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  • No---my point was that I had bought some supplements that proudly featured HA, at a high cost. Kevin Quinlan told me to take them back as they were totally ineffective. I was just looking for an addition to the Chondroitin/glucosomine that DOES work. If it were to get real bad
    I'd ask for a shot of OV or the other, older HA formullary from another house. You sound like you worked in this industry with a knowledge surpassing greatly the term "Do your homework."

    Also ---no. I'd go back as far as the aesthetics products and the agreement with Galderma. THAT was a time when our potential to quadruple or more was solid and the vision of multiple splits on the horizon was more than a fantasy. I'd like not to go back to the sub-$1 days. This company had model financial fundamentals, was making money and had a pipeline into the horizon, but I fumbled away my critical mass of Anika shares during the 2007-9 debacle, then about 42000 shares..

    Good talking with you---I'm going back under my rock now!

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    Milestone payments

    by islb3 May 21, 2015 2:23 PM

    The jury is still out. The progress has been hideously slow, for various reasons, but the products themselves deserve better marketing and better exposure than they've gotten -- however, I concede that unless you're personally in the health care delivery industry (surgeon, nurse, etc.) it probably wouldn't seem "cool" or "exciting" to you.

  • Can't say that I've seen any posts from "Lou" here in a while. Maybe about a year ago? And that also "for old times' sake." I also can't say that I yearn for the "good old days." I would prefer that the stock not go back down to ninety cents per share, thank you.

    As for "HA found in supplements" -- are you referring to pills? Because if so, it is indeed a total waste of money. Your digestive tract is a closed system, with very strict physiological and biochemical controls about what happens to the stuff you ingest and what does -- and doesn't -- get actively transported into the intestinal epithelial cells and what happens to the materials that do get into the epithelial cells. Some of the HA gets digested in the lysosomes of those cells, down to its component monosaccharides, and the rest just gets carried along and expelled with the fecal matter. A tiny amount may find its way to the nucleus of those cells, but if so and what it does there is controversial (although I can guarantee it would only affect the gut lining, which does not contain any cartilage under normal circumstances). None of it would get transcytosed into the interstitial fluid of the connective tissue on the ablumenal side of the intestinal epithelial layer. If you really believe that it does, then I would suggest you eat the cartilaginous ends of long chicken bones or chicken sterna, or pigs' ears -- much cheaper, no "filler" substances or dyes,and you get more material per dose. :-)

  • Re why would Mitek want them -- that was exactly my point. Mitek wouldn't, and the JNJ subsidiaries that might be interested are "stovepiped," i.e., they do what they do independently of what the other subsidiaries do. I was NOT thinking of the ophthalmic products however -- those are basically being sidelined into oblivion by Anika management -- I'm talking about the high-tech wound-healing and non-ophthalmic surgical repair materials that are currently in the US pipeline, most but not all of which were acquired via the Italian acquisition. The wound-healing materials could/should be of potential interest to Ethicon, but as far as I can tell Ethicon and Mitek don't communicate. I don't see how, given JNJ's structure, two (or more) of the subsidiaries could share a production facility. That was my point.

    As for "bumps in the road" -- your assessment of "not creating any value" is an oversimplification of a very complex problem. The ophthalmic surgical HA preparation SHOULD (IMHO) have been given more thought, more support, and perhaps even more research toward newer and better product -- but there was a "bump in the road." Similarly, the subcutaneous dermal filler product (much as I detest the idea of cosmetic pharmaceuticals) and the relationship with Galderma was not given appropriate attention (IMHO) along the way, hence another "bump in the road." Etc. etc. etc. Perhaps the equations all simplify to "not creating any value" (when small numbers approach zero and large numbers approach infinity), but as I said, it seemed to me to be more complex than that.

  • I think the question isn't "what would Mitek do with the other products", I think the question is "why would they want them"? Your post made want to go back and look at what mitek would be paying for that they already don't have. Do you realize that if you go back a decade, to 2005, Anika had about 19 million in non-JNJ product revenues. Do you know how much non-JNJ product revenue this company did in 2014? 21 million!

    You say Dr. Sherwood has created bumps in the road - I don't know what that means. But it doesn't look like he has created any value!

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    Milestone payments

    by islb3 May 21, 2015 2:23 PM

    I don't think with this company you can "factor in cash". With this management cash is just an excuse to potentially make another shareholder unfriendly acquisition. Look what happened with the italian company.

  • Anika was a lot more fun when it was OV carrying the load and the focus shifted to Galderma and aesthetics. oh, how we yearn for the good old days: days when Lou made fun of me because I called Kevin Quinlan at least once a quarter and I could then poke fun at the new facility and the wastes of mgmt. One day, when I queried him about HA, he told me that the HA found in supplements is totally ineffective and a waste of money---although it is quite expensive. It has no intelligence and can't find where to go in your system. "Twas a great company ---once upon a time.

