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  • looks to me everyone is holding on for the move up....I know I am....GLTU

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    Being held down...

    by sasnik9 Jul 1, 2015 1:38 PM

    Alas it's almost impossible to get my hands on some fair priced call options. Still got a few buy orders in though. De dood of de gladiolen.

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    Being held down...

    by sasnik9 Jul 1, 2015 1:38 PM

    Added today @2.37 and done for today already. No more funds. It would be great if China CFDA news could be made public on the Cantor's investors symposium.

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    Being held down...

    by sasnik9 Jul 1, 2015 1:38 PM

    It looks like that, doesn't it? Like you I'm accumulating every day. I'm convinced better days lie ahead. Taking long call option positions as well. I do expect the share price to be at least at the brokers target price of $7.33 in january 2016. I do not rule out we'll get there very soon.

    I do think it possible CFDA might approve Thermodox based on phase 3 HEAT results. Chinese population in the RFA+ arm was something like 40% from the total RFA+ population. Over 70% of the Cinese population was treated with RFA+.. The overal survival rate improvement was 59% on average, while the CSO indicated those numbers were better for the Chinese arm. CFDA can't ignore that and they probably don't.

    I believe the delay in approving the Optima trial might have everything to do with the HEAT trial results.
    The CFDA is figuring out or deciding what to do. Should Thermodox be approved already based on HEAT results? I can see a big surprise coming and that's why I accumulate, day in, day out.

    Need to free up some more money, just hold the news for a couple of days. :)
    Meanwhile, thank you whoever is responsible for keeping the share price down.

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  • so it can be accumulated at these low prices...Easy for them to do with low volume...Accumulate alongside them..It will explode when they let it go.

  • Dramatic trade CLSN proved to be… Almost lost it all but thanks to Ultimate Stock Alerts (search Google for them) I walked away with something

  • Patience will be rewarded with this company even if we have to wait till Dec for updates on Phase 3 results. The share price would be close to double digits if ThermoDox wouldn't have failed the first time. I will be happy it did when it shows positive results the second time around since it has given me the opportunity to buy at these prices.

  • I think so and hope so. I have been adding to my holding every day, but frankly I've almost reached my limit here. It's just that, the expected news flow, the imminent China news, I can't help myself, this is too good an opportunity.

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  • Last chance at these levels...IMHO.

  • not my words, but from our CEO (Q1 2015 earnings call).
    Further he stated:

    "(...) CFDA. They've encouraged us in a number of ways to consider the Chinese population in addition (! GF) to our work in the Optima study.

    We are considering those options (? GF) and we are considering them -I'm going to be careful with this-, but considering them in conjunction with our work with Hisun. Beyond that I can't say much more. (! GF) (...)

    So exploring all of those options (? GF), I am, and I don't want to get ahead of myself or over my skis on this one, but we think the work what we're doing is very much appreciated by the regulatory community (...)"

    Added to my position once again today. News regarding China can hit the market any day now and I've got a gut feeling Celsion/CFDA are going to surprise the market. Only my opinion and DYOR. Good luck holders!

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  • StS...your such an #$%$-whole ..why don't you one cares to read your constant moaning and lecturing post.....everyone on these stupid msg boards just uses them for entertainment anyway and not for investing decisions.........your constant bashing of this company is getting real OLD...

  • No one is paying me. I'm long and would like to see the share price go up can't deny that. But I also like to share my reasons for having bought and for keeping on adding so others might benefit also (and probably even more as I'm only a small fish).
    I believe this share is a screaming buy. It's just not that known or wanted currently, but that will come to an end and maybe soon, very soon.
    The only way people can make serious money is to buy shares that others don't want or know about while there's great potential.
    Great potential is what Celsion has got and a very limited number of shares. All that's needed is gaining momentum and with the news flow coming, it'll gain momentum.

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  • greedfear, whats motivating you to post dd quotes and sell people on clsn as a strong buy, someone paying you, or out of pure kindness sharing?

  • we will conductig a conformational study using a cohort of Chinese sites and I don't want to speculate with you, but certainly is an intriguing opportunity. "

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  • So considering Chinese patients have done so well getting the RFA+ treatment the Chinese CFDA might be in a kind of a dillemma. One that might be the cause of not having approved the start of the phase Optima-trial yet.

    Are we in for a surprise? An approval based upon the HEAT study population. I believe that's quite possible and so do some others (Celsion included).

