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    Here we go again!

    by orthosonic Feb 14, 2014 2:15 PM

    Another bozo,speaks out of his butt

    and what are the patents worth moron?, and if it was going to zero then why are insiders still the biggest holders, another know it all says zero, look this company hasnt been moving fast enough, but it has sales it has large customers and it does business with the US govt, so its not worth Zero, get bent jerkwad

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    Going to add 50k shares by close

    by dealerschoice10 Mar 24, 2014 2:53 PM

    First I'm long IDN except for the 50% sell I made at $1.71-$1.73 to recapture my initial investment. Check the post history.

    Now exactly who are you? Are you going to post a link to your account? I bet you can't afford 5000 shares much less 50k. People who try to influence others to buy a stock they want to go higher irk me. Just glance back at this guy and it's after-the-fact stock picking stupidity. Bloviating is not a form of investing.

    Stock has been the easiest trend stock on the markets and NOW you want to add 50k shares? Why not last week or Friday at $1.11 and then be selling extra buys at a nice profit? So you are saying you already KNEW about IDN but suddenly have enough confidence to buy an additional 50k shares? IDIOTS!

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    by dpreim Mar 27, 2014 11:11 AM

    Wrong about what??? I'm long. Got in at .53 and sold 70% at $165. Looking at another entry point to buy more. Enough about technicalities...You tell me why this is a bad stock. The business model has change since the new CEO has step in. They have $0 debt, patents, new sales team, and are signing more and more deals...3 & 4th qts are looking very good to me. So tell me why this is a bad stock pick?

  • Some substantial and important recent patent wins to go along with an already strong patent portfolio. Given ongoing security issues around the globe and the explosion of mobile apps, it's inevitable that corporations, airlines, and governments will be increasing looking to integrate and utilize IDN's type technologies into their daily course of operations. I see Google as the most likely acquiror of IDN given their really forward thinking of next generation technologies. The security market is huge and growing, while biometric type technologies are only just getting started.

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    How is this possible?

    by bmurrr5 Feb 24, 2014 1:10 PM

    Was looking that one today... seems a joke...

  • Should have sold today for a little profit. Can't believe I stuck with this garbage. Will unload my garbage tomorrow even if I take a huge hit (loss).

    Very frustrating!!!

  • Stocks like IDN and ISR are investments in potential - nothing more. Very few make it to the big leagues but when you have successfully traded shares in these kind of stocks and make a lot of money then leave 25% of your holdings as free seed shares you will hit one every once in a while that makes it to $10-15-30+. However, being speculative potential means dramatic price fluctuations which are not for the undisciplined or bad traders.

    Look at ISR. It got way ahead of itself into the mid $3's and is seeking support in the lower mid $2's. IF you missed ISR then you look at pre-spike levels which were $1.25 area and add in the information received from the management. Ignore the talking heads and stupid beat writers who are clueless. Do your OWN homework and then come up with a baseline price to set a buy. Now I'm going to give you mine for ISR but not going to give you all the legwork/homework on how I priced it. $1.75 is where I buy back ISR. Set your stock watch alerts and see how that works. I've already posted on IDN after selling 75% yesterday that I'd buy back under $1.10. It hit $1.18 early today and I was tempted (would have been a decent quick buy/sell for some extra profit) but I am all about discipline and unless it comes under $1.10 I'll stick with the 25% remaining shares and move on to repeat the process on the next one.

    Happy trading!

    Sentiment: Hold

  • I know IDN does not run in concert with the market as many stock do. If you look at the Dow and Nasdaq decline today - I find it very difficult to find many green stocks. IDN was up this morning and followed the market and many stocks down later. I don't think todays decline in IDN was directly related to the stock, but followed the general direction of most stocks and the market - not a lot of buyers in the general market and big declines. There is independent upside potential for IDN after completing the secondary at .80 and some potential positive contracts and sales. Just one opinion...

  • read about this: Visa (V) and Mastercard (MA) have been pushing the transition for years in the U.S. and have set an October 2015 deadline, after which they will no longer accept liability for fraudulent transactions based on the old magnetic strip technology. the door is opening for IDN--chi

  • The markets for mobile software and anything else wireless related are very big, and become bigger each year. Estimates differ, but size and scope are certainly in the billions of dollars. With it comes security, which is nowadays a hot debated issue. Companies operating in any of these markets are generally awarded high valuations by Wall Street, trading at high multiples. M&A activity is running high, and takeovers at 10X revenue or higher are not uncommon. With the still intact long Nasdaq bull market in mind, one might expect any mobile software or wireless tech company to be fully valued, but we discovered a very interesting case; a small company that has completely flown under the radar but in fact is developing the next generation technology in wireless infrastructure and security and mobile software, Intellicheck Mobilisa (IDN).

