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E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Message Board

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    UPDATE: DuPont Poised To Shrink!

    by funfundvierzig 1 hour 7 minutes ago

    You have said that last 20 up points.

  • JPMorgan on Wednesday morning.

    The firm said it lowered its rating on the chemical company based on a valuation call and was "factoring in the increase in pension liabilities and accounting for a lower earnings outlook for 2015, which probably represents the higher end of its valuation range," JPMorgan said.

  • DuPont Chieftess, Ellen J. Cull-Men, Tries To Fake "High Growth"

    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag,

    UPDATE: DuPont Is Poised To Shrink!

    * Sales tumbled down 5% in Q4 2014, and net sales for the full year 2014 shrank by 3% during a fairly robust, growing global economy.

    * Yearly DuPont revenues will plummet, down 20% or $7 billion, from $34 billion to $27 billion after Chemours (chemicals) is dumped from DuPont.

    * DuPont's much over-touted "growth" juggernaut, DuPont AG, may show reverse "growth" for 2015 as superior-managed competitors continue to widen the gap with a lagging, lumbering DuPont, and farmers switch from corn to soya.

    * Absence of true new high-volume blockbuster products or innovative breakthrough technologies.

    * DD shares may stop "growing" and begin to shrink as the last 20 points rise in DD price may reflect the Peltz bump, the somewhat unrealistic belief that this astute investor may wring some value out of this much shrunken and shrinking conglomerate, mismanaged and misfired for the entire 21st century by a bumbling Management.

    Buying DD in the mid-seventies carries the not insubstantial risk of a Losing Strategy.

    Merely the morning commentary and opinion of one individual retail investor and long-time student of the decaying DuPont in decline...funfun..

    Merely the opinion of one individual investor and long-time student of DuPont in decline…funfun..

  • All right...Instead of a term starting with the letter "h" for people who dwell in Appalachia, let's try the word, "gladhander". See if that passes muster with the obnoxious word police at Yahoo! or the reputation agents who monitor the internet to preserve IMAGE for their clients.

    Gotta laugh...funfun..

  • One comical point, fan_of_funfun,

    Some reputation agent or PR operative must have complained about our use of the word, #$%$ and Yahoo! CENSORED it. Such ludicrous hypersensitivity.


  • DuPont's legal "experts" are notorious for losing just about every lawsuit possible. Even the one win, over Kevlar technology, got thrown out. Staffing the Legal department with affirmative action hires and see what happens!

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    50/50 joint venture

    by sputnick_again 15 hours ago

    Ah yes, another deal with the Chinese. Looks like secrets will be walking out the door once folks figure out how to make the stuff. Give it five years and the Chinese companies will be beating DuPont at its own game. Child's play.

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    Challenges for 2015

    by chrispa0044 14 hours ago

    Nevermind that DuPont shafted its Ag customers for every dime when it could. What goes around....

    The TiO2 business was a classic DuPont blunder. Screw long-time employees and then see secrets get sold off for a few hundred thousand under the table. What goes around....And some of the Chinese who helped steal this technology are drinking wine in Shanghai and toasting Ellen and Chad for their ability to create a demoralized workforce driven to extremes like selling off technology.

  • Funfun

    The primary reasons people have stayed is: too hard to sell one's house without taking a loss, at least the co-workers are good to work with, no other good jobs nearby (forcing a move), and there's a secret human need to see one's uber-superiors like Ellen finally get the ax (albeit collecting $50 million out the door). Employees would line up to see her escorted by Peltz's security guards.

    Chad was bad indeed, but Ellen has made Chad look like a nice guy. And it's getting worse.

  • Of course Ellen and his gang will still get their huge bonuses AND a fat check if Peltz wins his proxy battle (we hope). Too bad for the rest of you, she says. Didn't something similar happen in France by a female monarch. oh about 1789?

    Smellen is sure smellin' up the place!

  • Since the bumbling #$%$ CEO from Nashville, Chad O. Holliday, Jr., purged the venerable 104- year old DuPont Pension Plan in 2006, DuPont Management has made the Company the industry leader in takeaways. Those takeaways include health and insurance benefits, wage increases, forced "voluntary" work without pay, and jobs themselves by the thousands.

