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  • The only self esteem they can find living in Manila is posting and karaoke

  • Pup also said blue dye tested "almost" as good as LS. Wrong. LS doesn't make a person fall to the ground in pain when injected. LS has a 30 hr mapping window. Pup said Manocept was old already tried and inept technology. Who cares if a small fund buys 30M shares and profits by hiring liars to post lies. They dumped a million shares to suck in a million more small investors taking a quick profit, that is fine. Games are common on wall street today and making money isn't hard to do if these type games entertain an investor. Buffett no so much but his angle is simply longterm.

  • Samyo dreamed of growing up in Manila and owning a sushi shop someday, now he works for Pup and Ryno posting from the slum shack Pup rents from his cousin that succeeded in Manila with a dozen moped rentals

  • Sucking in the weak investor is probably fun for these boys. Coming up with wild stories now that they know there will be time before the next positive growth post, expansion post, partner post. Revolutionary break through post and so on.

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    This Stock Suffers From The Onto Curse

    by samyo1 Dec 24, 2014 1:41 AM

    Too long didn't read, but laughed a little.

    Would have laughed more if you hadn't cursed a whole population of NAVB people trying to make money with your karma.

    Reminds me of the movie Avatar.

  • Gnom&hughes:
    I agree with both of you. This set back will be short lived. Should already be a $3-$4 stock if it wasn't so minipulated . IMO, we will get a short squeeze to drive the price up.

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  • I agree with your comments. NAVB is now a "show me" stock. The market currently lacks confidence in NAVB's capacity to turn a profit despite LS's regulatory approvals and the potential of MTBU. The potential opportunity described by many on this Board has been insufficient to sustain any increase in the share price because management has been unable to profits that potential as of yet. All of us our optimistic that their new CEO can and will reverse this problem; however, until we see meaningful financial progress, I am skeptical we will see a sustainable, increasing, price trend.

  • Once again, Pup's prognostication was right on target. His last message indicated that the shorts would take NAVB back down once it reached $2 - $2.20/share and his prediction was right on target. Again, we might not like what he has to say or how he says it, but his insights and assessments have had an uncanny accuracy. You don't have to like what he has to say, but he is certainly giving us a roadmap to profit on this stock.

  • I am allways astonished about the power of shorting this stock. I don't believe, that the down move was caused by day traders. They might have supported it by their doing. However, now I believe that the short rate rised in noteworthy manner the last two weeks. We will see in 2 weeks. However, I believe in this company and their science. Anyway I sold other slow moving shares and added up NAVB in this and last week. BUT ALLWAYS keep in mind: If the story is right your invest is not really wrong, but timing is bad. However, SHORTS have to cover any days and the higher the short rate, the higher the price jump. The jump may be suddenly, caused by powerfull news or over a longer peride of time. Income will increase slowly, except if there is a powerfull partner suddenly.
    Good luck for 2015

  • This is a very intelligent and we'll written post and I salute you. Business and science however do not always go hand in hand. Stocks very rarely hold their own on potential but more so profit. If you owned an investment property that couldn't be rented, what impact would that have on its value to an investor that you want to sell it to? There has to be a tangible income stream either now or with a few simple fixes - soon. We ran up a little on some nice PR but sooner or later you have to make a profit. It's really that simple.

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  • You are correct and the pedal is too the medal.

  • My personal opinion is that L/S sales have to be legit. So far it appears that Cardinal hasn't moved it much though I owned cadx and went through similar drama until they were bought out at 14. I believe in this Co but I think it will take 2 to 3 years to realize true profitability if they can sustain. Do they have the cash to stay? Do we need another large investor or dilute? I like what they are doing but it's a real slow ride. I could care less about shorts, you're either profitable and successful or you aren't. Shorts don't control profitability and profitability earns solid pps. I understand this product is much more complicated than the one Cadence had but it was gobbled up after proven sales that would only improve. If they can figure out a way to produce positive earnings with everything else they have, I see no reason why a buyout in the $13 range couldn't take place in the next 2 to 3 years. They have to stay in the game though which means they have to sell products instead of continuing to use money creating new ones. I bought in originally at 3 + but have averaged down. I don't know why I believe in this Co so much but I do. I've made a lot of money in companies like this over the past 25 years or so and I'll make money here if they have the cash to last. Good luck to you all! Be patient with this one and I think you will do real well. Just my opinion .

