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    Hired by the paste/copy Nut

    by farhan8000 40 minutes ago

    I'm now more inclined to believe that he used illegal drugs as alleged. Where are classy guys talking ill of Cam Newton? show your racist colors please.

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    Hired by the paste/copy Nut

    by farhan8000 40 minutes ago

    According to the document, during a conversation between Archie Manning and the ghostwriter, the elder Manning referred to Naughright as "kinda trashy," "had a vulgar mouth," and spent a lot of time "out with a lot of black guys and up in the dorm." The document states that Archie Manning later admitted during a deposition that his comments were derogatory.

    This book also led to the 2001 lawsuit which Naughright alleged that the book broke a confidentiality agreement that she and Manning had signed while at the University of Tennessee.

    The suit was settled in 2003. Terms of the suit were not disclosed.

    We have reached out to Manning's agent for comment.

    Manning isn't the Mr. Clean, gentleman, ultimate professional we were all made to believe, he is a racist who knowingly attempted to blame innocent black men for the crimes he has committed. The real victims are black men victimized by out of control White men using racist institutions.

  • Leaked documents shed light on sexual assault allegations against Peyton Manning and the smear campaign against the alleged victim

    The document also reveals details of the allegations of the coverup by the school.
    •According to the document, Manning initially denied that anything had happened between him and the trainer.
    •Naughright's boss, associate trainer Mike Rollo, claimed that Manning was mooning another athlete, Malcolm Saxon. Rollo later admitted in his deposition that he was the first person to describe the incident as a "mooning."
    •The document notes that after Rollo called the incident a "mooning," Manning started to use this term "with a vengeance" to describe the incident.
    •According to the document, Saxon executed an affidavit which "clearly refutes Peyton Manning's version of the incident."
    •According to Naughright, the school asked her to change her story and claim that the reason she would later leave the school was because an African-American athlete had exposed himself to her and that Manning's alleged assault was not the reason.
    •Naughright even claimed that the school gave her the name of a specific African-American athlete she could blame.

    In 1997, Naughright did leave the school as part of a settlement agreement.

    Naughright also detailed allegations of intimidation, including two incidents in which she claims that Manning saw her in the locker room and then proceeded to pull his pants down and sit on another athlete's face in what was described by the documents as "reenactments" if the alleged assault.

    Later, Naughright received an envelope addressed to "Dr. Vulgar Mouth Whited" (Whited is Naughright's married named). The envelope contained xerox copies of pages from "Manning," a book written by Peyton Manning, Archie Manning, and a ghost writer. Naughright alleged in her lawsuit that depictions of the incident between her and Manning in the book led to her being demoted and eventually let go from her job at the time at Florida Southern c

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    The man with the gold ...

    by osmosisjosh 8 hours ago

    Another terrible source. Just as bad as your Wikipedia. Do you know what Value Walk grade is in the investing world? obviously not! You are out of your depth Copy/paste. The harder you try, the more you are exposing yourself to the elements. Can somebody, anybody help this guy!!!

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    The man with the gold ...

    by osmosisjosh 8 hours ago

    Fak off Copy/paste Nut!!!!! You are just retweeting China short’s arguments. Are you nuts? We understand better and we know what's happening in China, more than you are obviously, Just don't retweet the argument of those shorting China. Buy Gold if you are that afraid and tuning to fox news and echo chamber far right Radio streams, they are once again calling for the world to end and people to buy Gold. Why nobody has sued these morons for their Gold loses “dollar is losing value”, Remember that!!!

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    Message from heaven ...

    by osmosisjosh 6 hours ago

    And we have to thank Fox News, for profit fear-mongering extreme right Radio and White Males high school drop outs and their Wall Street catering politician they elected into Congress for not legislating. You have activist judiciary and activist fed because Idiots like you keep electing feckless politician into office. I say “you” because you clearly identified yourself with the far right’s talking points

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    Message from heaven ...

    by osmosisjosh 6 hours ago

    We are better off without him in the highest court. He was a Wall Street crony, nothing more. How could you dare say Originalist the guy who gave us "money is free speech"? Let him rot in hell. We are better without him. Now, Obama has to nominate a true constitutionalist, not a Wall Street thug. I nominate Clarence Thomas to be next in line to expire. Get rid of Wall Street seeds from the Supreme Court and get our democracy back.

  • After... Last Judgment Day... all longs, but only devoted believers... will be richly reworded with eternal, never ending...happiness

  • Sell and move on then......

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    Message from heaven ...

    by osmosisjosh 6 hours ago

    The markets will "love" this. Not good.

  • 1. Samsung deal: bust (however, it seems all the details are not public, could samsung be giving nokia IP rights?)
    2. Earning & guidance: ok & poor
    So what future events are on the road ahead?
    -stock acquisition of ALU: When will this close?
    -LG arbitration:
    -Future E
    -New hardware / phones at all?
    --?????? what else?????

    I don't know about NOK, I was not as big an advocate as Peter's Nose, but didn't think they would be in the 5'! Then again after working there that company never was managed right...Maybe it's a Finish thing.

