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  • Author Topic: Air suspension for high by itself (Read 20 times)
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    Air suspension for high by itself
    « on: Today at. 1:15 p.m. »
    Today I experience the second time that the air jacket has "adjusted" up an inch or so. Standing on normal, but is as high as very high, very hih is lile high as monster truck. The last time this happened, they had to recalibrate, but it is no more than a few months ago, getting a bit tiring. Comfort is the absolutely miserable now since it is incredibly hard and blunt, not ideal with heavily pregnant wife by twins ... Some others who have experienced similar, and possibly given a plausible explanation / fix permanently? All four wheels have "adjusted" just as much. Hoping I do not have to wait four months to get it fixed.

  • I see Baird reiterated their price target on Tesla but have a lower EPS for Q2 than the street estimate and want to lower their guidance for Q3. I see two reasons, either they like to keep lowering the bar for Tesla so they can meet guidance or they are softening on their growth prospects. All I see are high expenses going forward; Gigafactory, Model X, Model III, Supercharger expansion, infrastructure expansion, existing warranty repairs. When will they money start rolling in? When will investors actually want to see some money being made? I know most if not all the retail investors are just along for the ride but at some point the company will have to make money.

  • Muffinman
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    Re: Rear tires worn out after 50 days, 4000 km.
    « Reply # 297 on: Today at. 10:40 »
    Have heard several who have commented that it resembles the suspension of the E-Class, so it's probably not unlikely. Tesla does not seem to react to the tires have ~ three times the wear on the inside as on the outside after only 4/6K and serves standard answer heavy car, Norwegian roads etc. The way I interpret it's also the new tires on the way to an early grave even if it is slower than the original tires. Continued pursuit of workshop that can take wheel alignment today.

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    Re: Rear tires worn out after 50 days, 4000 km.
    « Reply # 298 on: Today at. 1:10 p.m. »
    One thing you can console yourself with Muffin, is that it can not be that bad, because it had probably been worn down to the strands already on the inner edge. Maybe you have some errors on the toe behind the living'll see ;)I guess ..

    Vort erm load of BOLLVORCS!

  • (they claim this was for legal/liability reasons, but a simple liability waiver could have been added as a condition of sale)
    How would GM obtain "a simple liability waiver" from parties other than the buyer who might allege harm because of the vehicle?

  • Reply to

    Sushi restaurant accident

    by jmcvicker Jul 22, 2014 8:08 PM

    "promote his lies"

    If you want to identify my lies, I will remove (and/or correct) any of my posts that are patently untrue.

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    Sushi restaurant accident

    by jmcvicker Jul 22, 2014 8:08 PM

    "I doubt the lawyers will be able to destroy this company " I did not mean to suggest destruction nor even jury verdicts of liability, only expensive entanglement and settlements to obtain extrication from mounting legal defense expense.. Depending on the circumstances, Tesla will be a target, deep pocket defendant in many wrongful death cases involving its vehicles (as are all other auto manufacturers). Moreover, because Musk crowed about the vehicle logs in the Broder contretemps, the plaintiff sharks have an additional incentive to name Tesla. It’s far easier to serve discovery on a defendant than it is to go to court to argue about/obtain a subpoena for a third party’s records.

  • The devil is in the detail!

    youtube /watch?v=NoxiK7K28PU
    Grasshopper 250m Test | Ring of Fire

    Watch the SHADOW of the rocket at 0:21
    Wrong angle compared to the shadow of the water tower.
    Even funnier, watch the shadow of the rocket attempting to track during the descent.
    Wrong angle, wrong size and the FLAMES CAST A SHADOW!!!
    Yea, right!!

  • People like BC has too much pride and always blinded by their own self delusions about the world and everything else. Life is too short and your time and my time is better spent on something more useful than trying to win an argument with people who do not deserve our attention. 2-3 years from now when Tesla's model 3 becomes more ubiquitous, then all these useless discussion will be over. GL to you and your stock investment. I did made a lot of money trading TSLA and still holding some free 200 shares.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Are you SURE it's safe Ewon?
    youtube /watch?v=CEFNjL86y9c
    Numerous US Launch Failures

    I hope your GWASSHOPPER doesn't go KERBOOM!!!

    TECH 4/25/2014 @ 6:29PM 6,389 views
    SpaceX Falcon 9 Reusable Stage Landed Successfully In The Atlantic

    l blinkybill 14 hours ago
    Space X makes a very big deal of its reuseable rockets.
    They are supposed to hugely reduce the cost of launches and maybe stop the hemorrhaging of cash from Space X.
    There was a video of the first “successful soft landing” but the cat ate it.
    (a few fuzzy frames have been cleaned up after they passed through Scratchy’s digestive tract) they prove NOTHING.
    Space X claim they have made many successful hops of the first stage at McGregor.
    Despite a passionate club of rocket spotters camped outside the fence at McGregor NOBODY has witnessed a flight by one of Ewon’s Wondrous Bouncing Wockets.
    All we have to support the existence of the Webounding Wockets are some very suspicious looking home movies from Space X.
    That is an amazing Wocket.
    It can fly backwards and sideways whilst tilted over at 15 Degrees.
    Apparently Ewon has found a way to overcome the laws of gravity and Newton’s laws of motion.

