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  • you are obviously clueless as to what this is about. go back and talk glass splinters with pwdy,

  • This must be the thing he mentioned at Q1's ER call regarding "the secret weapon that would be deployed later in the year" Bribe as a weapon? $1K current and $1K future credit isn't pennies. I suspect they want people to do this to get a credit against an eventual Model 3 for their kids or their pool boy.

  • Brede
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    A: Errors and omissions (complaints) - What do you experience in your car?
    « Reply # 1606 on: Yesterday at. 7:20 p.m. "
    But .. When they seem to change for the third, fourth and yes I've heard for the fifth time in some cars, while others have gone 70-80k km without failures or sounds .. Then I start to be as skeptical as I was in the time when this problem popped up on every street corner in the last year. I really hope they focus on tolerances motor mounts / mounting frames and the like on these "problem cars" .. When a car chews up his fourth motor so kaaaaan it the might indicate the engines are not the main issue?

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    Yes could also begin to wonder if some cars have queer frame or other problems that motor is not located where it should. It makes fast that div stock quickly takes evening.


    A: Errors and omissions (complaints) - What do you experience in your car?
    « Reply # 1608 on: Yesterday at. 7:51 p.m. "
    Queer frame would possibly also explain why some people have cars that insist on leaning small deck yourself with the right wheel angles, while others claim they do not have a hint of this. I suspect that perhaps not everyone has measured thoroughly enough, but who knows. I suspect well that Tesla found a bug in DU`ene and perhaps assumed that it was the cause of the problems and switched units continually. Then they discovered perhaps a mistake to who was still on the they had already switched etc etc. The communication suggests at least on it. First there was an almost free shim lacking --- Exchange mass DU`er, then too little fat on splines --- switch even more. more. I have incidentally not heard of anyone who has run 70-80k without noises or errors symptoms of any kind? Know that bb ran something like this before switching, but his DU was not exactly flawless when it was replaced.

  • Mark Hovis had a great article in Insideevs about how most people currently cant use EVs. They dont have a parking spot with access to electric, they drive too far, etc.

  • IT looks great! ... Every bit as stupid as the MS. This thing is going to CRUSH the MS in China. Guaranteed.
    It does not even need the distentegrating wheel mounts like the real MS... it is plenty crappy enough as is. Will put the Turdsla out of business. People willll buy it. And look how fast it got to market in China. I can't wait to see the Chinese version of falcon wing doors.... it doesn't matter how crappy these cars are. They are competition,pure and simple..AND, give them a few years to catch on. Tesla is toast. SELL

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  • Quintilian
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    A: Errors and omissions (complaints) - What do you experience in your car?
    « Reply # 1604 on: Yesterday at. 5:14 p.m. "
    Then there is the ann to DU-switch No. 2 for us ... Now at 39,000 KM .... Ca. 5,000 KM since the last change. The car started (this time) to create "click / The laughing sounds" at stop / start and transitional power / regen at low speeds ... Has become worse and worse, and in recent days occurring sound certainly 5 -10 times in minutes when driving in slow sounds. Took up the sound with iPhone (windows rolled down) and sent to Tesla yesterday. Technician thought that it sounded like a DU-shift, but they have escalated sound file to Netherlands for verification specialist down there. Technician could also disclose that it is empty for Drive Units "everywhere" and they were unsure how long time it could take before we had new place ...


    Quote from: Quintilian on Yesterday at. 5:14 p.m.
    Technician could also disclose that it is empty for Drive Units "everywhere" and they were unsure how long it could take before we had new place ...
    Oi, it's certainly not a good sign. Hope they keep back some so they have to replace the cars crashes. Tesla took the audio from my and submitted (circular saw), not received feedback yet. But since they did recording I expect that it goes against the FOURTH drive unit. The first was substituted on 37,5k, the second spun 14k and now the third rounded 31k. I'm guessing the DU issue is composed of both deviations in production and faulty construction.

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    « Reply # 1613 on: Yesterday at. 11:23 p.m. "
    Has just passed 18.000 km and has recently received the symptoms of DU problems again. Humming noise in 60, 90 and 115+ kph. Having already exchanged DU four times. In addition, I expect to get fixed a large number of other major or minor problems. There will be enough this time a more formal complaint. Can not go on like this ..

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    by ballcoach_30 7 hours ago

    Like I said,how about listing some of the business accomplishments, not just the building of the 4dr or increasing the meager amount of sales. Post something really tangible.

  • Well are you in now? I was so close to adding more shares on this latest drop. Something to think about. No Whining, but I feel your pain. I've had a few heart breaks too. Netflix and I bailed on Facebook...swing traded it rather than holding. TSLA is a big enough risk for me. If you did your DD then no real loss if you were making your money work elsewhere. This company has so many variables it is hard to figure it out until they give their numbers. It certainly looks like the S demand vs production has met to some degree and even that is a guess. I mean a guess. Only clue is delivery times. I haven't played the VIN game lately. Tesla car buyers could be holding out to see the X before buying. X demand should be pretty high.

