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Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp. (SNTA) Message Board

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  • This garbage is going to be left in the dust as folks come to their senses and we see a market pullback over the coming months. Garbage like SNTA will fall significantly more than the rest of the market.

    Shares go lower to $3.00 to $3.50. You fools playing the $4.00 to $4.50 game will be burned - especially the bozo who posts every other day about lowering his basis by a penny or two here and there.

    Easy money to be made on the short side over the next 3 months.

    Kovner can lose his entire investment here and not lose a wink of sleep. Most of you halfwits would get ulcers if that happened.

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    Something is comming for sure.

    by maxwellsmart322 Jun 28, 2014 2:17 PM

    Kovner Bruce is not like us (small investors). This guy is very smart; he knows what he is doing and considered one of most successful investor in Biotechnology industry if not the best, with amazing track record. Moreover, Kovner Bruce has the best consultants and advisors as well as connections in the this industry, so we know the rest...

    The big players like Bruce do not invest approximately 200 millions dollar (at the time of purchase: at today's price would worth 123 million) in SNTA without having certainty that SNTA and it's pipelines have a great potential thus will be making HUGE profit....

    In short, he invested in SNTA because he knows his investment will make over a billion if not billions. For instance, look at RENAUD RONALD and his investment in IDIX, when the stock go beaten dow in April, all short sighted shorts and day traders jumped in IDIX board and posted the same trash being posted in SNTA.... While weak hands were selling and others are shorting on top of %42 short of Float at that tim, there were smart investors buying with both hands because they know only one thing which is: ENAUD RONALD is not stupid, and they were right on the money as well ENAUD RONALD as he made a billion from his investment in IDIX, SO will KOVNER BRUCE in SNTA. Plain and simple.

    Sentiment: I am LONG and STRONG like Kovner Bruce

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  • Where, exactly, was the "pump"? There was absolutely ZERO news associated with this recent run-up in price.

    You have got to be one of the most ignorant, uninformed posters on this board.

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  • Just wanted to congratulate you on the 12 thumbs down so far on your post PERIOD.

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  • $4.56. This will open Monday at 4.65

  • I am a long time lurker and seldom ever post. I needed a new ID to post today because it has been years since I posted anything and I couldn't recall my old ID.

    A few of my thoughts are as follows:

    Bruce Kovner is solidly in control of this company. Reference page 7 of the 4/30/14 proxy and notice to shareholders. If you add all of his direct and indirect positions, Mr. Kovner controls at least 55% of Synta's common stock. This company does not make a decision without his approval. His most recent purchase demonstrates that Mr. Kovner has every intention of maintaining that degree of control.

    The HDC program and it's wide ranging applications are the real long term value asset. With the ability to improve the performance of chemos from many different Pharmas, control of HDC becomes critical. If I ran a large pharma, and my best therapies can utilize HDC, I can extend my patent protection for years. I would want to control HDC for myself. Better yet, my competitors would have to pay me huge royalties to utilize HDC with their drugs. At some point in the not too distant future, this realization could set off a bidding war, with Mr. Kovner running the auction. Synta will get purchased, but at a price satisfactory to BK.

    Short term the price will continue to stagnate without news. Longer term, we have a real winner here.

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  • If I was truly uninterested in investing in one particular company; I wouldnt waste my energy posting on it whatsoever. It sounds like you got burned; go pout and cry elsewhere loser.

  • Made over $70k this month on SNTA trading thanks to underground stock alerts* (google them) I get my stock alerts from them. They put out a report on the S&P 500 a few months ago and were SPOT on. Good luck all longs!

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    by who_gnu_1235 Jul 4, 2014 11:31 AM

    I can answer your question if Apachefogg doesn't mind.

    The answer is as follows:

    Are you newbie to bio stocks?.. If the results which is expected in the 2h2014 (so due anytime now) are positive, SNTA will be over $30 within a time period of one week to two months period ...and when approved by FDA will be over $100... You know why: because the platform (small molecule drugs) that SNTA is developing will treat severe medical including cancer (all types of cancers) and chronic inflammatory diseases.

    In other words, we only need one positive results from phase III trial then other successful results will be followed suit in other types of cancers like a cascade thanks to The FDA's Accelerated Approval Program to allow for earlier approval of drugs that treat serious conditions.... this what why 45% are held by insiders and 41% held institutional & mutual fund owners....

