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    1.2 Million Shares Short Now

    by eves_advisor Jun 25, 2014 1:11 PM

    i agree with everything your saying. I used to live in northern MN and know quite a few people who work for ACAT. They all disliked Jordan and from what i've heard his high salary wasn't the only thing they disliked. Have you ever traded PII before? I have friends who work there also. PII is releasing a brand new vehicle, the "Slingshot" it's a side by side street legal 3 wheeled vehicle. Release date is July 27th. Right after earnings on the 24th. I'm very tempted to buy PII now. The name sucks but if the vehicle is a hit it would open the door for a whole other revenue stream for them.

  • for another year.........22 to 42 yr old men aren't buying side by sides like ZERO buyers...............great products the the GOV has been the biggest customer for eight years that is's worth $35 earning $3.28 , but it's going to $28 as this 4 year bull mkt comes to an end because of the White Hse big mistakes and inflation in debt imo

  • Who does this company think they are? Paying $10 million to their prior CEO was crazy! I compared it to several other companies and it's just nuts! Artic has about 12.9m shares outstanding so that was about a 78 cents hit on earning per share (EPS). Polaris pays their CEO $2.25 million on 66m shares outstanding, or a hit of 3.8 cents per share. Helix Energy pays their CEO $4.75m on 106m shares outstanding, or 4.5 cents a share on EPS. And maybe one of the best CEO's on Wall Street, Doug Parker of American Airlines gets $2.25 million on 720m shares outstanding, or .31 cents per share. That's less than a penny a share! This company had to be crazy to spend $10 million a year on a CEO! Good God they are nuts! And now they are paying a finders fee on top of it? Who do they think they are? EA

  • Recent run up on no news. Get ready for more -3%+ days as Wall St and insiders sell to uninformed retail investors.

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    1.2 Million Shares Short Now

    by eves_advisor Jun 25, 2014 1:11 PM

    these officers are the DUMBEST POS in two weeks they'll report sales aren't up 10% over last yr therefore the stock falls $3 on the 21st ......they paid millions for the shares they bought last week in the 40's imo

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    1.2 Million Shares Short Now

    by eves_advisor Jun 25, 2014 1:11 PM

    No, and no. I used it to hold the stock to try to get back most of my money and bailed out at $39 last Thursday. I sold close to 10,000 shares and I will say it was strong that day. It was so strong I chose to go out the door. I am more concerned about the overall market and I was fully invested before and wanted to go back to 50% cash position. Rarely can you sell this stock in large number of shares like last Thursday. I think the idea of a CEO compensation coming close to a $1.00 per share hit on EPS is crazy. This company only has 12.9 million shares outstanding so it cannot afford to spend $10 million on a CEO. But, what do I know. I bought at $41, was down over $100,000 in the trade at one time and it's now over a buck up from where I sold. I have another destination in mind for my money. Great company, just think at some point you can buy it cheaper than here because of the overall market. Too risky and thinly traded for my liking right now in this market. News of a new CEO should give a pop in the stock. That was what I was waiting for. But when the latest news for this company is a correction story and this board goes for days without any posts it ought to tell you something. It all boils down to how smart you think the shorts are. EA

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    1.2 Million Shares Short Now

    by eves_advisor Jun 25, 2014 1:11 PM

    A friend of a friend said "things are really going good this summer". Are you using that as reason to buy this stock? Do you feel a new high paid CEO will move the stock in a positive direction?

  • for throwing away tens of millions by BUYING milllions of shares INCREASING BOOKVALUE just before this 4 year BULL MKT ENDS....ACAT will go below $30 this year ...the co can't make money here because AMERICANS HAVE NO MONEY.......the PRES won't allow business to grow until he is GONE GD this men and women for wasting these millions at $40.imo

  • ACAT was $60, but that won't return for yrs.........28 first then 40 next yr.....60 in '16....GD them for wasting CASH where were they AT $33............they buy at 36 Dummies They can't cancel to increase book value what is in their head great products for 2016, but this is 2014 the year of the CRASH !! imo

  • The most shares short in over a year. And no volume when they try to bring it down to cover cheap. New CEO hiring and the annual meeting coming up. The dollar is coming back against the Canadian dollar. Plus, my friend in Rapid City, SD said his friend at the Artic Cat dealership there said things are really going good this summer. So who are they trying to fool? EA

  • People assumed the obvious that when they announced on Monday the departing CEO that there must be bad news still left to come out. And that may be still true, but another take on it is that they simply could not justify the CEO's compensation for a small company like Artic. My friend said he read an article that stated the departing CEO was being paid $10 million a year and will get a $3.5 million severance. He said not bad for someone who drove the stock into the ground lately. But think of it in this perspective. At 12.9 million shares outstanding and this last year's comp at the $10 plus the $3.5 severance you are looking at the CEO's comp driving down the EPS by a whole dollar a share compared to where they were at $3.40 a share.

