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  • If I'm reading this right, the Bakers - SGEN insiders - bought ANOTHER 300,000 or so shares of SGEN this week. For those keeping score at home, that would be roughly 1 million additional shares bought by the Bakers within the last month.

  • Regarding maui/rickarooski: Rickarooski and his aliases - Mauihope, Fishman, Smelky and many others - have made sporadic appearances here for nearly a decade. He or they show up only during periods of pressure on the stock. He or they disappear for vast stretches of time when the stock is doing well.

    He uses a different 'voice' for each of his aliases, so it's not possible to determine exactly how ill he is or how much time he spends talking to himself here, but it's clear that some defect in brain chemistry or the way he was raised by his parents - or both - have left him deeply in need of attention. He has made reference in the past to the need to balance his meds; it is possible that his long absences from the board are due to periods of institutionalization or rescinding of his computer privileges while institutionalized.

    It's highly unlikely that he has or ever had or ever will have a stake in SGEN stock. He's simply a particularly active, particularly creative, particularly ill troll.

    Under his Rickarooski alias, he has been intermittently airing these rambling, incoherent conspiracy theories since the stock was in the single digits ("Ten is 10.") Under his Mauihope alias, he pretends to be a fan of SGEN but incessantly spins negative fairy tales, such as his latest regarding CD-19, a scenario that other, more knowledgeable posters repeatedly have knocked down.

    If you respond to him, you are giving him exactly what he wants: attention and momentum in his effort to dominate and dumb down one of the few message boards that has remained worthy of serious discussion.

  • For those who might be interested........ and for what little or much this may be worth........

    From Fly On The Wall:

    Seattle Genetics upgraded to Buy from Neutral at UBS
    "UBS upgraded Seattle Genetics to Buy citing increased comfort in the company's upcoming phase 3 AETHERA data and the recent underperformance of shares. UBS believes Seattle's pipeline development is not reflected in the stock and keeps a $48 price target for shares."

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    UBS Upgrade of SGEN To Buy Today With PT of $48

    by ricardouno Jul 9, 2014 7:15 AM

    Reader alert: mauihope is rickarooski is fstout57 and several other aliases. Same troll.

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    UBS Upgrade of SGEN To Buy Today With PT of $48

    by ricardouno Jul 9, 2014 7:15 AM

    Are you trying to convince the reader that slower than expected event occurrence is a bad thing ?
    The reason the events aren't occurring is because the treatment is working even better than the experts would have expected when the trial was designed. The event in PFS is progression. No progression , no event occurrence. Why spin that data to imply it's bad. Sooner rather than later SGEN and Takeda take the data to the FDA. They look at it and say " Why delay further, lives are being saved, we've seen enough without having to wait any longer".
    Grow up man and stop coming out with your nonsense every time the stock makes a decent move and you are caught on the wrong side of your trade.

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    by paladin_roams Jul 31, 2014 5:57 PM

    Agree completely. This management team is really top notch...and it shows on the calls. They have a great plan, even better science and we just have to be patient until they really deliver.
    The Baker Brothers obviously know this company exceptionally well---it's the largest holding in their portfolio of 99 companies and their purchase of more than 1.25 MM shares for more than $45 MM over the last 2 1/2 months confirms that they like the progress they are witnessing. Felix Baker, being on the Board suggests he knows what happening; his added purchases tell me all I need to know.

  • Another solid quarter. I continue to be impressed with how well this company executes on its plan, and how competent and articulate their senior execs are on these CCs. It gives one, at least me, continued confidence in the future. They never make big news in these CCs, they just add some color to what has been released through either earlier data releases or annual guidance. I was interested in the fact they felt confident enough to specifically mention off label usage, something they really have stayed away from in previous calls.

