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  • Hey you mindless “closet ratings” downer creeps. GET LOST. Minus that, supply some more of your “downers” just to confirm your cowardly nature. Or do something unusual for you. State your differences openly. MAKE OUR DAY.

  • No discipline at home for importance of education by their "i'm a winner" parents means they just blame it all on the teachers. No...your kids don't find it important because their parents don't either.
    A quick glance at US proficiency in math and science (and even English) compared to other countries tells the story of where we will be in 10-20-30 years. You cannot play Candy Crush for a living.

  • Love that. Jesus was indeed a left-wing revolutionary.

  • There is an excellent book that mirrors many of the statements in this Topic: “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, which is a FREE download on ArchiveDATorg. It is also available at Amazon as a paperback or on Kindle at around $25, depending on the size of the order.

    It’s somewhat amazing that a Princeton professor states much the same, since nearly ALL university economics departments receive funding from the Federal Reserve System. To do otherwise is to be permanently marginalized to a back office.

    This Topic misses the main point, emphasized in this book. Every aspect of American life, and for that matter what takes place in other countries, is a result of a system of fiat currencies. They corrupt everything imaginable as central banks possess all the levers of power through their ability to print counterfeit money. Corporatism and multinationals (as currently constructed) could not exist without it. Decrying the lack of influence of “average citizens” without pointing to the issue of counterfeit money, in the hands of what must be considered as the criminal elite, is ignoring “THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM”.

    The awareness of this flaw in how this country operates is not lost on its enemies, as the dollar is increasingly losing its influence internationally as a medium of exchange. If you think that the elite might realize the dangers inherent in their control as the issuers of fiat money, you would be wrong. It aligns perfectly with their plans for world domination since their preferences are sympathetic to the agendas of this country’s enemies, where “enemies” implies those who have utter disdain for the liberties outlined in our US Constitution (minus Progressive Era changes). It is relatively easy to see the flow of hard assets to countries like China with the debilitating effects it has on the United States. Unfortunately most are prisoners to what they view on a daily basis that exudes from the “stupid box” in their living rooms.

  • It has not passed notice that there are those on this message board who will NOT answer the previous post from this screen name, but rather remain in the ratings “closet”, undoubtedly the same who disagreed with Optimum50, Zombiegrunt, qstn_mrk and hapiwondrer. It’s always the same group of cowards, who don’t have any argument based on the rule of law who go and hide rather than make fools of themselves with arguments more attuned to those that would be typical of a dictatorship. You WILL NOT prevail in your efforts to turn this country into one. Take your marbles and go to some other fascist/socialist country more to your liking. And if you think you can prevail militarily from there, MAKE OUR DAY.

    As for hoozdik_hertz_900, maybe she should return to her roots (as currently she likes to brag about the tightness of her female parts a la her screen name). Or take a hike to Venezuela, the newly forming Soviet Union, Communist China or any of a number of other similar countries that rule dictatorially in countries where the People are not the ultimate authority through their representatives.

  • the wink wink European Missile Defense Treaty Obama negotiated after the election. Today Russia is a threat, but only one guy clapped after the Obama speech. Israel gave up on Obama long ago after Obama tried to give away the West Bank while the Israeli PM was sitting next to him at the news conference. When there is proof Obama says not a smidgen on Fox News when Billy Graham of all people and now Jimmy Carter who supported Obama now comes out about the IRS. 60% of Americans now agree our president lies most of the time. We have three more years of this hate and rage. It is very likely a black will never be elected president again. His promise of Hope and Change was a lie to kill Liberty. He pretends a successful Obamacare when out of the European press and the Rand Corp. only 800,000 are actually paying premiums. One lie after another, America is a disgrace for voting for the Freebee president throwing the next two generations into a debt ridden nation of financial failure.

  • Gross incompetence to the bitter end

    You couldn't ask for a more fitting and ironic farewell. Kathleen Sebelius delivered her prepared resignation speech at the White House today -- well part of it, anyway. A glitch crashed her presentation midway through, which clearly wasn't ready for launch. "Unfortunately, a page is missing," she admitted after a brief shutdown. She did finally manage to piece together her final remarks before handing the reigns over to Sylvia Mathews Burwell.

  • BA really changed my financial situation, made roughly $225k the past few months, been getting my stock alerts from underground stock alerts* (google em). Hope you guys have been doing as well with trading as I have.

  • Still early, but quite likely the most stupid post o' the week.

  • Today is Good Friday, when pro-death penalty Christians commemorate anti-death penalty Jesus getting the death penalty.