    Intellicheck Mobilisa is extremely undervalued

    IDN is a $15 million sized micro-cap listed on the AMEX. You probably never heard of this company; in fact no one on Seeking Alpha ever covered this company, and there's no research on similar websites. We initiated a long position because the company's valuation is ridiculously low, and even if the stock price would double, it still would be trading below fair valuation. For the buy and hold investor, the potential return is even greater, as the company's valuation could be soon 5X-10X what it is today. While the markets are heading south this year, our latest stock picks return investors substantial gains, outperforming any benchmark:

    Lightbridge (LTBR): +435% annualized gain

    Cel-Sci (CVM): +180% annualized gain

    Bioanalytical Systems (BASI): +165% annualized gain

    Aeterna Zentaris (AEZS): +120% annualized gain

    In case you missed those, IDN offers similar potential.

    Intellicheck Mobilisa is amidst the inflection point of explosive growth

    IDN is a rapidly growing company, check out the next revenue numbers:

    Q4 2012: $0.53 million

    Q1 2013: $1.63 million

    Q2 2013: $1.72 million

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Watch the news on this company in the next couple of days.

    All I am saying is with their recent patent, their consumer base, and technology to deter fraud, other companies are taking notice!

    Forget a dollar per share, I believe it will be much higher than that when all is said and done, Just sayin...

  • low floater and a lot of potential..get on this one and be a winner.


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    Offer PR to come out during CC at 11

    by dealerschoice10 Mar 25, 2014 9:41 AM

    hearing from who?

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    why buy this POS?

    by cavanyc Mar 19, 2014 1:52 PM

    For one thing you should do your own research . Two if you had 50k you wouldn't be asking these newbs.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    by dpreim Mar 25, 2014 9:20 AM

    Confucious say: Person who speaks without knowledge is an idiot. Well if he didn't say it he should have. AHHH stock that was up over 55% in a single day after a 300% move higher is down 21%. EVERYONE PANIC!


  • IDN has changed their revenue streams, enhanced patents, product development, business model and has become a provider in multiple markets across private business and government over the last year. Do your own research and listen to the last conference call, Qs and make your own decision. They are now sitting on approx $4million in cash with no debt and have one of the unique security products that will meet the upgraded requirements at bases and ports throughout the country over the next year. This is only one segment of their business and I believe they will surpass old multi year highs of approx $4.80 either by natural growth or be a prime target for acquisition. There is always a risk - reward to evaluate when investing and proper research needs to be done by each individual investor. Please look at IDN objectively from the last year going forward. The company is a micro cap company that is being noticed by a few publications (The SA article brings some facts of a upcoming micro company to light), investors and significantly large volume is an indiction of awareness and major interest. This is one persons opinion and should be viewed as such. Do your own DD... One Key statistic is all current executives and board members have purchased shares over the last few years and have not sold!!!! They collectively own approx 30% (after issuance of additional shares) of outstanding shares. Just food for thought! - short term volatility is expected as you develop new support and higher entry levels and weed out very short term traders. I believe this company will be continue to have significant share appreciation going forward - this train is finally on track for growth! Look at the volume, appreciation and new support of buyers during daily lows and highs. The ROTH conf 3/12/14 and earnings on 3/24/14 - hoping for some very good news...

    Disclosure - I am a stock holder

  • -Small float
    -In two hottest sectors, security and patents
    -Turning profitable 2014 guidance should be huge
    -In this market many low float stocks with lesser fundamentals have doubled in days (xgti, zbb)
    Enjoy the ride.

  • A little bird told me there is an offer on the table, one of the most respected
    members of IHUB emailed me about 5 minutes ago, said $3 offer. Don't know
    it it's true, but I really trust this guy, he has been right 100% of the time. Just
    saying, get it cheap, about to be some fireworks.

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    If you want to understand the longs

    by orthosonic Mar 28, 2014 1:18 PM

    Are you saying shorts are in it for humanitarian reasons? They are wrong as many times as longs are. Your post implies that only shorts are intelligent in their selections.

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