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    When will the Public Dump the Trump?

    by kinderjimmy9 Jul 27, 2015 6:07 PM

    You say, "Trump would make an excellent GOP nominee." But that's because you know he is unelectable and that will let Billary Clinton and Bill Clinton sneak back into the White House.

  • Trump said he would pay for the legal fees for Walter Palmer, the poacher who shot a magnificent male lion with a crossbow and let the lion suffer for 40 hours.

    This is your insane grandpa's GOP.

  • Trump is truly a jackass. He tries to be on both sides of every issue. He said that he will build a HUGE wall at the border and make Mexico pay for it. He said that Mexico ships rapists and murderers and other miscreants to the US to get rid of them. But now he wants to give amnesty to all illegal aliens. He says they are all good people. The jackass now says he will first ship them all back to Mexico and then let them all come back to the US. But of course this is the jackass"s stupidity coming to the fore. To do what he now proposes, he would have to pay to ship them to Mexico and then pay to ship them back to the US. The jackass doesn't understand that he could achieve the same result by simply letting them stand in place obviating the need to pay for the double shipment of all the illegal Mexicans.

  • I cannot believe anyone actually like Hillary, hen the tipping point where Dems decide she is not their best chance is reached it will happen quickly.

  • corneliusflake 1 hour 25 minutes ago Flag

    recently msft provided their source code to the governments of the european union. they plan to open other centers in asia and elsewhere to do the same thing in the near future.

    the goal of this was to counteract any negative effects on sales and services resulting from the backlash against spying by the u.s. government. supposedly by allowing them to look at the code msft could assure these governments that there were no back doors in windows that allowed it to used for spying by outside agencies. (-;

    and with w10 msft has very aggressively expanded the copying, analysis and re-sale of user data in order to make more money off of that trove of information instead of just pushing ads to users based on their location data. now you get ads pushed to you while you play solitaire or run other apps.

    the claims that msft has made that all of this data collection could be turned off have been shown to be inaccurate by various firms and individuals that have analyzed the data stream between w10 machines and msft.

    the hack on the italian company 'hacking team' has shown that there are lots of ways to use windows to spy on users which don't require back doors to be built in, you can just use the holes in it that happened automatically, and that many governments have been using it for that while not revealing it or actually denying it -- like the german police have been [caught] doing.

  • ""it's an AP story, not Fox"
    It came from FOX's Website ... "

    It cme from a Fox OPINION website, yes they are fair and balanced giving equal time to LWNJs. But since publication it has been proven WRONG by contemporary stories in the New York Times

  • "it's an AP story, not Fox"

    It came from FOX's Website ... they have the Option to let something post or not ... but they let it post for the World To See.


    "it's an OPINION"

    As Usual ... When Hawcreek gets his Butt Kicked, he calls things an Opinion.

    Lets see Hawcreek's Research and report on Fox News ...

    Soooooooooooooooooooooo funny.

  • "Koch warns conservatives must demand smaller government"

    Sounds good to me. Firefighters here respond to anything with paramedics and a ladder truck. Why?

    They discard unused aluminum SCBA bottles still full after 15 years on the shelf. $800 each. Why?

    These are not Republican or Democrat issues, they are common sense issues, tiny examples of monstrous waste in government.

  • Cyberooze - you're equating the governments efforts to save lives to Google's using our personal information for corporate profit? Really?

    One can debate NSA access - on one hand, as Franklin said, if you sacrifice freedom for security, you get neither. On the other hand, as Supreme Court Justice Jackson said (endorsing views expressed by Lincoln during the perilous times in the Civil War) - "The Constitution is not a suicide pact". In other words, there is nothing in the Constitution that should prevent us from protecting ourselves.

    Food for thoughtful debate. Not the case with Google - use personal information for corporate profit. That's just wrong.

  • "" is somehow Bush's fault?"
    "Right From Fox News ... "

    Right from hawcraper's lying keyboard, it's an AP story, not Fox. It's an OPINION, and long ago proven false by actual contemporary news reports as opposed to liberal AP OPINION, that hawcraper "swallows" because hawcraper is dishonest to his core, just like Hillary and Obama.

  • Koch sponsors MMGW denial. Climate Science is not compatible with Koch Industries business model.