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    rcc candidate population

    by dpemco Aug 12, 2014 4:19 PM

    Since the trial is restricted to "refractives" the addressable population is probably not very large (a few thousands) however you have to look at the past to see the strategy. I think that the data that they have so far indicates that the drug is very likely to produce outstanding results (CRs and stable disease) in this population so that on ethical basis the FDA will be forced to issue early approval for this restricted population (likely after PII as it was the case for Adcetris). This is a win for all.
    First for the patients that get to live for which an approval after a long PIII would have come too late.
    Second for SGEN that will get an earlier revenue stream from the drug's sales with which to finance the trials required to get a label expansion for frontline later.
    Third are SGEN shareholders which will benefit from SGEN's ability to finance what in effect is the long and very expensive PIII to get frontline approval, with FFO's instead of dilutive revenue raises.
    If you look back this is how Adcetris has evolved.

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    It wasn't 75% chance afterall, was it!!!!!!!!

    by rickarooski May 23, 2014 6:26 PM

    Lay off the hard drugs. You're even more incoherent than usual.

  • Your luck is about to change. Barring any breakout news over the next couple of weeks, share price is pinned at $40 until OPEX (6/21?). A lot going on until EOY that will lift SP to double current price IMO.

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    UBS Upgrade of SGEN To Buy Today With PT of $48

    by ricardouno Jul 9, 2014 7:15 AM

    Atpl, that's Rickarooski's style when he trolls under his Maui alias - a seemingly balanced post that ends up being subtly negative. He uses a different style and 'voice' for each of his many aliases. A very ill puppy, but one of the more creative trolls on the Yahoo message boards. Fstout57 is another of Rickarooski's aliases - one of the tells on a troll: They tell you about their imaginary low buys at the same time they tell you about their imaginary profitable sales.

  • I watch a lot of long-term trading patterns of stocks and I found this interesting.

    If you look at a semi-log chart of Gilead (GILD) going back to its debut as a public company and overlay that on top of SGEN from its debut, the patterns are eerily volatility/price movement. Some of this may be ascribed to the fact that both companies are in the biotech sector, some perhaps to the beliefs/attitudes of investors in those companies.

    Anyway, after 13+ years as a public company, GILD in early 2005 (after adjusting for five splits) sold for about $7 1/2. In the next 9+ years, GILD would rise by more than 12-fold.....that's a compound annual rate of return of about 25%.

    If this pattern should continue, SGEN will have a great future....though, of course, we all really know that the future will be determined by company fundamentals and how well the company executes on its strategy....still, I found the parallels with share prices "interesting."

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    Thursday CC

    by koolbrez22 Jul 27, 2014 8:37 PM

    It depends on what you're expecting. I think this company is on a solid path, knows where they're going and how they're planning to get there. The only real question is how long will it take than to achieve the results we (investors and the company management....and, of course the Baker Brothers) all want.

    The recent new buys by the Baker Brothers and the fact that SGEN is their company's largest holding is very, very encouraging.

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    There's a 75% chance that the pukes reloaded.

    by rickarooski May 22, 2014 4:47 PM

    As is self-evident, RIcky's a lunatic. It's really better not to feed the trolls.

  • My dd is a true to life story. It's not very fancy or long. A good friend of mine is alive because of Sgen and told me about it in the 7's. He's still doing well.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    Ricardouno - NWBO Question!

    by nhanduyvo Jun 21, 2014 12:36 AM


    I agree.

    I have been a shareholder in SGEN for many years and management has been very professional all along the way. While the science remains of the utmost importance, the fact that we are also dealing with a dignified and well run operation is one of the main reasons that, for me, SGEN continues to be a core holding.

    All the best,


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    Insider Purchases

    by terryramsey007 Jun 18, 2014 2:21 PM

    And another Johnny Come Lately Know Nothing from the Cramer wing of ignorance is put on ignore.

  • ...this was just posted on a Hodgkin's patient message board:
    [Name redacted] 1 hr · Westland, MI · Two rounds of Brentuximab and the hodge is 80% gone!

  • You're not fooling anyone. We're smarter than you are.

  • Who's it gonna be....pick your poison....I still say staying independent is the best path....but there is no way SGEN is just too attractive.

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