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  • No use arguing with you two.
    Profit or Loss numbers do not lie.
    TSL, CSIQ, JKS, JASO make & report Profit qtr after qtr w/o SOCCER Sponsorships.
    YGE with SOCCER sponsorships of $Hundreds Millions (out of less than $400Million Market value) report losses qtr after qtr.

    Few late or non payment from unreliable customers in Algeria, Greece (or other PIIGS), Brazil, or Argentina could put YGE in very serious trouble, could follow STPFQ & LDKSY into bankruptcy.
    The ONE Mega contract I suggested could counter balance such potential disaster.
    Is that what you guys want from YGE: 100% trusting their Management, and give away your watchdog responsibilities.
    Good luck, esp. after 3rd qtr reporting, where major expenditures from Women Soccer Ads would occur (In Super Bowl: $4.5Million for 30 sec Ad, don't know the figure here). Could Yingli even afford that, w/o major borrowing?

    The way YGE Big Spending, soon even SOL (only 12 cents away now, last week was 20 cents away?) will overtake YGE.

  • "The NEA said in a statement that the 5.04GW total included 4.38GW of utility-scale solar power plants and 660MW of distributed generation installations."

    While TSL acquired a gigantic pipeline in China, at least Yingli is going about downstream business in China too and having steady progress; when sales may impact earnings and/or holdings of projects is up for debate but at least that 'debate' is relevant unlike when YGE had no downstream business!

  • Nothing very exciting about YGE at the moment, short, medium and long-term indicators are mixed with most believing it to be a sell.

  • Google use to have one called discussions on every ticker. They took it down long time ago. Oh Well.

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  • Haa Haa... I know who you are talking about. Is that clown still crying "winwinwin" ? What a loser. Wasting all energy. Trust me when I tell you this, Put him and his wife on ignore list and your life will be bliss !

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  • here is the title translation by google translator:
    yingli "Panda" re breakthrough component power increase production by 2.5%

  • Yes walking into a multibillion dollar company’s field office and telling them they are making a big mistake and that you know better how to run their company should get good results. I hope you left before they called security!

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  • Yingli on the right track. Sounds like sales going well, and will start cashing in on their downstream market soon. Today's news on financing for another downstream project, Yingli will turn around this year. Proving all those analysts wrong again with their downgrades. I predict end of the year run up to $7. Q1 will report flat, from seasonally slow Q1 and another large forex loss. But China just reported over 5GW installed for Q1, so we might be in for a nice surprise.

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  • Yan, I h u b has one. When the SP went down people stopped posting. We can start it again.

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  • Yahoo is drving me crazy. I cut and paste, they deleted the article. Ok, I typed the entire article, again yahoo deleted.

    You guys go read the article for yourself. Very good news article by Ofweek. Google OFweek solar news.

    I wish google starts a message board. I'm sick of Yahoo.

  • “BAODING, China, April 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (NYSE: YGE) ("Yingli Green Energy" or the "Company"), one of the world's leading solar panel manufacturers, known as "Yingli Solar," today announced that it has obtained an RMB300 million (USD48 million) financing facility for a 50 megawatt (MW) PV power plant in China. Located in Handan City, Hebei Province, the 50 MW PV power plant is expected to generate approximately 54 million kilowatt-hours of solar electricity annually, offsetting over 50,000 tons of carbon emissions. Construction and interconnection of the project are expected to be completed by the end of May 2015.”
    "We are pleased to begin our relationship with CGN International Finance Leasing, and believe that our partnership is a key breakthrough for Yingli's downstream business development," commented Mr. Liansheng Miao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Yingli Green Energy. "We anticipate that more Chinese financial institutions will ramp up activities in PV project development moving forward."

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  • Stupid yahoo not letting me post.

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  • Who are Yingli's real Target Audience?

    1. Audience who consumes for immediate satisfaction, like: McD, Doritos, Colas, stc; and Audience who buys sexy sporting goods for show, like Adidas, Nike or Audi?
    2. Audience who has to make (sometimes quick) decisions on Big Durable Goods, like: Central Air, Central Heating, Roof, etc that are usually being replaced about once very 30 years; and Big Plants & Farms Long Term investors?

    If you say no 1: Yingli has the right Target Audience & Paradigm.

    However if you say no 2; then Yingli has the wrong paradigm selling through SOCCER sponsorships.


    1. $Hundreds Million out of less than $400 Million market value (about half?) mostly borrowed money.

    2. Free today; Technical strength is KEY; people evaluate through Performance & meeting user needs.

    Question: Why is YGE spending $Hundreds Million on WRONG Audience to begin with; while its competitors:
    TSL, CSIQ, JKS, etc saved $Hundreds Million on wrong expenditures to begin with.

