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  • is not known by me but everything I read is positive . The new Geely electric vehicle parts are exciting . The VW settlement may include new vehicle sales which will help . Interested to hear comments on how their dealing with the loss of business . This is a great company I have held for a long time . I was hoping to see a rise in dividend payments they announced today they will remain the same at 13 cents .52 a year . I think the drop in PPS before earnings will set up a pop tomorrow and there is nothing to fear . Won't be long till we find out .

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    Cramer on Auto Peak

    by croppled1 Jan 22, 2016 8:34 PM

    I actually have been doing a little trading just not here with this position . It does seem though like this is on the way back up and should get some upgrades if it breaks $42 . GM reports in the morning . The numbers should be good so expect GM and F to climb pulling these shares up . There is no doubt VW and the strong dollar hurt BWA but underneath it is still a great company and will recover strong in time .

  • I think one should let this settle in for 3 days since the downgrade to nuetral then start buying on days of pronounced weakness . The lower March auto sales in the USA is definitely due to the Easter Holiday in the last week of March closing dealerships for Good Friday through Sunday . April should show a pickup . Some dealoers were even closed Monday for a 4 day holiday here in Michigan . BWA just introduced transmissions for electric vehicles and are well into expansion in that area . Give them a year they will be back over $60 a share . People are still driving cars over 10 years old that if they buy new can get up to 40% better MPG on average for comparison cars . A 2001 1/2 ton PU gets 14 mpg on avg with a v-8 , a 2016 19 -20 mpg and diesels can get up to 30 mpg in the Colorado on the highway . People will upgrade many are leasing which do not count in sales figures in most cases . Dealers actually expand margins when leasing then selling the used vehicles to those whom cannot afford new but need a warranty for certified used . Patience . If your afraid JCI is starting to break out and has some other then auto sales plus is splitting off auto later this year ( batteries and interiors ) . BWA is a good company . I bought 500 shares years ago at $6 and have been told to sell many times while this is the largest correction I can remember it has already come in the time to sell was when it was over $55 it will climb either on a earnings beat or other news always does . Growth will return I wonder who will build the transmissions for the new ELIO vehicles hoped to come to market in 2017 and expected to sell over 100k units the first year . Hopefully BWA .

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    Cramer on Auto Peak

    by croppled1 Jan 22, 2016 8:34 PM

    You sound like a sensible buy & hold quality investor & this board is very quiet (no dewshy day traders with their Ouiji boards!)

    CAFE standards will be raised to 52 mpg in 2025 which bodes well for companies like Borg.

    I own Cummins & need a little more industrial in my portfolio.

    I like Borg but am nervous about too much auto/transport in my holdings.

    I'm gonna do some more DD over the weekend...

  • BWA Mentioned in latest analysis video at StockMarketVideoc (Google them)

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    Is this a good entry point?

    by magna_out Feb 8, 2016 10:00 PM

    You can't ask us but I follow this stock close and have for 20 years since buying 500 shares for a fraction of todays price and it has had many splits since then . I have not seen it this cheap in years . This is going to be a fairly flat year but high single digit growth is ahead . Further they admit they concentrated on the diesels and are behind in Electric Vehicles but their pushing out into them now . I follow 2 stocks with auto parts . JCI and BWA and JCI has a situation due to spins going on but both seem to be close to a bottom . They could wash out if the market does but just look at the trading lately very tight . Same with a high dividend tech chip stock I follow QCOM which pays 4% to hold . All of these pay a dividend and if we have a real wash out day I am adding what I can . This is the time to be reinvesting dividends for sure . All the high targets have been taken down this had one in the 60's not so long ago . If things pick up and we get a President who isn't going to raise the Capital Gains tax in a crazy manner or hurt WS and the banks we could see those old targets come back . This has been a good company for the last 20 years and I see no reason not to believe in management and their growth yet long term . At one time they paid a larger dividend and hopefully they will again though they do need to retire debt and keep investing in themselves .

  • Trying to decide on these beat up Auto Parts Magna, Borg Warner or Linamar CDN.
    Low PE's, good balance sheet. If the market bounces, will these bounce too?

  • I had a few stocks up today , but was happiest with how BWA only fell 28 cents in a end of week down market with the Dow down 250 pts . S&P is at 1880 for future reference . Good luck it is hard to be in a rolling bear market but the good news is they rarely last longer then 12 to18 months in my experience . Dividends help what is scary is seeing them taken down . So far only the oil and mining sectors have been offenders across the board .

  • Wakl Street only makes money if they can create price swings . This is dirt cheap , light volume shows it is basing . Time to be nibbling in spite of the miserable performance and sentiment . This is a good company with cash on the sheets , good products , a diversified customer base and possible growth aware of their ever changing market . I was pleased to see them considering electric vehicles for future products . With the big three having investor meetings in a few months the auto sector should climb some . Do your homework this rarely trades at 8 times forward earnings .

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