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  • The Citi analyst covering AMPE published an update entitled "Maturing Pipeline:If you Dismiss It You Miss It" and it was released today to Citi's institutional clients.

    The introduction is as follows:
    Maturing Pipeline: If You Dismiss It You Miss It
     Conclusion(s) — We believe AMPE’s valuation meaningfully discounts both the
    late-stage and large commercial potential of the company's two Ph 3 assets. Data
    from Ampion's second P3 trial in osteoarthritis and Optina’s P3 for diabetic
    blindness readout in 3Q and 4Q, respectively. We continue to view the unusual
    level of positive regulatory feedback on Ampion and lower risk bioequivalence US
    regulatory path approach for Optina are broadly overlooked by the Street. With two
    shots on goal and near-term catalysts we believe AMPE should not be dismissed.
     Ampion Trial Exploring Potential Breakthrough Cartilage— AMPE recently
    initiated a trial for Ampion to explore prior early signals from the Ph 3 SPRING trial
    of the drug’s potential to stimulate regeneration of cartilage in osteoarthritis patients.
    We found literature to support the biologic rationale of human albumin’s role in this
    process and even early supportive data of cartilage formation would be a major
    breakthrough with potential to multiply this already multi-billion dollar WW market.
    Next up; confirmatory P3 STEP trial data on osteoarthritis of the knee during 3Q:14.
     Optina’s Ph3 Strategy on DME Risky: But Modest Credit in the Stock— Last
    week AMPE decided to end enrollment early for its Ph3 trial of diabetic macular
    edema (DME) agent Optina, with data ~YE. Signs of patients benefits/declines
    when starting/stopping therapy in an un-blinded treatment extension is risky in
    making broad assumptions of the blinded potion of the trial. However, given a
    majority of patients had failed currently approved agents, we believe even these
    efficacy observations cannot be completely dismissed. What also appears
    overlooked is that the base drug in Optina has been approved

  • Management certainly would not be initiating this new trial if it was based on the response of just a few patients as Bill Williams suggested.

    After speaking directly with several people involved in prior trials including Dr. Yvonne Lungershausen, (the Senior Director of the Phase II trial) it has observed and known that patients in general show dramatic improvement within hours of the injection and that THE DATA KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER IN WEEKS AND MONTHS THEREAFTER.

    Physician's and even Ampio management were elated when this striking data was first revealed, but when the data repeatedly kept getting better and better with time, everybody was at a complete loss of words. I spoke with Don Wingerter, the previous CEO who years ago predicted that Ampion would trigger recruitment of stem cells to the injured area without the need for harvesting.

    Based on the plethora of observations during multiple trials, it is now all but certain that Ampion regenerates cartilage and the only missing piece of the puzzle is this final trial with the endpoint being proof of cartilage regeneration.

    Readers of today's press release overlooked the strong implication that this kind of technology will not only benefit cartilage regeneration for any part of the body, but the most significant implication is that if this is so, Ampion may eliminate the need for harvesting stem cells in stem cell therapy.

    Remarkable results from recent stem cell trials have demonstrated that stem cell therapy is the most exciting space in medicine because it is about to transform medicine rapidly by improving treatments and lowering costs.

    If Ampion does in fact regenerate cartilage, (and it does strongly appear that way) Ampio may also become the new leader in stem cell therapeutics that can be used to regenerate damaged hearts, lungs, kidneys, bones, organs, and to treat cancer.

    Ampio's future is already very bright, but with this new potential increases it by magnitudes.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • The CitiGroup report states Ampio shares are highly UNDERVALUED and have a VERY CONSERVATIVE price target of $21 that is based on Ampion penetrating only 13% of the market.

    Very soon investors will wake up and realize they will not be able to buy enough shares at these low prices and that several news events are very close that will send shares flying to record highs.

    Volume is dwindling . . . demand is building . . . prices will be forced to rise.

    Expect very nice surprises!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Opening line of CITI = "Undiscovered, But Likely Not for Long---" and it goes on from there...

  • This well executed timing of an announcement could theoretically start a stampede of buying that could add another doubling in the first minutes of trade. I have seen this unfold in real time, with HALO, ICPT etc. If management hates the shorts like we do maybe they could help us long time longs to drive the steak into the hearts of the shorts just with a good strategy to bring forth the anticipated news, this all potentially unfolds next week or perhaps the following week. Several different headlines substantiated with an concurrent analyst report and then in hours the stock rockets to sustained valuations based on roughly 12 days to cover for the shorts.
    I won't be selling my shares anyway but this will be awesome to watch.

