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  • Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has postponed the mass production of its next-generation processor dubbed as “Broadwell-E” to the first-quarter of 2016, says a report from the Chinese website VR-Zone. The company has not revealed the exact reason, but it could be an issue with the company’s 14nm process technology along with the lack of competition on the market for ultra-high-end desktop platforms.

  • I think he's getting more delirious after catching some kind of virus from spending so much time cleaning filthy outhouses all day?

  • If posting such nonsense helps you deal with your depression.. then so be it...

  • Intel Declines Comment on Chatter of Potential Bid for Nvidia
    Charles Gross, Benzinga Staff Writer

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  • Yes, I remember that well. That had neglected to warn, one time way back when, and the stock was hammered by 20+% after they reported. So, the next time they knew they'd miss they warned.

    Low volume, lousy tape kind of day. Without real news, it's totally meaningless.

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  • Yes, 11/6 would be my expectation as well. It was 11/7 in 2013.

  • I have never seen upward guidance during a quarter, but I have seen NVDA warn of a shortfall. Warnings have rarely occurred, though.

  • It's official: With the impending launch of Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG ) (NASDAQ: GOOGL ) Nexus 9 tablet next month, Android is finally getting the 64-bit treatment it deserves.

    Specifically, the Nexus 9 will be the first device to run Android 5.0 Lollipop, which notably incorporates support for 64-bit CPU architectures. And making the most of that support at the heart of the Nexus 9 will be NVIDIA's (NASDAQ: NVDA ) 64-bit Tegra K1 superchip. This confirms speculation of as much in recent weeks, and is undeniably huge news for NVIDIA for two main reasons.

    A much-needed win
    For one, the Nexus 9 is the first device to feature the 64-bit version of NVIDIA's Tegra K1, which itself is an ARM Holdings v8-based beast with dual 2.3 GHz Denver CPUs, and 192 Kepler GPU cores. That's a huge relief for NVIDIA shareholders, who still remember last year's painful Tegra 4 delays, which enabled Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 to win a coveted spot in Google's second-gen Nexus 7 tablet.

    For perspective, the first-gen Nexus 7 was powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 3 and proved a solid win for the graphics-chip specialist when it ramped to sell as many as 1 million units per month by the end of 2012. If the Nexus 9 proves anywhere near as popular, it'll go a long way toward propelling NVIDIA's fast growing -- albeit still-unprofitable -- Tegra segment into the black.

    NVIDIA's 64-bit Tegra K1 has dual Denver CPUs and 192 Kepler GPU cores. Credit: NVIDIA.

    Follow the leader?
    But wait, you say: Why only two CPU cores? The short answer -- as NVIDIA explained back in August -- lies in both the Denver cores' seven-way superscalar micro-architecture, as well as its Dynamic Code Optimization process, which optimizes larger, frequently used chunks of code on the fly into smaller bits which can be recycled as often as needed. The end result, NVIDIA says, is that the 64-bit Tegra K1's dual CPUs are able to achieve "significantly higher performance than existing four- to eight-core mobile CPUs on most mobile workloads."

    To be sure, when Geekbench benchmark results surfaced for the Nexus 9 on Friday, many were stunned that it significantly outperformed even the new A8 processor used in Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL ) iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. To be fair, however, it remains to be seen how the Tegra K1 will stack up against Apple's seriously impressive A8X processor, which is set to power the upcoming iPad Air 2.

    Nonetheless, even Geekbench developer and Primate Labs founder John Poole was stunned enough by the Nexus 9 to call its single-core score "insane," while noting that "an entry-level Mac Pro (2012)" only scored slightly higher:

    What's more, Poole elaborated that this doesn't account for the fact Geekbench isn't optimized for 64-bit builds of Android just yet. When that happens, he thinks the K1 will end up with a single-core score somewhere closer to the 2,100 range.

    Whether that proves enough to technically claim best-in-class status ahead of Apple's A8X remains to be seen. But keeping in mind NVIDIA also boasts of the K1's leading power management features along with its PC-class performance and console-class game abilities, the Nexus 9 might very well represent a perfect gateway example for what the K1 can offer to aspiring manufacturers seeking a bleeding-edge processor for their next-generation devices.