    The Board may have simply cut ties because of the numbers on comp rather than a dismissal performance still to be announced ahead. It is mind boggling to me to think that our EPS number is being impacted by about a $1.00 per share when we were only looking at $3.40 to begin with. It is not of course all the departing CEO's fault. Someone put him in with his comp at that level to begin with. But his departure may not be as bad as the market made it look like. Certainly not $5 per share as was the case on Monday morning when the news was announced. This stock was over sold before Monday's news and now it is even more over sold. Someone is doing their hardest to cover that. While short squeezes rarely happen when you think they will, this stock as thinly traded as it is could be a good candidate if someone puts a stop to this broken pricing mechanism that is being displayed. EA

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    Poor Claude from home depot

    by firecat2017 Jun 2, 2014 7:11 PM

    Do you work or live in TRF? I thought they did well in atv and side by sides. And they are presenting something special at a show this late summer.

  • about time that soapbox claude takes his money is gone. the company is very weak at parts and esp accessory development. going to take alot MORE than a retooled CT to change things. ok money in S/M, ATV is a LOSER. If you have not worked there, people do not understand

  • Just when you tought they cannot out do the past! Does this company do anything right? Made the mistake of holding for that #$%$ dividend check! Never again! Owned this thing for about a month and getting killed in it! What a chart now! Looks like Normandy! EA

  • The pricing mechanism for this stock seems broken at times. It can go down on virtually no volume on days following a day or two when it traded huge volume at the close with little change in the share price. And that $5 drop on the day of earnings was priceless! This thing has more action than a broken minnow swimming in an under current until it's reeled in by someone. Question is "Who is that someone?" I don't get it. EA

  • (((Check out LIQD, it's about to go parabolic. Tons of insider buying and all very rushed last week!!! New products, new partnerships, new Huge investors, already in bounce mode, and big news coming Thursday. They own the software that MM's use to manipulate the very stock you own right here. And they have over 3000 software holdings and the portfolio is growing fast!))))

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Has anyone else noticed that the CAD exchange rate moved sharply higher this last week and is now at around 92 cents? It was close to it's bottom of 89 cents at the end of March. If it ever gets back close to a buck then I think that .79 cents hit on EPS goes away and with a conservative PE ratio of 16 (PII is in the 20's) the stock would be around $51 per share. Got a ways to go before that happens of course, but it made almost 20% of the move in about a week! Also can't wait to see the short interest when it comes out next week as of May 15th. EA

  • I can never understand the wild selling that occurs the very day of an earnings announcement . Sold companies always bounce back, and ACAT looks solid to me. No Long Term debt, a positive Retained Earnings, decent margins, an increase in dividends. I will look to make a purchase and hold for a year. Who knows, maybe a stock buyback may be considered, it does appear that they make short term investments.

    Sentiment: Buy

  • One of them called me and asked me a bunch of questions about a month ago. After about five questions I started saying "You are not listening to me!" After three repeats of the same, the guy says "I'm going to take you off my prospective client list!" I said "Please do!" They are idiots that only listen to themselves talking over and over. They think they are God's chosen few. Only an idiot would tell someone to short this stock right now. The best quarter is coming up, the shorts are packed in here right now due to the seasonal swing and the worst quarter is now behind us. The CAD dollar is close to at bottom as well. Go ahead and "Bend Over" for them if you want! Be my Guest!

  • Not good. Spending is down all over retail.

    Here are some notes (in the news /not from Zacks):
    "Eighty percent of America is in a recession," he argues in the video above.

    "One in six Americans are in poverty.
    Forty-nine million are on food stamps.
    Americans don't have money."

    Davidowitz rejects the notion that cold, wintery weather in the Northeast prevented individuals from shopping this winter. He believes it's the economy that is keeping shoppers at home.

    "Walmart [earnings] have been down for six straight quarters," he says.
    "The economy is structurally weak. People can't afford to shop at Walmart."

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