    Do you ever see Lou here anymore?---since he hit it big with the Norwegian electronics hardware company (which name escapes me!!!)?

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    Milestone payments

    by islb3 May 21, 2015 2:23 PM

    The milestones came largely from Mitek, as you know. When the FDA refused to approve Monovisc, Anika did a deal with Mitek, and used their help... but cost them the possibility to go direct. In return they got milestones, though. Could be the same again with Cingal, and really significant milestoneish payments this time. It is not impossible that FDA clears the product as a device... if not it will go the drug route - with a major delay of course. Another possibility is to go direct with it: it would be a Monovisc killer anyway. Excitement is always relative... incremental improvement has always been better for my portfolio! Factor in the cash and the forward PE on Anika is not much above 20.

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    Milestone payments

    by islb3 May 21, 2015 2:23 PM

    I think they said on the last call that there weren't going to be any significant milestone payments this year. You are right about the pipeline. Go to their website and check out the pipeline. Cingal is a product that is just like their already approved products, so net-net that isn't too exciting. Hyalofast is listed - but that product has been selling outside of the US for years and doesn't seem to be selling much. Hyalobarrier larger volumes? "Rejuvenation"? Hyalospine? Definitely not exciting.

  • Does anyone know if they have any more in the pipeline? Absent the last milestone their stabilized annual net is about $1 a share. Doesn't warrant a price in the $30's, much less the $40's. Pipeline isn't very exciting, or doesn't appear to be from what I've read.

  • retiredladyinsouthflorida retiredladyinsouthflorida May 20, 2015 6:27 PM Flag

    I agree, sadly, that a takeover is nigh impossible, but not merely for the reason you mention. The only logical takeover company is JNJ, and they cannot do it because they are stovepiped. Think about it -- what on earth would Mitek do with ophthalmic products, or veterinary products, or wound-healing products? Oh, sure, there are other subsidiaries of JNJ that could potentially be interested in these things, but that would require Mitek to work together with other subsidiaries, and that's simply not part of the JNJ culture. To my view, that's the biggest reason why JNJ will not acquire Anika. Mitek might want to get the company, but it doesn't want to have to pay for the current crop of non-OA-relevant pipeline products (mostly wound-healing) for which Mitek has no use, and it makes little or no sense for Anika to divest itself of the OA products (as well as the production facility) and keep the rest as a stand-alone business.

    That's not to minimize Dr. Sherwood's historic and continuing creation of bumps in the road.

    We'll see how it plays out. Price volatility has always been Anika's middle name. I look forward to the day when it makes sense for me to realize my paper profit and use the after-tax sum to invest in retirement-worthy dividend-growth blue chips. Perhaps Cingal will be the catalyst.

  • I see you are still here hanging with this management bunch. Tell the bored that no one wants the downside of the management here so takeover is nigh on impossible. Benn involved with 2 takeovers already of companies with decent management---as opposed to these guys. Anik, I've said for 8 years, and am holding to it: There are a whole lot of better places than Anika to stash your funds.

    Just like a bad penny, I check back to bash a favorite target---not YOU, retired, but Anika!

    On a serious note, does Lou ever return?

  • Accumulated more shares and December 2015 calls as well. Short interest continues to wane as expected with plenty of upside.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    after hours jump:

    by smusantosr May 16, 2015 2:01 PM

    thanks..........a large block or 2 would have got me excited, but 400 shares does little except someone was playing ah with little experience, and another thanks for the info on the nasdaq website.

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    after hours jump:

    by smusantosr May 16, 2015 2:01 PM
    retiredladyinsouthflorida retiredladyinsouthflorida May 16, 2015 2:47 PM Flag

    The after-hours data is on the NASDAQ website. First, a total of about 1300 shares traded at exactly $34.55 in each of 4 batches, all in the first 26 mins of post-4PM trading. Then a ten minute gap, then 400 shares at the "jump" price of $36.17 and then nothing more after that. Looks to me like a feeble (and failed) attempt to start a manipulative upward movement.

  • was this just a few shares that someone made a mistake on, or was volume high??? any info appreciated.

  • Looks like they upped the price of almost everything for OA, so no bet on Anika as such...

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    10% drop in short interest

    by maximus_prophets May 4, 2015 1:16 PM

    A truck load of short covering happened late in the day. Short interest has been declining already but only those with a strong desire for self immolation will see ANIK as short opportunity. The pressure on the overall market lifting as well will make it even more perilous.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • retiredladyinsouthflorida retiredladyinsouthflorida May 14, 2015 4:07 PM Flag

    Oh, leave hceye247 alone. There's only one reason why somebody would write a post like his on a message board like this one. Think about why this person might want to badmouth a company and try to convince others to sell the stock and go away. Yup. Best to just laugh at the guy.

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