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  • I think MMs or Shorts will be trying to push DYSL lower starting today. That's what level 2 is telling me now.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Some good news right about now and insider purchases would be sweet!

  • It wasn't me. I was buying other stocks when I saw this drop. We need an update news or a good earnings to break that $1.50

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Sorry, I spoke to soon! I would love to know who the seller is and why? DYSL just seems like a no brainer, but not to the seller......9,900 on the offer @ $1.42 ( I bought 1k shares @ $1.42)

  • There are no specific plans to acquire anything that I know of. The divestiture does not mean they changed their overall strategy for growth. That strategy still includes acquisitions. Before the divestiture they couldn;t acquire but now they can. And we saw how quickly after DichroTec.This is from their FAQ on investor web page.

    Dynasil plans to identify – and invest in – those products and technologies with the greatest revenue and growth potential in our markets.

    To achieve that goal, the Company will focus on:

    Building a strong team ... penetrate new markets and increase our presence in existing markets....enhancing our intellectual property estate through the filing of new patents...
    Executing a focused acquisition strategy which complements our existing businesses.

    Since 2004, Dynasil has made a successful transition from a single-product line optics company to a combined contract-research/commercial optics and photonics company focused on commercializing its own products, patenting its own innovations and advancing its own technologies. The initial acquisitions of Optometrics, Evaporated Metal Film and the Precision Optics Corporation filter line product enabled the Company to substantially increase revenue and profitability. This growth positioned Dynasil to make the acquisitions of RMD Research, its sister company RMD Instruments, Hilger Crystals, and Dynasil Biomedical, transactions which represent transformative opportunities for our Company.

    Dynasil’s recent acquisition of vacuum coating chambers from DichroTec Thin Films LLC significantly increased our coating capacity. This allows our EMF subsidiary to consider large optic, film, fuel cell and heads up display opportunities not previously available to EMF. In addition, Dynasil’s RMD subsidiary has a proprietary process for manufacturing thin film scintillators for digital radiography. Such products can also be coated in these chambers.

  • I would be curious as to what areas they would be looking to acquire, ESP after selling off two units.

  • Yes but DYSL does not own XCEDE entirely.I f it were to be sold, proceeds would go to other stakeholders too, I think.

    I could see ARTH shares going to $.40 pretty quickly if they even announced Human Trials are ongoing. And a lot higher upon successful trials.So I could see that comparable doubling in value. We can speculate but the upshot is, there's a potential and unlocking it would be a catalyst for PPS.

    Nothing we can do but wait:


    In prepared remarks on last CC:

    We are actively looking into creative financing options for this entity, which could include finding a way to spin it off to our shareholders. As previously disclosed, we are also in discussions with large biomedical companies about the technology, have expanded the management team, are actively recruiting additional expertise for the Xcede board, and are developing the protocols and the plan for first in human trials.

    In Q&A:

    We are actively looking at ways to finance this such that we provide adequate liquidity into Xcede and we figure out a way to have it not necessarily affect Dynasil’s performance going forward and we figure out a way to get the ownership of it into the hands of our shareholders. It's not an easy solution to come up with, but we are working on some ways -- actively working on ways to try to do it.


    So anyway, DYSL has a cap of $23.74M and revs of $42.31. Seems undervalued. Also, They have a history of making acquisitions that add to shareholder value. There'll be more because M&A is a part of their growth strategy.

  • FOT, just based on the ARTH, you mentioned, that should be a good guide for us on valuation. Xcede has to be worth at least $10 million at this point or almost half DYSL's market cap!

  • Human tests should be 6 to 12 months away.

    Some past quotes Re Excede: "we need to get additional funding in Xcede'[I think the just got some but there may be more]. "It’s a wonderful opportunity" "What it ultimately will result in isn’t clear at this point but we all feel pretty good about it."

    "We’re talking to companies" and "whoever it is we likely partner with would be the company that would take that product through FDA approval and to the market".

