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  • Anyone heard of MKTO? My wall street "guy" told me MKTO presented themselves to SAP (and maybe Microsoft) last month. It looks like a small company that is unprofitable, but is growing revenues at a pretty good clip. Just wanted to know if anyone here knew anything about it/them.

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  • The Year 2015 for Govdelivery

    Digital communications and marketing platform that enablespublic sectororganizations to effectively reach citizens and drive Action

    Important metrics:*

    • Revenue Growth: 26% for 2015 compared to 2014

    • New Signings: Closed 219 new deals in 2015

    • Total Customers: Serving 1,000+ federal, state, local and UK government agencies reaching more than 120 million citizen subscribers

    • Pipeline: 50% higher on 12/31/15 compared to 12/31/14

    • TAM: $1 Billion

    • Competitive Moat: 120+ million citizen subscribers create a network effect, significantly expanding reach and audience for each customer

    • Operating cash flow positive for 2015

    • Annual subscription revenue model

    * As of 12/31/15 unless otherwise noted

    GovDelivery revenue consists primarily of software subscription revenue; however, GovDelivery has growing revenue from media advertising and delivery of professional services such as developing Drupal applications for government entities. The core business of subscription revenue consist of: (1) nonrefundable setup fees and (2) SaaS monthly subscription fees. GovDelivery has typically represented a significant portion of Actua’s historical deferred revenue balances.

  • Velocity is ready for a 400 million-IPO in 2017 or a sale in 2016 or 2017

    I believe, that revenues between 75 million and 80 million in 2017 are realistic numbers. That are by 5-times-revenues, which are lower than by competitors, a valuation between 325 and 400 Million - about equal the complete market-cap of Actua today.
    Revenues of VelocityEHS in 2016 will reach about 60 million

    "Revenue has increased about 35 percent annually in recent years and was more than $32 million in 2014, CEO Trout said. He declined to provide estimated 2015 revenue."

    But we know the growth-rate of revenues of 36% in 2015 from last presentation – and the result will be revenues of about 43.5 million in 2015. And by the same growth-rate in 2017 = 59.1 million.

    The Year 2015 for VelocityEHS (from last presentation)

    Environmental, Health and Safety compliance platform that enables organizations to meet stringent and costly OSHA requirements

    Important Metrics:*

    • Revenue Growth: 36% for 2015 compared to 2014

    • New Signings: Added 2,200 customers; More than 11,500 companies, representing over half of the Fortune 1000: Protecting more than 8 million employees in U.S. and Canada

    • Pipeline: Growth is slightly ahead of revenue growth and is skewed towards large platform customers; seeing significant pipeline momentum across the board, with cross-sell team seeing increased activity

    • TAM: $3 billion

    • Competitive Moat: Database of more than 9 million material safety data sheets is a comprehensive web-based library that ensures 100% compliance for companies and continues to expand as new customers come onto the platform

    • Operating cash flow positive for 2015

    • 3-year subscription revenue model

    * As of 12/31/15 unless otherwise noted

    Note: MSDSonlinerebranded to VelocityEHSin September 2015

  • Delivering specialized apps is far more economical

    Emergence Capital co-founder and general partner Gordon Ritter believes the “era of horizontal software companies is over,” as organizations seek to adapt cloud services from the likes of Salesforce to their specific processes and needs. “What these industry cloud companies need to do is layer the cake. They need to be in multiple functional areas across a single sector,” Ritter said.

    That’s likely to inspire a consolidation wave in the months to come, as specialists seek scale and as software giants including IBM ( IBM 0.25% ) , Oracle ( ORCL 0.45% ) , and SAP ( SAP 2.18% ) reconsider their own cloud-relevant pitches for specific industries.

    Watch this space

  • Reply to

    ***SAP SUCKS***

    by gpa382003 Feb 1, 2016 10:59 AM

    agreed big time. SAP software will prove to be obsolete technology. the germans never were any good in computers.

  • very strange stock

  • Instant Analysis: IBM Makes Another Cloud Acquisition
    Big Blue recently agreed to buy SaaS integrator Optevia.
    Leo Sun
    Mar 24, 2016 at 5:30PM
    IBM (NYSE:IBM) recently acquired Optevia, a privately owned software as a service (SaaS) systems integrator that specializes in Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Dynamics CRM solutions for public sector organizations. Optevia mainly focuses on U.K. emergency services, central government, health, housing, and social enterprises. IBM will integrate Optevia, which will be acquired for an undisclosed amount, into its global business services division.

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    ***SAP SUCKS***

    by gpa382003 Feb 1, 2016 10:59 AM

    from what i understand hana is not being used at all and just is added to the legacy licences so it will eventually be used. therefore its being booked as revenue based on the overall packagae but what happens when the legacy products become more extinct. Its only a matter of time imo before this will go down big . be careful here


  • Developement of Quarterly Revenues of Actua

    Q1/13 = 12.0 Million
    Q2/13 = 13.5 Million
    Q3/13 = 16.1 Million
    Q4/13 = 17.7 Million
    Q1/14 = 18.4 Million
    Q2/14 = 19,0 Million
    Q3/14 = 19.0 Million
    Q4/14 = 26.6 Million
    Q1/15 = 30.6 Million
    Q2/15 = 33.5 Million
    Q3/15 = 34 1 Million

    This is the result of organic and bought growth, but the bought growth was financed only with the own cash - debts was not made.

    I believe it is a joke, that the development of the both share-prices has such a big divergence by a similar development of the fundamentals, for example the growth of revenues: The share-price of Salesforce increased since the beginning of the year, the share-price of Actua decreased about idiotic 50%.

    Actua is pioneering the second wave of the cloud revolution – the vertical wave – by owning and growing cloud businesses that are transforming their markets. With more than 800 employees delivering unrivaled domain knowledge, agility and responsiveness to our customers, Actua is a group of rapidly growing vertical cloud businesses that is positioned to lead and dominate this wave.

    Actua brings the power of the cloud to vertical markets and processes, including insurance, public sector communications, compliance and wealth management.

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