    Hence the Repub Party platform of MMGW denial.

  • That is who owns and controls the republican Party.

  • This is accurate. First of all, "Android" is not merged back into Linux. Just the changes that Google made to the Linux kernel so that the wretched thing can be used inside Android have been ported back to the vanilla Linux kernel by the Linux fecktards. Basically, they took Google's work & merged into their own. They are touting as if this is an accomplishment! LOL!

    Second, regardless of whether the Linux kernel used inside Google's Android is the same as the one being maintained by Torvalds & other feckers, the Linux kernel still plays an insignificant role inside Android. A multi-tasking kernel - this is what the Linux idiots are bragging about. They can brag, but it only exposes their own silliness. There is a reason the BSD people don't brag about their kernel being used inside OS/X. It is not something to brag about, in this day & age. Kernel is but an insignificant part of an OS these days. It's what is on top of that kernel that has all the magic. What Apple built around the BSD kernel is what made OS/X successful. What Google built around the Linux kernel is what made Android successful (as an OS for toy devices).

    All of the magic is in Google's work. Linux kernel is used inside all of the Linux "distros" too, and they are such a disastrous failure that they accounted for a 1% usage share on the desktop after 23+ years of trying. (Oh my! Unbelievable!! LOL!!!) Linux kernel is a mediocre little shet. An OS is a whole lot more than a commodity kernel.

  • Hawcreek has ALL Kinds of Excused to divert from him losing ...

    Soooooooooooooooo Funny.

  • "Edward Snowden is not a patriot"

    True ... but when info comes out for people, I like to hear it.


    "my activities aren't dubious"

    They don't have to be ... just personal emails that may worded your way to your lover that may seem misconstrued to others reading it ... then you are charged with something and have to prove you are innocent.

    "The National Security Agency (NSA) has on occasion accidentally intercepted the private emails and phone calls of innocent Americans with no links to terrorism, two former U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News."

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    Linux Problems?

    by jeffbeck283 Jul 30, 2015 1:48 PM lajvjg6112 4 hours ago Flag

    "more computer is only better until it becomes a problem."

    How can more computer be a problem? They all operate the same, with more there is less wait time.

    "you have said before that making money with a computer requires 'doze. that was wrong then"

    The business world runs on Windows, not to mention trading platforms are all written for WINDOWS. They don't waste their time writing programs for a few users such as AAPL or Linux.

    "you are the one saying you've never heard of people running linux on macs"

    you must have me mixed up with some other poster.

    "If you need to run Windows you need a computer and that may cost you some money."

    Oh please, spare me. My first Packard Bell cost $3000 with the monitor and I see i3's under $400 every where.
    You're pathetic.

    "you pointing out how little you know about "

    you pointing out how little you know about anything then claiming you are an authority on everything is humongous funny, HAR HAR HAR

  • Edward Snowden is not a patriot and as such, should not be trusted. With regard to M$, I have no problem with let them handle my data as I my activities aren't dubious.

  • " is somehow Bush's fault?"

    "Right From Fox News ... December 01, 2008

    Bush Administration Ignored Warnings of Pending Financial Meltdown

    WASHINGTON – The Bush administration backed off proposed crackdowns on no-money-down, interest-only mortgages years before the economy collapsed, buckling to pressure from some of the same banks that have now failed. It ignored remarkably prescient warnings that foretold the financial meltdown, according to an Associated Press review of regulatory documents."


    Other News:

    Sill another Bush involved ...

    "In 1992, the Democratic-controlled 102nd Congress under the George H. W. Bush administration weakened regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with the goal of making available more money for the issuance of home loans."



    "Submitted by THE FINANCIAL CRISIS INQUIRY COMMISSION" - "January 2011"

    "The push to expand homeownership continued under President George W. Bush, who, for example, introduced a “Zero Down Payment Initiative".

    "Ultimately, they would lead to the mortgage meltdown in 2007, as vast numbers of mortgages with low or no downpayments and other non-traditional features suffused the financial system."

  • The cross referencing and connecting of information is downright effing scary, and Google is not unique, just more open.

    I opened a Google email account to back up phones data only, put no other information or connections into that account and I got a reminder for my mother o change the filter in her refrigerator and I got a request from my alma matter to confirm that I was an alumni.

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