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  • Even with the volume up to the max, listening to the presentation was such a waste of time. I couldn't understand 90+% of the content. BTW, I listen to a lot of webcasts. Just an impression --- it was definitely a positive to have several speakers. In order for this meeting to gain some traction with the investment community, it would be advisable to have a transcript available on the company's website. JMHO.

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    by buddabear83 Sep 21, 2014 5:21 AM

    With all respect, you don't have a clue as to what naked shorting is.

    Naked shorting is when a trader sells stock that isn't borrowed, in fact, they sell stock that doesn't exist.

    The essential effect of naked shorting is to greatly inflate the number of shares that are in circulation. By some estimates, in some cases, that shorting has tripled the effective float.

    The number of shares outstanding, or the number of shares in the float, or the number of shrs held by tutes, they all mean absolutely nothing.

    Here's how it works, just read, and absorb:

    I start selling AMPE at the rate of 500K shrs/day, and do this for 20 days. I have not borrowed the shrs. So I have injected 10M shrs into the system.

    Settlement is T+3. After the third day of my selling, DTCs (Depository Trust Clearing Corp) sends me a notice of FTD (Failure to Deliver). This says I sold 500K shrs, and the buyer is due delivery.

    But, I know that DTCC has no enforcement power, and I can ignore them for some time.

    After 2 weeks, maybe more, while still selling, I buy 200K shrs and send them to DTCC, showing good faith. I keep doing this every few days, keeping them at bay while still increasing my short position.

    Who shd call them on this is the exchanges, but as public corps, and with well paid execs, and knowing that these HFTs are contributing a lot more to their bottom line that anyone else, no one complains, at least no one that anyone cares about.

    if the exchanges, or the big players wanted to stop the naked shorters, they could, but this is big league hardball, and no one wants the game to change.

    Right now, I bet the effective float for AMPE is double whatever the numbers indicate.

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    For what it's worth - part 3

    by buddabear83 Sep 21, 2014 12:50 AM

    MM mike be a fantastic guy..but the truth is I have enough friends. I want someone who can monetize my investment here..Larry Ellison/Steve Jobs were pricks...they did ok by their investors

  • About Vyrix the plan to go IPO is for the 2nd half of 2014 they didn't plan to do it before. "This week, AMPE announced that it had spun off its sexual dysfunctionbusiness into a new entity called Vyrix Pharmaceuticals. The assets will include Zertane and Zertane-ED (men's health). AMPE is expected to own between 50-80% of the new entity which is expected to have an IPO in 2H/14. The size of the AMPE investment is likely not going to be financially material, but in my view, the key is that this allows Ampio to have a greater focus on its core assets, those in osteoarthritis, and potentially have a cleaner monetization of the men's health assets which were not given lead burner access previously." Source Seeking Alpha Dec 20, 2013. Vyrix will raise around $30 million, company value around $150 million.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    by buddabear83 Sep 21, 2014 5:21 AM

    "You simply don't know the situation"
    Ampio is not on Reg Sho threshold list which kinda makes you and pennyvulture out to be the pumpers you are.

    " I will publish tomorrow before trade start on 5 - 10 forums on the net to sell at $14 "
    With multiple aliases on each forum that will be at least 25 messages which will be ignored.

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    by buddabear83 Sep 21, 2014 5:21 AM

    Couldn't agree more with Budda and Penny. I'm very bullish long term and am comforatble holding. On the otherhand, this stock will be a play toy for naked shorts for the foreseeable future, until data forces their hand and swings the pendulum.

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    by buddabear83 Sep 21, 2014 5:21 AM

    20 OR 40M naked shorts? You simply don't know the situation, there total quantity of AMPE shares near 52,000,0000 shares, Insiders + institutional hold 23,000,000 shares, short interest around 12,000,000 shares, and 17,000,000 simple long. From tomorrow most "simple long" will be asked to put a sell command at $14. We will wait for Optina PR that may published on each day, then we will see the earth burning under the naked shorts under them legs. I will publish tomorrow before trade start on 5 - 10 forums on the net to sell at $14 in order to "block" shorts till the end of this month.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Dr. Bar-Or is the Einstien, MM is the handler, that needs to be traded up at this point.

    With that said. I'm staying long and strong.

  • That's some info worth looking into

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    by buddabear83 Sep 21, 2014 5:21 AM

    Thanks to everyone on this board for the very informative posts.

    As to the short covering, don't hold your breath, imo.

    People want to post the short position on the stock. When you get that number from Nasdaq, it is the number of "borrows" that have occurred.

    It says nothing about the naked shorts, and one poster said that the CEO lamented the naked shorters.

    While I know little about drugs, etc, I know a lot about naked shorting, and the roles played by the various regulatory agencies.

    In short, if there is 9M shorts reported, there could be 20 or 40M more naked shorts. They do not need to "borrow", they just short. And, if the mkt moves up, they just sell 10M more shrs. They can keep the prices down until a buyer surfaces with enough capital to absorb all the shrs they can inject into the system.