  • I do not think that that amount is unattainable at some point along the post incubation period, if all keeps going well from a competitive standpoint and the product continues to satisfy a long list of design criteria and it proceeds with success of human trials.

    Keep in mind the path ahead to the really huge money would be fraught with many obstacles, possible delays and pitfalls, I surmise. Also there are other players for sure:

    "StartUps and Emerging Competitors in Surgical Sealants, Glues, and Hemostats
    Gecko Biomedical
    Arch Therapeutics
    Medical Adhesive Revolution
    Xcede Technologies


    DYSL's Xcede division is in talks with large biomedical companies regarding the patch tecnology, according to CEO's statements.

    It may be somewhat tricky trying to cash in on this at this early stage. But be mindful, any profits from Xcede will be apportioned out to all the stakeholders including the Mayo investmant arm. I'm not sure how the pie will be sliced or at what point along the incubation period it may be spun out to DYSL shareholders.

    The enterprise value of ARTH is $14.53M according to Yahoo Finance " key statistics". ARTH has a similar product already through pre clinical trials. They have zero sales.The value is based upon hope, at this point.

    But J&J paid a huge sum for a comparable technology ,actually in use today. $448M.

    IMO, Xcede is way better, if you read the patent app. J&J is building an entire plant in Ireland mainly to produce their sealant product.

    This is a pretty big deal and the beauty is, we can participate in profits without all the debt associated with most biomed startups. DYSL has a diferent model.Unlike ARTH shareholders, we don't have to worry about huge burn rates.

    My hope is there will be some upside. How much and when is the question in my mind.Could be a bunt single or bases loaded, game winning homer at any given time,IMO.

  • If traders/investors start buying that $1.50 offer size, I will buy with them

  • FOT great find, TY! I wonder how long the "approval process takes" to the 2 human trials to results? I wouldn't think the trials would take that long? Then again I am not a Doctor. But in all seriousness, if these trials are successful, maybe my dream would be a reality, I don't see why a big Pharma company wouldn't pay $50-$100 million or more for this technology??? Could you imagine, OMG, I would have a heart attack

  • FOT great find, TY! I wonder how long the "approval process takes" to the 2 human trials to results? I wouldn't think the trials would take that long? Then again I am not a Doctor. But in all seriousness, if these trials are successful, maybe my dream would be a reality, I don't see why a big Pharma company wouldn't pay $50-$100 million or more for this technology??? Could you imagine, OMG, I would have a heart attack

  • Some interesting news regarding human trials
    First I found this:

    May 18 14
    Xcede Technologies, Inc. Presents at 13th Annual MedTech Investing Conference, May-21-2014. Venue: Graves Hotel, 601 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States. Presentation Date & Speakers: May-21-2014, Allen J. Berning, Executive Director.http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=248337060

    Then, going to the MedTech conference I found this:

    Xcede is in the selection and approval process for first human trials with 2 European clinical research centers.


  • "For 2014, three of our companies, Optometrics, EMF and Dynasil Fused Silica had record revenue results and Hilger had the largest revenue year under ourownership. This is a significant accomplishment, given our liquidity situation."

    So the sale of the divisions results in lost revs. You have to do a bit of research to find that nearly all this lost rev has been offset by the growth in the remaining divisions. You can't just do a stock screen for growth in revs and come up with DYSL.

    However, you cannot buy low and sell high if EVERYONE knows exactly how much the company is growing. So in this sense, it's good that it's disguised a bit by the divestiture.

    Once they have some positive Q's behind them and the DichroTec deal shows some signs of paying off, I'm hoping they start to take the story on the road and do some investor presentations. That would seem to me, to be coming in 2015, but we'll see.

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    by friendofthetrend Jan 8, 2015 7:16 PM

    ".5 million rev per quarter" Yes, correct.

    According to Capt'n Sully, the goal is to squeeze "2-3 times current EMF" division's revenue revs with this single, fairly low cost acquisition. This will take a few years, if all goes as they plan. To keep it real, the expertise of the former owners couldn't seem to get Dichrotec to more than $2M a Yr. in revs, so we hope some synergies tilt things more favorably for the DYSL shareholders.

