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  • Check out SSR they just came out with an email report on IFON, pretty interesting report. If you're a trader you should sign up to their free newsletter regardless. Their last downgrade was on PLUG, next day it tanked 40%...LOL

  • New Stock Text alert of IFON featured on CNBC, to access text the word PICKS to phone number 99000. Made $44k on their last pick! Long IFON til i die!

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    IFON is looking very healthy....

    by hopeful200 Jun 30, 2014 3:45 PM

    P.S. I hope we see 2.75 to 3 before next week....even though this is a holiday week (summertime trading doldrums).

  • and actually hurting the stock, IMO. In this case, controlling the tongue and controlling the fingers (from spouting off through chronic keystrokes) amount to the same thing; he simply is unable to control the tongue and bent on self-destruction. The sad thing is the total disregard for everyone around him. I've never witnessed anyone more engulfed in his own world.

  • If you check out verykool on Amazon, there is not a bad review. Albeit, there are only 12 or so, all veryfied purchases, it has to be indicative of something. Jmo

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • I think this is a very brief pause before uptrend continues through the 50 day MA. Why? Yesterday, the low price was "conveniently" 2.20, whereas the day prior the price had closed at we had to come back and close that gap. Today we did. Now, yesterday it closed at 2.27 and today the high has been, we'll have to trade at least back up to 2.26 to close the upper gap; I think the uptrend is intact and started but paused to regroup. More interesting is how the gaps have signaled a change in price/activity temperament. How these petty penny price gaps get repeated at IFON over and over again is interesting to me. I've owned a zillion stocks in my time and seen a zillion gaps, but none more often than with IFON on this latest price activity since the move started last December.

  • IMO, we have put in a bottom and are reversing trend. It's looking bullish finally!

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    IFON is looking very healthy....

    by hopeful200 Jun 30, 2014 3:45 PM

    2000 shares after hours 16:04 at 2.39 (HOD)- looks good to me- 3 recent positives:
    Last Hour Close Above 5 Hour Moving Average
    New 3 Day High on Friday
    Last Price Above 20 Day Moving Average

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • .....a couple of days ago, resistance established back on April 15. IMO, we will test that resistance again very soon and it is my feeling that the strength of operating performance will push us through. This is my opinion, as much as I hate saying anything to feed Ana's incessant pumping here. He is simply intolerable and destructive to the board and hurtful to IFON's stock performance. While few would invest based on stock messages, there could be some that would be considering IFON and drop by this board, see what's going on and never look back at IFON again. IMO, Hopeful

  • It can go up big and still trade at 2.38 tomorrow to keep from opening a numerical gap....I hope that's what happens; every time it has opened one recently, the price has returned to that point to close it. It's just hanging there in the minds of traders. So, I hope we have a big continuation day tomorrow but without opening a gap and trading up from it all day without momentarily closing it.

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    let da big dog run

    by anabolic44444 Jun 9, 2014 7:24 PM

    I thought we only had two more days last week?!? OMG???

    Sentiment: Hold

  • DALLAS, June 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- MobileTREC today announced their partnership with InfoSonics Corporation to offer the world's first smartphone pre-equipped with MobileTREC's patented mobile safety platform.
    The partnership kicked off with the launch of the verykool® s505, which InfoSonics announced on May 21, with plans for future handset collaborations in the works. This is the first fully integrated mobile safety solution that provides users with a family locator service, GPS sex offender locator, a Threat Level index, as well as essential E911 call and text routing with delivery of vital medical information to 911.
    Jerry Morrison, MobileTREC CEO explained, "This partnership comes at a critical time for family safety. Despite 1 out of every 16 Americans being victimized annually, the country continues to experience public safety budget cuts. Even more alarming is the ever increasing risk of social media exposing teens to sexual predators. In fact, suspected child exploitation crimes have increased 500% since 2009. These are just a few reasons why we built our personal mobile safety platform -- to provide a means to protect our families in a way that traditional, single-point-of-contact safety solutions can't."
    With MobileTREC's solution, simply press the "Help" button on your phone anytime that you feel uncomfortable and it will alert your family, friends, and neighbors by push, text, and email, and it connects you to their 24/7 Emergency Response Center (ERC). Then, if needed, MobileTREC's ERC can connect you to the nearest 911 operator via their patented E911 routing which keeps your call inside the E911 network. Unlike other emergency alert services that route calls through the non-emergency network, MobileTREC sends your call through the actual E911 network which is specifically for emergencies. More importantly, MobileTREC's proprietary platform provides 911 with your precise location along with your important medical and identification information.

