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  • Tech's right sybs knowz nothing of energy, the real economy, or gambing bitcoin stox. How doez he know so much?

  • Sybby really doesnt want to use tech az a punching bag (except when he CONSTANTLY arguez with everyone, even the retreaded idiots like geegee and nemesis for no other reason then to argue).

    That being said - sybby doez need a punching bag to take out frustrationz on - the bigger the douchbag, the better for ol sybs to kick, punch and just generally work the phvck over to blow off steam.... Some real phvckin idiot showing up right now would be good... Sooooo, where'z philjoe?

  • As to your energy glut, you are very wrong. We are experiencing demand destruction. Prices keep rising in spite of quantities falling... Why Sybs? Your statements are so naive as to be inane... You never differentiate types of every (chemical and electrical are different as are liquid gas and solid...). Do you know what the cost of electricity is in USVI? Trust me, solar is competitive there without subsidy... Your blanket statements and assertions might hold sway in a trader's world on a yahoo message board, but I deal in real economics, so I see the intellectual laziness...

    Lecture me on trading all you want. But, if you want to talk real world stuff, bring some rigor.

  • Good stuff Sybs. I hope you saw my post that I respect those doing it with and risking their own coin. Not how I choose to make my money, but I respect taking real risk and suffering the consequences... Part of the reason I push here is to encourage diversity of thought, which is the kind of diversity that really matters. When everyone thinks the same way, we and the systems around us become fragile and vulnerable. Everyone is a technical trader these days. And all who've played that game with skill have done well. But, it has led to a world where financial assets are meaningless because they have no grounding in reality... (Replacement cost or cash flows). We will have a reset. Unless Lloyd and the GS Central Bankers want to be buried alive, it will be from inflating real assets instead of deflating financial ones. Nonetheless, domestic consumption plays will get hammered...

  • Tech if your not in it to try to enrich yourself because you're 'above' everyone else then why on earth would you but catastrphic put optionz that play on trainwrecks, and then buy gold at the expense of sheeple with hopes that the dollar collapsez thereby phvck'in hundredz of millionz so that a few people that happen to own a finite amount of shiney jewlery metal can make out while everyone else sufferz.

    You hate the game and you should because you outright svck at it and then cry for losing az you continue to play and insult other innocent Americanz like sybby for playing the cardz az they are dealt. Sybby haz bwen nothing but treated you with kindness and 'tough love' in an effort to help you both in business and in the markets - on that note sybby will leave it at this:

    1. Energy iz glutted and 'green energy' iz doomed to fail unless the gvt subsidisez it , which they wont through gas, oul and nuclear under the bus to do so - maybe coal they will. Also 'green energy' on a large scale to lets say power an AA Plant iz no longer 'green' its simply an innefficient use of food resourcez, acrez of high energy steel bladez and parts chopping up migratory birdz for a puny megawatt if/when the wind blowz right, or hectarez of high energy glass shading vest area'z of coverage backed with nasty hazmat batteriez to power a phvckin house if and when the sun shinez. You cant power a steel plant without a 20" inch carbon fuel pipeline, or a nueclear nugget (best source / acre foot print), or a train load of coal or wood, period. Switchgrass and sugar kane aint gonna do it.

    2. You are too early with your gold bet. Its got a 40% drop built right into it - if you dont believe sybs then look at a chart.

    3. STAY AWAY FROM CRACKHEAD OPTIONZ . Say no to drugz.

  • A couple of clarificationz, tech:

    1. Actually it waz the Fido 2030 "agressive growth fund"

    2. Sybby iz a home gamer running the most important money on the planet - sybs own money, no one elsez. Sybs does so with out a high speed robot, or anyone elsez money. Sybs haz no hidden adgenda - sybs adgenda iz out in full open : to make az much money az humanly possible, period. Sybil doesnt lobby, sybby doesnt buy information, sybil doesnt gamble opm'z . Sybs bets are sybs bets with the cardz that sybil iz dealt and are placed by the hairy ball bets that sybby makes for sybs to win or to lose within the constraints of a rigged game. Sybil understandz that the game iz rigged and that there iz nothing that sybby can do about it other than chose not to play