    If that happens and other tablet makers follow suit, the Nexus 9 could ultimately prove one of many big wins for NVIDIA's Tegra K1.

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  • Like a 2 bit HO on a Johnson. Back down to $12 in short order.

  • Lord giveth and the stock market taketh away, again.

  • Ameritrade now has it as the 6th.

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  • I think they actually usually report the 2nd Wed or Thurs of November, but we'll see. And, they NEVER update guidance during the quarter, at least not in the 15 years I've been following this company. They just don't.

    Today is a nothing....NO volume, and since we got over the 200DMA AND 18, all in the same day, it's not surprising to see a low volume "test" of those levels. Given the overall market weakness, they might be able to close it below the 18.12 200 DMA, or even 18, but it will have no significance with this kind of volume.

    We'll see what the last 2 hours bring.

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  • No need for such news to skyrocket on this stock ...
    Intel needs only to allow NVDA access to its 14 nm tech like it did for Altera ...
    That is a sudden death for AMD ! and sky high sales for NVDA (Tegra K1, or M1 for that matter, would kill Snap Dragon and A8x or A9 ) ... ( Only problem is that it would Kill the Atom line too )

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  • Based on previous history, NVidia ususally reports the first week of November and usually announces the call date 2 weeks in advance. 2 weeks from tomorrow would put the call date at November 6th. I was surprised that they did not guide upward during the quarter but maybe they are being conservative. they have gotta be making a pretty good profit on 970 and 980 boards...they have been out for weeks and are selling out everywhere but new stock keeps coming in. I don't have visibility to the overall channel however they will be able to keep supplying heavy amounts of those during the 4th quarter so that should help guidance. I'm holding strong through the earnings announcement. There is going to be continued good news on many fronts and I don't think the stock price reflects the forward potential at all. Looking forward to collecting another dividend and some good growth.

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    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Reply to

    by jeremyaa34 20 hours ago

    And who are you to judge, chithead?

  • Will you keep holding (ticker) or do you want a real winner? UltimateStockAlerts (google them) actually produces. Their last alert was up 78% in just under 3 weeks!

  • I have written many, many posts about this very subject over the last few years. There are at least 5-6 companies that would benefit greatly from taking over NVDA. INTC, GOOG, QCOM, AAPL MSFT, and Samsung are just a few of them.

    They all have had plenty of time at very low prices to do so, yet they haven't. It may simply be that none of them want to do a hostile takeover, and Jen wouldn't sell the company unless he were given the CEO job at the new company that was formed. At least that's my sense of ti.

    However, perhaps no company would benefit more by this acquisition THAN INTC, since they have NO mobile business strategy, and their mobile division is losing 1B dollars per quarter (for the last 3-4 quarters I think), and it was interesting to see BOTH stocks go another 1% or so higher after you posted that.

    Did you actually see a headline about this or just hear another rumor?

    In any case, I doubt shareholders or the BOD would accept any price under 24-5, but it's more likely that it would have to be 27-30. Before any of the people on ignore start yapping that those prices are too high, I'll simply say that they're very much in line with the kind of premium to the prior day's price that this kind of takeover would engender. Given the present market cap at under 10B with over 3B of net cash, any one of them could easily justify paying 15B for the company, which would be about 27/share. Of course, 3 bucks is in the till so it's really only 12 Billion.

    I doubt that INTC has the "vision" to realize how much they'd benefit by doing this, especially given the animus between the two companies over the years. And, they also just named a new CEO last year or so. However, if any one of these companies DOES make a move at NVDA, it's quite possible that would set off a bidding war and the price might end up being 30 or higher. Remember Autonomy?

    So, while it is pretty unlikely that this will happen, yesterday's options volume was quite interesting.
    We'll see.

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  • If true - this would be the most exciting thing since the Wright brothers' invention :)

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    Down she goes again..

    by will_amd_yu Oct 20, 2014 6:44 PM

    It must be nice to be right all the time ... oh, wait ... LOL

    When is it NVDA is supposed to hit 12 again???

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