    Called-out comment

  • Why doesn't Ewon do a software upgrade to fix the DEFECTIVE BRAKES that have air in the hydraulics and glazed/dirty/rusty brake pads?
    A few lines of code could easily fix tghat.

    IF wheels fall off GO TO emergency services

  • Paradigm shift?
    Disruptive technology?
    Small blue planet?


  • ((Older people don't understand the young internet connected generation. ))
    Please, stop it, you're killing me..any other cliche stereotype you would like to offer?

  • ((...They ask customers to pay full price for a vehicle and all you folks can do is call them thieves. But Tesla? Tesla charges full price and you all applaud."
    It really bothers the ballcoach that Tesla does something he and his buddies can't do and never could. ))

    No, it is just that companies can't do and never could do what you say they can. Tesla does not make a profit, even with the MS hefty price, and that can not go on indefinitely without the sp coming down. You'll see, Guaranteed... with all momos this is guaranteed.

  • Yeah, these recalls are record setting, blisteringly high, humiliating, tragic, etc..... soon every car GM ever made will be recalled and GM's nightmare will be over. BUT.. still profits in first quarter!!!! ...Q2 coming up

    "GM posts lower profit after recall; outlook for rest of year trimmed

    Net income in the first quarter fell to $108 million, or 6 cents a share, from $873 million, or 58 cents a share, in the year-earlier period. The most recent quarter included recall costs of $1.3 billion, or 48 cents a share."

    How is Tesla's profit coming along?

  • Reply to

    Bad news for longs

    by b.cz32 16 hours ago

    "just (your selection of) thefactsmaam_ok".

    Nice start.

    I don't know if your "objective" characterization that "Musk reneged" is accurate or not but I did see somewhere there that were at least 3 Roadster releases (1.5, 2.0 and 2.5). That may or may not be the reason for the price increase. Regardless, so what if the price was increased? You question my integrity yet the price I used for the Roadster was from Wikipedia and other sites. I also compared it to the MS85, not the 60 or the 40 and I used today's price, which includes 1 or 2 price increases since the original introduction. How is that not reasonable or "selective", as you've attempted to paint me? I know, I know, I'm a douche but your boy kbodie isn't so bad. You don't wear your badge well Mr. Truth police. Btw still waiting for your reply to my post on your attack on LR.

    What does the MS 40 have to do with my "trend"? I didn't reference or include it. So what if it didn't sell well? It couldn't use Superchargers and when introduced there were few Superchargers anyway. I don't see the relevance other than for you to be snarky and take a shot at Elon and Tesla although Elon calling the 40 a "hobbled horse" belies your constant PT Barnum characterization, to be generous.

    2018 is the first calendar year I expect 200,000 Gen 3 deliveries.

    "Why did Straubel stop his slide of battery density improvements in 2005 for a speech he gave almost a decade later in 2014?"

    Great question. I have no idea. Let me guess: you think it was intentional and for nefarious reasons ie the density trend has slowed or stopped. I don't agree but can't prove otherwise. Can you?

    "Since your mind is closed..."

    Judging by what you think you know of my mind to what you think of Elon's character, it's you who is closed minded and seemingly bitter and angry. Nice to see you back on the board, sorry things may not have gone well on your trip. Of course, that's just speculation...

    Sentiment: Buy

  • Nissan profits increased 10 percent

    12/05/2014, 6:50 AM CDT Written by Christian Nordqvist

    Nissan profits increased 10 percent to ¥389 billion ($3.8 billion) in the year to end-March 2014. The second largest carmaker in Japan says a weaker yen, a 20% jump in sales to ¥10.48 trillion, and cost-cutting contributed to its profit increase.
    Nissan Motor Co. reported that its quarterly January-to-March profit rose to ¥114.9 billion yen ($1.1 billion), up from ¥109.7 billion ($1.08 billion) in the same quarter last year. Quarterly sales increased to ¥3.2 trillion ($31 billion), a rise of over 20%.
    Sales growth is outpacing the industry, the company added. Nissan says it expects continued growth for this fiscal year, which started on April 1st, 2014. Both its annual and quarterly profits were better than the company had forecast.

  • Why don't they do an over the air software update? What year are we on? 1900's

  • Reply to

    China ===== Tesla's last hope

    by kbodie77777 8 hours ago

    Tesla was a quaint snob car for the very rich. Now the novelty has worn off. Bye Bye Tesla.

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