    The regular DuPont worker who moils and toils on the line, in the noise and toxic fumes of run-down unsafe factories or in the cardboard-like cubicles is viewed by the patrician occupants of the senior executive suites of DuPont as little more than a raw material input, to be used up and discarded like paper towels or duct tape.

    Such is the DeHumanised Resources of the 21st century DuPont. No wonder DuPont conspicuously lacks the incentivised scientific and managerial capital to innovate and grow and make big money.


  • Summary of today’s letter from Ellen to DuPont employees:
    We had good profits on larger volume, but lower revenue. Revenue suffered because of the strong dollar and lower prices.
    We are cutting costs, first and foremost by delaying raises until after July (I am never paying those Chemours spinoff folks a dime more, no way, no how); and, slashing rank and file variable compensation. This will inspire human de-capitalization as our next cost saving. So see you on Linkedin!
    Keep working hard, my compensation is depending on you!

    Sentiment: Hold

  • DuPont faces further challenges within its agriculture segment, its largest by sales. Farmers have been shifting fields in North and South America away from corn—DuPont’s biggest source of seed profits—and toward soybeans, which can be a more profitable crop for farmers but is a smaller business for DuPont.

    The company expects agriculture earnings to decline by a high-single digits percent in 2015, weighed by the shift to soybeans and currency shifts.

  • The companies have formed a 50/50 joint venture for the production and marketing of fluoroelastomer gums and pre-compounds in China, which will expand supply of fluoroelastomers in China.

  • The companies have formed a 50/50 joint venture for the production and marketing of fluoroelastomer gums and pre-compounds in China, which will expand supply of fluoroelastomers in China.

  • DuPont Fluoropolymer Solutions and Chenguang Announce Formation of a Fluoroelastomers Joint Venture
    Companies Form Strategic Collaboration to Better Serve the Fast-Growing Chinese Market for Fluoroelastomers

  • This decision handed down one week ago.
    Just think if they were putting that cash to good use.

    MacDermid Printing Solutions, part of city-based MacDermid Inc., was awarded almost $28 million in punitive damages on Tuesday as part of a federal civil suit involving violation of trade secrets.

    U.S. District Court Judge Michael Shea tempered a jury's larger verdict that was handed down in 2014 and awarded $27.5 million to the printing business segment of MacDermid, which is based on Freight Street. The main company makes a variety of products used in industries that range from automotive to printing.

    The jury awarded $35.4 million to MacDermid in damages on its antitrust, breach of contract, trade secrets and other claims against Cortron Corp., a now-defunct Minneapolis printing equipment manufacturer. E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co., commonly known as DuPont, is responsible for paying the damages.

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    Yo,Living the Lie Meister

    by eastmoorbartender 23 hours ago

    Meister is probably at a BGLAD convention celebrating the right to marry in 36 states. Ever since his consulting career crashed and burned, the little boy hasn't been able to look in the mirror at himself.


  • Ellen, Ellen, Ellen
    RELAX! Deep Breaths
    (lots of info in 1 paragraph and to me it appears you are annoyed)

    First of all congratulations on your win in LA. To the victor go the tumors!
    It's great that you think that leaking chemicals is a good thing. The jury saw it that way so we have to live with the verdict.

    Of course many others LA would tend to think differently. The C8 litigation also started with all kinds of denials at first but we have seen how that is now turning out. This has cost the investors, as instead of introducing new products into the market place ; cash has to be diverted to taking care of citizens in Ohio and WV.

    Also congratulations on the money you have have made in the market. I too have made money in the market some off the DD stock, some off IBM, some off Corning etc. I have also lost money off of all these listed, so when I boil it down I need to look at the long term and this includes the past.

    This company just does not appear to have the core values that claim and to me it’s as much about the company and their behavior as it is how they are performing. An example is the deaths in La Porte, you would think you would make some statement other than to sign the remembrance wall.

    Which brings me to the next item, many others investors and of course Trian's head man Nelson Peltz see an under-performing company. Others investors have said (now I am going to paraphrase here) that the CEO is one of the main problems with this 70's style corporate governance

    His exact quote is “It’s one of the worst examples of corporate governance that I’ve seen in years.”

    As far as branching into the CE and the seeds., many on the board have hit it right on the head with this direction. I don't see the growth into those areas any more than I see how they have succeeded in some of their recent failures.

    Finally I 'm more of a Shemp than a Moe, a little taller and similar hair

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