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    This Stock Suffers From The Onto Curse

    by samyo1 Dec 24, 2014 1:41 AM

    You are obviously from the ONCS message board. You and the rest of the pumpers there were pumping $1.50-$2.00 when it went from 25 cents up to 95 cents in like 4-5 days.. I admitted that I sold too soon when I sold at 59 cents for a quick 100% gain in 4 days and bought back in the mid 30 cent range when it dropped down to 35 cents again. When it was run back up to 60 cents and you pumpers were pumping $and GUARATEEING $1.50 by the end of the year, I sold in the mid 50''s again and have now watched the price drop back to 44 cents again. I have traded NAVB 10 times now. I just sold at $1.98 on Wednesday . You must remember the 3 day rule. Stocks will be run up for 3 days and you sell the morning of the 4th day. I don't pump or bash, I trade stocks and pumpers hate that no matter what stock it is. ONCS has a long, LONG way to go and every pumper on that board has made a complete fool of themselves. I fully expected NAVB to go back to $1.50 before the end of January but I admit a 21 cent fall in one day is pretty big. I wish I would have sold more at $1.98 but tried to get $2.00 and could not get it so I lowered my sell price to $1.98. Should have sold 25,000 instead of the 10,000 shares I have for trading. You losers from the ONCS board need to stop praising me so much because I really do not deserve all the attention. Any fool knows that these BIO stocks are manipulated up and down over and over again. NAVB is a good long term hold but it is a better trading stock for the next year and I have said that numerous times on this board.
    Thanks again for the praise and admiration of following me around. The more you say, the better I look.

  • Could this be new partner for MT?

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    This Stock Suffers From The Onto Curse

    by samyo1 Dec 24, 2014 1:41 AM

    No one takes joy in your misfortune.

    It is simply a matter of fact and you were told beforehand.

    The curse has not been lifted as far as I can tell.

    Good luck.

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    This Stock Is Going Down Down Down

    by samyo1 Dec 24, 2014 1:48 AM

    You were warned and it is your own fault if you lost money.

    If onto is still in this then the pain isn't over.

    You are being warned again.

  • This company has a revolutionary diagnostic application approved by FDA mid-2013 and with recent expanded FDA approvals in a number of classifications, recent approval in Europe and collaborations with approval prospects in China, Russia and rest of world on the horizon. New CEO Rick (as of 10/2014) has tremendous senior management experience in this field and will oversee growth in these respective arenas. The stock continues to be heavily shorted and manipulated by same (at great risk to them) which represents a compelling opportunity anywhere sub $2 for any investor based on these basic facts alone.

    In addition to above, mid December this company announced the establishment of their Macrophage Therapeutics Business Unit (MTBU) to explore Therapeutic applications for their Manocept platform. "The Manocept platform serves as the molecular backbone of Navidea’s FDA-approved, activated macrophage-targeting agent, Lymphoseek® (technetium Tc 99m tilmanocept) injection. Preclinical data being developed by the Company using tilmanocept linked to various therapeutic agents suggest that tilmanocept’s binding affinity to CD206 receptors demonstrates the potential for this technology to be useful in treating diseases linked to the over-activation of macrophages. This includes various cancers as well as autoimmune, infectious, cardiovascular, and central nervous system diseases".

    Imo the stock price solely based on current and potential sales growth of LS is a compelling buy (based on current and future applications and market expansion). Add in the unbelievably revolutionary application potential from MTBU with Manocept, time to consider investing whatever % of your portfolio you feel comfortable with a "long" term view. Continued DD is ALWAYS recommended and should DEFINITELY not be restricted to info from this Yahoo website or MB. Very easy to check out other academic, medical and investment websites in your related research. GLTAL!


  • Everyone knows the games that can be played to make money in the market, but they cant control what Rick and his team are doing to generate productive partners, markets etc. Manocept is rolling, no matter what and LS is too. Simple as that.

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    Now that you stopped out

    by ryno1ryno 20 hours ago

    healey: no worries here and yes "if the manocept science is remotely legit, then they are shorting a sub 2 stock that will be worth pick a number.", all and oh so true, couldn`t have posted it better myself. no longer an if, simply a matter of when and how much inmho. thanks healey!

    Sentiment: Hold

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