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  • MWW was just upgraded by UA (underground stock alerts- google them ) to a BUY with a new price target, LOOK WHAT IT IS!!! that's HUGE. i'm subscribed to UA's free newsletter, their subscriber base is huge, the last time they alerted a buy the stock ended up going up 1350% in a very short period, no way this will happen with our stock but it's still very positive. i've made over $200k with their free alerts so far so it's definitely not something to sneeze at.

  • Big upgrade on MWW share price released by underground stock alerts* (google them). Made $34k on their last pick so I’m excited about their email report, gonna ride this baby to the high heavens.

  • Profited over $50k on MWW, got my alert from flashmarket research (google em).

  • MWW really changed my financial situation, made roughly $225k the past few months, been getting my stock alerts from underground stock alerts* (google em). Hope you guys have been doing as well with trading as I have.

  • I can't believe this is happening, there is a new research report just released on MWW that I'm very anxious about. Everest Market Research [search them on Google] just released this today! This research group has a huge influence on the market, I've seen them move stocks 500 - 1500% in ONE DAY and also influence the market down as well. You guys get the report? Curious to hear your thoughts, not sure if I should sell or hold.

  • MWW really changed my financial situation, made roughly $225k the past few months, been getting my stock alerts from underground stock alerts* (google em). Hope you guys have been doing as well with trading as I have.

  • First the shareholders rejected executive pay but the board doesn't have to follow the non binding vote. They accepted the bonus plan because it's never going to happen - it didn't in 2013!

    In 2013 they fail to get ANY bonus because they didn't meet the criteria so what do they do, they reward them for the long term restructure plan which is essential required because management has been messed up for almost a decade now?

    Next they base the executive compensation plan on the following companies which average - AVERAGE $16B in market cap or 32x more than Monster. Yes they put two dogs in there but still - really? You are going to compare what you pay Sal to a company like Yahoo that has been profitable forever! You are going to compare it to Priceline that has 64B in market cap - Netflix - really?

    How can Treacy spend time in jail and these people not?

    Numbers are in billions of market cap - Monster is 0.5

    Adobe 33
    Akamai 10
    Conversant 1.7
    Dun Bradstreet 3.8
    Earthlink 0.4
    Equifax 8.7
    Expedia 9.9
    IAC 5.7
    NetFlix 25.8
    Orbits 0.9
    Paychex 14.9
    Priceline 64.5
    Salesforce 32.7
    United Online 0.1
    Verisign 6.8
    Yahoo 36.9
    Average 16

  • When Sal took over the company was worth about $6.2B (market cap) and it had about $700M in cash and securities with no debt. Today it's worth $500M give or take and it's in debt - yes it can borrow a little more on it's credit line - but it's in debt after repurchasing $600M in stock and spending $600M on companies. So the company did 'earn' $600M under his watch - but he spent it.

    That's a 93% loss in market cap in less than 10 years - who does that and keeps their job - who? Would Sal sit back and let someone do that - maybe?

    The company was still growing when he took over, it was THE MARKET LEADER!

    How do you show up to work everyday and believe in anything with leadership like that - how?

  • Has been raised - really a flag - how ........

    The final pump has begun and the rapture is near.

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    surrender flag

    by salpleasego Jul 1, 2014 8:07 AM

    The new tools seem very limited and certainly not enough to turn the ship. My view is based on the following break down of each new tool:

    Twitter Cards....why go through Monster to use this tool when you could go through Twitter or an agency that will back it with creativity and people who know how to effectively utilize Twitter?

    Monster CRM - so a recruiter can now bulk message a group of candidates without leaving the Monster platform. If this were 1998, then it might be a tool that captures interest. Most recruiters have their own CRM tools already....the Monster version will have to be earth-shattering to make a difference.