  • Six million shares short thinking, "I could win six dollars or lose $60?" I urge all the shorts to join the long party!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Hey guys, looking for advice here... I'm long AMPE right now and up around $47k profits thanks to underground stock alerts* (google em), but I am not sure if I should take profits here or not. They are coming out with a new pick soon, should I just put it in their next play? Thanks, any opinions appreciated and good luck all longs. :))

  • bought another 3,000 shares at $7.05..gulp!

  • no buyers, no coverage from any investment banker that has been distributed, new news, ONLY SELLERS AND SELLERS AND SELLERS AND SELLERS.

    Perhaps this company is a reuse.

    Great short here before it collapse on bad news

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Rac you are spot on! I have read the Citi report thoroughly and came away with a very positive long term assessment. They were very conservative with a target of $21. If everything goes as planned I see a much higher target of $50-75 in the next 12-16 months, this does not count possible licensing agreements for other uses. While the shorts have been correct in trading the gaps between data, it is a matter of days and weeks before they get hammered having to buy back shares creating a massive short squeeze. Nice to finally attract bigger money that will be holding and accumulating shares vs selling every day. This will put even more pressure on the shorts when there is little selling, driving up the price rapidly!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Sure, Fraudmeister. When you decide to discuss the clinical data and ongoing clinical progress, then maybe you wont be so full of it.

  • But I think we are through the absolute worst of it. I truly felt this has been a month long opportunity and small to medium gains are coming soon. Adding to my position today.

  • Been trying to track distribution of recent Citigroup report and it is very difficult to get one.

    I am told by CitiGroup that it is going to institutional and high net worth clients first.

    Since these groups move biggest, but slowest, expect AMPE shares to continue moving higher every day on somewhat increasing volume because the report is extremely optimistic and bullish. Even their $21 price target is based on very low penetration of a market that should be jumping all over Ampion.

    As the report says, competition is almost non-existent and the market is much larger than first estimated. And the fastest growing segment of the population is the over 65 group that is going to increase from 40 million to 72 million by 2030 and this group has huge needs for Ampion.

    Could have some set back days, but demand is building and can only have one result . . . . rising prices and rising volume.

    It would not be surprising to see a very big advance soon.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Looks like you have wisely purchased a stock in a timely fashion to prosper, us longs here for years would appreciate your continued faith after our expected runup in the days and weeks ahead and hang on to your shares as this company will go way further than any initial pop. Yea, sell a few shares to take that trip to Europe, or buy some bolt-ons for the girlfriend, whatever, but we longs have in many cases been owners of Ampio for years and would like to see a commitment from you other than your quick buck. So stick around and enjoy this ride

  • I'm not a big fan of technical analysis, but the Declining Wedge pattern for the past 2 sessions implies A Potential Breakout to at least $10 in the next session or two.

    Whatever happens, fundamentals dictate a very large advance anytime from now until the next 30 days and a surprisingly large advance on top of that by yearend.

    Either way, everything is strongly pointing up in spite of the recent weakness.

    Increase your positions and hold for short term (30 days) pop on big volume.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • All indicators are pressed down max. price is on the bottom of bollinger bands, we are 14 days before a dramatic test results. This point of time is the best time to buy, a moment before the U turn, I just check Harry Boxer (an amazing analyst, search his name on G O O G he have a web site) analysis chart, his target is $10.5 I believe that this price will be obtained in two weeks.

  • Data backed sound science is both cases....Ampion and Optina. That will win the day ultimately!!!!

  • Of course there are several companies with technology that will not be successful for many different reasons.

    However, there are also several companies with advanced technology such as Ampio that require financing rounds to bring their technology to market.

    It is clear to me that Ampion and Optina are both valuable drugs for patients suffering from painful osteoarthritis and DME.

    Over the past three years Ampio required adequate funding to bring these drugs through trials and to market. Bashers like AF have made it more challenging and almost robbed millions of patients from wonder drugs that are badly needed.

    There is a time for bashing and there is a time for pumping (without dumping) but people like AF are socially irresponsible and should be known for that.

    Fortunately, Ampio has prevailed but no thanks to AF.

    Recognize him for the pathetic soulless person he is where money is worth more than people.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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