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    SCO v IBM coming soon

    by dwiget001 Dec 18, 2014 2:13 PM

    'SCO v IBM et al - Tech Insider'

    Google it!

  • "Windows 10 patch bug:

    The Windows patch KB3025380 has been causing rather a lot of problems for the hundreds of thousands of Windows 10 users which the corporation has been proclaimed to be extremely active."

  • Hey bozo, I'm going to show you a trick hold your hands up close to your head okay you ready.

  • Appears to be a Verizon issue. No more Yahoo Finance Summary page desktop version with 8.1 on my 928 but I just recently purchased the ATT 520 for $29. and I downloaded the 8.1 update with none of the same issues.

  • I'm posting here because it seems that I cannot contact MSFT via e-mail, have to pay money. The new critical update for Windows 7 is causing so many problems, can't open my browser or the program menu. I have to restore my system every time it gets installed. Anyone know how to delete this update?

  • The reason it is more confusing currently in regards to user string agents is that many companies no longer user the original way mobile websites where designed. A lot of companies are going with one version that will work on all devices both mobile and desktop. It is just a matter of choosing font size & layout and it can be done and I see that frequently now. Yahoo's desktop website is old. The mobile site leaves too much out. Don't know what or why they want to make their website look like the year 2001.

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    SCO v IBM coming soon

    by dwiget001 Dec 18, 2014 2:13 PM

    Hope Yahoo deletes this thread soon.

  • Building the Keystone XL Pipeline would only employ 4000 semi permanant workers and only employ 40 permanant workers to maintain it and those Tar Sands are nasty, when I was Drilling Rig Supervisor in Canada that stuff would gum up every thing. There are reasons to build or not to build but the bottom line is the reward is not worth the risk and as long as Obama is around you right wingnuts are just going to have to suck it up.

    10 Reasons to Oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline

    1. No jobs on a dead planet.
    More jobs are certainly needed, but even the just concluded State Department assessment conceded Keystone would support only 35 post-construction jobs.
    2. Don't drink the water...
    From the ground to the pipe to the refineries, Keystone's tar sands oil, with its thick, dirty, corrosive properties, pose a far greater hazard than conventional oil -- a major reason for National Nurses United and nurse opposition.
    3. And don't breathe the air
    Mounds of Petcoke, the carbon residue of tar sands refining, piled up for export for burning, have produced toxic dust storms that have left area residents gasping near Detroit, Chicago, and other locales. Canadian scientists are also alarmed at mercury "wafting" into the air from tar sands production which, in chronic exposure, have been linked to brain damage.
    4.An asthma nation
    Keystone will multiply carbon emissions and speed up climate change resulting in more polluted air, higher air temperatures which can also increase bacteria-related food poisoning, such as salmonella, and animal-borne diseases such as West Nile virus.
    5. The gathering storms
    In the last year alone, we've seen the worst cyclone ever to hit landfall, fueled by sub-surface ocean temperatures 9 degrees above normal, the largest tornado ever recorded, record droughts, and other unprecedented weather anomalies. While some discount the link to climate change, there's no dispute that the past decade was the hottest on record.
    6. The carbon bomb
    All workers and their families live in the same communities affected by the climate crisis and the pipeline health hazards. Despite naysayers who insist there is no environmental justification to block it, there is as much scientific consensus on Keystone as there is on the human hand behind the climate crisis, or the factual evidence of evolution.
    7. Not headed to your gas pump
    Contrary to the myth, Keystone would contribute little to U.S. energy independence. The oil is headed to Texas ports for a reason -- to be shipped overseas.
    8. Pipeline or bust for the tar sands industry
    Proponents insist that if Keystone is blocked, the tar sands crude will just be shipped by rail. Many disagree, among them a pro-pipeline Canadian think tank that predicts without Keystone, "investment and expansion will grind to a halt," a view shared by the International Energy Agency, Goldman Sachs and some oil executives. Increasingly, it appears, the pipeline is the linchpin for tar sands development.
    9. Which side are you on?
    In one corner, the American Petroleum Institute, the oil billionaire Koch Brothers, other fossil fuel giants, the far right American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and politicians they influence -- the same folks behind the attacks on unions, worker rights and health care and social justice reforms.
    10. A last word, from Robert Redford
    "The more people learn about the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the less they like it," says actor/environmentalist Redford. "Tar sands crude means a dirtier, more dangerous future for our children all so that the oil industry can reach the higher prices of overseas markets. This dirty energy project is all risk and no reward for the American people."

