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  • Oh right, lets Buy with the world and the US sliding into recession I just love buying empty trucks, you pretent to ship and we will drive those trucks, matters not if we are losing money...Can't get enough of trucking...maybe buy rails and help uncle Warren out...

  • I'll keep this short and sweet...Google "Penny Stock 101 org' signup for their free newsletter and get their next trade alert. Come back and thank me tomorrow!

  • Trucking is so beat up, I think there is good value here. I owned Conway until it was sold and own ARCB now. May buy into Knight or Swift, not sure just yet

  • I just wonder how much of this problem is Knight's issues and how much is industry wide issues.

  • 5 years ago......when regulation was suffocating the trucking industry and various State's viewed trukers as a means of REVENUE and each State gets in their moods.....trcukers have to pull over while bevery #$%$ UNSAFE cars drive down the road across America.

    Between Insurance costs, permitting, interstate permits, maintenance, etc., etc. the Company I worked for took over for alot of NOW OUT of business truckers who couldn;t afford to keep up with the bogus paperwork requirements alone.

    The fascinating thing about Transportation is that the TSA and Transpo IDIOTS expect the same from both PILOTs and TRUCK DRIVERS. The pay disparity is so great, that TRUCKERs should earn a 100% discount on costs// and something for the absolute waste of time scales, tolls, etc.

    I had ZERO incidents, loved the work, hated the PORTs......overburdened with SELF SERVING UNION IDIOTS....and working in an industry that is so over regulated and so harrassed on a routine basis that I walked away. I'd bet that an easy 75% of those driving would do the same if they could.

    I hope someday the trucking industry parks their rigs and walks away for one month then maybe folks will learn to appreciate how important trucking is to our nation and maybe then Traffic enforcement will stop the mickeymouse and zero in on those who have in some way EARNED it, other than merely being a trucker.

    Truck incidents are not pretty but the frequency of accidents/mishaps is SO SMALL that incidents are statistically insignificant compared to miles driven. Funny, as costs go up, everyone makes more except the drivers.

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