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  • Underground Stock Alerts* (google em) just came out with a detailed report on PAAS today - I recommend any fellow shareholders here sign up immediately and wait for the next update, last time they alerted a stock as a buy it went up 1350%, and last two times they put out sell ratings the stocks dove over 75% - don't be the last to know and get screwed, I learned my lesson on their AAPL sell alert, and GOOG buy alert sub $300

  • Big upgrade on PAAS share price released by underground stock alerts* (google them). Made $34k on their last pick so I’m excited about their email report, gonna ride this baby to the high heavens.

  • Just sold half position net profits a little over a quarter million in just 3 weeks, thanks to flash market researchh (google em). They were just mentioned on CNBC. Good luck all!

  • I can't believe this is happening, there is a new research report just released on PAAS that I'm very anxious about. Everest Market Research [search them on Google] just released this today! This research group has a huge influence on the market, I've seen them move stocks 500 - 1500% in ONE DAY and also influence the market down as well. You guys get the report? Curious to hear your thoughts, not sure if I should sell or hold.

  • PAAS mentioned in a scam report released at Stock Scam Research (google them), you guys might want to check it out. It ’s pretty interesting....last stock they email released PLUG tanked 40% the day of release.

  • PAAS mentioned in a scam report released at Stock Scam Research (google them), you guys might want to check it out. It ’s pretty interesting....last stock they email released PLUG tanked 40% the day of release.

  • PAAS mentioned in a scam report released at Stock Scam Research (google them), you guys might want to check it out. It ’s pretty interesting....last stock they email released PLUG tanked 40% the day of release.

  • PAAS mentioned in a scam report released at Stock Scam Research (google them), you guys might want to check it out. It ’s pretty interesting....last stock they email released PLUG tanked 40% the day of release.

  • PAAS really changed my financial situation, made roughly $225k the past few months, been getting my stock alerts from underground stock alerts* (google em). Hope you guys have been doing as well with trading as I have.

  • Hey guys, checking in up $92k this month trading PAAS, I get my stock alerts from flashmarket research (google em). Saw an analyst recommend them on CNBC and have been using them ever since, currently long right now in my portfolio.

  • Profited over $50k on PAAS, got my alert from flashmarket research (google em).

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    At what silver price will they cut dividend

    by sakhaneft Apr 30, 2014 9:24 AM

    It seems to be two different issues.
    Can company afford paying out $75M/year (dividend)? Yes it can. It has enough cash to do it for few years of low silver prices.
    Can stock price absorb dwindling cash position if low silver price persists? Probably not, but it is never known for sure unless market pronounces the judgment.

    By the way, Sakhaneft, do you remember our exchange in IAG board some time ago? It seems that Putin doesn't want to stop and it seems to be the factor behind market support of PM equities despite dubious valuations.

  • Dj_rocks,
    PM prices are not predictable. Silver follows gold and gold is used in too many financial transactions, mostly as a hedge. In other words, financial dealers can move gold price while gold itself doesn't present much interest for them.

    It is true that higher gold price used to be linked to higher inflation, or better say, expectations of higher inflation. However, this link is based entirely on risk management considerations, i.e. market participants (aka financial dealers) used to employ gold as a hedge against unexpected inflationary burst. In result, if expectations of higher inflation become prevalent on market, then more market participants rush to take long derivative positions in gold (anti-inflationary hedge) thus increasing gold demand and causing higher price. It will not the main trade, it is for hedge (inflation risk reduction) only.

    This financial mechanism is neither simple nor straightforward. There many ways of handling risk in financial transactions. Gold is just a small participant in derivative trading and it means that market participants are often willing to lose trifle on hedge if they can get gains on major ingredients of the trade.

    The practical conclusion is following: one should never based investment strategy on hopes (dreams or speculations) that increase in gold price is imminent and will hapen very soon.

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    paas should drop to 3 like cde

    by goldnogood Nov 10, 2014 12:21 PM

    PAAS is substantially stronger than CDE; balance sheet, cash, etc. It means that PAAS holders could start worry about dropping to $3 when CDE would be already in pennies. Needless to say, drop to $3 is not the only risk here. If it drops to e.g. $6-7; it's still painful.