  • The most disturbing part of this post is I had no idea that Verizon just released "The Cortana." Update to their customers. These are my own comments and nothing to do with Microsoft or anything they put out.
    I knew someone "Corporate type" that had some knowledge about what Apple makes these carriers do. They have to commit to a certain dollar level and unless the reach that they are S~oL.
    At one point in time (Don't know if still) the Salespeople where told to Push IPhones so Verizon could meet their quota and not lose money on the Apple "Arrangement".

    What possible explanation could there be for Verizon to hold the 8.1 Cortana update until now and even missed the HOLIDAY Sales. Man, that is some S.....

    Microsoft sells unlocked phones at their stores and on-line. People could have avoided that wait and some are just over $100 bucks unlocked and no contract gimmicks.

    Verizon is unbelievable. I will admit they have the best network and I have been in underground places and the phone worked. I have been in places so remote there is no GPS and it worked. So Verizon's network is the best it is just the "iffy's" that are a little annoying. Plus they are not cheap either. That is the only reason I ever had their service was the coverage and a discount I could get for something.

    There selection of Windows phones has been pathetic. The screen does pop on the ICON. They just do not have a phablet that you can use 4gLTE with. Go to a Microsoft store and buy a phablet and you can roll right now but in 3G.

  • Suicide by you would improve the planet.

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  • Get dead, waste of air.

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  • The website preference setting only sends information from your phone to a website. It is useless if that website is not specially set up to sniff the user agent string. Desktop sites display in both if you simply enter a known desktop URL in. It has to, the browser is the SAME. That setting you are referring to is a sender of information and if you enter the website URL of a desktop know address you automatically override that website preference choice.

  • I think there is some misunderstanding on your part as to what the difference between the "WEB SITE PREFERENCE SETTING" does on Windows 8.1 phones. I did locate a 928 and did the update on Verizon that I did not know they released yesterday. There where no issues.
    The mobile and desktop setting will both display a Desktop Version if you enter a URL in the website address window.

    If you enter:
    Yahoo and then dot thingy then /mb/msft

    It will bring you to the desktop version regardless of the setting on the Web Site Preference. Setting the web site preference just send a user agent string to the web site you hit. IF THE WEBSITE HAS BEEN SET UP TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN MOBILE & DESKTOP FROM A PHONE IT WILL EITHER SERVE THE MOBILE VERSION OR DESKTOP IN A PERFECT WORLD.

    Sorry, the web designers and stat counters are far away from a perfect world. They have to add something special to sniff that and quite frankly only big name sites that are properly designed work. That leaves Yahoo out of this argument. It does work on say msn or professional grade sites like MSN.

    What happened when you enter the same URL into the browser that say you copy from a desktop or tablet? Sorry, but it has to work. It is the exact same rendering agent. The auto change feature that sniffs the browser is a function of the WEBSITE and has nothing to do with the Windows Phone.
    I do not think there is anyway possible for the problem you listed to happen. Once again, a website will display the full desktop in either setting Mobile or Desktop Version IF YOU ENTER A KNOWN DESKTOP URL AND PIN IT TO TGE START SCREEN FOR FUTURE USE. It has to because the IE BROWSER IS THE SAME.

    The feature you are referring to sends information out but is irrelevant if a manual desktop URL is entered.

    Most stat counters do not work because they do not properly identify the user agent string and differentiate that IE on the Phone is the same rendering engine as the desktops (Unusual in Mobile Phones).

    Try a URL!

  • ""sophistication of intellect."

    I guess this is it ... "discussions of poop or feces"

    It certainly appears to be for all Obama defenders except perhaps you.

  • "...and so uninformed right wing mental midget Obama is doing the right thing ..."

    It is so seldom that you see an idiot who is so drunk on left wing BS propaganda that I had to respond.

    You do realize hundreds of tankers cross that aquifer daily now?
    You do realize there are about 3 million miles of existing pipeline some 100 years old?
    You do realize the EPA has signed off and issued guidelines for construction?
    You do realize with modern pipeline construction the danger of a large spill is extremely remote?
    You do realize a surface spill cannot make into the aquifer for probably centuries if ever even if left unattended (which will not happen)?
    You do realize crude is easily cleaned up for a near surface spill before it could go lower?
    You do realize it would cleaned before it made it into the groundwater, much less the aquifer?
    You do realize Obama's opposition is without scientific defense and to appease his left wing kook base?
    You do realize you are a totally brainwashed, Kool Aid swilling idiot, right?

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    Hawcreek Aliases ... Get Ready

    by hawcreek_debunker Dec 20, 2014 10:57 AM

    I suspect hawkunnt is alredy in a gay marriage with wally/williamdavis.

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  • "U.S. Supreme Court allows gay marriage to proceed in Florida next month"

  • Bump time.

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  • Excellent news.

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