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  • I realize that you cannot predict what management will do in regards to sales when their our personal feelings. However, can you ignore the next thing in gaming and also "BILLIONS" of Windows 10 devices?

    Watch a demo of Halo Lens from Microsoft if you think gaming is not going to change. Look into W10 phones and gaming. The phone is also a full powered computer and can be used as a phone at same time. You can hook the phone up via Bluetooth to a TV or XBOX wirelessly and still have the normal phone screen to use.

    There will be billions of Windows 10 devices.

    Microsoft took out Minecraft. They have added new extension's to Visual Studio software developers use to create Microsoft Universal Content. Minecraft's Mod Developer Pack extension (MMDP) is available now. In addition, Mr. NADELLA from Microsoft indicated that they needed gaming for Halo Lens.

    I am pretty sure shareholder of Zynga know they had a Microsoft Boss to guide them. Do you really think he did not help them with being able to submit Microsoft Content that will take gaming to a new level.

    The youth of the world will buy Windows 10 phones because it is a PC in their pocket and they can use it to wirelessly hook to a Monitor or TV at a friends house and play games, music and movies. It is not maybe, but definite.

    This has been in the works for years back when the Old Microsoft boss came to Zynga. They where working on all the W10 things for a long long time. They need gaming companies to make their own "NEW WORLD" work.

    I think that Zynga management will not be able to turn down a buyout and or partner to create unique content specifically for Halo Lens or Window 10 estimated Billions of devices. It is not logical to think management would not is it? Logic makes me money!

  • Yea, maybe BABA will take an interest just like Tencent took an interest in Gluu. Will see next week.

  • Has he ever thought about surrounding himself with the finest talent available. With all the money
    and head count they should be in a very different place right now. This earnings report and cc will be telling.
    Be wary of over zealous forward looking statements as those usually don't come to pass, but that aside I'll be the last one to break the enthusiasm if he's got numbers to back up his talk. Talk is cheap.

  • Amazes me on that trade..and along to over indulged bonuses for failing quarters to over contribution to charity.
    Don't get me wrong.. and the Nepal donations on HIR Slots is a good human gesture and positive face on the company, but They better come in at 165 million beat. You need produce the positive cash before dishing it out... and dish when you can.. Apple should be be the one putting up a proceeds on todays apps will go to relief.
    As much as I'm positive on this call on better quarters to come on this particular company.. It's astounding how management appear to be some up in the cloud game nerds walking dogs, eating Martha Stewart meals everyday and presents a relaxed Ofus attitude in getting business done and getting games to market.
    It's no wonder why the street kicks this around as a pig with lipstick... I'm not dumb to realize the risk here.
    I can say.. I think the backbone worker bees.. and the excessive amount of them will deliver winning games to market 2nd half.. the metrics will improve.. the industry growth is ripe.. and I think this is a sweet spot investment. 1 year from now.. I'll probably be gone.

  • frenkeje, it's funny you should mention Cutler, I was actually thinking about Josh Hamilton who was just traded to Texas from the Angels when I posted that. He violates the substance abuse rules for the second time, and they still have to pay him 60 million.

  • Goes to show that some of the thinking at the top is somewhat moronic. No wonder this company has been in a tail spin for several years now. They are certainly lacking common sense if you ask me.

  • I agree 100%. That's a good article, and a good read. I feel the same way about professional athletes. Perform at the top of the game, get paid for it. Do a poor job, get paid like the janitor.

  • Seems to follow human nature.. aka nfl.. throw sick money at Jay Cutler.. and you get a flop with an attitude that I can't tell if he's in early studying film and staying late working on form. Rare do you find Rodgers or Manning as your QB that find it more about the game than the money.
    I hope MP and his 2 year walk in the parks found a void in the money picture and gets back to work and using his talent to right the ship into clear waters.

  • This should have been as easy as voting in favor of mom and apple pie.
    Nonetheless, in the sharply divided ranks of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s board, the five members split straight down party lines when it came time earlier this week to put forth a new proposal. The issue at hand: helping investors more easily and rapidly compare their returns from a company to the returns that its management team pocket in the form of compensation. In other words, as an investor in a company, do your rewards measure up to those that a CEO is awarded for running that company?

    There’s ample academic research showing that the more a CEO gets paid, the worse his (or her) company is likely to do in the coming years. And superstar CEOs who collect the most massive paychecks of all, as a group, returned less to shareholders than did their peers. These are studies based on large sample sizes and covering rolling three-year time periods over a nearly 20-year span.

    It shouldn’t be all that controversial an idea. The job of every chief executive, and members of his or her management team, is to run the company on behalf of all shareholders, a.k.a. investors.

