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  • Very interesting thread. I am trader first and than investor that I fully appreciate and understand the discussions. Holding a core position and trading a portion does work well with stocks like TSLA. I love the pps movement, the unpredictability as it reacts to all the hype, news and events. As shorts keep talking to themselves and justify their short thesis everyday shall eventually become so entrenched with their position that real events and pps ascend cannot be ignored. As long as the narrative holds and TSLA keep on forging ahead, the future will take care of itself. GLTAL !

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  • ((( But I don't see any reason to believe that the program was forced )))

    If Tesla had buyers ready and willing to pay full price for the car without a buyback guarantee then why would they offer the buybacks?

    If Tesla had buyers ready and willing to pay full price for the car then why did they start giving away a free extended warranty?

    If Tesla had buyers ready and willing to pay full price for the car then why did they start giving away free access to the super chargers?

    All of this happened in Q1 & Q2 2013 before Tesla was able to ship cars to Europe, It seems pretty obvious that US sales in 2013 could not keep up with the factory and thus were below 5,000 per quarter.

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    Model X tested in Alameda ( watch video)

    by kapitanahoy Jan 30, 2015 3:32 PM


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    Weeeeee. Look How Fast I Can Go In My Tessie

    by investorelvis Jan 29, 2015 9:54 AM

    Woke up this morning and Tessie looked better than ever. I wiped her down with swaddling cloth and noticed a crinkle in her frunk. No worries - Tesla has the best service plan ever.

  • (((what difference does it make if Tesla continues to bleed cash? )))

    Cash is good but you also need to make a profit, Tesla is a capital intensive business and depreciation is significant. Making a profit means the business is sustainable and can justify further investment. In other words - a profitable business not only keeps up with it's current bills but it generates enough profit to recoup the investments it has made.

    Tesla claims they will be building about 50,000 cars in 2015.
    Elon also claims Tesla will not make money in 2015.

    Taken at face value the business is worthless. It is not making money and will eventually go broke. It will borrow money. it will be unable to repay the debt.

    Conclusion: The entire value of Tesla is based on the story. There is nothing wrong with that. The only sad thing is that the financial media and bloggers and many posters here are pumping Tesla. The information is distorted. The media says things like 'Tesla last quarter was a blowout' when in fact Tesla lost more money and burnt more cash.
    Anyone who takes a good look at Tesla can find the hard facts. The newbies who just read one or two articles might get the false impression that Tesla (the business) is a success.

  • Today's the day - Tessie is fully charged and we have all day to visit our favorite shopping destinations. I'll probably go easy on the peddle because I want to make sure I have enough juice to get home. Not as fun to take advantage of the HOV lanes on the weekends - but still makes you feel better about yourself as those poor gas guzzlers drive by you.

    Wish me luck - I'll report my progress later today.

  • Would you produce a pick-up truck similar in size\shape as a Ridgeline? I would buy one if not over $40K. Not $50k. Not $60k. Not $70k. Not $80k. I drive 8 miles one way and used to drive 43 one way. My gasoline bill has dropped tremendously since moving closer to work. But I would still like to give big oil a middle finger salute.
    On a different yet same note: I wish residential fuel cells would be available and reasonably priced. Same as solar.
    I'm almost 50 now. Been working since 12.
    Some observations I've noticed during that time:
    1. All alternatives are priced out of reach conveniently. (My take is they are paid to not go mainstream).
    2. I remember the atomic battery small announcement in the papers in the early '90s. Supposed to drop right into your vehicle, last 25 yrs+, safe, etc.. Never heard from again a few weeks later.
    3. Technological advancements have been great. Electric cars are here. LED bulbs are here. Smart phones are here.

  • 3 quarters? More like 3 posts. I think my first post here (

  • Orcuz
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    A: Rusty bremserotorer
    « Reply # 59 on: Monday 24 March 2014, at 11:28 p.m. »
    Hope they find a solution to this soon. Looks totally freaking out, and I have no plans to take off showered and scrub pads mine so that they look nice ...
    It either warranty or service pack my suit given

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    by dtrw24 Jan 29, 2015 8:13 PM

    I hope you get run over by a Terdsla with brake failure :)

  • Is that a thumbs down for the BAD BRAKES or is it a thumbs down to me for mentioning it?

    A: Rusty bremserotorer
    « Reply # 106 on: Today at. 10:52 »
    Quote from: pej on Today at. 10:10
    They fixed this for me too, but now hear others get the response that it's like that only, so do not know if they've gone back on this.
    They have well more important things to pursue than this, which after all is a cosmetic detail. Think for example that they prioritize brakes that barely works and wobbly doves above this when there are 2+ months waiting at the workshop hours.

