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    Ignore the Soapbox Blowhards Here

    by chuckpalot Sep 15, 2014 10:29 AM

    A bump reminder...

  • In times of war or threats of war more people Smoke and drink,

  • MO owns 27% of Miller. If it is sold, considering the fact that there are 2,000,000,000 shares outstanding and 27% of Miller's value (122,000,000,000) would give shareholders a $16.00 special dividend/distribution. THIS stock is a BUY. AIMHO

  • andimsupposedtobelazy andimsupposedtobelazy Sep 16, 2014 12:03 PM Flag

    still no help from any country as partners


    In the first few months of Obamacare enrollment, blakdiaper pooped his pants on a daily basis about how "nobody" was signing up. I enjoyed laughing at him later when he was proved to be humiliatingly, idiotically wrong.

    I look forward to laughing at blakdiaper in a few weeks when he is proved idiotically wrong again.

    Go wash your diaper, blakdiaper.

  • andimsupposedtobelazy andimsupposedtobelazy Sep 16, 2014 12:01 PM Flag

    and the media has said NOTHING.


    Yes, "NOTHING" except the news stories in the Newark Star-Ledger, CBS, NY Daily News, King5 and Kiro TV in Seattle, LA Times, Seattle Times, SeattlePI, Richmond Times-Dispatch, and Seattle Stranger -- all easily found in 15 seconds by searching on the guy's name.

    That moonshine sure makes Faggy lie like a fkkking rug.

    Lay off the moonshine, faggy.

    Baaa hah aha h ha ha ha ha hah a hah a hha ha ha ha hah ah a hha hah a ha ha hah a hh ha ha ha ha hah a hah ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah ha ha h ha ha ha h ha ha ha ha ha ha hha ha h ha hah ah ah haaaaa

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    Obama Lives in ISIS 'Fantasyland'

    by hap91934 Sep 16, 2014 9:57 AM
    andimsupposedtobelazy andimsupposedtobelazy Sep 16, 2014 11:48 AM Flag

    if you're going to have some boots on the ground, then you're going to have to make a decision about American troops," she said.


    That's funny...Blackburn OPPOSED Obama's proposal to intervene in Syria in 2013, at a time before ISIS had grown to such a threat. And she opposed it for cynical reasons -- she refused to vote for action unless Obama agreed to cancel the spending sequester for ONLY the military -- an agreement that Contards themselves signed -- while leaving all the cuts on domestic spending in place.

    Now suddenly she wants to start another full scale war and blow another $1 trillion and add to the deficit and kill a bunch of American troops.

    You can always count on Contards to scream one thing one year, then flip-flop and scream the exact opposite the next year,

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    Obama Lives in ISIS 'Fantasyland'

    by hap91934 Sep 16, 2014 9:57 AM
    andimsupposedtobelazy andimsupposedtobelazy Sep 16, 2014 11:18 AM Flag

    Cumgobbler reverently quotes one of the biggest fantasy-nutcases in the Contard party.

    Blackburn is famous for yelling repeatedly that Obamacare violates people's "privacy," but on a TV interview could not answer repeated requests for what specific information was violating people's privacy. She is also the nutcase who voted against more funding for border security (something that Contards are always demanding) because it "will be used to cover Obamacare shortfalls." She also claimed, without any evidence, that the new HHS secretary would "cook the books" on Obamacare data.

    And she famously opposed a bill that would end the torture of horses -- the practice of "soring" a showhorse by pouring caustic chemicals on their hooves and then wrapping them in heavy, painful chains so they prance higher -- because it would "devastate" the showhorse industry in her home state of Tennessee.

    And in 2012 she voted for a Contard party platform that called for banning abortion even in the case of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother -- then denied doing so.

    You can always count on a redddnexxx Contard to say stupid things -- and on Cumgobbler to cite them as important sources of info!!

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    For MO Noobs Curious about Today's POP

    by chuckpalot Sep 15, 2014 10:49 AM

    Depends on how the deal is structured (assuming one happens at all!). They could chose to take an equity position in InBev, and carry that value on the balance sheet much like they do now with their SAB stake.

    They could do an equity + cash deal, or take all cash. I believe this is a very good mgmt team that could find ways to put a windfall like this to good use - and not in the form of a special divvy. A nice strategic acquisition seems more likely.

    It'll be interesting to watch this unfold!

  • "A recent move by Wisconsin utility We Energies to not only raise electricity rates on all consumers but also to add an additional charge on those who produce their own energy and sell it back to the grid has sparked outrage within the state and beyond. The plan would raise the “fixed charge” on all customers’ electric bills from $9 to $16 a month, as well as reduce net metering — a policy that enables customers with solar panels or other forms of distributed generation to sell their excess electricity back to the grid — and add a new charge on these electricity-generating customers."

    I cannot find ant evidence that the Koch brothers own a sizable amount of WEC.. could you show me where you get your information from that it is the Koch's or the GOP are pushing this agenda.. tia

  • The Obama administration is living in "fantasyland" if it thinks Americans are buying its no-ground-troops strategy on fighting the Islamic State (ISIS), Rep. Marsha Blackburn says.

    Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, adds that Secretary of State John Kerry's flip-flopping on whether the U.S. is "at war" with ISIS mirrors his boss's confusing take on the problem.

