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  • 2013 – Cash Flows and Working Capital
    Our ability to continue as a going concern for a reasonable period of time largely depends on the ability of our management to successfully execute our business plan (including increasing sales while decreasing operating costs and expenses) and, if required, the ability to obtain additional funds from third parties, including banks, and from our related parties or from the issuance of additional equity or debt securities.

    2014 – Cash Flows and Working Capital
    Our ability to continue as a going concern for a reasonable period of time largely depends on the ability of our management to successfully execute our business plan (including increasing sales while decreasing operating costs and expenses) and, if required, the ability to obtain additional funds from third parties, including banks, and from our related parties or from the issuance of additional equity or debt securities.
    last year, share price was at 4+ ..did take a dive for few weeks, but back at 3.50-4 range from jun - sept.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • All the illegal media hoopla will fade. Facts never goes away. Media causing my nightmare which I will boycott starting today. My clicks been paying their paycheck. No more. My gut feeling is that management is working overtime to turn Yingli around this year. I think they will succeed. Never seen a Chinese firm so transparent. They never try to sugar coat, just straight to the facts. Good or bad. Right now this is my worst investment of all time. But I been through this when I rode LVS down to $2. My past experience is helping me pull through difficult time because the reward at the end can be very lucrative. LVS helped paid for my house. Yingli going to pay for my retirement. I feel bad for all those investors that got duped and did not spend time to read the annual report.
    Yingli will never go down. We have a Chinese veteran Miao with all his connections with Chinese gov companies. Hebei has a large installation target set by NEA. Hebei detailed that they will only work with local companies such as Yingli. All tier 1 are running at full capacity. Forex is turning positive. Interest rate getting lower. After the paris summit the solar market will double in 2016. Yingli will turn a profit in 3Q. By Q1 2016 Trina will have the same debt load as Yingli.

  • The CEO's of these Chinese companies always get filthy rich at IPO,
    skim off the investors' money for salaries and to pay off Red China
    Government Loans, then go Bankrupt, leaving "investors" (suckers)
    with nothing. Wash, rinse, repeat with a new name, new IPO.

  • GTHP produces a biophotonic cervical cancer scan.
    It's noninvasive, more accurate tan pap smears and produces instant test results.
    GTHP recently shipped its first units to China (see the PR).
    There are over 390M women in China between the ages 25 and 64 in need of Hep C testing.
    Orders were received from Turkey and Indonesia too.

    GTHP is awaiting FDA approval in the US - the stock price should triple on the announcement which is expected any day.
    The Hep C market is huge - over 60M pap smear tests are taken annually in the US.

    At a market cap of only $20M and FDA approval expected within days - GTHP could be the stock of the year.

  • I sold my 3000sh from yesterday, nice meals & wait for more coming!!!

  • Yep. That's me. Not selling unless evidence of bankruptcy.

  • Laws were broken when clear evidence writers and analyst manipulated the stock. They quoted "substantial doubt ability to continue..." from the annual report under section D. Risk Factors.

    None of those writers disclosed that informantion. Instead they take it out of context that "substantial doubt to continue" was as if taking as a fact or statement. Not one of the article I read said it was written under the section Risk Factors". Instead they took it out of context and many implied that bankrupcy is in the near future as factual information. Now they gone too far. They actually caused the stock to go down and it was a sunstantial amount.

    Clearly the irresponsible party that broke the law causing the stock to drop was the writers fault. I too lost tons of money from those egregous acts. They prey on investors' fear for their financial gain. Those writers get paid from the number of views on their web pages. Myself included clicked and read all those lies.

    Please email the lawyers that want to sue Yingli. Yingli did nothing wrong. Tell them it was the writers' fault and you want to be part of a class action to sue all the writers and analysts.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Yingli said it has taken a series of "positive and substantive actions and steps" relating to its debt repayment plans.

