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  • Linux fecktards can bing it & weep now.

    Lying Linux beggar boy hereticTard kept claiming MS was losing money on SP3, starting from a month after SP3 went on sale, even before any sales figures were out. This news is a Christmas present for the fecker. May you get a heart attack and die prematurely, hereticTard. *snicker*

  • Lots Of Thumbs Up For The Hawcreek Team posts ... even though they are Stupider Than Crapola Right-Wing Propaganda debunked stuff.

    Ever wonder where all these aliases are that gave Hawcreek those thumbs up ?

    "hawcreekl2 - Jan 4, 2015 5:54 PM"

    "I have a dozen desktops and two other laptops"

  • Despite the Linux fecktards' lies, Samsung realized it is fighting a losing battle against valid MS patents, and quickly folded.

    It's business as usual for MS. At this point, it's almost like MS owns Android. Google is just the developer. Royalty revenues go to MS, to the tune of $2b a year (soon to become $8b a year, oh my!).

  • "Don't look now, but President Barack Obama has been inching up in the polls, tying Reagan for this juncture in his presidency. Several polls have him inching up to nearly 50 percent approval rating after a rough 2014."

    "President George W. Bush at 37 percent at this time in his presidency."

  • Chromebook was the "best seller" on amazon last year, and for its trouble, it achieved a 0.2% web usage share. This is what they are calling a "miniscule" usage share. ROFL!

    It repeated the 'feat' again this year, so expect another miniscule usage share. (As everybody knows, last year's proud owners have probably pitched their wretched chromebooks in trash this year, so the usage share is not really expected to climb this year. LOL!)

  • Microsoft lowered the midpoint of its guidance for the current quarter to $21 billion, which was $3 billion lower than analyst expectations. The company attributed that to slower PC sales and a transition toward cloud-based data centers. That soft guidance prompted a flurry of downgrades on the stock.

    Read more: PennystockwinnnersDOTcom

    [remove DOT and use . for link] or Google them.

  • Great article on The register, reporting Huawei's total withdrawal from the awful windoze phone....

    Windows Phone has never paid off for Microsoft's hardware partners, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has claimed.

    "We didn't make any money in Windows Phone," Huawei head of international media affairs Joe Kelly told the Seattle Times in a recent interview. "Nobody made any money in Windows Phone."

    This isn't the first time Huawei has had harsh words for Redmond's mobile OS. Earlier this year, the Chinese firm canceled its plans to develop new Windows Phone devices, saying that even with deep discounts from Microsoft, working with the platform just wasn't worth the expense.

    "The biggest problem is that Windows is not easy to develop independently on this platform," Huawei marketeer Shao Yang told El Reg in September. "R&D costs for Windows are quite high relative to the cost of sales."

    That's saying something, given that Microsoft has literally been giving the OS away in an effort to drum up more support from device makers.

    Windoze phone: just not worth the effort.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • What a disaster windoze phone is. as reported in many places.....

    Although Windows increased slightly by 117,000 to nine million handset sales, Microsoft's share of the smartphone OS market declined from 3.6 percent to three percent.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Despite the Linux beggar boy hereticTard jumping up & down like a mentally challenged monkey, Microsoft did well.

    - Microsoft Surface sales are up 24% from previous quarter.
    - Cloud business more than doubled its revenue (oh my!)
    - Bing ad sales grew 23% from a year ago (oh my!).
    - Lumia smartphone sales are up 30% from a year ago (oh my!).
    - Office sales fell 1%, but Office 365 subscriptions are up 30% from previous quarter.
    - Xbox won the holiday season over Playstation.
    - Profit is down, but that's due to restructuring.
    - Overall revenue is up 8% despite the fall in Windows revenue.

    All in all, a decent quarter.

  • The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) includes destructive progressive liberal kookery.

  • "House Speaker John Boehner is standing by a member of his leadership team, Rep. Steve Scalise, who is under fire for addressing a gathering of white supremacists in 2002".

    The Republicans complain about Obama going to some church when he was a kid ... but now they stick up for their Republican buddy (House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana) who talked to a white nationalist group Founded by former #$%$ leader David Duke when he was an ADULT.

    House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio said Scalise "made an error in judgment".