  • Whatcha' smokin'? lol

  • Huge loss! Justice Scalia was the most powerful proponent of originalism, which on one level you must admit, is really the most honest intellectual position for the unelected judiciary since it ultimately defers to the will of the people expressed through regular elections. The political stalemate between the 2 parties, however, has created a situation where we are too dependent on the unelected officials at the Fed for monetary policy and the unelected judges at the Supreme Court for justice. Surely, that is not sustainable.

    Political stalemate leads to a quagmire = activist judiciary + activist Fed + feckless regulators.

    But look at what's coming next: 2016 US Presidential election -- More free sheet VS No more sheet (and a prayer).

    Fractal of the day: .... dotcom implosion followed by the 2000 Chad election followed by 9/11...

  • I saw those videos of two mega stars gravitating toward each other and ultimately merging together, and as this combined star starts hopping on the trampoline of the universe, gravitational waves begin to propagate. This makes a lot of sense .... hmmm .... but how does this work in three dimensions, and didn't Einstein tell us that time and space it actually one spacetime, so shouldn't these gravitational waves jitter through time as well, perhaps into our past ... oh geez ...

  • 1 out of every 10 years or so .... ever been?

  • Fields of gorgeous wildflowers are bursting to life throughout the typically barren landscape of Death Valley — in what experts think may be the early stages of a rare "superbloom."

    The rocky and brown environment of Death Valley National Park, in California and Nevada, only gives way to great expanses of vibrant yellow, purple and white flowers under perfect conditions. When this happens, it’s truly a sight to behold.

    “Although you can find a few scattered flowers in Death Valley almost every spring, during a superbloom there are thick meadows of flowers that stretch for miles across the desert,” park ranger Alan Van Valkenburg said to Yahoo News.

    “At its best, the flowers cover just about every surface of ground that isn't solid rock or salt flats. The most amazing wildflower displays are in the valley bottom where practically no other vegetation exists.”

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    The man with the gold ...

    by osmosisjosh 8 hours ago

    Full letter available at Value Walk.

  • Hyman Capital February 2016 letter:

    ... Crisis Foreign Exchange Reserve Levels – China is Out of Money

    Much debate has been focused around the magical $3.2 trillion pile of foreign exchange (FX) reserves currently reported to be held by China (this figure was $4.0 trillion not too long ago and is currently declining at a rate of $100 billion a month). Responses we receive when discussing the FX reserve levels of China are filled with reverence: “No country in the world has ever achieved $4 trillion in FX reserves by running such enormous trade surpluses with the rest of the world.” While true, this analysis fails to frame the proper context of the larger situation. When a host country has a large industrial base, enormous money supply (M2), and large import/export business, there is a certain amount of liquid reserves that are required to run the day-to-day operations of the country (think working capital). Over the years, the IMF has fine-tuned the formula used to calculate this ‘reserve-adequacy’ metric.4 It can be best calculated as follows:

    Minimum FX Reserves = 10% of Exports + 30% of Short-term FX Debt + 10% of M2 + 15% of Other Liabilities

    For China the equation is as follows:

    10% * $2.2T + 30% * $680B + 10% * (RMB 139.3T / 6.6) + 15% * $1.0T = $2.7 trillion of required minimum reserves

    Those that cite the size of China’s FX reserves as a security blanket seem to lack a true understanding of the composition and liquidity of China’s stated reserve position....

  • BI ' ... Physicist Szabi Marka, a LIGO collaborator based at Columbia University, gushed about the coming scientific revolution to a crowded Columbia lecture hall in New York.

    "The skies will never be the same," Marka told the audience, mainly physics students. "Gravitational waves will let us listen to the music of the cosmos."

    Marka's use of the word "listen" is no accident.

    Sound travels as waves, and so does a gravitational wave. Except instead of air or water or some other matter, gravitational waves move through a medium that permits everything in it — you, me, the Earth, the stars — to exist at all ... "

  • SCMP: China’s central bank chief Zhou Xiaochuan breaks silence over the yuan

    " ... “It is normal for foreign reserves to rise and fall as long as the fundamentals face no problems,” Zhou said in his first public comments on the bank’s rationale and strategies, in the face of multiple challenges since it devalued the renminbi by 2 per cent in August ...

    ... Zhou said China had no intention of tightening capital controls as it would be hard to implement, given the size of China’s international trade and businesses abroad. The level of capital outflow in recent months was normal.

    “Capital outflow and capital flight are two different concepts.”

    He said speculators were targeting China and that “China would not let the market sentiment be dominated by these speculative forces”.

    He also made no mention of billionaire investor George Soros, who has been in a war of words with Chinese state media for weeks after suggesting the mainland’s economy was heading for a hard landing.

    The PBOC would be cautious when using resources to fight international speculators, Zhou said. “It does not mean we must take direct action whenever they come,” he said, adding that a more flexible yuan would help China face speculators’ pressure by effectively using “our ammunition while minimising costs”.

    His remarks could help to stabilise the market and provide global investors with a clearer idea of the central bank’s stance towards the yuan exchange rate, said ANZ Banking senior economist Raymond Yeung Yue-ting.

    Zhou also responded to criticism of the PBOC’s lack of transparency and poor communication. “The central bank is neither god nor a magician who can turn uncertainties to certainties,” “Sometimes, the central bank has to say, ‘Sorry, we have to wait for new data’ ... "

    There is going to be a price for crying Uncle (Sam). Period.

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