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    nvax and mers vaccine

    by lhcir 2 hours 46 minutes ago

    nvax to use a portion of the net proceeds for rsv not all of it.....and other strategic the articles...5 pharma companies working with saudi to produce vaccine by as early as september.....Stan said to do this need more funding.....then they declare a secondary that a month earlier wasn't necessary...unless......

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    nvax and mers vaccine

    by lhcir 2 hours 46 minutes ago

    If Stan said they were well funded and then did a secondary, he misrepresented his intentions. Similarly, if he said the funding was for RSV, but it was really for MERS, then he misrepresented again. The first may be a little troubling, but some might feel that the second sort of crosses the line?

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    nvax and mers vaccine

    by lhcir 2 hours 46 minutes ago

    Would love to see more information / confirmation............their stated reason for the capital raise was to accelerate RSV.......not MERS.

  • I did not mean that you oversold it. But the idea of it, at this point in time, of being "potentially airborne" is not anything a scientist would conclude. That was clear in a couple articles which had health professionals commenting on the fact they found a few stray live MERS virus cells in the air, in each instance they said this was not an indication at all of any potential for airborne transmission -- we discussed this here the first day that this was reported.

    Sorry if you construed my post as flippant, it was not intended to be so. I back it up with all my training as an economist! (And, I will say that you will not be able to find a virus expert who will say that the finding of live MERS virus cells as they were found, in a closed building environment, is indicative of airborne transmission potential.) From my perspective, the finding of these airborne cells was so inconsequential that they should not have been reported to the press. If they can find them flying outside, or in a building a week after the animal is taken out, then it is worth noting.


  • nvax is working with saudi to develop mers vaccine that is why they did the secondary for additional funding....3 articles to read: novavax and univ of maryland report positive preclinical results for mers vaccine,
    saudi to develop mers vaccine to combat outbreak, and antimers trial vaccine raises hopes. Last earnings Stan said nvax well funded, but does a secondary. This is to fund mers vaccine. Prince Alwaleed is the largest holder of citi who underwrote the secondary with jpm who has a big presence in saudi. He is in close contact with bill gates and PATH. They will announce mers news at next earnings. This is just icing on the cake while we wait for RSV.

  • Jack... The article said "potentially airborne", and I said, "if the next wave is airborne."
    There's no crappola except for maybe your flippant response..

    According to' The Scientist' (Magazine / website)...

    "Antibodies for the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) are known to be widespread in Saudi Arabian camels. It’s long been thought that contact with MERS-infected camels—through consumption of the animals’ milk or meat, for example—was sickening humans, but a study published in mBio today (July 22) suggests that the virus might also be airborne. Medical virologist Esam Azhar from the King Fahd Medical Research Center’s Special Infectious Agents Unit and his colleagues have detected genetic fragments of MERS-CoV in a sample of air from a barn that housed an infected camel.

    Using reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR), the researchers detected the virus in the air sample, which was collected the same day the sick camel tested positive for MERS-CoV. Other air samples from the same barn did not test positive for the virus, suggesting that proximity to the infected animal matters.

    “Detection of airborne MERS-CoV molecules, which were 100% identical with the viral genomic sequence detected from a camel actively shedding the virus in the same barn on the same day, warrants further investigations . . .” Azhar said in a press release. He added that, while far from conclusive, the results suggest that people working with camels ought to take precautions—such as wearing face masks—to stop the spread of MERS."


  • I'm glad you used a small g on god.


  • This is crappola not supported by real science. The news could not be interpreted as that MERS could potentially be transmitted through the air. It was that if you had MERS and coughed enough, you could cough up a live MERS cells (I am interpreting, of course).


  • There is a god that heard my prayer. Now watch NVAX take off as my other one is answered. We need answers from management not stoopid cheerleaders. GLTA longs.

  • July 24, 2014 Gulf News...

    "The news that the Mers coronavirus could potentially be transmitted through air is both disconcerting as well as a promissory of unlocking the secret to its means to travel from one species to another.

    Since it was identified in 2012, Mers has taken a significant human toll, particularly in Saudi Arabia, which has had the maximum number of deaths caused by the virus so far. Previously, it was largely held that Mers coronavirus spread through contact transmission, which presupposed that its spread could be better controlled. But with the latest suggestion that this virus can also travel by air, many urgencies come to the fore.

    More and speedier research is needed to arrive at an unambiguous conclusion so that preventive measures can be put into place.

    Air-borne diseases are much more difficult to contain than diseases that spread through other modes of transmission and the high degree of porosity of people’s movements in today’s world creates a bigger challenge against Mers. As such, the world health authorities and health care systems need to prepare contingencies that can be made a part of people’s everyday precautions. Experts say prevention is the key.

    Therefore, the sooner conclusive research comes to our aid, the better we can deal with its scope and modus operandi."

    WHO knows what the next wave of MERS has in store for the world. Remember, we saw cases of MERS this past April skyrocket...

    MERS may have fallen off the radar as seasonal viruses do, but if the next wave is airborne, we sure has heck better be prepared. The world is waking up to the fact that NVAX is not only close to RSV vaccine approval, but is also the world's go-to pandemic solution...

  • Feel free to change your mind whenever you feel like it.

  • Rez,

    A break from this board is what I needed. Your post compelled me to rejoin, if not briefly, to encourage you to do what you feel you need to do. I, personally, would prefer you continue to post your most encouraging and exuberant thoughts and ideas.

    Kindest Regards,


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • WCC, time to erase your bs.

  • It was about time for WCC to crawl up and spew his wisdom. "Rez, listen to me (only me)," he says, hissing and rattling. "I need to you to stay... 'cause soy alone can't back me up... need you to do the heavy lifting... divert the attention when I pheoukup... 'cause you know, I ain't got no baulls nor backbone."

    WCC's bs:

    "Don't waste your time writing informative posts to total strangers. They don't deserve it." One man's trash is another man's treasure. WCC, feel free to take all of those "informative" posts with you.

    "Most of them have many IDs which they use to manipulate you and the stock." Don't you, WCC? You must be an ideeeot to be manipulated by someone in a message board.

    "Do what you think is right for you, and let others do what they think is right for them." This is like, if you eat you sheet. What a sound advise!

  • Good luck, rez. I've recommended before that time off this board is an excellent idea for some and you were included in that recommendation.

    Peace in all your days,


  • Rez,

    Don't waste your time writing informative posts to total strangers. They don't deserve it. Most of them have many IDs which they use to manipulate you and the stock. Do what you think is right for you, and let others do what they think is right for them.

  • We pump you up! a real maggot for fools

  • Me an Elvis think the water is about to part for NVAX.
    Don't really know why, just a feeling.
    We will se if good news comes tomorrow.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • Agreed, soy is one of the straightest shooters on the board.
    He call it like he sees it.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • Your nuts.
    You don't have the money to make a guarantee like that.
    Numbnuts post.
    One more like that and I hit the iggy buton.

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