    Just to get a feel for what Dynasil bought, you may want to check the pics on facebook. One is of a HUD in an automobile, which, as I ponted out, is a possible high growth area to address.

    Dichrotec produced the special lighting for Dancing With The Stars and the 2012 London Olympics.

    They are located in Rochester NY, home of Rochester Optical Manufacturing Co who had a PR about doing some of the HUD for Google Glass. So the field is interesting.

    Hope it pays off, over time, for shareholders. A nice $1 or 2M manufacturing sub contracting from someone like Rochester Optical would be nice. Not sure if such a thing is remotely possible but I'm sure deals of some sort will be coming in, in time.

    What it is, is large volume. In Rochester, you compete on price, quality and service. The Ithica plant, on the other hand, is about customization. Of couse, if the thin film job is for many items of particularly large size, Rochester has a sort of monopoly on being able to do that, because of the 96" chamber. Not too many places around the hemisphere can do that. Or so it is, I'm slowly learning.

  • Agreed, I think one thing holding us back in price is the revenue factor. People looking at this company think revenues aren't increasing, but in fact they are, they sold off two divisions yet revenues virtually remained the same (less the two businesses sold), I am sure Capt'n Sully knows we need even more though to increase the revenues which I am sure are a priority

  • Securing the L3 contract had to do with Dynasils patents for the desired product, I believe. This is an instance where the research hand fed the manufacturing hand. It's an affirmation of their companywide strategy. It's a sort of vertical integration of their past acquisitions, coming together to produce synergies and growth. This is from CC:

    "Optometrics is now able to meet the current customer demand for this [patented] product and has the capacity to double production if demand increases."

    So the possible inference is this: Dynasil chose to scale up beyond what is necessary to meet the contract. They scaled up to account for a double

    Another higher margin, $3 or $4M in top line revs?

    It's tanatalizing to even think about this. A combined total of $7 M in revs is about 30% of the entire market cap. PPS would HAVE to again explode.

    However, to keep things grounded, the other deal, the Dichrotec deal, will dampen profits for the next report.

    But again, looking beyond THAT bit of headwind means opening up to ANOTHER tanatalizing price appreciation catalyst:

    Here's how the CEO put it:

    "DichroTec was losing money and it will take us part of 2015
    to turn it around. Hence we will incur an operational income loss during part of 2015 necessary to fix this operation.

    We believe with this capacity [ i.e.,Dichrotec's 14, large coating chambers], we can grow this business to 2-3 times current EMF revenue over the next few years."

    Look as I may, I'm unable to determine what EMF's revs are now but it's a sure bet that doubling or tripling them will be ANOTHER good thing for PPS.

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    by friendofthetrend Jan 8, 2015 7:16 PM

    Thanks for your continuing contributions to the board. If I remember correctly, the pre-acquisition run-rate of dichro Tec was around .5 million rev per quarter. Let's hope that with dysl innovations, they can double, even triple, the revs of their new coating factory.

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    by friendofthetrend Jan 8, 2015 7:16 PM

    Our 2014 acquisition of the assets of DichroTec Thin Films LLC significantly increased our optical coating capacity, opening up large optics, HUD and other markets to EMF.

    A head-up display or heads-up display—also known as a HUD—is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints. The origin of the name stems from a pilot being able to view information with the head positioned "up" and looking forward, instead of angled down looking at lower instruments.

    Although they were initially developed for military aviation, HUDs are now used in commercial aircraft, automobiles, computer gaming, and other applications.

    Global Head-up Display Market to Surpass USD5 billion by 2019,The defense sector is expected to continue dominating the market due to increasing military spending, globally, coupled with growing demand for airplane, helicopter, land vehicles, etc. The automotive sector, which accounted for second largest market sharein 2013, in revenue terms, is also forecast to witness significant growth over the next 3-4 years. Moreover, the launch of affordable HUDs is anticipated to see the surge in demand for these devices in low and medium segment cars.

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