  • I think that any precise numbers are quite irrelevant; future is unknown and predicting exact number where specific stock finds bottom... it is something too supernatural. One may talk only about specific signs and features that could accompany possible bottom for this sector.

    This sector should accept and admit inevitable: it produces too much silver. Silver miners should stop delivering "record production" every quarter and pay attention instead to business basics. It makes sense to produce silver only if you make profit on it. This company and many others should close unprofitable mines. It is better for the company to do it now, while company financials are still strong to smooth one-time closure expense.

    Silver differs from gold by having real industrial demand, but still this demand is outpaced by mining output, leaving miners at mercy of "investment demand", i.e. financial markets. Silver miners should diminish production until it gets equal to industrial demand.

    It can be projected that in case silver price stays low, companies will start mine closures, sooner (voluntarily) or later (forcibly) and this will become another reason to drive equity prices lower. As of now silver stocks are seriously overvalued relative to commodity (silver) price. Again, it is impossible, imho, to say whether bottom for PAAS comes around $12 or around $10 or lower or higher.

  • dcpayne1 Jul 3, 2014 1:01 PM Flag

    Otto, I dare you to short 10,000 shares out-right.. and if you don't have the cash.. I think you should sell naked calls... I'll take the other side of your bet and I bet that you lose.. BIG TIME! Happy 4th of July, America!

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    A walk down memory lane with PAAS

    by johnnywvw54 Nov 1, 2014 4:07 PM

    Your message missed few important numbers: earnings, cash flow, market cap. It is not right to talk about share price without acknowledging them.
    For example, present market cap is about $1.5B. I didn't check any numbers from 1997, in any case it was too many years ago. However, I may guess that market cap was substantially lower that time.

    If your message meant that PAAS share price is unfairly low now then, sorry, it would be very hard to prove it using present numbers. Earnings are negative and cash flow too and silver price continue streaming downward. That's the reality. The only consolation is that PAAS is better than peers like CDE or AG, not even mentioning silver juniors. It will not go to zero in near and/or mid-term while many other silver stocks will.

  • In my opinion, it is not a good sign when a CEO wastes time on empty talk about "paper manipulation",etc. After all, CEOs are supposed to be business men with enough experience and education to know that PM market transactions were always done in paper. CEO credentials must include good knowledge and understanding of financial markets. In other words, CEOs are supposed to know it all better than bunch of uneducated zealots, commonly called "goldbugs".

    Regarding AG production, they did abstain from selling some ounces that they had available for sale in the end of September. They probably hoped that silver price can recover quickly after September rout. So far it doesn't go this way and if silver stays in 17s then they will be forced to sell in 17s during current quarter. Maybe, they already sold.

    Silver miners do not have luxury to produce metal and keep it in vaults. They have to make payroll and they have to pay expenses incurred when they produce the metal. Silver doesn't come free. As of now, selling it doesn't cover all expenses, but still it covers something. Producing and not selling is plain impossible.

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    Earnings Will Suprise....................

    by greatgabbo Nov 12, 2014 12:36 PM

    There are different ways how to calculate "all-in cost". Initially, when this term was introduced couple years ago, the idea was to get rid off blatant misrepresentations included in previously used "cash cost" and present something actually reflecting real cost of doing business.

    It was a noble idea, but, naturally enough miners, started to "adopt" this term making it less and less correlated with real cost. It is quite possible that in few more years "all-in cost" will become no better than "cash cost", if used for serious investment purposes.

    Regarding earning estimates, it would have to be taken as success if PAAS could be able to make 2-3 cents as it's written in present analyst estimates. Why? Read preceding earning release and see numbers there. Anyway, silver price is currently more than 20% lower than it was in Q3. It makes Q3 earnings awfully obsolete, just in case 2-3 cents could be perceived as a great number.

    In general, when you estimate stock value it makes sense to base it on stock/company fundamentals, not on perception of message board postings. 2-3 message board posters can be bearish or bullish on stock price and, often enough, it has nothing to do with real factors affecting the same price.

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    earnings will come out when?

    by du_dilegence Nov 13, 2014 8:47 AM

    Earnings will be released today, after closing; probably, very late. Check it tomorrow morning.

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