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    I finaly got a response from BOREF

    by frogfather44 May 12, 2015 7:48 PM

    Continued from above
    Note: In the following I had to remove the website links for Yahoo

    BOREF - Borealis Exploration Limited ------
    CHOMF - Chorus Motors plc -----------------
    COLCF - Cool Chips plc --------------------
    PWCHF - Power Chips plc -------------------
    RCHBF - Roche Bay plc ---------------------
    AMTPF - Avto Metals plc -------------------
    FWYPF - Faraway plc -----------------------
    PHPWF - Photon Power plc ------------------

    Current quotes with bid and ask information can be found at:
    BOREY -
    BOREF -
    COLCF -
    PWCHF -

    Advanced Explorations Inc.

    Boreynet mailing list

    So as I said no color

  • On Feb 13 I signed

    Feb 13, 2015 I wrote this comment::
    "IATA Aircraft Taxiing Systems Conference, Andrew Tobias & changes at BOREF"

    In it I said:"
    After 20 + years of near weekly updates. Borealis has discontinued (I guess) it's weekly update on the site and now wants you to signup for them. I did an hour ago and have not received anything yet so nothing was in the hopper not even a automatic response. They do have two levels one includes daily fluctuation of price. I din not signup for that one the other is an "if something happens we'll let you know." Which is what I signed up for. I may change that if I get nothing in the next week or so just to get a response.
    I did not get a response and after a month or so I signed up for the daily note. That was over a month ago. Today I got a response. Which is too long to fit into the character limit of this comment but basically was a price action letter with no commentary included. (Which I miss and was always fun IMO to read.)
    The email response I got will be in my reply to this comment.

  • GIBRALTAR--(Marketwired - May 07, 2015) - WheelTug plc announced today that it will be focusing its efforts at the upcoming Paris Air Show on showing how the WheelTug® e-Taxi system will speed up airline operations by potentially as many as 20 minutes per flight.

    As shown in the attached graphic, WheelTug will allow airlines to reduce ground time. The result is much higher fleet utilization for WheelTug-equipped airlines, as well as higher passenger satisfaction with trips that are faster and more reliably on-time. Airports also benefit from higher gate utilization and more aircraft movement with less pollution. WheelTug makes this possible by eliminating the risk of jet ingestion and jet blast, along with reducing or eliminating the reliance on tugs, pushback crews, and even wingmen. WheelTug plans to bundle "TaxiCam" camera systems along with the WheelTug systems, giving the pilots full situational awareness of the outside of the aircraft and its surroundings.

    WheelTug will also be showing a detailed comparative simulation at the Paris Air Show, to demonstrate how these benefits add up over the course of a day, for airports (higher throughput), airlines (higher aircraft utilization), and passengers (faster and more predictable flights and on-time performance).

  • I thought that the conference would generate some excitement, and a modest up tic. But there seems to be no interest.

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