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    If tokuu_betsu hates AT&T so much just leave

    by mittsman08 2 hours 41 minutes ago

    Keep bashing the messenger instead of the message. DTV is an AOL competitive moat. Going to crumble to IP TV as 1 gbps fiber and fiber hybrids are built out in next few years.

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    If tokuu_betsu hates AT&T so much just leave

    by mittsman08 2 hours 41 minutes ago

    tokuu was put on my ignore list months ago :)

  • Anybody that comes on here and goes off on ATT customer service is just not happy with their life in general, similar to Smalls ranting here since his beloved VOD was turned down by T and has dropped from 42 to 33. It's driven the silly little European Engineer simply mad ! Pass the BBQ sauce, please.

  • actually it did drop down to just above 35 on mid morning hysteria but only about a million shares were traded at that price by my count. over 85% of stock traded today was between 35.40 and 35.70 and i think we are still seeing some irrational behavior there that will correct just a bit in the future.

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    customer service

    by hogryder2000 4 hours ago

    a businessman who cares only about money cannot expect to keep customers coming in the door if those customers are dissatisfied. one can only assume that faltering tech and atrocious customer service would be a source of such sentiment. right now we know that ATT has 105 million subscribers that keep paying their bill every month. right now we have 700,000 new subscribers who are willing to tolerate the abuse you claim exists. i am now forced to choose between your anecdotal remarks and cold hard facts. i choose cold hard facts sir.

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    cricket/leap wireless effect

    by sha1017906 4 hours ago

    there is no more cricket. ATT bought them out or werent you paying attention? cricket exists as a brand name only but is entirely within ATTs customer base.

  • 'what if a stock just kept growing and growing and never returned value to the investor'.... Are we talking about Berkshire Hathaway? They did authorize a buyback not long ago but don't believe it was used. Never had a dividend. Is BRK worth absolutely nothing? LOL

    T has been a safe investment for a long time but technology change is coming and your leader is headed down the wrong road with a $68B dilution to shareholders. That's after burning $6B in the failed TMUS bid. Heavy margin pressure will implode the dividend with heavy 1 gbps ISP competition coming against T and DTV.

  • the concept of PEG came from a financial analyst who was highly successful named peter lynch who actually was very fond of low growth stocks(he called them stalwarts). the way he calculated PEG was to take the P/E and then divide it by the rate of growth plus the dividend. yahoo does not use the lynch method but i believe the lynch method is the more correct way. isnt the dividend part of the value of the stock? what if a stock just kept growing and growing and never returned any of that value to the investor in the form of either a dividend or stock buybacks? i submit it would be worth absolutely nothing. so if you use lynch's method and yahoos numbers and take the P/E of 10.35. growth is considered to be between 4 and 7 but lets be conservative and say 5 and then add the 5% dividend to come up with a PEG of less than 1 which is not too shabby. combine that with a beta of .29 which makes it one of the least volatile and therefore safest stocks to own it makes for the kind of great investment i would want to own.

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    If tokuu_betsu hates AT&T so much just leave

    by mittsman08 2 hours 41 minutes ago echo2l65 2 hours 28 minutes ago Flag

    Yep .. between "tofu-butterbean" & "smalls" - they're both I.D.I.O.T.S sharing the same iggy brain
    OH, and "bos ton" is another like-minded elementary school drop-out

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    I'm out, Peace!

    by xeys_00 4 hours ago

    at least you were smart enough to sell them while the hysteria was still in full bloom. you are perhaps not as hopeless as you seem xeys. one can only hope your luck continues to hold out for you

  • Dozen of messages of how terrible he thinks AT&T is and yet tokuu_betsu can't find a way to exit. WHY would a person act this way unless he's taken a bath by bad decisions.

  • ...“You have a logical disconnect… So how do you break the cycle, winholder? How do you create that true equality of opportunity we talk about…?” – real ricky

    It’s obvious they have no interest whatsoever in giving anyone other than the 2% and equal chance…after all, if we ask their last presidential candidate, almost half of all Americans are ne-er’-do-wells interested only in handouts. How do people come to those conclusions?

    By their logic, one out of every two of their friends or family is a freeloader, sponging off the system. How odd…those numbers can’t add up…unless, of course, all their friends and family are in, regardless of how they arrived there, some kind of privileged class or something. Hmmm…how does that work? Oh, right…every other worker is a hard worker worthy of success, a good education and reasonable health care and every other one is a lazy bum deserving of nothing. Got it!

    Then, when we remind them that corporate welfare dwarfs social welfare (by about double) their trickle down response is, “Yeah, but those corporations create jobs!”

    Well, yes…yes they do. Unfortunately, 96% of employers are small businesses (2-50 employees employing over half the workforce, excluding self-employed, public sector, etc.).

    So where’s THEIR corporate welfare?

  • Then why did it trade at 35.03 today.

  • That's baloney.

    VZ's current PEG is higher. The PEG ratio is based on GAAP earnings and both T & VZ took big pension charges within the backward looking PEG ratio.

    You don't know your stuff. Or you think nobody here does.

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    I'm out, Peace!

    by xeys_00 4 hours ago

    Did ya stay at least long enough to get the dividend?


    Sentiment: Buy

  • Don't ya hate it when I'm right?


    Sentiment: Buy

  • Whatever the stock price is at that time is PURE PROFIT. Most can't do this.

  • ...
    My, my, the party of personal responsibility apparently can’t seem to defend itself with civil discourse, relying instead on lies, deception and censorship. Seems rather cowardly coming from the macho Bundy boys, doesn’t it?

