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  • All Solarworld did was to waste U.S. tax dollars and our government's time. After all said and done, the new ruling have absolutely no effect on Chinese solar imports to U.S. Because all tier 1 has revert back to 2012 solar ruling by shipping Chinese made modules and it was cut in half. So, only losers are us...the U.S. tax payers. Thanks Solarworld.

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  • It is odd that Solarworld has sued Chinese companies for making panels in China when as I speak countries from the whole world are making or plan to make solar panels in Malaysia, including American companies. First Solar has 3,700 employees there producing five sixths of their solar panels. Their workers in Ohio make the rest.
    “Malaysia’s surge in the solar industry has irritated some of the original backers of American trade action against China. Critics say the goal was to create jobs in the United States, not Southeast Asia.”

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  • Help needed to break fake support at $1.88. Wait for next support @ $1.5.

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  • Google topic for full report.

    Highlight:Saudi Arabia is delaying by eight years its target to complete clean-energy program including $109 billion in solar power, saying it needs more time to assess what technologies it will use.
    The project was originally intended to produce a third of the nation’s electricity from solar panels by 2032 and more from wind, geothermal and nuclear reactors. The ambition was to save more crude oil for export.
    “We have revised the outlook to focus on 2040 as the major milestone for long-term energy planning in Saudi Arabia,” said Hashim Yamani, president of the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, the royal agency established to oversee renewable energy policy.

    Sounds like setback, actually for Yingli a big opportunity.
    Currently Saudi Aramco uses Suntech panels for its Pilot plants; with Suntech bankruptcy: Canadian Solar stepped in; however CSIQ does not have enough capacity to supply all of Aramco's & Saudi's needs; so by needing more time to assess what technologies it will use, it will also evaluate Yingli, with its new CleanARC coated panels for tough desert conditions.
    Also Hashim Yamani is president of the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy; not what really counts: Saudi Aramco. Aramco can make decisions at very fast pace, once strategy is set. I had working experience with both the Saudis: 1. Assistant to CEO (working on Aramco's Katrina assistance) & 2.The person who runs Planning & Programs (working together in Ras Tanura Refinery & its Multi Billion $ upgrade: pointing out need to utilize the Internet as early as early 1990's) there very well; Imho these two Saudis are the real Decision Makers.

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    Already SOLD OUT Q1 2015

    by yan3kigndoms Jan 22, 2015 11:26 AM

    Yes, let Solarworld sell to US & EU at high prices.
    Yingli should concentrate on GCC wealthy Arab Oil countries with plenty of cash to preserve their Fossil Fuels. YGE will have enough demand from Abu Dhabi's Masdar & Saudi Aramco's Solar Projects, including powering its Desalination Plants in UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, all wealthy Oil countries going big time on Solar. Their new offices in UAE & Riyadh should work hard to win their contracts. Wish they hired me just for my contacts and knowledge of area, culture, etc.

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    Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2015

    by anggicvg Jan 22, 2015 5:49 AM

    Seems like UAE & wealthy oil rich Arab countries are taking Solar big time these days. About time Obama Administration take back the lead. First steps with White House initiatives on renewable already started, next is removal of all solar tariffs, so US could be competitive, w/o support, like tariffs (& subsidies). Initial subsidies imho OK by re-allocating all Big Oil subsidies to Renewables. About time Big Oil get its subsidies removed.

  • We are still in Jan and IHS reported Chinese Tier 1 are already mostly sold out for the 1st quarter 2015.

    Strong demand from China, Japan, UK, South America, Central America.

    Solarworld can have the U.S. market as they can't compete with the rest of the world. Solarworld's business rest on suing and crying for U.S gov's help. What a pity.

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  • Seems like the current Obama Administration gets everything they want, that other previous Admin's could not execute; like: Obama-care, Gay rights, etc.
    To really make a mark, Obama needs the Renewable Energy Act. This will further separate him from other previous Admins. Many (esp. GOP) underestimated Obama; however he really gets what he wanted; and this will include Renewables. Just wait & see the next 2 years of his Administration. Obama will push Renewables, esp. Solar big time; including making US Solar more competitive by removing all tariffs. Tariffs only make US Solar un-competitive compared to others, like YGE. YGE will explode once all Solar tariffs removed.

  • Seems White House is now serious about Renewable; here is an EMail to me from The White House:

    Here at the White House, we're dedicated to making President Obama's administration the most open and accessible in history. And today, we're opening the doors of the White House (at least, digitally), bringing back a tradition that dates back to the days of President Andrew Jackson and an open house involving a 1,400-pound block of cheese.