    TalentBin - This I'll admit I may be judging too quickly and may revise after I learn more about it. But the basic premise that desired job-seekers are going to be identified by harvesting information from other sites seems a little....out there. So Jim32456 posted an answer to a question about SQL on a message board and a recruiter can now target Jim32456? If that person was really in the market, my guess is their LinkedIn profile is a much easier path to identifying them, qualifying them, and contacting them. This concept could work, but LinkedIn already works.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    surrender flag

    by salpleasego Jul 1, 2014 8:07 AM

    The problem is that Monster does not have the candidates or traffic to full roles that most customers are looking for. Sal was wrong years ago saying that LinkedIn was mainly for higher end roles. The recruiters were using LinkedIn because it give them better candidates, with more access directly. The Monster Database is old and stale. An old customer told me recently that they have stopped using the database because the results are horrible. 5 years ago, different story. Sal and the Executive team would not like them using external sources, but that just means they get the stagnant candidates that are still on Monster. Nice job Sal and team, don't get the best candidates that are available, get the ones that only use your tools and resources. Maybe you could even use your own Applicant Tracking System that has 6Sense! LOL. You do use 6Sense in your own database, right?

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    surrender flag

    by salpleasego Jul 1, 2014 8:07 AM

    A contact of mine recently told me that Monster's internal recruiters are now barred from using outside tools. That should tell you that the internal recruiters were PRIMARILY using outside tools, and the internal folks didn't like that. If Monster's own people prefer outside tools.... well.... do the math.

  • Our money that Sal has spent on stock repurchase since Jan 2013.

    Jan 2nd 2013 - $5.92 (stock price)
    Today $5.52

    $42,627,000 spent on stock based compensation in the same time.

    So $210M (40% of the market cap) spent in the hope of benefiting the only share holder that matters - Sal Micro/Macro/Marbles himself.

    $100M in cash - $200M in debt - awesome work.

  • Linked in has 5,700 employees $2B in revenue 2014 = $350,000 in revenue per employee with a YoY growth rate of 46%

    Dice $250M in revenue 2014 and 500 employees = $500,000 in revenue per employee with a YoY growth rate of 28%

    Monster keeps adding people (marbles says sales carrying water nap sacks something micro macro) even though YoY they are down 3%? Monster is now $191,000 per employee (down from almost $210,000 last year.)

    He can't manage the little business he has - he keeps thinking he can grow out of it. I heard we are in the 61 month of the recovery and he still blames the economy? Even overseas job sites are growing 20 - 40% YoY and have been for a couple of years now. When will the lies stop?

    Why won't anyone (besides me) tell him how bad he is? Would he let someone continue to run the company (any company) with the performance that he has had? Would anybody pay him $5 - $10M a year for the performance that he has had?

    There simply isn't a job site company that has performed as badly as Monster has - PERIOD! They all have grown and continue to grow - what's next Sal after this aggregation stuff doesn't work (it's not or the number would have improved) are we going exclusive with dialup? Back to the partnership with AOL? You are the worst CEO in the history of CEOs. Quit already.

  • $194.4M in revenue down $5.5M from last year.

    North America - down sequentially $1.3M but up $0.6 YoY (slightly better than trends but Sal made a big deal about sequential growth last quarter this time it will be YoY for NA.)

    International - down sequentially $2.4M and YoY $3.9M - again last month Sal pumped this one but I said EU is so uneven and it was down.

    IAF - down sequentially 38K and YoY $2.4M not a surprise.

    $9M in stock based compensation - really - what would it be if things were good $900M? These 'leaders' should have options only - if the company stock goes up they get money. They don't even pay for the RSU shares taxes out of their large salary and bonuses. Note Sal math doesn't count this expense in their EPS which is a joke. Put that in and EPS is negative.

    2M shares bought at $12M @ $5.88 - but remember $9M in stock based compensation so in essence they didn't buy back that many shares and they have to do this every quarter to keep things from diluting. 25% of shares 'retired' and the stock is still down.......?

    Next quarter......oh boy $0.00 to $0.04 NON GAAP excluding share based compensation of $8M or $0.08 a share so we are going to loose $0.04 to $0.08 next quarter just when all the changes are kicking in - really.

    How in the name of anything holy does the board let this madness continue?

    Will the trolls that call in on the conference call ask the tough questions for a change?

    Sal why has everybody but Monster succeeded over the last couple of years?
    Sal why should we believe you?
    Sal why are you still here - please go?