    Why? Read further. Again the Q4 2014 earnings call, the Q&A session.

    “Keith.A.Markey (Griffin Securities, Inc.)
    (…) Also there has been some speculation that Chinese FDA might grant some sort of an approval based upon the HEAT Study population. I was just wondering in light of that 59% survival benefit you recently reported, you see some movement on their side toward some kind of an approval for you?”

    “Nicholas Borys – (Chief Medical Officer)
    Well, there is precedent for that Keith. I don’t know that we can speak specifically to a strategy in that regard, but we’ve seen recently that drug-eluting beads, doxorubicin-eluting beads were approved with some very limited data, data that would probably not be easily accepted by the regulatory community in other countries. And the rationale behind that I suspect is that in China there are over 400,000 new cases of HCC every year. And so a regulatory authority like the CFDA has a responsibility not only to ensure that the drug products are both safe and effective, but also responsibility to where they see an opportunity to advance the state-of-the-art in medical treatment.
    (…) So there is precedent and I think that precedent is not because the CFDA is loose or in its standard for approving drugs and in fact we know that they’re following U.S. FDA policy almost perfectly.
    But there is an exception here, they have got an exceptional situation obviously at that way with an epidemic of primary liver cancer and it’s only going to get worse. So would there be an opportunity for us to discuss the potential based on the subgroup analysis and assuming that we will

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  • Wondering why CFDA approval is taking longer then usual?

    We might be in for a great surprise here. Why?

    From the 154 Chinese patients over 108 received the RFA+ treatment. Thus a lot of them should have benefited from the 59% improvement in survival. And they probably did even better then that!

    If you want to read about that look below, otherwise go to my next post.

    [First let's go back to the Q4 2014 earnings call from march 12, 2015.

    Michael Tardugno (CEO): "(…) CFDA officials have committed to us through Dr. Borys and me personally that they have committed to working with us to initiate the OPTIMA study as quickly as possible.
    Supporting their interest we talked about this last call is some very interesting data from over 200 patients who are enrolled in the HEAT study from 200 patients from China and Hong Kong. Of the 154 Chinese patient cohort with a single lesion and that’s what we are focused on. Over 70% of these patients receive the treatment from standardized RFA that’s over 45 minutes or greater, 70% are Chinese patients.
    This compares to less than half of the patients in the balance of the study receiving a 45 minute procedure. It’s not surprising that the clinical timing for the entire cohort of Chinese patients for a single tumor regardless of tumor size show an impressive ??????. I hesitate to give you the numbers, because it’s a small group and we cannot calculate a P value, but the trend here is nothing short of remarkable.”]

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  • Breakout volume causes quite a stir on Wall Street as EVTI breaks new ground. Can it really tackle $1.15 from current levels?

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    Expected Newsflow Revised

    by greedfear2001 Jun 25, 2015 11:29 AM kccjfc Jun 25, 2015 12:01 PM Flag

    The phase 1 GEN-1 trial for ovarian cancer is posted on the clinicaltrial site, as of 6/23/15. Not yet open for recruitment, but do list estimated completion date in 12/16.


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    Short Interest Drops 64.8%

    by nakedoption3 Jun 24, 2015 4:26 PM

    It can and it did. It does show however that shorters are of the opinion that it's not worth taking the risk any longer and closed their positions. All that's needed now is a little more buying appetite. That's only a matter of time. There's a lof of news coming, we've got a very limited free float and 3 brokers with a (strong) buy recommandation and an average share price of $7.33. What on earth could go wrong here?

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  • june/july Regulatory approval Optima study in China

    july-august Initiate patient enrollment Eur-dignity study

    july/august Initiate patient enrollement Optima study China

    july/augus update on overall survival data subpopulation phase 3 HEAT study

    august Q2 results (Thermodox EAP revenues)

    september International Liver Cancer Symposium

    september Rodman-Renshaw presentation

    Q3 2015 evaluate preclinical data GEN-1 with Soc Glioblastoma

    Q3 2015 initiate phase 1 trial GEN-1 ovarian cancer

    Q3 Complete enrollment Phase 2 US Dignity study

    Q3-Q4 2015 File IND glioblastoma trial

    Q3-Q4 File IND GEN-1 ovarian cancer trial

    november 2015 Q3 results

    Q4 Initiate GEN-1 glioblastoma trial

    december 2015 present data US Dignity data at San Antonio Breast Cancer conference

    2015-2016 licensing agreement(s) Therasilence technology

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