    In "fromage" (or, homage) to President Jackson's open house, you can bet there will be a few cheese jokes. But we'll be answering some serious policy questions, too.

    Have a question about the issues President Obama spoke about in his State of the Union address? Find out how to participate in today's online events -- or keep reading below.

    Log on to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, and ask your questions using the hashtag #AskTheWH.

    Got a question on issues like climate change, energy, and conservation? Here's a list of Administration accounts that will be holding Twitter Q&A's from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET this afternoon.
    • Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz - @ErnestMoniz
    • Special Assistant to the President for Energy & Climate Change - @Utech44
    • Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell – @SecretaryJewell
    • Department of Interior - @Interior
    • Environmental Protection Agency - @EPA
    • Department of Energy - @Energy

    Have questions on other issues, too? Check out the full schedule of all the ways you can engage during Big Block of Cheese Day.

  • Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) is a global platform that addresses the interconnected challenges that affect the widespread acceleration and adoption of sustainable development and clean energy. To seriously address the global energy challenge, the relationships between economic development, poverty eradication, energy security, water scarcity and climate change cannot be overlooked. ADSW, the largest gathering on sustainability in the history of the Middle East, encourages actionable outcomes to carve a pathway toward sustainability worldwide.

    Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) is the largest gathering on sustainability in the Middle East, and a significant platform for international dialogue and cooperation.

    In 2014, ADSW welcomed over 32,000 participants from 170 countries, in an effort to:

    Tackle the world’s pressing issues in energy, water and environment
    Accelerate the global adoption of renewable energy and sustainable development
    Address water challenges in arid regions
    Elevate the water-energy nexus topics on the global agenda
    Encourage the dialogue between broad industry stakeholders to strengthen strategic partnerships
    Stimulate investment in water, energy and environment projects
    Empower the young generations and entrepreneurs
    This year, between 17th and 24th January 2015 - (ADSW Festival is on the 23rd & 24th), ADSW will, once again, bring world leaders, policy makers, thought leaders, decision makers, experts, scientists, business leaders andacademics together to discuss, debate, and ultimately address the energy and sustainability challenges of the future.

    Anchored by the World Future Energy Summit (WFES), the 2015 programme will feature a series of complementary events, conferences and exhibitions, including: The International Water Summit; The Abu Dhabi Renewable Energy Conference; The Zayed Future Energy Prize Award Ceremony; The International Renewable Energy Agency meeting; and Ecowaste.

  • Google Topic for details.

    In the past Suntech was a major supplier to MASDAR (Google for details). With Suntech bankruptcy now, hope that Yingli's new UAE office could pick up these contracts.
    Then if Yingli's Saudi office could pick up Saudi Aramco fat future contracts; since CSIQ (who picked up Suntech contracts) won't be able to supply all of Aramco's & Saudi's (incl. its giant Desalination plants all over the country) needs, YGE will be set to fly high.
    If Yingli's UAE & Saudi office could concentrate & succeed in these 2 or 3 Giga Projects alone with big profit margins, and very deep pockets to support such projects, YGE will be very profitable in no time.
    My advice don't do much of Domestic China projects and/or other US/EU/3rd world projects that loose money, just to sell or be first; better concentrate on Giga GCC contracts backed by wealthy oil countries now going big on Solar.

  • Yes, Yahoo Groups often deleted messages they don't like, especially with links.
    What does ABGB stands for?

  • An earlier reply got zapped . . . try another twist this time with a different thought: ABGB

  • SUNE has a huge leg up already in India ... President's meeting again ... 100GW target in India has quintupled upwards . . . Ahmad Chatila a super story from Lebanon, to ASU via the Big Red.

  • There was some fancy trading at the end of the day today (one large order at the ask a few seconds after 4 PM); again! Can anyone read anything into that?

  • I really dok not understand.

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    Time to get green today

    by issi266866 Jan 21, 2015 9:23 AM

    Bought my last shares. Now it goes up. Perfect timing!
    Can not wait for 4Q conf call. I think all Chinese Tier 1 will report a strong 4th Q 2014 and will have a strong 2015 forecast. CICC already pointing above 15 GW for 2015. All Chinese solar will go rebound this year.

  • is it time yet to fly for YGE ???

  • Green is over! We have cheap oil! Short early short offend!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Google topic for details.

    Highlight: The solar industry added jobs at a rate nearly 20 times faster than the national average last year, according to an annual report.

    The Fossil Fuel Lobby has so far managed to partially destroy Renewables. However the trend is against them; soon the tide will turn, and Renewable (lead by Solar companies, like YGE) will win big.

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