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    by dtrw24 Jan 29, 2015 8:13 PM
    aristocratized_by_yo_short_sqz2 aristocratized_by_yo_short_sqz2 Jan 31, 2015 6:47 AM Flag

    Just wait and see next week, moron!

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  • Muffinman
    A: Rusty bremserotorer (BRAKE ROTORS)

    Have experienced big difference in brake power car compared to a loaner - held on to lock the wheels when I took out loaneren. I was told that it was actually differences from car to car. Having said that works my brakes fine, but does not provide any sense of "precision brakes" . In Vingt I had some nasty experiences with the brakes did not anything especially the first few seconds. New discs (due throw), new shields and pads.
    Had something with imbalance in the car while driving (slightly jumpy feeling at different speeds) or shaking / pumping the brake pedal during braking. I have such an imbalance in the car (jumping), but nothing in the pedal. This toasting / jumping, is weak, but certainly noticeable and anoyes by FKS 50-55km / h and 80-85km / h. Have dialogisert with Tesla on this and had test drive etc. The tires were taken off and balanced again. 10g difference announce one rear tire, which made improvement in high speed. This slight jumping did not disappear. Can also feel it in the steering wheel of said crossings. The technician thought that the little that I have is quite normal because wide tires, but I do not buy it. Do you know why they changed brake shields?
    Only shaking in the car when braking, as I have experienced at some other occasions when the cause has been throw in pads. It was certainly some cars that were affected by this. Poor batch of Brembo I guess.

    Unsure why they switched pads and shields, but there were now at least again. Maybe be a fix for bad braking effect of the slush lead. On my car reemerged this few minutes after previous braking and could be compensated by pressing harder on the pedal. Scary when you were not prepared, but undramatic when one knows how the brakes would react. Lite slush testing right now, so it must be for the winter. The brake pedal sinks rest on the bottom.

    What part of PEOPLE WILL DIE don't you understand?

  • MS/LF
    "How about trying to respond to my questions"
    It's never going to happen. It usually takes skeptics new to this board about a quarter to realize that asking anything quantitative to posters of the opposite sentiment is utterly futile. To them it's all about the story. Past numbers have not mattered; current numbers do not matter; future numbers will not matter. For most, their purpose here is one or more of the following:
    -bait and/or insult those who disagree with them
    -explain why whatever yarn Musk spins is the gospel truth
    -fabricate/phantasize beyond even Musk's yarns
    -flatter the lil teapot by trying (miserably) to imitate him

    (Some on the skeptical side of the great good/evil divide exhibit similar proclivities in the opposite direction, but there is a greater willingness to quantitatively support their assertions on the skeptical side of the divide.)

    If you want quantitative support for the true believers' optimism, you're better off lurking on the short term investment thread at TMC. If you decide to register and participate, be prepared to be hounded as a purveyor of FUD

  • The market dynamic have change and this is reflected not only in stock movement for TSLA but many other high flying stocks . Look at NFLX 1 year chart- 299.50 - 489.29.
    Both longs or shorts can make money if a stock like TSLA could be traded as such. Just like I said before, trade how the market behaves and not what you wish it to be. There's no dumb or smart position until when you chose the wrong time to buy or sell.

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    5-1 split coming??

    by _fazman Jan 30, 2015 3:15 PM

    TOOTH!!! You can't handle the TOOTH!! Oh... sorry.... wrong movie.

  • Pro Tesla but I revolted against M$FT on 2/17/2000
    Windows free 15 years! Linux Mandrake then OSX........
    Love his charity work though....

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    Model X tested in Alameda ( watch video)

    by kapitanahoy Jan 30, 2015 3:32 PM

    I can't argue with Gentleman from Montana about vehicle ugliness or lack of thereof gustibus non est disputandum. However I'd say that SHIPS were really ugly and had no clearance to the ground at all and had no off road capabilities and ........oh well , so Mr. 6cylinder's opinion above your post was full of hot air and Gentleman could treat us with his usual brilliant insights , rather than echoing The Cylinder's ( dude that is )claptrap.

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    Model X tested in Alameda ( watch video)

    by kapitanahoy Jan 30, 2015 3:32 PM

    I'm not against TESLA but if the model X is advertised and an SUV, then the Model S/ D would also be considered SUV . The only thing I see that puts it into an SUV category is AWD

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    Model X tested in Alameda ( watch video)

    by kapitanahoy Jan 30, 2015 3:32 PM

    I also found it oddly ugly (yes, I appreciate the paint job is designed to do that, too). I'm trying to be sure that I really think it's ugly and it's not a function of my distaste for the Tesla business model. But so far, I'm concluding that I really think it's ungainly and awkward.

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