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    Genoil Review:

    by nicholasromanov2 Mar 25, 2015 4:34 AM

    Genoil owns a 147 acre testing facility at Two Hills, Alberta, and has 2,500 acres of mineral rights. DKL can go to Canada, the UAE and the US anytime he wants to. If lesabrej could read English, and he does not seem to be able to, he can easily check if DKL was a speaker at the Campden Conference at the National Liberal Club or at the International Bunker Fuel Association (IBIA). The prestigious IBIA invited DKL as CEO of Genoil to speak at this conference with EXXON sitting next to him,. He has met with Royal Dutch Shell in Amsterdam, and visited with BP, Maersk, Rosneft, Trafigura, etc. Would Genoil have been asked by the most prominent bunker fuel association in the world as a major speaker as EXXON if there was anything to lesabrej. As to lawsuits, every company has lawsuits and if you can count them for Genoil on one hand you have a lot.

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    Genoil Review:

    by nicholasromanov2 Mar 25, 2015 4:34 AM

    I would like to add that The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) has no record of Genoil or their 'permit to practice' in the province.

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    Genoil Review:

    by nicholasromanov2 Mar 25, 2015 4:34 AM

    Genoil cannot do anything in Canada; there is enough lawsuits in Canada; DKL cannot go to Canada, UAE or even to the US, he's living in hiding somewhere in Serbia. Here is what I've posted several days ago:

    Genoil is No Longer in Buisness in Canada
    As I've predicted and wrote in this BB, Genoil is no longer a business entity in Canada since May 2014. Its shares ceased trading in the TSE. The oil processing guru DKL cannot travel to the Middle East and he is hiding in Serbia. This company exists on the Internet only.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • JT&N is pleased to announce that it represented Genoil Inc. (“Genoil”) in entering into a comprehensive joint venture contract with Hebei Zhongjie Petrochemical Group Co. Ltd. (“HYT”) for the establishment of a refinery and oil upgrading joint venture company. The proposed total amount of investment is USD$700 million.
    金诚同达律师事务所荣幸地宣布,其作为Genoil Inc. (“Genoil”) 的法律顾问代表Genoil与河北中捷石化集团就成立一家炼油和重油精炼合资公司成功签署了综合性合资合同。此次合作拟投资金额为7亿美元。

    The JT&N Team is led by Beijing-based senior partner Guohua (Annie) Wu. “We are honored to have played an important role in this very important transaction for Genoil.” said Ms. Wu. Team members also include counsel Weimin Zhang, and associates Qianhao (Denny) Xu and Danlin Chang on this project.

    Guohua (Annie) Wu was nominated as the PRC Deal Maker of the Year by Asian Legal Business in 2013 and she has recently been named as Asialaw Leading Lawyer (in the Corporate & M&A category) by Asialaw Leading Lawyers.
    2013年邬国华律师被亚洲法律杂志(Asian Legal Business)提名入选年度中国最佳交易律师。最近邬律师还被亚洲杰出律师(Asianlaw Leading Lawyer)杂志评选为公司和并购领域的“亚洲杰出律师”。

    JT&N was awarded as the China Business Law Awards Winner (in the International Trade category) by China Business Law Journal in 2014 and was nominated as the China Law Firm of the Year and the Beijing Law Firm of the Year by Asian Legal Business in 2013.
    金诚同达在2014年荣获商法杂志(China Business Law Journal)颁发的商法卓越律所国际贸易大奖,并在2013年被亚洲法律杂志(Asian Legal Business)提名为年度优秀中国律师事务所和年度优秀北京律师事务所。


    Jincheng Tongda & Neal (“JT&N”), founded in 1992, is a leading law firm in China and represents clients on a wide range of matters and complex negotiations including foreign direct investment, M&A, commercial arbitration, real estate, intellectual property, tax and insurance law. The Firm has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Ji’nan and Xi’an.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Do you think that they should make new pictures when they have some already. This is a frugal company. Genoil appears to have wanted to show you their 147 acre testing site with 2,500 acres of mineral rights.