  • The real message is model S sales have peaked. Say goodbye to "production constrained", "no demand problem here". This is the last hurrah. Price drop, incentives (gimmicks), X competition. WOW. Sales guidance for Q3 Model S will suck, but that will be dwarfed by Q4 Model S sales. Anyone sale on the fence will be pulled forward. The show is over folks. $34 billion market cap, what were we thinking.

  • " what else caused them to miss delivering the 35,000 cars originally forecast?"

    Misunderstanding China?

  • "Images Tesla Model S first crash in China"

    Crowded street in peak hour.
    Queues at the bus stop.
    Chances of someone getting clobbered?

    clomi | JULY 27, 2015
    I had a Prius for 10 years before, 265,000 km done on it.
    I took delivery of my MS85 last November.
    I will never buy an ICE or hybrid again even if we have only 2 Superchargers in Québec.

    Was at two EV-events where test drive of an EV was possible for anybody who would want to, 6 to 8 models usually available.
    Had 120 test drives on the first day and 60 on the second, I did 10 of them on the first and 6 on the second day.

    Another event last Saturday, 200 test drives done for 300 visitors!

    Three months after I took delivery of my MS85, my next door neighbour had one.
    Every person I talk to is "hooked" and will probably ask for a test drive.
    Today, three surgeons at my hospital literally gave me a police interrogation concerning my car.
    They, like the others, are now also hooked...and they will buy one!

    Not that I feel like a contagion source, but I sure feel like a Tesla "apostle" when I talk
    to anybody about my car. Best publicity Elon could ever have.

    A lot is at stake here, if the "convert" base is well prepared, the demand for Model III (announcement
    next March) will be tremendous and the Tesla naysayers will rest in peace (or pieces...).
    And we will continue to have more innovations coming from Fremont!!!

    So spread the word (or share the steering wheel...)
    Hey, it's for their own good ;¬)

  • Oh Chasssie, You have me rolling on the floor. Keef the second! That is why you carry a million dollar insurance policy because the wheels fall off. How many wheels have been hit bystanders? Can't you do any better than this? You've become the laughing stock here.

  • What if someone has been kidnapped, is in the trunk of a car and is killed when the car is rear ended and the trunk's crumple zone design crushed them?

    No more trunk crumple zones!

    A small percentage of people die because they are wearing seatbelts. Never mind that they save far more lives than they take, ban seatbelts!

    You and jmcvicker should hook up.

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  • Sorry, but I'll just continue to save cereal box tops and S&H green stamps.

  • Really? Tesla missed only or mostly because of "vacations"? Let's see if you're just trying to stir the pot, are ignorant or actually know SOMETHING about the company: what else caused them to miss delivering the 35,000 cars originally forecast?

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  • Just for fun, there will also be some things that money can't buy. If five of your friends order a Model S, you and a guest will receive an invitation to tour the Gigafactory in Nevada – the world’s biggest factory by footprint – and attend the grand opening party. This will be awesome. At ten orders, you get the right to purchase a Founder Series Model X, which is not available to the public, with all options free (value of about $25,000). The first person to reach ten will get the entire car for free.


  • OMG!!

    Word of mouth has always been a major part of how Tesla sales have grown. When I meet Tesla owners, one of the first things they often tell me is how they have convinced many others to buy the car.

    As you may already know, Tesla does not advertise or pay for endorsements or product placement. Maybe by doing so we could sell more cars, but I don’t like the idea of trying to trick people into buying a product by false association. If you see somebody famous driving a Model S, it is because they genuinely like the car. If you see it in a movie or TV show, it is because the people associated with that production genuinely like the car.

    Besides word of mouth, another way that our cars are sold is through stores. These will always be important to allow people to check out new models and ask our product specialists detailed questions. However, stores are quite expensive to set up and operate. In reviewing the Tesla cost of sales, we found that it is approximately $2,000 to sell a car through our stores, higher in some regions and lower in others.

    Both ways of reaching potential customers are important, but, if we can amplify word of mouth, then we don’t need to open as many new stores in the future. So, we are going to try an experiment. This is similar to the customer growth program that I worked on at PayPal/X back in ’99. What worked for PayPal may not work for Tesla, but it is worth trying, as the net result would be lowering our costs by $2,000, allowing us to give that money to our customers.

    From now through October 31st, if someone buys a new Model S through your link, they will get $1,000 off the purchase price and you will get a $1,000 credit in your Tesla account, which can be applied to a future car purchase, service charge or accessories. To put some limits on the experiment, each Tesla owner can grant a maximum of ten $1,000 discounts.

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    100% perfectly timed trades

    by deutschlandooberalles 1 hour 42 minutes ago

    I wasn't bragging about trade timing. I was presenting evidence that I was very public on the day I sold to fend off the endless "oh, don't you wish you owned TSLA" BS. No, I do NOT wish I owned TSLA and I explained why. You guys start the insults and then you moralize about people making a counterpoint.

    Isn't there some political insult or other normal deflection from financial discussion you could be making? Tesla needs the value from the payments they make for you to post.

  • regardless of it confirming or not confirming... why announce it now a week before earnings?

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