    "Overall, the company is optimistic about and confident in its ability to continue servicing the global solar market, and feel well-positioned with our quality products and access to capital in order to take advantage of the current surge in solar demand,"

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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  • PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy ETF bought 1,162,712 shares yesterday.

  • Est -.0.24. I think we will beat that. My est is -0.15. Q1 is slowest for yingli, lower revenue less loss. No end of the year one time ridiculous charges as in Q4. Lower debt levels lower interest payments. I still predict a forex loss but not as bad as Q4. All in all -0.15 easily beat estimates. This is the beginning of a long rise. Already leveling off. Best time to buy right now.
    No worries on annual report. You can add up all the quarterly report yourself. It doesn't disclose anything new. Not worrying about debt, SunEdison is close 10 billion in debt. Every week you can read a solar company getting a new loan. In one year you will have several more solar companies with higher debt than Yingli with all their expansions. China just lowered interest rate the 3rd time in 6 months. Yingli will start saving interest payments.
    I am feeling good about this company. Buy low sell high!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Made a lot of money trading this. Why not try it one more time. In at .88. With this small of an investment, Zero or 1.38 which ever comes first!

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    More BAD news from the 20-F. . .

    by mmigliorini May 18, 2015 5:58 PM

    And if you've ever previously read a 20f filing,then you'd know that this is the kind of standard boiler plate language required to state potencial risk. Thank-you for giving the context.

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    selling pressure

    by wdh827 May 18, 2015 12:19 PM

    PV Tech and Greentech Media quoted from the annual report and highlighted "substantial doubt as a growing concern". These annual report are full of worst case scenario. Trina, Jinko, and all other solar companies they all have to mention the possibility of bankruptcy. This language been in all Yingli's past reports and in all other solar companies. Such as nuclear bomb hits the factory, we will go bankrupt. Too bad that they did not disclose the contract or relation or terms of FIFA contract. I want to know how much they wasted on FIFA and how long the contract will last. They also have to stop donating solar projects to school or non profit. They are not in the position for any charity work. My only concern is why is it so hard to sell a downstream project. We need to sell one first.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Go to PV TECH. Comments from Yingli CFO: Downstream business and gradual debt reduction at heart of company's future. "....Our company is paying back its debts year by year and the level of our debts will gradually decrease. That means our interest rate expenses will decrease year by year. On the other side we are moning into the downstream market and will see more margin contribution, and we have cashed out some of our assets that we didn't use for manufacturing."

    To grow a downstream business takes huge upfront money. Yingli did that in 2014 and were able to maintain a stable balance sheet. We will start to see that money invested in downstream business to pay back this year when they sell or connect and collect fit payments.

    I like to end with, "In 2015 we will definitely recover further and that is why we are confident...we will meet our repayment obligations based on substantial progress we have achieved to date to secure funds to repay these notes on schedule." Bamm there you go.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Out at $1.20

    by ninht88 May 20, 2015 11:27 AM

    nice. i used to daytrade 15 years ago. This would've been a good one.

  • company said paying down debt and focus on high margin & high growth area is the company priority. There will be many downstream project going on in 2015

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    by bjosh9999 May 22, 2015 3:54 PM

    .01 Everyone panic! Sell Sell some peoples kids. Oh yah not to mention up .02 after hours so it's actually up .01 today. Everyone quick .01 you better Buy Buy Buy.... according to this guys logic.

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    Investors still holding will get the last laugh

    by yan3kigndoms May 22, 2015 12:50 AM

    At $8, I did no pumping. All the writers did it for me. They are all bandwagon writers. CNBC pumped it big time on tv. We had 10 times more pumpers here. I usually share my DD. In crisis I will put in my 2 cents. Bjosh. You own yge shares. Are u a masochist? I said this many times, postings here has no effect on the stock. This message board is only for entertainment. Couple cool poeple here that likes share DD which is awesome. You should join us. Move from dark side you will. Your bashing is futile.

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