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    Monster values

    by salpleasego May 4, 2016 11:00 AM

    You think after the conference call Tim says - is that funny to you, how am I funny, explain it to me, and then he fires the CFO? Oh wait that's him now.

  • Got to take a break for a while - I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing from me anyways.

    First anybody that has ever worked for Symbol needs to be fired from the company - they have done far more harm than good. Second all the C level execs need to go - same story. Third the board needs to be replaced as they aren't doing their job.

    As for the company, there were two positives that I saw - First the new products continue to grow and second international seems to be improving. But those are offset by the fact that new products isn't growing fast enough to replace lost core revenue and international still isn't profitable. They narrowed the loss but it still was a negative -$4.32M GAAP and -$4.10M on GAAP which is still nearly 9%. Add back in their share of corporate overhead - say 1/3 - and you add another $1.43M and it's nearly 12%.

    Their most profitable segment which is the US now seems to be under serious pressure. If you remember a few years ago they decided to pull back from the International to focus on the US so it's another example of how this management team fails at everything they focus on. You see this in the drag down of the adjusted EBITDA numbers which is why it suddenly changed to cash EBITDA which they had never mentioned before this quarter. They also didn't break out US and international in their presentation you have to look at the filing to find that data. When ever they hide a number, stop reporting it, or add a new metric you know they are in trouble.

    Cash was down $36.2M (bad thing) and debt went down $9.9M (good thing.) They bought $12.5M in stock and shares but that still means they spent $13.8M in the quarter more than they took in (backing out the stock purchases.) This company no longer produced money and they are just wasting the Korea sale like they have always done. They can talk about cash EBITDA, free cash, Pro Forma this and that but in the end they are running out of time and money. It's OVER!

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    Final thoughts

    by salpleasego May 6, 2016 8:19 AM

    I enjoy your posts, rants, and occasional jokes. I think you've not only captured the data in your posts as of late, but also the dilemma. The current management team has really backed themselves into a corner over the last decade. They have been writing checks that their butts can't cash for a long time now.

    They have tried just about every solution that hasn't worked and now they find themselves in a tough spot. They must now thread the needle just to survive the next few years until the convert is due. All the remaining cash and cash generated over the next few years is going to have to go to cover the convert. If they can't stop the bleeding or negative revenue trend it may not be possible to save the company. They really didn't sound up beat on the conference call about meeting this years projections. There is still $134M left to unwind and that's about $10M a quarter.

    As you said this is a traders dream stock with the movements but I expect it to trade in this range until we get some new either way. If the next earnings call is anything like this one I would expect us to be lower and possible hit the single dollar range late in the year and into next year. At the same time if they can really turn this thing around and generate 10% YoY growth (1/3rd Linkedin) then you could be back in the double digits in that same timeframe.

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  • Q4/14 - On a year-over-year basis, bookings in North America Careers were up 8%, demonstrating the viability of our core and new products. In Asia, bookings increased 7%, and 9% on a constant-currency basis. Bookings in Careers-Europe, excluding government, declined 8% and were essentially flat on a constant-currency basis.

    Q4/15 - On a full year basis, the bookings of our core European business were up 2% on a year-over-year basis, compared to a decrease of 6% in the prior year. In North America, in-quarter bookings were essentially flat on a year-over-year basis versus a decline in the prior year, and there was substantial variance between channels.

    You are incompetent or misleading investors, either way you should retire or be sued.

  • Tim,

    It's been 4 years now since you started the All the Jobs for All the People program - 2 years in development and 2 years in production.....You were CFO for years and on the board for years so this is your plan.

    This is disruptive to everyone of our competitors. - NOPE

    It puts the company in head-to-head competition with Indeed and other job aggregators, changes the game for job boards with the traditional pay to post pricing model, challenges LinkedIn, and even takes on low-priced, entry-level oriented Craigslist. - NOPE

    However, Monster’s CFO, James Langrock, described the financial implications of the new strategy, detailing the size of the market potential and the potential for boosting Monster’s financial performance within 24 months. He predicted that the company’s EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) would reach 35 percent, a significant improvement. - NOPE

    4 years ago revenue was $234M a quarter and now it's $159M that's a 32% decline - that's certainly disruptive to everyone of your competitors but not in the way you were pitching it.

    Admit it Tim, Steve and the rest of the Symbol Mafia that's left - you have no idea why the company is failing. You have no business being in an advertising and marketing company (which Monster really is) and no nothing about running a successful Internet based company.

    Would you accept this kind of performance from any of your investments? Would you accept this performance if it wasn't you or other Symbol Mafia people? The answer is no - you and your people shouldn't be in charge. Take the write off or loss to you reputation and take the money and leave. Maybe just maybe the next guy could fix this awful mess - you wasted $2.5B dollars and revenue is half HALF of what it was when you took your cushy job.

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    Tim it's a good month to retire

    by salpleasego Mar 26, 2016 7:08 PM

    I think these posts bring up a good point. Either the team, especially Tim, was incompetent or they lied. They've been with the company for nearly a decade and Tim is currently the CFO, not to mention he was the CFO in the past and been a member of the board in the years in-between. He had access to all kinds of numbers and statistics that would make SPG drool. They were using numbers that nobody on the outside had access to and couldn't be verified. Numbers that they said they weren't going to give out and they used those numbers to pop the stock.