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    Legit question for us longs

    by pjbaker55 Jun 5, 2014 10:22 AM

    pj, I have been following and trading IFON since last year and made considerable profit that put a smile on my face. Honestly, just like you the pull back that's going on with IFON makes me nervous as well with some good news as I have less than 15,000/shares that I bought with different ask price. I'm unsure if I will hold on to all my shares or take some loss by selling some of them as my frustration grow each day. I'm doing some evaluation right now.
    I participate very seldom and write something in this forum because of all the nonsense people publish that I read
    which are totally destructive, idiotic and unhelpful. Some are fortune tellers with multiple predictions that they write day after day. I can't figure out why they don't stop. It's certainly no use to others. I don't even consider those writing confidence builder.
    I do my own DD and not bother with bullshits and I look for other forums that are helpful to me. Not like this one.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    Time for IFON to go green

    by hopeful200 Jun 17, 2014 1:55 PM

    bump; I don't bump my posts often.....and I don't tout a stock every bloomin' day. However, the demand is clearly kickiin' in and the supply/demand notion is still the most sensible notion on the planet when it comes to pricing expectations....nothing like good ole' basics. I posted the post I'm bumping yesterday....we did have to wait a day, but today has arrived "forcefully now" I might add. IMO, Hopeful

  • We've had a couple of dives and run-ups over recent weeks. I keep trying to analyze the trend/volume to get an idea as to whether we have culled the base of holders from below a buck up to close to 2 bucks.....whether those from this group who have a profit have virtually all walked away. Of course, you are going to have some who are the trader-types who bought higher and have decided to take a loss and you have some who have shorted. However, it's that base of holders getting replaced by a new base owning IFON at higher prices that will create the ultimate support from higher prices where we reside now around 2 bucks, IMO.

    As Brian said the other day here, you have to remember that fundamentals are central because "logic/reason" reside with the fundamentals. The logic/reason says that IFON is much more valuable than it was from below a buck to where we are now. I mean, IFON's operations have improved dramatically in a relatively short period of time.

    I'm again inclined by volume/pricing activity as compared to the fundamentals of the company to believe that IFON has chewed through the supply of shares available at the current 2ish price and that demand is building....and we are close to being carried up without another significant price setback before next earnings. JMO,

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    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • ....this is the first time in a while that it looks like we've formed a base and on the verge of moving back above the 50 day MA. The accumulation today is pretty structured (deliberate), IMO. We'll see.

  • From mid December of 2013 to mid March of 2014 (3 months), the stock activity favored the long position; from mid March through mid June (3 months), the stock activity favored the short position; since mid June, it has been volatile but within a fairly-well established range of just below 2 to about 2.60...............more time a little above where we are right about now.

    We are crowding the 200 day MA on a lousy market day. I hold to my thinking that we should trend back up very soon; here's why: the last position to have held the day, so to speak, has been the short position bringing us from the 4s back to where we stand. Just as the long position ran out of steam in the 4s, I don't see the short position garnering more steam, but losing it now. Also, the gargantuan elephant in the room is the vastly improved operating performance of IFON. Owning stock is owning a piece of the underlying business. Business has been good of late.

    So the stock price is crowding the 200 day; the market is having a lousy day; let's see, should panic win out or should one take advantage of the shakiness as Buffett admonished when he said to be greedy when others are fearful??


  • A month ago, the verykool products were only available on Amazon through Ifon directly. Now 3 new vendors are offering the products; L2D2 and gamnation offer the RS90 (IFON no longer listed as a vendor) as well as some other VeryKool Products; and Wireless Dealz is offering a number of VerkKol Products. Distributors are obviously increasing. It may or may not be tied to IM- not sure on that yet.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • ....picking up, shorts are fixing to get "off' of a stock. That is what I've observed in the past. The confidence of shorts seems the highest when it's about time to leave the stock alone. The opposite is true too....when the confidence of longs is at the highest, the price is usually peaking and the rising is about over because longs are about to get off. IFON is about as beat up as it's going to get, IMO. There are always longs who buy at the top and always shorts who jump on the bandwagon after the party is over. That's what I think is happening right now. All IMO, Hopeful

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