    "Bear in mind, this is pretty much the way they have operated since they went into office," Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, said Monday on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

    "Words matter, actions matter . . . You can't just go say [we've] changed all the rules and well, now being at war is going to mean something different.

    "No, it does not, and they are absolutely living in fantasyland if they think the American people are buying this."

    The Obama administration has said it has no plans for "boots on the ground" in battling ISIS and wants a coalition of nations to help fight the Islamic extremist group, which has been slaughtering Christians throughout Iraq as it attempts to establish a religious state.

    According to The New York Times, the White House says a number of Arab countries have now committed to joining the airstrikes against ISIS, also known as ISIL, but it has stopped short of naming them.

    Officials have said, however, that a sustained and coordinated campaign may take time to get under way because of the need to stabilize, train, and equip Iraqi forces, and Kurdish and Syrian rebels on the ground.

    Blackburn , who is vice chairwoman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said the Obama administration is well aware that a successful military campaign against the Islamic State must include ground troops.

    "They know that if you're going to do airstrikes you've got to have some boots on the ground, and if you're going to have some boots on the ground, then you're going to have to make a decision about American troops," she said.

    "They're trying to say, well, in Iraq we don't have boots on the ground. As of this week, we will have 1600 troops in Iraq."

    Blackburn said she has consulted many retired military and active duty military personnel from her district and they agree the president's strategy is unworkable.

    "They have said, look, the president is trying to say, 'well, we can do this halfway' and it's just not going to happen like that," she said.

    "They understand that you've got to go at this full throttle in order to win this. This is a very, very dangerous al-Qaida-linked terrorist organization, period."

    Blackburn is urging the Obama administration to consult Congress on its ongoing campaign against ISIS, which last week beheaded a British aid worker.

    "My hope would be that he will come to Congress and that he will work with us," she said.

    "We are pleased the president has taken a first step toward action . . . It has got to be something more aggressive.

    "We would like for him to be able to fulfill his promise to the American people that he is going to destroy and defeat ISIS."

    Blackburn said the nation still remembers Obama's 2009 "apology tour," in which he traveled through Europe and the Middle East and "apologized for the sins of America" caused by his presidential predecessors.

    "At that point, [White House Press Secretary] Robert Gibbs . . . said that this had changed the image of America around the world . . . this was something that was going to make us safe and stronger," Blackburn said.

    "What it did was to provide the impression that we are a soft power, that we lack the will, that we lack the ability and the drive to go in here and be an aggressive leader to annihilate this terrorist cell."

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    For MO Noobs Curious about Today's POP

    by chuckpalot Sep 15, 2014 10:49 AM

    Ex div date was Sept. 11.

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    For MO Noobs Curious about Today's POP

    by chuckpalot Sep 15, 2014 10:49 AM

    If I had to a guess, a special one-time dividend, depending upon the asset's sale price vs. what value MO's books reflect now.

    My opinion only!

  • Over the last few months an incredible drama has been playing out in our justice system. A Muslim man who has likely murdered at least 4 people, has admitted to killing his victims as an act of adherence to Islam. That’s right, a string of murders committed in the United States and being prosecuted in Washington State right now by a Muslim man in an effort to revenge his Muslim compatriots in the Middle East… and the media has said NOTHING.

    Hopefully, as the story gains more publicity that will change – but for now, let us tell you about the evil Ali Muhammad Brown, who has murdered at least four innocent men in cold blood.

    Ali Muhammad Brown is currently on trial in Washington for the murders of Leroy Henderson, Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young.

    ali-muhammad-brownThe prosecutor in the case has said that three murders plus one more in New Jersey are all part of a “bloody crusade” to punish the U.S. government for its Islamic World policies.

    The fourth murder was of young 19-year old college student, Brendan Tevlin, in northern New Jersey. Tevlin was stopped at a light at an intersection when Brown and two accomplices surrounded his car, shot him eight times, robbed him and then dumped his body and car in a local parking lot.

    When detectives asked Brown why he killed all of these men he answered that it was all done as a part of an effort to get justice for Islam.
    f' obama.

  • Another stupid post by the WT-PW!!

  • still no help from any country as partners, Of course why should they trust the lying inept
    corrupt first affirmative action, community organizer, playing President, the POTHEAD????

  • A great day to be long MO. I'll be watching to see what happens with Miller.

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    obama's do nothing Senate

    by andimsupposedtobecrazy Sep 15, 2014 9:15 PM

    And this week there was there was some comment from an unexpected source: Obamaphillic gun-grabber Piers Morgan weighed in. (After his contract fell through with CNN, he’s got time on his hands, apparently.)

    Might be easier to report when he's NOT golfing RT @WestWingReport President golfing at Andrews this afternoon

    — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) September 14, 2014
    @piersmorgan @WestWingReport Wow. Piers just said something I agree with. Scary day….

    — Cruz'n USA (@CruznUSA) September 14, 2014
    Scary indeed.

    And it’s not like there was just another beheading somewhere, right?

  • "352 bills are sitting on Harry Reid’s desk, awaiting action.

    "98 percent of them passed with bipartisan support -- Republicans and Democrats working together to pass legislation.

    "50 percent of the bills passed unanimously, with no opposition.

    "70 percent of the bills passed with two-thirds support in the House.

    "And over 55 bills were introduced by Democrats.

  • It's all as though bill and hillary have never been caught lying before today. You can tell when they are lying, their lips move.

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