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  • Hey guys, checking in… up $42k this month trading GLW, I get my stock alerts from flash market research (google them). Saw an analyst recommend them on CNBC and have been using them ever since, currently long right now in my portfolio.

  • Many of us are tired of the political and argumentative commentary on this board. Yahoo encourages the use of the Flag feature to help combat the problem:

    - Click on an inappropriate post.
    - Click Flag.
    - Click Report Abuse
    - If you want to go further, click Here at the bottom of the screen and choose a category. Choose other to type a short note to the Yahoo moderators.
    - Posts that violate the Terms of Service will be deleted. Repeat offenders will lose their Yahoo account.

  • Recently I signed up with waltersalerts “Google them” they sounded pretty good in there emails about there picks, so I decided to give them a shot and bought there last pick VISN at $2.40 boy, was I amazed I ended up selling for 300% profit. I highly recommend everyone to check them out copy and past waltersalerts into Google and search

  • Profited over $30k on GLW, got my alert from underground stock alerts (google them)

  • Dear GLW Board Moderators,

    The GLW stock discussion board is almost impossible to use. A few individuals fill the front page with irrelevant and repetitive political threads. That makes it almost impossible to discuss the stock.

    Today the worst offenders are:
    mikeinwestsac - four threads on the front page
    libtarybarry - three threads on the front page
    freeloaderno - two threads on the front page

    Off topic threads have also been created under these aliases.

    Please take steps to rid this board of the worst offenders.


  • Lost over 98k on GLW, got my alert from underground stock alerts (google them).

  • There was an unscripted moment in a Rose Garden press conference today. One of the people chosen to stand behind President Obama started to teeter. Obama quickly turned to help saying ""I got you. You're OK"

    Unscripted moments like this reveal the President's true character. He cares about people. He cares about individual Americans and he cares about the welfare of all Americans. He is not at all like congressional Republicans who care more about their political careers than they care about the American people. Maybe the American people will reward this fine president with a Democratic House of Representatives in 2014.

  • Profited over $50k on MSFT, got my alert from everest stock market research (google them)

  • Zoso,

    Ignore pacxxxy3 and the nitwit posting as hillaryforprez. Most people on this board do.

  • The salad will be Crow salad. The appetizer will be fried Crow. The main course will be Crow gently simmered in it's own juices. And the dessert will feature a nice bananas foster Crow . I'm sure the Olamo's will be washing down the Crow with a fine $10,000 dollar bottle of Chateau Crow.

  • I would like to draw your attention to the failure of your moderators to manage the Corning stock board. At the time of this writing there are a full eleven political threads started by user gottyforprez. He claims to be exercising free political speech but his posts are the equivalent of graffiti.

    This board was created by Yahoo to allow customers to discuss Corning and the stock market. It is the job of the moderators to prevent sabotage. Kindly instruct your moderators to review the Corning Board and take appropriate steps.

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    To Yahoo Board Moderators

    by jimmygreek27 Jan 29, 2014 2:28 PM

    may the force be with you ---- clowns like this are destructive to what Yahoo has tried to create. If they are not careful with their services, they will be rendered useless --- as is this board.

    amazes me how much time people have to idle away just simply being moronic --- good call out !

  • Romney,LOL !
    Big friend to Big Business and the uber wealthy!
    Will look to lower wages on all of the working and middle class to increase "job opportunties" (code for the wealthy pocketing more profits) while keeping loop holes and subsidies intact for the wealthy, their businesses and large corporations.
    Look forward to the divide of income and standard of living between the wealthiest and the so-called middle class to grow even wider under the arrogant corporate raider, Nit-Wit Romney!
    What other right wing dummy from the last election would you suggest?
    The other dumb Texas Governor, Rick "Oops" Perry?
    How about the, "wears his religion and #$%$ daughter on his sleeve", Rick Santorum?
    Santorum was a very scary kind of extremist nut job!
    It was hard to determine if it was Santorum or Michelle Bachmann who took the crown for being the biggest nut job !
    The GOP changed to a different favorite in the primary too many times, just to lock Romney out, then they picked him anyways!
    They were in disaray then, as they were in the Congressional show down that almost ruined the credit rating of the USA a week ago, and is now starting to create problems in the stock market!
    If the Congress waits until the last minute to reach an agreement again in January and February, I wouldn't want to have any money invested in the stock market at that time!

    Then again, why do some people continue to post off topic politics and Obama hate comments on a financial message board for GLW?


    Sentiment: Buy

  • Jimmy, I have flagged spam, trash posters and these holes that post political tripe, to no avail.
    Yahoo is has become increasingly a piece of dog dirt !
    They obviously don't remove posts due to reports of abuse anymore, as proof is the Topic about muslims with 32 thumbs down.
    I think that we need to find a website that has some oversight or is moderated, not another one of Yahoo's failures were children can post whatever they want to and it remains on the message board.

    Thanks for trying though, and good luck with your efforts !

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Dud ...... How is being the world's largest banana republic being on the "road back to greatness"? You are sucking up too much of abummer's bodily fluids to have any common sense. Pull your head out of your rear end, wipe the krap off your face, and take a good look at the state of communism around the world.

  • Profited over $30k on GLW, got my alert from underground stock alerts (google them).

  • What is GLW up to now? Borrowing 250 million and doing a quickie buy back of 47 million shares. It appears they are preparing for a purchase. GLW does not need 250 million with its stash of cash.

  • that is a personal record for me. What a nearly useless board this is. A couple of legitimate posters here -- and the rest of the fools that hang around seemingly have nothing else to do --- amazing !

    Anyway --- while we wait for next earnings and speculate on what surprises might come to jolt GLW in to good pricing action. I am hopeful that the Samsung deal actually does contribute a surprise upside to earnings. A surprise upside to free cash flow. I hope that the share buy back continues on its 5% / year pace. I hope the dividend goes to 44 cents. Any or all of these events will get this thing to $20 quickly and then its off to a multiple in the 16 range which would put $30 in the company's sights.
    There is a LOT of upside waiting to happen with this stock ---

  • Congress and the President reopened the government and temporarily suspended the debt ceiling after congressional Republicans shut down the government and brought us perilously close to a debt default in October. The government was funded until Jan 15 and the debt ceiling was lifted until mid February.

    The debt ceiling debacle could have had disastrous implications for financial markets and the world economy. Some people think that the drop dead date for another debt ceiling limit is Feb 15th. It isn't. Treasury has the power to avert disaster for many months beyond that.

    Congress kicked the can down the road but they kicked it far enough that markets can rest easy for a while. Republicans and the Tea Party poll numbers are bad enough that House Republicans are unlikely to create another artificial crisis before the November 2014 mid terms. After November, congress will probably kick the can into 2015 and let the newly elected members deal with it.

    (All original content)

  • ADSU was just upgraded to a $2 price target by Everest Stock Market Research, add this one to your watch lists immediately we could see huge gains tomorrow morning. The last alert they put a price target on went up over 3000% same day!

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