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    Investing Sector

    by frenkeje May 1, 2015 11:07 AM

    - No sense of direction, poor management reports, bad delivery on vison
    - Management - Anger management
    - like I said, shift from web to mobile.. and bad lavish spending.
    - core foundation 1st, then improvement on metrics
    - inexperience and angry shareholders.

    Never said I agreed with their past, or such a young dumb company.
    I will say.. ships that weather the perfect storm has potential when you buying a stock at cost plus a penny for a pop on the next 3 quarters uptrend.. at that point.. at what pace do they improve will either show a false turnaround.. or the real deal.. So.. may I remind you that I'm here to make money.. and if your spitting out garbage comments and not looking at the trade.. then you'll be wasting you type po'd that you missed the trade or that you pumping pr like crazy thinking it will help your short.
    gl.. and spend more time researching the industry, the company, and it's competitors.

  • Please consider extending the Keeper's Crafting Cup, so many are in the middle of this or almost finished. There was so much to do with this challenge. Please give us more time.

  • We got it up a bit, then quickly went limp

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    Investing Sector

    by frenkeje May 1, 2015 11:07 AM

    This is like TWTR, both junk stocks but they are so low they are both a buy here on speculation, nothing more. ZNGA fortunes could change as MP attempts to revive the company and I state change without any sense of direction because that is the risk here. Buy at your own risk.

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    Investing Sector

    by frenkeje May 1, 2015 11:07 AM

    If Zynga is as good as you say, then,

    Why does it is still trade in 2.40's range for last 14 months ?

    Why the insiders keep dumping this junk on every 20-30 cents pop ?

    Why is the company not able to post any profit since inception ?

    Why all its junk games are still not able to be in top 10's ?

    Why the company is flooded with plethora of lawsuits?

    Do you have any answers? If no, then you're another bag holder, who is dreaming to hit a jackpot from a lottery ticket found on the street with all 0's.

  • It will be launched SOON! lol.

    no seriously.. not late june.

  • This up 6 cents today isn't just a headfake, it's nonsense. If it gains5-6 cents today rumors will be flying about buyouts, leaked news or E&A release this weekend. The fact is simply without any real PR news from ZNGA that's positive, we flounder.

  • Mentions they expect E&A to launch late in the quarter which would be June. I think it may be sooner. Let's hope so. It would be a positive surprise.

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    Investing Sector

    by frenkeje May 1, 2015 11:07 AM

    LOL.. get my shine box and do some research.. Are all the 50 plus articles about the mobile gaming growth smoking pot?
    I suppose connecting the world to smart phones and gaming apps is not growth.
    Oh.. you mean the big run comment.
    Let me explain to you sonny.. it's the management and downturn in it's quarterly numbers that have buried this.. zynga was 1st to connectivity through facebook.. and last to mobile. What the h did you think would happen to the numbers when Facebook wanted to break away from 12% of it's revs through Zynga? You think Facebook was going down that avenue to put effort into a space that was outside the core idea? Heejjj Yeah Zynga got slammed.. and ONLY the past 2 quarters has it REPROGRAMMED it's games into EVERY mobile platform available. OH.. and it's past Quarter is now pushing into the world Market.

    While I've analyzed every slot game out there and most every other game.. they are all Junk in visual and clumsy workings.. Zynga not only provides an easy and graphic rich experience.. it's been lining up a connection to an advertising market.. researching on understanding human playing behavior.. and has a line up of games that YOU have no idea on.

    Can you refute all you want on the Gluu making a splash on innovative KK games.. but it's their cycle.. and Zynga will have their Cycle of games the 2nd half of this year... and my sources tell me that segments are already developing the next connectivity between people and games for next year.

    You want to talk about reach? Every person who has a phone .. Zynga's games can reach.. BIGGER Than Facebooks reach... Apples reach.. androids reach.. Windows phone reach.. I'll let you add it up.

    While your impatience on games is comical.. Zynga can put out 6 to 8 games this year and if 3 of them are in the top 40.. the numbers will add up in a MASSIVE way. Oh.. and I have a feeling that their reprogramming and redesign of their systems only serve as to deliver games to the market faster

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    Investing Sector

    by frenkeje May 1, 2015 11:07 AM

    Keep smoking Pal.

  • Were will the money shift? Apple?.. with a High P/E.. and let down on the watch?.. although it's a great stock to be in.. but not now.
    Housing? Network companies? Twitter (although long term gem)?, Oil (up and down.. sideways)?
    All crushed.

    The only sector pumping out big growth is the mobile gaming industry.. no matter who it is..
    Big Run coming soon.. BIG RUN..

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