    Only when that happens will the HFTs, who are the naked shorters, close out their positions.

    For that reason, I don't expect a bounce of any significance, and if there was one of just 50 or 70 cents, the naked shorters would come back with more selling. They do not give up based on one company meeting.

    I can't say I agree or disagree with the analysis about their drugs, I am not a scientist. But, I do know that when there are so many naked shorts in a stock, over time it must move up. If that couples with good science, all the better!

    So I have a large position, and I will wait a long while for the shorts to be gone, and see where we stand at that time.

    GL, and tks again.

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    For what it's worth - part 3

    by buddabear83 Sep 21, 2014 12:50 AM

    Thanks Budda for sharing your thoughts. I share your concerns about MM.

    Other concerns.

    Will the Stride Study (N=320) be sufficient to gain approval? They stated it COULD be. I believe intuitively it will, based on the structure, but they clearly don't have a nod from FDA on the revised strategy.

    The science. Second Doctor stated in the MI study (not sure which one, believe it is the N=40), 40% are having good results, 40 % are not and 20% are neutral. If it is the N=40 portion, not too bad, given 50% get placebo. Just wanted more clarity around that statement.

    MM is not the guy to be running the show. No more to say here, it is general consensus and I agree. The organization needs more depth and talent to move at this speed. He doesn't know this because he has no experience, overly focused on costs and timing vs detail. Needs to be balanced. Recipe for disaster (i.e Step). Forget the shipping company, a double check of verification of the temp should have occurred, Basic GCPs. Someone screwed up internally. There will be no lawsuit to recover the costs.

    Hopefully he hires a good investment bank to do a deal. He clearly has never done a deal.

    PR and communication is the worst I have every experienced. The SCIENCE must win the day. Data is the only thing that will validate the company. MM is spot on with that commentary. They should just go off air and only announce data when appropriate.


    Optina may be a nice short term add on to value. Market, refractory anti VEGF patients. They believe they don't have to hit the benchmark of increase in 15 letters for BCVA because the population has no alternatives. We shall see once the detailed data is presented.


    A LITTLE more evidence of healing. Encouraging. Still have a long way to go to prove. Studies set up to do just that. We will see.

  • Spot on!!! Agreed. He may be a god guy, but a stubborn good guy. He doesn't know what he doesn't know. Which is very concerning. Betting on the science, like we all are.

  • ...after listening to the CC, it seems to me that Optina has a greater than 50% chance of showing enough efficacy to be a commercial drug. The presenters certainly felt sure of it. If the data points to that when they release it in the 4th Quarter, the stock doubles or triples on that alone from current prices.

  • I've been up for more than half the night after the shareholder meeting. Its been a combination of frustration and impatience, and uncontrollable excitement. In over 40 years of business, I have never, ever, seen the prospect of this kind of short squeeze. It is truly one of biblical proportions when one considers what is sure to be on the horizon for AMPE. Ups and downs, goof ups, acts of G-d, whatever. There is very, very little doubt that what they have, is one of the most valuable new drugs and discoveries in a long time. And frankly, OA (knee or otherwise) is only a minor, first step, subset of the many wonders of Ampion. And i shudder to even think about the added value of the much maligned Optina, as well as the unspoken quiet giant of NCE001 for cancer (David Bar-Or is nothing if not prolific in his scientific discoveries).

    Someone, a couple of years ago. wrote about another bio-tech company that went up 1500% in a short period, and predicted that AMPE could beat that record. The more I think about it (and unfortunately, the more the share price drops), the more convinced I am that this is not a fantasy. For this to be a $5B market cap company is not a stretch. With 9M+ shares short, this could well be one for the record books. Business school students will read about this.

    It will be fun to watch this play out. (I just need to stop playing it out in my mind and get to sleep!) And I know the recent group of posters will chime in with their usual BS.... but so be it.

  • I agree. He is good soul. It doesn't change my discomfort.

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    For what it's worth - part 2

    by buddabear83 Sep 21, 2014 12:42 AM

    No. That was not me. I know him, however. He has been a very long time shareholder.

  • I think Mac has done a lot of great things for the company. I think he is true and he is caring. I am not slamming him. I just believe that if the company had a CEO with more credibility in the marketplace it would positively impact the share price.

  • Andrew I hate to break this to you but class action suit always gets filled if he sells the company for 20 a share they will file and claim foul don't you know that you avoid suits what ever you do.

  • Michael Macaluso is Einstein what's the matter with you can't you see that .

  • I spoke to him 4 times I was a basket case he did not say anything improper . I get it he is not your typical CEO obvious on the other hand this Big Mac guy is very sensitive he cares I know it I saw it in his eyes . Bar or not being able to share more is not management decision it's legal to management to bar or. The science will win the unusual CEO will only enhance negotiation with pharma. Credibility nonsense is just that. When u sit with this guy for 5 minutes his good soul and good nature and good humor will set the tone for big numbers.

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