    If they couldn't accurately read the trends on the numbers then they are simply incompetent, which is bad. If they lied to try and juice the stock then that's really bad and possibly criminal. Either way they shouldn't be running a company. What they are doing does not serve the long term interest of the company.

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    Proxy please

    by salpleasego Apr 19, 2016 8:55 AM

    $2M HAHA. That's because in response to last years proxy. The stock holders voiced strong opinions about exec compensations and rejected the plan they put forth but of course it's non binding. Last year in response the board decided to increase the stock price period from 15 days to 30 consecutive days in order to better align with long term goals of the stock price!?!?! So you guessed it when the team lied about where the revenue was going - you know $210M in revenue by this time instead of the $159.2M the stock popped above that price giving them a large payout. Plus they juiced the adjusted EBITDA back to levels lower than we have seen in the last few years but higher than the know like the stock comped on that as well.

    Every year they talk about how the company is better and stronger than it was the year before. Yet as stated revenue is down 57% under their watch and the value of the company has plummeted from $6B+ to less than $300M - yeah it's stronger Tim - I mean you and the Symbol Mafia's bank accounts are stronger - same thing right since you are the single largest shareholder?

  • Tim you got 99 problems including becky with her nice hair but revenue growth is the only one that matters and after a decade the symbol mafia still hasn't figured it out.

    Should be a busy week - I'm going through the proxy that came out last week but I have to pause and walk away because it still makes me so mad. I'll have my comments this week and the usual review of the few numbers the company does provide after earnings.

    Still a great time to retire Tim-e.

  • Tim,

    It's a new quarter and you should retire. If you really want to go down memory lane you should read the transcript of the Q1/2008 conference call. You and Sal tag teaming the world with how you replaced all the management, redid the brand, redid all the products, redid all the sales team and how Monster was your creation. You even talk about how small you are in the market - 1% of small companies and 25% of companies that were 500 people and larger. How the recession wasn't going to stop you as you guys were going to double down and take over the world. It sounds a lot like your Q1/2014 conference call 6 freaking years later. Same story, same crap, same song.

    It's been a decade and you and the team need to exit ASAP.

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    Need Jim Treacy back!

    by petebagpiper May 5, 2016 4:38 PM

    Let's not get carried away Captain Underpants. He was mad that Andy decided to stay around as CEO with a new employment agreement.

    They also reported a net loss of $504M and 1,000 job cuts so the wheels were coming off the cart and that's why he retired...I mean resigned. Jim was against all the acquisitions that the company did to build up - except for Monster. That was all Lanny who was with Solomon before becoming the Monster CFO for some reason. The stock was also at $10 at this point so Jim wasn't a savior.

    The management team after that built back the company and it was on the right track before Sal and the Symbol Mafia did a hostile takeover and crashed the whole thing.

    Plus there is the conviction on securities fraud with Jim for back dating options which made it a lot easier to grow the company with in the money options.

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    by salpleasego Apr 22, 2016 9:17 AM

    Sounds like you have a lot going on.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    linkedin salt in the wounds

    by salpleasego May 5, 2016 10:19 AM

    so...what do you suggest? Bail at 2.73?

  • Chris Dessi: I know you as a humble person, but I need you to brag a little here. What has been your greatest career success to date? Tell us about it.
    Jim Treacy: I firmly believe that nothing great is accomplished alone. Having said that, I was an integral part of Monster’s success. Wall Street seems to have validated that. The day I quit the company, August 6, 2002, its stock price plunged a jaw-dropping 30%. One Internet analyst wrote, in a widely-distributed report, that I was “the glue that held Monster together.” Modesty should forbid but he may have been right. LinkedIn launched in 2003 and, in relatively short order, dislodged Monster from its leadership position in the online career sector, bringing on its inglorious banishment from the S&P500 Index.

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    4 years Tim where's the progress (beef)

    by salpleasego Mar 28, 2016 11:05 AM

    SPG nobody is going to come out and play with you, it's the end of the quarter.

    From what I hear the numbers are bad and you'll get some cuts - another 7% but not the 50%+ you are looking for. Proxy season is upon is busy trying to save their jobs.

    But the Pizza is delicious.

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    Crunch time

    by salpleasego Mar 31, 2016 4:52 PM

    For the people I know that are still there, out of 49 in their division, 2 hit their goal. Granted, they may have jacked up the goals to unreasonable levels due to not wanting to pay commission, but it sounds like there were a lot of people that were way off. Many are spending more time looking for other opportunities rather than working. Several more have left, there are only a very few that I know that are hanging on.

  • The intraday has been lower but the all time low close is $2.72 - way to go Tim - way to go Steve - you guys earned those million dollar bonuses for the stock price and adjusted EBITDA margins that we made for 30 days in a row - BRAVO team BRAVO.

    I guess the real question now is can we even get someone to replace these guys from the outside? I mean to get rid of them is another $10+M in stock, pay, bonus, and all that stuff, just like we did for Sal. Then you got to give the next guys a boatload of options and they have NOTHING to work with. No capital, no brand, no money, a bloated workforce, and the company bet on a new product that's been out now for 2 years and isn't cutting it.

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