    John Fugelsang

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    Quote of the Day

    by hoozdik_hertz_900 6 hours ago

    Correction - Now the poor get fat.

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    Quote of the Day

    by hoozdik_hertz_900 6 hours ago

    The hoozdik is back.

    Times are changin'
    Now the poor get far

  • who hung around with lepers, #$%$, and crooks; who wasn't American and never spoke English; was anti-wealth, anti-death penalty, and anti-public prayer; but was never anti-gay, never mentioned abortion or birth control, never called the poor lazy, never justified torture, never fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarenes, never asked a leper for a copay; and was a long-haired, brown-skinned homeless, community organizing anti#$%$-shaming middle eastern Hebrew.

    John Fugelsang

  • Hey you stink. I can smell you from here. Take a bath! now.

  • Former Current TV host John Fugelsang gave a theology lesson to disgraced former Navy chaplain Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt during a joint appearance on The Ed Show Friday in a debate over the religious implications of the Affordable Care Act.

    “You know, Jesus never asked a leper for a co-pay,” Fugelsang told Klingenschmitt and host Ed Schultz. “And in Matthew 10:70, he commands his followers to heal the sick. Every option of healthcare on the exchange allows for a woman to choose a provider that will only allow abortion in cases of rape or incest. Where the chaplain’s being disingenuous is, the only time this will ever pay for abortion is, in the case of rape or incest or if you believe, as the chaplain does, that contraception is the same as abortion.”

    Fugelsang went on to note to Kliengenschmitt that while Jesus Christ did not condemn abortion in the biblical gospels, he does speak out against “killing the sinner” via the death penalty.

    “Have you, sir, ever once protested your tax dollars being taken to fund state-sanctioned killing?” Fugelsang asked Klingenschmitt. “I’ll take you seriously as ‘pro-life’ if you’ve ever once protested your tax dollars funding executions.”

    “It’s quite the opposite,” Klingenschmitt responded. “Jesus said in Mark 15, if anyone disobeys or dishonors his mother and father he should be put to death.”

    “No sir, he did not say that,” Fugelsang shot back. “He’s quoting Leviticus. He’s throwing that back in the face of the Pharisees — some of us know that story, sir.”

    “If somebody offends a child, he should have a millstone thrown around his neck and be thrown to the depth of the sea,” Klingenschmitt answered. “So Jesus does oppose abortion.”

    Klingenschmitt also attempted to cite a debunked survey claiming “83 percent of doctors” have considered opting out of the law, commonly known as Obamacare, before Fugelsang pressed him on the death penalty issue.

    “I think Jesus is in favor of guilty people having the death penalty, not the innocent,” Klingenschmitt responded.

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    Quote of the Day

    by hoozdik_hertz_900 6 hours ago

    Today is Good Friday, when pro-death penalty Christians commemorate anti-death penalty Jesus getting the death penalty.

    John Fugelsang

  • In April of last year, BA delivered 45 planes.
    So far in April of this year they have delivered 22 planes with 12 days left in the month.
    They have 4 787's ready for delivery and should have another 6 ready before the end of the month.
    With 18 737's delivered and the current production rate of 42 a month, and that there are a number of 737's already have already had first flights, they should be able to deliver at least 42 737's this month.
    They need to hit at least 60 deliveries for the month to reach the low end target for 2014.

  • If you're just tuning in, undocumented workers are criminals who don't respect our laws, but millionaire ranchers who don't recognize the U.S. government and abuse federal lands are just hard workers seeking a better life.

    John Fugelsang

  • Turn off Fox News. You might learn something. Your posts are like listening to the neighbor's parrot. the parrot says words but . . . .

  • optimum50 6 hours ago Flag

    Is there another way the planes could have been diverted? Shortly after 9-11, the late Joe Vialls asserted that the four jetliners were remote-controlled into their targets using an emergency recovery system that had been installed on Boeing 757s and 767s; the system, he said, took the pilots and crews completely out of the control loop. I know Vialls has been sharply criticized, and I do not say he was right; but I believe it is worth reading his explanation, if only because remote-controlling the 9-11 planes would explain a lot:

    • Why the planes were flown into their targets with pinpoint accuracy, despite known flying incompetence of the alleged hijackers;
    • Why none of the pilots typed in a hijacking alert code (as they were trained to do);
    • Why none of the pilots sent distress messages;
    • Why the government has never publicly produced a cockpit tape from any of the flights;
    • How the hijackers took over the planes so easily (perhaps they never did);
    • Why fighters were delayed getting airborne, preventing them from intercepting any of the aircraft (had they done so, and flown alongside, they might have seen something in the cockpits very different from what we were told).

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