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    A new treatment for relapsed or refractory ALL

    by dcaf7 Feb 4, 2016 6:44 PM

    of the

    "Philadelphia chromosome negative (Ph-) adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia
    (ALL) in second or greater relapse or whose disease has progressed following two or more lines of anti-leukemia therapy"

    market. From the Marqibo sponsor briefing document

    "Adult ALL is one of the rarest malignancies, with only approximately 2,000 new cases diagnosed annually in the U.S. Of these, approximately 1,400 are Ph- Adult ALL (1,100 cases B-lineage and 300 cases T-lineage)"

  • I’ll not sugar-coat it, my fellow longs. This is a frustrating time, one that tests our resolve.

    We need to turn to a guru for guidance. Here’s Pete Townshend, wearing what I’m sure is his nicest bathrobe.


    Let’s look at the numbers. SPPI was down for a second straight week, falling 33 cents or 6.6% to close at $4.63. YTD, it’s still lost 23.2%.

    Overall, the market, including the bio sector, continued to slide. The NAS fell 5.44%, bringing its YTD loss to 12.87%. The bio indicators I follow all dropped: the BTK lost 5.35%; the IBB gave back 4.04% and the XBI fell 4.07%.

    On 2/5/15, SPPI closed at $6.99. SPPI’s YOY loss is 33.7%.

    Here are the daily ranges for the week:

    M 4.65-4.99
    T 4.64-4.81
    W 4.475-4.82
    TH 4.61-4.91
    F 4.54-4.75

    And from last week:

    M 5.10-5.32
    T 4.91-5.24
    W 4.97-5.28
    TH 4.74-5.08
    F 4.73-4.96

    When it hit $4.475 on Wednesday, SPPI established a new 52-week low. A dubious distinction, but not uncommon these days. To the contrary, especially in this sector, it’s been a bit of a demolition derby.

    I was watching the stock yesterday afternoon, planning to add a bit when the stock got into the $4.50 area. It didn’t quite make it, so I did not make a trade. If it sinks next week, I’ll be a buyer. If it rises, I’ll have missed a little opportunity, but will be glad to have taken one for the team.

    If we’re not in “throw the baby out with the bath water” territory, we’re close. I’d say it won’t be long, but at this point, it would ring hollow. We’re here…for a while, and longs need to ride it out. There ARE significant catalysts on the horizon.

    I was also pleased to see a start to P III on SPI-2012. We won’t see results for a while, but when we do—watch out.

    Our last selection is from Earth, Wind and Fire. RIP Maurice White. We have lost too many great musicians already this year.



    Sentiment: Buy

  • Whatever your doing, stop it now and join ULTIMATE STOCK ALERTS (google them). I am serious, if you like to trade Nasdaq and nyse small cap momentum stocks this is a MUST DO.

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    A new treatment for relapsed or refractory ALL

    by dcaf7 Feb 4, 2016 6:44 PM

    You say "only" for 80% of the market?

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    A new treatment for relapsed or refractory ALL

    by dcaf7 Feb 4, 2016 6:44 PM

    "Seems like a new competitor of Marqibo will reach the market soon"

    Impressive - P3 open radomized open label study stopped early but for B cell lineage only; T cell lineage is ~21%. Marqibo is for both lineages.

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    3s before 5s

    by followmeistowin Feb 3, 2016 12:56 PM

    obviously you're a dufas that doesnt know what A form Effect is ...or S 3 ....LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

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    soldout today

    by stocks.toshort Feb 5, 2016 2:16 PM

    Interesting & very surprising decision. I thought you were set on owning UPRO & TRV forever...This market is anemic, even AAPL is currently complete dead money with no pulse...and even the unable-to-valuate by any normal metric FANGS stocks are now correcting significantly, very very hard & even the darlings NKE, HD SBUX crushed...I made my worst scalp trade of the year last nite buying LNKD in AH(AFTER it had already corrected 32%!) having watched ALL the social media/FANG stocks bottom to their lowest levels right AFTER their ER's in AH only to rise up significantly the following day...This one social media stock was the lone exception and so I had to dump it early in morning.....It finished down 45% on the day!..I have never seen a $25B market cap lose so much valuation so furiously($8B gone in a flash!)...I use AAPL as a "bottom indicator" for the market and think if they slip into the $80's, the market will have bottom...Good luck to you, Jethro.....

  • UPRO $50 TRV $107 NMM SPPI - I'm out of the entire market

    UPRO was $73, TRV $116 NMM $20 - gave away a bundle, but still thankful and blessed.

