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  • Totally discredited by the population.
    The bizarre activities of Jose Lopez outside the walls of a convent which were alerted by a nearby
    resident are pounding the last nails into the coffin of Kirchner's Victory Front Party.
    Legislators of this party who are not under suspicion or indictment may want to form a new political party ,
    and cleanse themselves of the viruses associated with the corrupt Kirchner government.
    The events in Argentina and also, in Brazil leave me breathless !
    All these political revelations are positive for the future of investments, and the strengthening of
    the judicial systems in South America's most important economies.

  • He appears very gaunt,with his eyes inside deep,dark sockets and bags around the eyes.
    Whatever the nature of his cardiac problem,I am beginning to be concerned ,as he is the one person to keep Argentina on this economic course.
    I do not expect the medical truth to be revealed about his condition, anymore than the American public was told the truth about JFK's ailments and medications.
    Let us hope that this conjecture is completely unwarranted.

  • The backing-and filling of Argentine stocks like BMA,GGAL,BFR and IRS appears to be nearing completion.They have been leaning to the upside for most of the past four sessions; however, the volume has been unenthusiastic,although that should not conspire against gradually increasing positions.
    I would keep a close eye on the political and economic developments in neighboring Brazil, as that nation accounts for forty per cent of Argentina's exports.
    The interim president of Brazil, Michel Temer,has indicated that he will not pursue political office upon the completion of this term,thus he and his capable new appointees will be able to concentrate on amending the daffy and dopey policies that have led Brazil into this Jurassic swamp of economic and human misery.
    Some time ago, on one these Argentine bank message boards, I mentioned an interview by Mauricio Macri with the Financial Times,in which he noted that if he were stranded on a remote island and had only one book to read, it would be The Fountainhead. The main character is an architect named Howard Roarke. You will be able to enter the thought-process of Mauricio Macri by reading this book, or by viewing the film in which Gary Cooper plays the role of Howard Roarke.
    In today's Financial Times, there is an article on page four on the most current developments in Brazil which should parallel your interests in Argentina.

    Success in your investment strategy,

  • Each time this stock has reversed a down trend, it has risen from @ 15 - 25% in very fast order...Last week it started a reversal of the recent down trend...Things may get interesting this week....Curious what others think and best wishes to all.

  • Backing- and- filling occurring in the major listed Argentine banks. You should not look at these banks in
    isolation.The capitalization is small,which is not necessarily a deterrent for individual investors. The banks in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico indicate better times are ahead. Toss -in the approaching changes in Brazil and Venezuela,and you have a continent with some strong fundamentals , both current and future for investors and speculators.

  • The market is nervous after the publication of the " Panama Papers ', and the delay involving the holdouts.
    However, volume in four of the companies listed in New York ( BMA,BFR,GGAL,IRS ) remains rather puny.Shares are likely to be travelling into stronger hands on these pullbacks, and exiting from weaker hands, or from those parties who have chosen to take profits from earlier months or years,since the fall elections in 2013.
    Prices as of a few minutes ago ; BMA=$58.96; BFR= $18.705; GGAL= $26.15; IRS= $14.22.

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