    3. Sybs didnt invent 401kz, sybs didnt cook up etfs, cdo'z, rmbs'z, swaps, optionz, weekliez, etc etc etc... Sybs bets simple underlying stox and consistantly warnz sheeple of the hazardzvof the aformentioned and loooongz for the day of defined benefits of pre 1974. Now given all of that sybby holdz sybs head up high and sayz "phvck the slob on the other side of sybs simple bets, be they there knowingly or unknowingly - sybby will take their cake before sybby losez sybs cake". Period.

    4. Sybs iz doing nothing other than playing at a disadvantage a game of cardz with the handz that sybby iz dealt. Should the game change, then so shall sybby's strategy of playing it. But sybby knowz for certain that a change in the game will be a change from one rigged gamw to the next rigged game - that simple, tech. You are not going to change the world of stupid people to a world of not stupid people because people are stupid - so if you dont like the game then get out and live in a cave.

    5. Your too early on gold - its got a 40% drop in it. And you argue a lot. Dont argue tech.

  • Sybs, let me be clear. I respect individual traders who are riding their own capital. That takes guts and winning requires skill since the game is rigged... It's like be able to count cards at the casino... Not the skill I would choose or have chosen to develop, but a skill nonetheless.

    I say all these things simply to help people see the bigger picture and why we have to invest in the real economy...

  • Tell yourself whatever you need to Sybs... Wasn't you that explained the people really losing were they average Joe's invested in "FMR 2050 Aggresive Growth Fund"... Logically speaking, you are, according to your own pronouncements, simply riding alongside those transferring the wealth from the many to the few... But, its fine with you so long as you are one who benefits...

    That is the new United States of America. Very few give a chyt how the make their money and all they really care about is themselves... To be clear, I'm not in favor of a dependent state (would abolish welfare and make it WPA or equivalent so that society gets value from its taking care of those in need and so that people get the dignity of earning it...). But, when most of the money is being made in zero sum games at other's expense that's when real growth goes to zero and societal stability starts to become perilous.

    I know my views are wildly unpopular on what amounts to a traders's forum. So keep throwing darts. I'm not in this for popularity. I don't care. I do hope people will wake up and realize that the financial scorecard ain't gonna mean chyt when TSHTF. The only real investment is in one's ability to create an ongoing flow of value in the real economy. Whatever stock of financial assets you think you have will not matter much...

  • A bounce to 380 on scamazon would warrant sybby to go beyond POWER SHORTING and straight into a concentrated MEGA SHORT pattern with amzn shorts being front and center in negative cash value in shorty sybs acct at 3x leverage. Sybs hoping for 365+ and would be tickled to reopen shorts there - but thats even questionable at this point given the raw DUMPING of this pig that haz been in play for 2 months solid... There'z more float to unload on this pig than your average pig, but even still sybby's suprised to see this crummy stock north of 280 and not on its way to 40 yet.

  • But then he sayz sybby iz playing "the wrong game", snuffs hiz snotty noze at sybil being a grotesque "trader" that only works to scalp sheeplez accounts over the long term.

    Well let sybby tell you this, Buster, sybs iz metely playing the cardz that are dealt rather than arguing to no positive end with the dealer at a major casino that he'z dealing the wrong game, and then getting upset and betting consistantly bad bets while waiting for the dealer to 'change the game', which WONT HAPPEN DUMMY. So if you dont like the game then sybs urgez you to walk away from the table and find a new game to play - preferably one which doesnt cost you an arm and a leg or those that you manage to convince to stupidly play along side of you az you fight and argue. Meanwhile sybby will keep sipping complimentry jack and cokes while sybs cooly cleanz the clocks of the poor idiots that dare to stand on the opposite side of sybs bets.... Yeah! THATS AMERICAN, Bucko.

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    AMZN making me hugee money

    by guntar.holtdwyer7827 Apr 15, 2014 9:08 AM

    this is the best!