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    As expected

    by salpleasego Aug 5, 2014 8:15 AM

    Has not mattered for LinkedIn, Dice, Careerbuilder and Indeed. What is Monster special that they need a "Hiring Boom". Management should be fired with no Parachute Package.

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    Basic blocking and tackling

    by salpleasego Aug 7, 2014 8:25 AM

    I think it's great that you attempt to spur honest conversation about the future of the company but it just seems like there isn't anybody left who really cares.

    Sal has surrounded himself with Yes Men who have surrounded themselves with Yes Men and on and on down the chain. Anyone who takes a stand contrary to "the leadership" (their term, not mine.... none of these people are leaders) quickly finds themselves out of work.

    Most people in the sales side of the company leave extremely scarred from the negativity, abuse and cronyism.

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    Basic blocking and tackling

    by salpleasego Aug 7, 2014 8:25 AM

    I know Sal has a strict don't engage him policy so nobody is suppose to post at work and it's all monitored and such - there are ways around that with BYOD wireless stuff.

    In the end there isn't anything positive to say and since I'm just stating facts (unless I'm asking for data) how can you argue with that. All they can say is 'I hope you don't work here', or 'he doesn't work in sales.'

    You just have to pretend that you believe the lies.

    1) It's not Sal or the management teams fault. They saved the company from ruin and tossed out all the bad eggs many years ago.

    2) The biggest economic global recession started around the time the team took over and they worked hard to keep things going. Even though #1 above happened.

    3) The biggest economic global recession is still going on, once it really ends Monster is clearly positioned for rapid (single digit) growth!

    4) The other company that Sal and the great management team worked for sold and so will this one. Just not right now since nobody values the real worth of the company.

    5) Goodwill doesn't mean what you think it does - the fact that we have 2x Goodwill versus market cap or book value doesn't mean we have to correct the financials.

    6) The $200M in debt that we have was well spent returning money to the shareholders via the share repurchase program.

    7) $9M in one quarter on stock based compensation was money well spent and deserved (see #1 and #2 above.)

    8) The management team that has no experience in MARKETING and Job sites/HR or Technology knows more than anyone else about the right products and services that Monster needs to offer.

    9) All the companies we have bought have added value to business including Hotjobs, ChinaHR, Trovix, etc.

    Just wait even a broken clock is right twice a day. Young people won't get that since all their clocks are digital.....but then again that's the difference Sal is Analog in a Digital world!

  • So with the sun setting on the last days of Sal's reign can someone provide information about what is going on inside the castle? The stock isn't moving so he isn't buying (or buying enough?) The short interest has dropped 2M or 20% in about a month which should be a good sign but with the stock price on the continued decline it doesn't add up. Mixed messages - nobody on the outside really sure what's going on? Someone in the know let us know about the final days of the worst CEO in the history of business and his friends.

    Jobs data for April was off the hook, can't keep blaming the economy. The weather was bad in Q1 but that's now over. What excuses are left?

  • The market cap was 2.0B at the start of 2011. I can understand blaming the previous team for things before then but by 2011 Sal and team were fully in control for 5 years. Since 2011 Sal has spent $254M on stock repurchase even though the market cap is down 75% to ~500M. With 200M in debt and the last ditch NEW project I just don't see it making it.

    The all jobs piece is going to lower revenue as people figure out I can post it for $20 somewhere else or even free and monster will scrape it and post it on their site. Why would I pay monster $150 - $300 to post a job? They have already seen a large increase in posted jobs to the site but didn't see an increase in revenue. Q4 to Q1 has seen several years with a slight sequential rise - it doesn't translate into a sustained growth story.

    The economy has been on the heal for years now - the number of job opening is back to pre crash levels but Monsters revenue is 1/2 what it was. The market has shifted and it ain't coming back y'all. Revenue will be down in Q2 and that will hurt the stock - it will be down in Q3 and that will kill the stock and then Sal and his team will be gone before the end of the year. That will cause a rise in the stock for a while but in the end it's over - OVER no matter who is in charge now. $200M in debt - a stock that nobody but Sal wants to buy. What a waste.

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