    Repost from 7/22:

    “Chelsea Echo blows hard D__K....Just ask her friend Pebbles. Another poof!” – jon as billoney47

    Thank you, jon, for another mature response, once again revealing the level of your intellectual competency. You’re a true inspiration to all who cowardly bluster schoolyard taunts while safely hidden behind cyber anonymity. Your family must be very proud.

    Reposts from 7/23:

    “You can't substantiate a reasonable argument for what I write so you deflect the subject to multiple screen names. Good job, but old and weak.” – pinhighshot

    Oh, I see…everyone should just forget about the fact that you have repeatedly been caught using multiple screen names and are obviously nothing but a hired shill. I find it interesting that you even broke out “usganut” tonight…can we hear from igolfatwork? How many years did you swear up and down that you only had one alias? Do you deny that, or should I point it out to you?

    “You can't substantiate a reasonable argument for what I write…” – winpinfrogdaleanderseon et. al. (Incidentally, winnie, you should put down the bottle…your copy/pasting was a bit erratic and repetitive tonight.)

    Let’s do this. You cut and paste any and every statistic on which you corrected my sources over the years and I’ll do the same for yours (including your many aliases)…you’ve been caught in many lies, intentional bogus facts, and flat-out shilling for the 2%...which is quite ironic seeing as if you were actually a part of it, you wouldn’t spend your whole life on a message board pimping for them.

    Where do we begin? Global warming? Your concept that nearly half of all Americans are bums on the take, while the far more expensive corporate welfare serves humanity? Benghazi? Birth Certificates? Impeachment? Your swiftboating of Kerry? Yellow cake uranium? Pick your poison.

    “Again, please provide some examples where Socialism has had great success…” – winpin

    Hey, Einstein…the fact that you call the president a socialist to rile up your fanatical base, has no bearing whatsoever on reality. You folks repeatedly called him a Kenyan while your cronies here call him liver-lips, but your childish taunts mean nothing.

    You wouldn’t know socialism if it bit you. Clearly you have no concept that the original term had nothing to do with politics, but rather morals and philosophy (something totally lacking in the tea brain mentality.)

    There are many types of socialism and despite you insisting that Obama has transformed our country overnight into a socialist state, as usual, you have no facts to substantiate your buzz words.

    But since you asked, here are some countries which today utilize some facets of socialism or incorporate them into a social democracy:

    New Zealand
    China does, as well, and they seem to be coming on strong, don’t they?

    Have you ever traveled to any of them, winnie? Incidentally, their populations are ranked among the happiest people in the world, unlike you.

    Of course if you’re please that the US ranks 37th in the world in health care, 23rd in livability, 1st in prison population, 2nd in gun deaths, 33rd in math/reading/science literacy, 23rd in quality of infrastructure, and has abysmal child poverty and obesity rates, then I see why you see no need for change.

    Apparently, you’ve got yours and every other single American who doesn’t, in your view, is a worthless human being. I’m pretty sure that attitude didn’t play too well to middle-America in the last election. What is it about that you can’t grasp?
    “Albert Einstein was a prolific COCAINE user too” – jon as coolin out

    While that’s unsubstantiated, what IS known is that so was “W.”

    The diametrically opposed results are very peculiar, indeed! Could it have been the dosage?

    Was Einstein a cheerleader at Swiss Polytech?

    Did Bush think that theory of relativity was about nepotism?

    Did Albert give Golda Meir a neck rub?

    Was W against the unified field theory because he was afraid it would level the playing field?

    Did Einstein say to Hitler, “Dolphie, you’re doin’ a heck of a job.”

    Was George’s wormhole theory work done mostly in a tequila bottle?

    Was Einstein’s take on education, “Is our children learning? Childrens do learn.”

    Yes, controlled substances do different things to different people. Or, maybe one of them just wasn’t very bright to begin with.

    Repost from 7/24:

    "The facts suggest that President Obama has just used a federal regulatory agency to launch an economic boycott on Israel, in order to try to force our ally to comply with his foreign-policy demands," – Ted Cruz

    Cruz then posed questions about the flight ban being politically motivated and said he would block Senate confirmation on all State Department nominees until his questions were answered.

    Ah, yes, another opportunity for the clown in the ostrich skin cowboy boots to obstruct any and everything the administration wants to do. “Flight Ban…that’s outrageous…let’s shut down the government. Maybe we should call for a congressional investigation. Wait, start the impeachment proceedings!!”

    Right, Ted. There are rockets going off near the airport, other airlines and countries are imposing the same bans, but you feel it’s a political stunt imposed, not for safety, but for an economic embargo. What a yahoo!

    Hey, Ted, did you ever stop to think that perhaps the fact that rockets ARE going off around the airport might make people decide not to go there on their own, not because flights are limited.

    “Hey, Reyna, grab the kids and pack the bags…let’s fly into a war zone for the weekend. It’ll be fun!”

    Talk about a political stunt. Hey, Ted…why don’t you tea brain scoundrels actually DO something for a change, rather than concentrating on trying to stop other people from doing their jobs. BTW, how are those six Benghazi investigations going?

  • did cricket gain or lose subscribers in qtr/

  • Having spoken with numerous T employees, the consensus seems to be T's management cares about money and nothing else. T seems to think it's atrocious customer service and faltering tech is no matter and that they will continue to dominate merely because they're T.

    I worked for a company whose founder put customer service above all else and it was VERY successful. Then the founder died, his heirs took over (focusing on the bottom line) and now this once proud company is 1/3 it's former size and barely afloat. Just goes to show....

    Sentiment: Hold

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