    So no wonder why Kovner Bruce invested heavily ( holding tightly 30.70% of SNTA shares).....So those insiders as well as Konvner bruce are betting on BIG money from SNTA drugs otherwise they wouldn't put extremely large chunk of money in SNTA. I am pretty sure that those guys are having a kind of certain priori knowledge that at least one of SNTA'S lead drug candidates is working: (ganetespib in Phase III for non-small cell lung cancer; in Phase II for hormone receptor positive metastatic breast cancer; in Phase I HER2 for metastatic breast cancer; in Phase II/III clinical for acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome; and in Phase I/II t for platinum-resistant ovarian cancer. As well as the Hsp90-inhibitor for ovarian cancer)

    In summation. compare SNTA insiders holdings to other bio stock then you will scratch your head....and that's why this stock is now and every time strongly holding and consolidating at $4 level as this the bottom and oversold level to this kind of heavy insiders buying Biotechnology stock, PERIOD.......GLTA to longs and shorts. and I am LONG and STRONG

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  • New leadership, Partnership or Buyout. You can make the claim that Kovner made a mistake investing in SNTA but that doesn't make since given his resent investment a smart man like him does not double down on a bad investment.

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  • Despite the negativity throughout the whole market SNTA doesn't want to give up. Patience will be rewarded!

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  • There appears to be an idiot MB poster @ 20 years old who has yet to achieve his GED.It appears the purpose is to inundate the MB with are now on ignore....hope the others do the same

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  • The CEO is replaced by a newly formed executive committee consisting,among others,the chairman of the BOD,Director Robert Wilson......retired Vice Chairman of Johnson and Johnson(pretty large corp to my understanding....$300 BB mkt cap)....And Paul Friedman ....former CEO of INCY..a $9.5 BB mkt cap BIO Corp.
    IMO,these guys are not novices and likely more competent (synergy) than the previous CEO.
    It is also stated that the transition is not expected to create a delay in the advancement of Ganetespib or the HDC platform
    IMO....the loss of the CEO does not create a vacuum and Bernitz's departure was in the best interest of SNTA.
    These supposed negatives look like positives to me

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  • The news of the advancement of Ganetespib into Phase 3 extension of AML LI-1 study for patients with AML and high-risk MDS is a solid very nice addition to the proof of concept in the treatment of various forms of cancers. This is going to help to move the stock price into the next phase of upward movement.

    The shorts are going to be scrambling in the morning....(they already started scrambling in after hours trade).

  • High potential risk and reward.
    Risk: Ganetespib doesn't work. Several yrs ago, company aborted melanoma drug trial (although it can now resume it if it wants to) for safety reasons and stock tanked from 8 to 2. If downside risk is defined by cash, then sub $1 possible. CEO/founder departure may not be good sign. Also need to raise much more cash (see last CC).
    Reward. Ganetespib works. It becomes a platform for a huge number of cancer drugs, by itself, with other drugs/radiation and as conjugates with chemo drugs (a huge untapped opportunity). The opportunity is billions if not tens of billions. Maybe CEO left because he wasnt up to the rigors of multiple trials and multiple commercialization needs. Kovner bought more shares after CEO departure. Maybe they tap big pharma partner for milestone payments to provide cash needs. Their partner on melanoma drug was GSK. They hired Steve Bernitz to focus on partnering. At his previous job he arranged $1B partnership with GSK.

  • This is the time to buy and get a free ride back to 4:30 in couple of sessions!

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  • I owe this board an apology, I pumped and nothing produced. I predicted $10 by May back in Feb when we started getting slammed and I am sitting with my shoe in my mouth, still holding my shares. Not worried or concerned, I never planned on selling before November anyway, but still felt bad... Furthermore I think there is a lot of good momentum in the industry right now. A partnership will have a greater effect than anything. Especially with pivotal endpoints scheduled for release later this year. Stay long

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  • Roth Capital affirms Synta Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: SNTA) at Buy with a $27 target price following recent meetings with management. Analyst Joseph Pantginis noted thay Synta management hinted that the company is well-positioned for business development progression, which may also include partnerships.
    -Street Insider

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  • over $5 any time now, then major squeeze with new CEO or partnership

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  • I've got a strong feeling there will be a significant pickup in volume over the next week that will create rapid short covering and bring in momentum players.
    There is a very interesting pattern that started with an inverted hammer on 5/8 and the three white candlesticks starting on 5/9.
    Text book bullish signals.

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