    I would recommend the periscope turn his sights to Ivanhoe, which is IVAN, and note that the company blew up into bankruptcy with over 70 million in debt. IVAN is backed by the billionaire Robert Friedland. Most of the The debt in this company is owned by the Lifschultz Family which are loans on interest who have never been paid any cash interest in over six or seven years which is how good they are to this company.

    If I asked every shareholder in Ivanhoe other than Robert where they would rather be, in Genoil or Ivanhoe, I think they would say Genoil knows how to survive and prosper with a 700 million dollar contract. In fact, Robert Friedland had lunch with DKL at the Essex House at his invitation, and they discussed his Ivanhoe and Genoil. Robert asked him if he wanted Robert to buy Genoil and DKL said no. At the lunch was the former CEO of Occidental Petroleum and some of his officers who were then at Ivanhoe as CEO, etc. Robert turned to his officers, and said, I thought I was good, but this fellow is the best.

    As to those on Yahoo and here that have asked about DKL, he recently gave a speech in London at the National Liberal Club founded by the Prime Minister of England, William Gladstone, to the Alternative Investment Conference, on oil and gold, a copy of which is available by contacting DKL, and before that at the the IBIA (The International Bunker Industry Association) in Hamburg also as a key speaker. In each place his talk was about 45 minutes in front of large audiences. These created many leads. He has also traveled to Munich, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, and is scheduling trips to Switzerland and China for Genoil. Anyone who would like a summary of the IBIA talk should contact DKL for a copy.

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    lesabrej rises from the grave

    by enriqueiglessiasswhole Mar 13, 2015 5:42 PM

    enriqueiglessiasswhole back in=dead money for another 3 years.

  • As someone asked on the other thread-why is the photo dated to 2012? Is this simply more Genoil fluff to keep the hopefuls hopeful? There has not been a single needle moving incident for this Company in more than 4 years. Unbelievable indeed that it is still 'alive'.

  • all I see is more promises and nothing solid..... how many times can this board be promised and promised.

  • Time to go back in.

  • As I've predicted and wrote in this BB, Genoil is no longer a business entity in Canada since May 2014. Its shares ceased trading in the TSE. The oil processing guru DKL cannot travel to the Middle East and he is hiding in Serbia. This company exists on the Internet only.

  • nicholas-to what end would one compare with your three 'competitors'? They're all pushing up corporate daisies now, but at one time, they were valued in the billions. Were Genoil to ever ascend to that market cap, it would give a lot of shareholders the choice to jump out at 2.50 at a peak. Many here can't-at an price-let alone $2.50.
    Or is your point there the three aforementioned are the past, and Genoil is the future due to the fact it's still alive.

  • Look at the Genoil competitors of Ivanhoe, Evergreen and Sulphco and compare.

  • Most times it does appear we are operating our expectations by geologic time, measured in eons. Meaningful and motivating news appears as frequently as sitings of a wooly mammoth. Quite seriously, how many years has it taken and how many more will it take to bring home this technology and its adaptation? Two lifetimes?

  • DKL and BA discover a lump of coal and predict to be major diamond distributors when their proprietary "heat/pressure technology" (HPT) comes on line. As explained by the president and CEO, Genoil's innovative plan utilizes "green technology" and the 'laws of physics' and requires absolutely no outside source of power. We simply leave the coal underground for millions of years and hope for a massive upheaval of the tectonic plates. This will imminently lead to conditions that support the transition from elemental carbon to pure diamonds.

  • to grow it's own trees, we'd experience a faster return of or return on investment. This is glacial progress IMHO.

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    by timone100447 Mar 7, 2015 12:12 PM

    You going to buy another 1,000 shares Pinocchio?

  • Officers need about 100.000 to interview...
    And hire.....
    Does this sound like a company going
    When there is no cash to operate.
    Let's ask the shareholders for moremoney....

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    Leading from behind

    by changemanagementplz Mar 4, 2015 8:57 AM

    I have to chime in here because you are giving incorrect information. This technology is vacuum residue upgrading (used for refinery bottoms) - nothing to do with Genoil's focus of oil field upgrading. I have an engineer friend who is very familiar with the Chevron technology & he says it's #$%$. So it is not a missed opportunity as you state. In the future you might want to get your facts straight.....

  • I guess gen oil blew their chance.....
    good luck to all my opinion

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