  • it wil beat revs will be up I think 380 ish

  • Sybby iznt "redeploying assets" right now, tech. Sybby iz only borrowing other people'z 'assets' and selling those 'assets' for them since they are too stupid to do so themselvez. Sybil will gladly buy thise assets back at a MUCH lower price and use the proceeds to redeploy in a depressed economy where #$%$ like gold, carz and land are CHEAP.

  • I haven't attacked you in any of this Sybs... Yet, you have attacked me (read your title or your last sentence...).

    I'm not interested in commercializing technology that depends upon government subsidies. I figure out where the math works and those are the applications/environments we target. We aren't building massive plants like KiOR that depend upon advanced cellulosic RIN credits, we are pursuing a much more efficient and disruptive approach.

    Interesting... Glad to hear you are redeploying financial assets (AMZNopoly derived money) into real and productive assets. That's great. I hope others are as well. If my posts even accomplish a little introspection by all on the board (and consideration of redeploying financial assets to real assets/investments), that is progress...

  • You are awfully sensitive Sybil... I didn't insult you. I congratulated you on "winning"... I am merely pointing out the very fundamental and important structural issues that will come to a head. The current imbalance between the financial economy and the real economy cannot be maintained. In our efforts to preserve nominal asset values (because of the almost quadrillion in derivative bets layered on nominal prices), we are destroying the real economy... Path dependence matters. The longer we play these games, the worse it will be. There is 1 and only 1 semi stable path to simultaneously addressing all of the imbalances (financial/real, trade/CA, etc)...

  • Tech, bla bla bla.... Sybs only trying to help you help yourself and this iz the only "thank sybil!" That you can afford? Insults????

    PS. Dont buy gold yet - its got a 40% deop in it before its worth 'investing' in it.

  • Sybil haz had many business including but not limited to , car washez, deli storez, and laundromats, and realestate... sybby haz equity stake in a privately held design / build firm . Sybby haz 3 working farmz sublet and operating az bread basket producerz from the heartland of the US of A (man - haz any one seen the price of fertilizer??? Nope - no inflation here, janet).

    Iz that patriotic enough for you, or iz a 'real business' one that reliez on gvt subsidiez to exist? - you like ethanol.

    You see, folks, to tech its not an honorable patriotic business or 'investment' unless its set up to lose money HAND OVER FIST. Then you are deemed 'honorable' by tech.

  • So what do your private businesses do Sybs? Please, do tell...

    I am a firm believer in competition, markets and capitalism. They've served this nation well until the last 30 years when we implemented the American version of central planning (Greenspan/Bernanke/Yellen monetary policy) his distorted market pricing and created artificial winners and losers.

    The imbalance between the real economy and financial assets (what do we have now, something approaching a quadrillion in financial assets including derivatives which are subject to AUM and churn fees?) has artificially inflated the rents captured from financial intermediation and trading versus working in the "real economy" (non financial goods and services).

    Financial trading is essentially a zero sum game. Competition in the real economy isn't... Having said that, in either venue, the goal is to win... Much as it may not seem like it, I will win big as the financial economy again normalizes to historical tenable % of GDP.

  • Reply to

    AMZN making me hugee money

    by guntar.holtdwyer7827 Apr 15, 2014 9:08 AM

    Oh' awesome.... thank you so much! I just signed it up......

  • Plus - every time sybil iz a buter of bitcoin stox , beit going long when they are 'cheap' (like AA at 7 bux, or BAC sub 6) or buying to cover a short position sybil iz 'investing' for the future of better fundiez , earningz, stok pricez etc.

    What sybil DOESNT do iz lose money hand over fist making the same mistakes repeatedly over and over and over again with bad bets based on emotion and pure rockheaded stuborness. No no no....

    Tech, you really needent lose money to call yourself a rightious and proud 'investor' of a Patriotic America. America iz steeped and founded in capiralism where to have winnerz their must be loserz on the other side of the wager - best system on the planet. The winnerz of a wager shouldnt be labled or viewed az 'traderz' in the derrogatory sense that you spit out.

    Think about that before you call sybby a nasty ol trrrrader.

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