    I watched the morning jobs report and listened to all the comments suggesting this opens up the possibility for more 2016 FED rate hikes. Then I listened to some female expert discussing S&P 1600 target. And a guy talking about $25 Oil and World Recession. That did it.

    Sold, took my lumps, will now sit back and watch until S&P1,600 and $25 oil.

    Now I don't have to worry anymore about being forced back into the labor market as a Wal-Mart greeter.
    I'm finally financially safe, no more volume shares holding gambles.
    I'm still going to periodically daytrade, try making weekend wife date night money, and that will be that.

    Good luck SPPI dudes, tartiaboy.
    Good luck Ouch with your excellent picks.
    Best to you pigface.
    Success to the Etals.
    Good luck ALL.

    And don't worry fellow Americans - Obama just assured today that everything is great, adding that he seeks a $10 federal tax per barrel of oil, to help move us away from dirty energy dependence to clean energy!

    Nice weekend to all.

  • Redundancy. DOPE! . Karma hit you right in the fat gut.

  • Pigface, I truly pray that I could take up your kind well thought out suggestion, but sadly mom died 3 months ago. And before you target dad next, he deceased one year prior.

  • Have your mommy change your big boy diapers you DOPE.

  • redundancy

  • Warned you

  • Phase 3 Study of BLINCYTO® (Blinatumomab) Met Primary Endpoint Of Overall Survival In Patients With B-Cell Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Study Stopped Early for Efficacy.
    "The FDA's breakthrough therapy designation and accelerated approval of BLINCYTO underscore the dire prognosis for these patients. This is the first study to demonstrate an overall survival benefit for these patients with an immunotherapy, and this is a tremendously rare achievement in relapsed and refractory ALL," said Sean E. Harper, M.D., executive vice president of Research and Development at Amgen.
    Seems like a new competitor of Marqibo will reach the market soon.

  • I paid the huge price for banking on 6 years (24 quarters) of steady NMM dividend distributions in order to breakeven; only recovered 7 quarterly cash distributions. LOSER

    Jethro Bodine is indeed smarter than idiot moronic STS

  • the axe. The passion he claims is really in his $2 million pay check annually. But he won't get axed since he handpicked a corrupt BOD. We need a REAL and powerful investor activist to get rid of the Raj cancer.

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    New corporate pesentation is available

    by dcaf7 Feb 3, 2016 9:23 AM

    That is completely inexcusable, especially, if they are actually paying someone for an actual position as in-house IR........

    I recently called a young biotech that I was interested in taking up a new position in not long ago, left a message with the secretary, and someone involved with investors relations immediately called me right back and he said he would spend time answering any of my questions....

    That is the way its gotta be done nowadays when there are so many biotech start-ups competing for investors capital...When the Martin Sckrelli's of the world find easy entrance into the biotech world, a biotech like this one(one that hasn't created any long-term shareholder value or wealth creation in over a decade) has to stand head and shoulders above all the rest of the scrap.......

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    3s before 5s

    by followmeistowin Feb 3, 2016 12:56 PM

    Eagle pharma sales, Japan Zevalin, and their current pipeline portfolio, which consists of a five-drug FDA commercially approved revenue contribution mix of boring, unexciting and, apparently, not growing(at least not in 2015) niche revenue generators, plus their likely sixth drug approval(Evolmela) in May hopefully might keep them above $100M, especially, if they could ever get an APAZesque upfront like the one seen with Allergan....Sadly, this biotech is trading at about the same market cap as around twelve years ago, only Raj is prolly around $30+ million richer, and any "finding diamonds in the rough believers" had to trade around the unexpected Fuselev shortage era or they likely would have squandered nearly 15 years in opportunity costs and prolly would have been better off finding their own diamonds in the rough stocks elsewhere in the stock market(I can't even fathom imagining at what stock price point were CELG, JAZZ, MNK, PBYI and countless others were trading at twelve years ago)....One can only hope that the next five years MORE than makes up for the last fourteen years in the ever changing and evolving musical chairs world of Raj's fascinating, exciting marquee player potential blockbusters coming up to the plate, the likes of which should create multi-billions in five years(circa said comment in 2011-2012)...Its kinda funny writing that last sentence as this trades at $4 bucks and change and much closer to a $250-300 Million market cap five years later than a $5 Billion market cap...

  • SPPI could quickly quadruple - New video at StockMarketVideoc (Google them)

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    I visited Spectrum, Irvine, CA from Boston

    by muyjk1 Feb 3, 2016 3:50 PM

    I think if I saw lots of cars in the parking lot on the weekend I would be concerned because they prolly needed to be together for some grueling sit down crisis management session, otherwise, if they are just working on a PR, say for positive apaziquone NDA submission, they can do that remotely on their laptops. :)

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