bible, and how to be a Christian.
    Megyn, what a pathetic insensitive callous disregard for religion.
    Religion is based on the Book.
    The Words of the Book came from God.
    A religious person does not try to change them.
    Megyn, who in blazes are you to tell the Pope how to practice his faith.

  • CMCSA has been my worst play this year? I almost threw in the towel until I came across Ultimate Stock Alerts (you can find them in Google)

  • Its a trick question.
    The sixers are in the 4th year of a 20 year rebuilding program, where they sign people who had major surgery, and hope they can play at least 10 games.
    The Flyers Snider recently told the press that he thinks the Flyers have a chance at making the playoffs. In a league where half the teams do, it doesn't bode well for the person making the decisions, yet snider keeps his job year after year.
    The Phillies, ahhh, its been what, 6 years ? Can you imagine buying season tickets, and hoping to see Chase Utley or Cole Hamels, and spending hundreds of dollars, then these, and more players are traded for prospects. If you have season tickets, and choice players are traded before the season ends, you should pay minor league prices for those games, and get money refunded.
    The Eagles, and Kellys bromance with Bradford, who looked clueless against Dallas. Worse, he had a guy, Le Sean Jackson, who get open in tight coverage, and catch passes in tight coverage, but no, Kelly wants people who worship him and his.
    And Comcast, who for 2 years has been sending me weak signals for AMC and SCI FI, while every other channel is usually good.

  • When will the Fed learn to keep their collective mouths shut, and stop either purposely trying to control the market, or out of stupidity keep the market living in fear, when all they have to do is go to their meetings, and vote, and keep their big mouths shut in between.
    I'm more tired of hearing these fed comments than listening to Obama.

  • Following the announcement today of the acquisition of Cablevision Systems Corporation (CVC) by Altice, Cablevision Chief Executive Officer James L. Dolan issued the following statement on behalf of the Dolan family:

    “Since Charles Dolan founded Cablevision in 1973, the Dolan family has been honored to help shepherd our customers and employees through the most extraordinary communications revolution in modern history.

    Now, nearly half a century later, the time is right for new ownership of Cablevision and its considerable assets. We believe that Patrick Drahi and Altice will be truly worthy successors, and we look forward to doing all we can to affect this transition for our customers and employees. We expect that Cablevision will be in excellent hands.

    For the Dolan family, we move forward with AMC Networks and The Madison Square Garden Company – two and, eventually, three public companies – all born of Cablevision and each with brighter prospects today than ever before.

    With profound gratitude to our employees, customers and shareholders who have made our vision a reality, the Dolans look forward to continuing this fascinating journey.”


    On September 16, 2015, Cablevision entered into a definitive agreement with Altice whereby Altice will deliver $34.90 in cash for each Cablevision Class A and Class B share.
    Cablevision shareholders have approved the transaction by written consent.
    Cablevision has agreed that it would not pay any quarterly dividends from now to closing.
    The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2016, subject to regulatory and other customary approvals.
    In connection with the transaction, Altice received financing commitment letters from JP Morgan, BNP Paribas and Barclays. Altice advised Cablevision that up to $5.8 billion of Cablevision and CSC Holdings debt will remain outstanding after the transaction is completed.
    BofA Merrill Lynch, Guggenheim Securities and PJT Partners acted as financial advisors to Cablevision. Sullivan & Cromwell, Mintz Levin Cohn Glovsky and Popeo, and Richards Layton & Finger acted as legal advisors to Cablevision. Debevoise & Plimpton LLP acted as the legal advisor to the Dolan family.

  • 4 of his many, many businesses filed. Probably around 4% of his businesses.
    And perfectly legal under the law.
    So you publicly made an accusation that was only half true.
    And your record at HP was disappointing.
    Compaq, at a time when PC's were being replaced by laptops, looked like a company you could buy on the cheap..
    It was your bright idea to buy it.
    In early 1999, the year she took over HP, its price was 34 a share.
    In 2004 the year she was fired, the stock was lower than 22.
    She took $12 a share from many many many stockholders.
    So if 4% of Trumps businesses filed, how does that compare with Carly's 100% failure at HP ?

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