  • According to Netmarketshare.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Reply to

    Surface Pro 3 is a hot seller

    by thrishna.sakamuri Dec 24, 2014 9:21 AM

    Linux monkeys keep jumping up & down, but their lies cannot negate reality, which is: "The company’s flagship Windows-powered tablet, the Surface Pro 3 has been doing exceptionally well since its launch in May."

    There it is, "exceptionally well". As Ballmer would have said, Surface Pro 3 is a business - a billion dollar business. MS is rejuvenated by the success, and has plans for an even better SP4. With enterprises showing lots of interest in SP3, and with the coming Windows 10, things will keep getting better and better for MS. Things are looking bleak for the Linux fecktards. Their creation - Linux OS - continues to hover around the 1% usage share on the desktop even after 22+ years of constant lying by the Linux losers. *snicker*

  • Open Sourcr is now the default......

    As noted in many places, and reported by The Register, Open Source is the normal way to do things, and even the garbage M$ is admitting that.....

    NO major enterprise platform in 10 years has used closed source.......

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • who declares victory in Iraq pulls all troops out from a theater that had been won and then ISIS gains for 3 years for political reasons which is encouraging such action to grow exponentially.

    We see a message from our exchange French teacher (former) guest " Je Suis Charlie"

    Incompetence in a position of power can kill innocents and has.

  • "A revealing study on right-wingers. "

    A preliminary scan of that long winded diatribe reveals the misapplication of liberal motivations to true conservatives. The article thus is not revealing about the subject matter but rather the authors.

    One example is s blatantly incorrect assumption or stipulation they make to themselves is; to wit;

    " A theoretical assumption we make is that the same motives may
    underlie different beliefs and that different motives may underlie
    the same belief. The need for self-enhancement..."

    Real conservatives, unlike liberals are denizens of the real world, secure in their experience wrought knowledge, they need no confirmation or pseudo self enhancement.

    The "study" appears nothing more than a reinforcement of liberal prejudices and misunderstandings as they attempt to analyze their quietly superior beings, and place those conservatives into liberal cookie cutter style motivations. The conclusion is apparently established at the onset of the "study" and then overtly incorrect "theoretical assumptions" are made to lead the weak minded to a similar erroneous conclusion or that the study itself is "revealing" of conservatives.

    As a footnote in todays world of prejudicial language conservative is not the same as right winger.

  • There are a few fundamental truths about the "science" of global warming.

    (1) the models and predictions from as recent as 15 years ago have been 100% wrong.

    (2) Methodology used to conclude is not good science procedure

    (3) Virtually all climate scientists have an interest in global warming being true to pay their mortgages, that is inherently as bad as a doctor getting a kickback even if he thinks a new drug is good

    (4) If the globe is warming that has happened hundreds of times before man

    (5) There is no normal "right" temperature for earth and there is no indication warming will be net bad. Ancient seas rose much faster than today for millennia.

    (6) If the globe is warming due to man generated CO2 we are powerless to alter that anyway with the Chinese and Indians increasing CO2 output faster than we could cut.

    (7) The problem, if it exists from fossil fuels will self correct within the next 50 years due to supply exhaustion.

    (8) The politicians pushing the idea want a tax not a solution, same thing as ACA, it was not to solve a coverage problem but to grab more power.

  • Just look at the Ubuntu forums & the losers whining non-stop about something or other breaking after the Linux "upgrade".

    And don't think you can avoid the 'upgrade' either. You *have* to upgrade. See, the way the wretched Linux system is developed, you have to be at the bleeding edge or many things don't work.

    So, if you are a Linux loser, you have to be on that upgrade treadmill, and you won't have a respite. Upgrade, curse, whine, research, fix, rinse & repeat every six months. LOL!

  • professor for those wanting a Marixist view of the Constitution, he tops out there as far as capability. He is not and does not have the learning ability to be a leader.

  • Even Samsung managed 2.9 devices for every LAME-ia. M$ fails again.

    Article is on The Inquirer.

    "It's clear that Santa is no longer into cookies - he prefers Apples. It was a banner Christmas for the Apple," said the analysts.

    "To put this in perspective, for every Samsung devices that was activated, Apple activated 2.9 devices. For every Microsoft Lumia device activated, Apple activated 8.8 devices."

    On Christmas Day the average user installed 2.5 applications according to the figures. µ

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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