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  • Luckily, that revolting bag of sewage will never be president.

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  • Full of N a z i - like rethuglicans.

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  • Wall Street on Parade-1/31/16
    According to the Center for Responsive Politics, among the top five largest lifetime donors to Hillary’s campaigns, Citigroup tops the list, with three other Wall Street banks also making the cut: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley. (The monies come from employees and/or family members or PACs of the firms, not the corporation itself.)
    Hillary Clinton famously told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in 2014 that she and Bill Clinton left the White House after his second term “dead broke.” But apparently, Citigroup felt they were a good investment. According to PolitiFact, Citigroup provided a $1.995 million mortgage to allow the Clintons to buy their Washington, D.C. residence in 2000. That liability does not pop up on the Clinton disclosure documents until 2011, showing a 30-year mortgage at 5.375 percent ranging in face amount from $1 million to $5 million from CitiMortgage. The disclosure says the mortgage was taken out in 2001.
    Citigroup has also committed $5.5 million to the Clinton Global Initiative, a charity run by the Clintons. It has also paid enormous speaking fees to Bill Clinton.
    What has Citigroup gotten from its outsized support of the Clintons? Bill Clinton is the President who repealed the most important investor protection legislation of the past century, the Glass-Steagall Act, an outcome heavily lobbied for by Citigroup. Hillary Clinton has signaled to Wall Street that she will not push to have the Glass-Steagall Act restored while her leading opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, vows to restore it and return sanity to America’s financial system.
    Just nine years after Bill Clinton signed this massive deregulation of Wall Street and gave Citigroup’s Sandy Weill a souvenir pen from the signing, the U.S. financial system collapsed in the greatest implosion since the Great Depression.

  • "Noted climatologist Dr. Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology: “Climate Hustle is a refreshing and entertaining antidote to the sillier and alarming claims about climate change..."

    "Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever: ‘Global warming is a non-problem...I say this to Obama: Excuse me, Mr. President, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong...Global warming really has become a new religion."

    Whether you believe or not, like governments endorsing God based religions, the goal is control. The Roman government saw the wisdom of using the fear of the consequences, i.e. using the omnipresent to control the masses when they could not have a Centurion commander at every door.

    Clearly the politicians in France are not climate experts but they completely embrace the concept even as smarter and better capable scientists question, ....why?

    The answer is it's not about controlling the climate, it's about controlling you and your wealth.

  • The fact that they are so friendly indicates that they no longer view it as a threat. Nadella was practically smirking when there was a mention of Linux.

    For two decades, Linux was hyped to be this great competition to MS Windows. Before 2000, MS even took Linux seriously and had someone research it (somewhat like a scientist looks at an insect or something! LOL!). The predictions from the research didn't pan out. MS Windows went on to beat the living daylights out of Linux. On desktop, Windows maintained a 91% usage share and left Linux to appear as an utter joke with a 1% usage share. On server, Windows accounted for twice the server hardware revenue as Linux and comprehensively crushed it.

    On mobile, Windows accounts for some 2% usage share (right, hereticTard?) while Linux is non-existent. Android does use the commodity Linux kernel inside, but an OS is a whole heck of a lot more than a piddly kernel.

    So, every day, in every way, Linux is proving to be more and more of a joke. MS sees no harm in being 'friendly' towards it now. ROFL!

  • This will get HawVermin dancing like an epileptic chicken....

    Earlier this week, Nobel Prize winner, and harsh critic of President Obama, Paul Krugman, made a turnaround and praised the president in his Rolling Stone article. Also a Princeton Professor of Economics, Krugman writes:
    "Obama has emerged as one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in American history."
    The author of 20 books and writer for the New York Times, Krugman goes on to list several key achievements Obama has made during, what Krugman calls, a 'wave of Obama-bashing' by 'mainstream pundits and talking heads.'
    "His health reform is imperfect but still a huge step forward – and it’s working better than anyone expected. Financial reform fell far short of what should have happened, but it’s much more effective than you’d think. Economic management has been half-crippled by Republican obstruction, but has nonetheless been much better than in other advanced countries. And environmental policy is starting to look like it could be a major legacy."

    Cue the frothing lunacy and spin from HawKKKKunt and the Jeffro shards.

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  • SO much for HawKKKKunt's totally debunked cars excuse nonsense. Plus....the drop in car deaths is due to research and legislation to make them safer....something the US N a z i party actively blocks for guns.

  • Not surprising at all....Trump-Tramp is the ISIS terrorists' best recruiting tool....

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  • "reread that section - “ it is clear that humans are influencing climate in the direction of warming.”

    Of course. a single asphalt parking lot "influences" warming

    You reread "However this simple truth is essentially meaningless in itself in terms of alarm, and does not mandate a particular policy response. “

    In other word attacking (for example) CO2 emissions will be meaningless to reduce warming from urban sprawl (the parking lot).

    And of course the US cannot do it alone. Obama is either a complete idiot or even he does not take it seriously. It's a way to tax the middle class, like ACA is, nothing more.

    Obama has already proven he will happily lie to get his new tax.

  • After all....they kill people at about the same rate now....

    And offenders should be banned from using guns, just like car owners.

    Cue Verminous spluttering incoherence..........

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  • ""Dr. Judith Curry, Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech, has now taken the crown as the most debunked person on the science blogosphere, which is quite a feat considering the competition. "

    It is amazing that you post total nonsense LWNJ OPINION as if it is something real or meaningful.