    Result: TSL, CSIQ, JKS make & report PROFIT qtr after qtr;
    while Yingli burdened by SOCCER sponsorships un-necessary debt report losses qtr after qtr.

    Isn't it time for Yingli Management to shift its Paradigm on its TRUE Target Audience, and make some
    real drastic actions/changes.

    Why spent $Hundreds Million if you can get it for FREE?
    We are not charity organization, or Government SOCCER Agency, but PROFIT Making Investors.

  • Yingli Green Energy Americas (YGEA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yingli Solar, has supplied over 85,000 projects in the Americas. Our solar panels energize the region’s top financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and tens of thousands of homeowners. Known for delivering expert customer service and technical support, YGEA serves regional clients through dedicated offices in San Francisco, New York, Mexico City, São Paolo, and Santiago de Chile.

  • Duties and Responsibilities:
    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Display a “customer first” attitude, understand the customer’s business and engage with the customer to understand pain areas.
    Review contracts with customers to understand delivery obligations. Advise Management immediately of any issues with meeting these obligations.
    Manage utility project spend and ensure budgeted spend is not exceeded. Report costs incurred on a regular basis to Director and monitor events/activities that lead to an increase in costs
    Co-ordinate with internal and external stakeholders to ensure deliveries to customers are executed seamlessly. Manage shipping documentation library (i.e. PO acknowledgements, packing list, BOL, POD, advance ship notice, etc.) and share with customers as needed
    Utilize the Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains system to track customer deliveries and invoicing
    Identify opportunities to improve customer service
    Provide weekly updates to customer; review actual monthly and weekly delivery plans and communicate any deviations to customer promptly
    Assist with implementing internal processes that support superior customer service
    Track and report project-related metrics
    Work in conjunction with various teams (Sales, Accounting, Marketing, Technology) to tackle customer issues that require cross-functional support
    Clearly articulate and communicate minimum service standards required of 3PLs to meet customer service expectations.
    Communicate with customers’ logistics providers as needed
    Track all operations related issues that impact customers
    Support management team in ad hoc customer focused tasks and initiatives

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    “Solar has massive potential”

    by jfu11 Apr 17, 2015 10:26 AM

    Of course I did, I even stopped by at Yingli's Dubai office on March 16, 2015. However, only secretary
    was there. Office Manager (Damoon Moin) was in the US, since January 2015. Don't understand why;
    since US & EU business will be much less than potential of Middle East opportunities for YGE products.

    SEARCH: "Damoon Moin" in this YahooGroups Yingli Message Board for full details.

    Many times, suggestions that are very obvious to bring MEGA Contracts and solid Profits are totally ignored;
    since Yingli's current Paradigm is SOCCER sponsorships, regardless how fatal to YGE that sponsorship was and if not stopped, will continue in the future.
    That old paradigm needs to be replaced with the new paradigm.
    Only Assistant CFO findings, regarding WHEN Yingli could have start making Profit, AFTER SOCCER
    sponsorships $HundredsMillions expenses are deducted; that YGE could ill-afford, and had to be borrowed;
    then honestly discussed by upper management; could this old Paradigm be shifted to the new one adopted.
    Profit/Loss hard numbers do not lie; TSL, CSIQ, JKS, and others with no SIOCCER sponsorships report
    PROFIT qtr after qtr; YGE with SOCCER sponsorships targeting WRONG Audience re[port LOSSES qtr
    after qtr. Shareholders are asking WHY?

    Until SOCCER sponsorships CUT, YGE shares will NEVER move up; if not careful YGE could follow
    STPFQ & LDKSY into bankruptcy.

    Recommend: The NEW PARADIGM needs to be adopted by Yingli's Management.

    Still time today for Yingli to be LEAD Contractor in Ghawar Forever Project; not very long though; since once
    Full Approval by Saudi Aramco Management received; Main/lead Contractor have to be named, by the originator of already accepted in principle Ghawar Forever Project (me).

  • “In 2007, China's planners set in motion an ambitious plan to produce 1.8 gigawatts of solar-generated electricity by 2020.
    Last year the country produced 28 gigawatts – 15 times what it had hoped for by 2020.
    Now, China is expected to more than triple even that production – to 100 gigawatts – in three or four years.”
    The stage is set and it is clear to me that Yingli Solar has positioned itself to be part of that.

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    “Solar has massive potential”

    by jfu11 Apr 17, 2015 10:26 AM

    Hi Anggicvg,
    I see you concerned a lot about YGE, and did you try to contact YGE people and send your suggestion, especially the suggstion about doing business in Sandi Arabia.

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    Just bought 1500sh more

    by chidragon38 Apr 17, 2015 3:15 PM

    HI, Do you mean the ETF Tan bought YGE 144000 shares, how do you know it? thanks,

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