  • Here's the first instalment, as reported on CNN...........

    And Trump's false claim about "thousands and thousands" of Muslims is just part of a pattern of inflammatory claims with little or no basis in fact. Here are some more -- and it's not an exhaustive list.

    -Trump boasted that he "predicted Osama bin Laden." Nope. The book Trump published in 2000 mentioned bin Laden once, and predicted nothing about bin Laden's future plans.

    -Trump "heard" that Obama is "thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away." If so, he misheard. What Obama reportedly considered was requiring large-volume private gun dealers to conduct background checks, not confiscating firearms from those who own them.

    -Trump said he "heard" the Obama administration plans to accept 200,000 Syrian refugees -- even upping that wildly inaccurate number to 250,000 in another speech. Nope and nope. The number is about 10,000.

    -Trump said he got to know Putin "very well" while the two were on CBS' "60 Minutes." Nope. The two men were interviewed separately, in different countries thousands of miles apart.

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  • Washington (CNN)A Texas investigation into Planned Parenthood on Monday culminated in an indictment -- of the organization's accusers instead of the group.

    The Harris County District Attorney's office announced that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast had been cleared in the two-month-long investigation.

    But the grand jury did indict two individuals who were involved in making secret recordings of the group that were released to publicly discredit the group, which provides health services and abortions.

    David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were indicted for tampering with a governmental record, a second-degree felony, and Daleiden was also indicted on the count of prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs, a class A misdemeanor, according to the Harris County district attorney.


  • And america is the first country to have gone from barbarism to decadence without the usual intervening period of civilisation.

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  • Wow....looks like the writing is on the wall (finally) for windoze phone.....1.7% market share is unsustainable....

    MICROSOFT BOSS Satya Nadella has admitted that its already poxy share in the mobile phone market is "unsustainable".
    In an interview with Buzzfeed, Nadella defended the platform which Gartner recently measured as having just 1.7 percent of the mobile market, putting it on a rough par in popularity with remaining users of Windows Vista.
    While admitting that it was "unsustainable," he pointed out that the company is more focused on the software and services people are running, rather than what they are being run on.

    Bye bye, LAME-ia....the world hated you anyway......

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  • There is no Android Linux just like there is no OS/X BSD. Insignificant little shet like Linux is not mentioned because it has little to do with Android. It's just a commodity multi-tasking kernel despite the number of years the bums spent polishing that turd.

  • Ipad has been in declining sales since Microsoft Surface came out. For Surface to beat the Ipad in revenue, that is a historic event. Every single company (Toshiba, Apple, Nokia, HP, Dell, Google, Sony, ........) made a machine that is almost an exact duplicate look of the Surface Microsoft created. It is like a music era change say from Rock & Roll To Grunge or Rap. Microsoft changed the face of modern computing.

    Windows 10 already is the best computing experience there is with no close second. Apple, Google are at least 5-7 years behind in technologies. Linux is still like 1995..

    Cortana can request an Uber (everyone is using that even the millionaires), assist with meeting prep, track flights or packages and set a location-based reminder. It does it with all devices. Now they are using AI to send reminders based on your usage like emails. hey are also updating the calendar integration and it is amazing. All you privacy dudes do not know what kind of experience you are missing.

    I said a few months ago that I just clicked in Cortana and it showed me when multiple packages where being delivered to me including tracking #'s and where it was. I did not know how Cortana even knew but there you go. I do not care if Microsoft is using my Microsoft account to increase my experience. I can still opt out from them sharing or selling my information and any user can. You also can not use a Microsoft Account and still use the device. You do not have to share any information if you do not want to. If you do, it makes life like you have an assistant.
    I have never had an assistant that is that good. They continue to release Crazy Good things.

    Today, they released an Open Source Artificial Intelligence for developers on Git Hub. Visual Studio is so far above anything else there is nothing to compare it too. I mean Visual Studio in combination with Microsoft Blend. XAML, IOT, IOS, Azure Apps. WOW!

  • Incredible.....then look at FAUX news and realise that it's true.

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  • Have you heard of a free OS gaining a 1% usage share in 23+ years? Yes, Linux is that unspeakably horrible. No amount of promotional lies told by Linux fecktards could convince the general public to use Linux on the desktop. The 1% represents the nerdy types.

    Have you heard of a server OS & Unix clone getting whupped on the server by a rival OS - Windows - that had humble beginnings as a consumer OS? Yes, Linux is that mediocre. Windows accounts for twice the server hardware revenue as Linux and comprehensively crushes Linux. How shameful for Linux!

    Have you heard of an OS in existence for 23+ years absolutely failing to make a mark in the mobile world? Yes, Linux is that trivial. They have polished that kernel like a turd all these years, and paid little attention to the layers above it. The end result is, they have a mediocre OK sort of kernel, but it still implements 70s technology. Multi-tasking kernels are nothing to brag about. Google may have used Linux kernel inside Android, but all the good parts of Android are the layers above the kernel, and they are all developed by Google. Kernel is just a commodity piece. Long story short, no Linux "distro" has any kind of participation in mobile. Ubuntu tried to enter mobile, but embarrassed itself.

    Linux has become such a joke that Nadella is actually smirking when he mentions Linux. LOL! No wonder MS 'embraces' Linux. ROFL!

  • From the same Washington Post article that HawVermin loathes so much....

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