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  • You are correct. The 787 is a disaster and Airbus selling 20 percent more planes.

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    Osulin- AVNR up 300% since I gave it to you

    by tahoe_jk Sep 29, 2014 9:36 PM


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    AVNR Buyout !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by tahoe_jk Sep 17, 2014 2:17 PM


  • The police department has no record of that call.
    Per the testimony, Officer Wilson cut them off, so how could he open his door with it banging into Brown and bouncing off., not Brown slamming it shut.
    Wilson's testimony was memorized word for word.
    No grand jury or prosecutor questioning about officer Wilsons recent history of being abusive and using profane language during a routine call, and then lying about the incident in a police report!!!
    Get real, officer Brown was in no danger as Brown had fled.
    Officer Wilson should have waited one minute and then done a proper police search to locate Brown, an unarmed teen missing his shoes and bleeding from a gunshot wound instead of exiting his vehicle (ignoring Johnson another suspect in the major crime of lifting $4.99 of cigarillos) and pursuing and then shooting several .40 cal rounds towards the backside of brown as he was fleeing (in total disregard for safety of people all over the streets) according to 15 witnesses.
    The same number of witnesswho also described Brown as raising his hands in some manner as means of surrender... surrender

  • It's the 1% that creates jobs, products people want and a higher standard of living. Those of us who have earned our way into the top1% aren't dreamers.....we're achievers. Get government out of our way and we'll achieve even more.

    Oh yea.....if black people in Ferguson had jobs or were in school, they wouldn't have time to riot and loot. Instead only 52% of them ever graduate from high school.....and that's from socialized government schools where they don't really have to learn anything. Hey.....going out making babies is a lot more fun than getting and education or marketable skill. And the baby mommas will get all kinds of welfare checks they can share with you.....a halve dozen baby mommas and you got it made.

  • I told you at $3 to buy avnr
    berry christmas

  • Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke gained notoriety last year after releasing a series of radio advertisements encouraging people to arm themselves for self defense purposes. He just won a tough re-election battle in Wisconsin.
    Now, Clarke is calling out Attorney General Eric Holder in a big way for his meddling in Ferguson in the case of Officer Darren Wilson and Michael Brown.
    During a recent event at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. and before the grand jury made its decision not to indict Officer Wilson, Clarke accused Holder of exploiting a racial fire and compared Al Sharpton to a vulture feeding on a roadside carcass.
    "I'm not one known to sugar coat things. This #$%$ me off. I sat up and watched as events unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri. [It's a] unfortunate situation obviously. Anytime a law enforcement officer uses force that takes a life, it deserves a thorough, transparent vetting, investigation, we all agree with that. But then some groups began to converge on the small town of Ferguson, Missouri, like vultures on a roadside carcass. Groups like the New Black Panther Party. People like Al Sharpton. To come and exploit that situation and instead of coming into help and restore calm, poured gas on that fire with some of their inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric," Clark said. "I sat up there and listened to Governor Nixon and I sat up there and listened to Claire McCaskell the senator and then I sat up there and listened to Eric Holder throw law enforcement officers under the bus for political expediency. These are the same individuals at election time who come around wanting support from law enforcement organizations...I expected that from Governor Nixon. I expected that from Claire McCaskell. Those are nothing but two-bit politicians, they do that sort of thing, that's what politicians do you know that…but I did not expect that from Eric Holder, who calls himself a law enforcement officer."

  • Which of my taxes did Obama lower? When did the recession end? Was there a Bush recession before 2006?

  • He even helped the middle class decline further into mediocrity.

  • Voters pretty well said they want him to just shut up, quit lying every time he opens his mouth, go away and quit trying to fundamentally transform America into a socialist state. But what do you loyal liberals want him to do?

  • He lowered personal income taxes shortly after taking office.
    Obama lowered taxes for all workers through a 2 percentage point reduction in the Social Security payroll tax that started in 2011

    Bush recessions
    1. March 2001- November 2001
    2. December 2007 - June 2009


  • Class warfare makes for an awesome narrative but the data doesn't really back it up. Two cases in point just from today. First we have a Gallup poll showing the self-reported level of spending in November rose to $95 a day last month. Yes, the fancy-kids spent more, but spending was up in the lower end as well.

    A man need only so much.
    The rest is for show-off.

  • fourmore, you're very confused....more than likely a victim of socialized government education that rendered you unable to utilize critical thinking.

    1. March 2001- November 2001 - this recession was simply a continuation of the Clinton Gore recession - look it up.

    2. December 2007 - June 2009 is the result of Democrats taking control of congress in 2007. Their policies led to outlandish spending, soaring deficits, sub prime loans and the collapse of the financial system because they refused to listen to Bush's warnings. It's all on "you tube."

  • sound like an Obama communist who wants to dictate how much a man needs. Here in America you don't get to decide matter what Obama tells you. Besides it's just a communist excuse for wanting to be able to redistribute what the elitist government bureaucrats think you don't need. That might work in North Korea....but not here.

  • Just made 78% from my last Ultimate Stock Alerts (look for them in google). You need to be on this list, man…

  • You're hilarious.....stupid, but hilarious. Maybe you should wise up and listen to what voters were saying in the last election.

  • YES TRANSCRIPT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED - its impossible to publish a transcript before it is made just as its impossible to publish your stupid statements BEFORE you make them, even though they are expected.

    dna tests on gun

    dna analysis report case 14-D450
    Q19 swabs from P.O Wilson Sig P229 (RBS) Item # 1B



    sample of Juror asks question of Johnson page 54/181 Juror denoted by “ : “ indicator
    **** I have OCR’d the text on a Volume 4 pdf file downloaded so some minor errors may be found *** A is Dorian Johnson Ms Whirley is one of the prosecutors attorneys- : is A Juror , note both do ask questions !!

    A On Canfield Drive. Now, in the midst of
    16 the tug of war, I never see Big Mike actually have
    17 his body inside the vehicle, like the officer never
    18 fully got him inside so much as he has torso or top
    19 area coming toward the window.
    20 Q Did you ever see Big Mike's hands inside
    21 the car?
    22 A No, ma'am, I never, I'm still standing
    23 there, more shocked than ever because I see it is
    24 escalating, I can see and hear the cuss words, I can
    25 see the frowns on their faces getting more intense1

    Page 55 1
    MS. WHIRLEY: Is there a question?
    I do have a question.
    MS. WHIRLEY: It is okay with me.
    : Do you want to wait?
    MS. WHIRLEY: You can go ahead and ask a
    You said you were on his
    A Yes, ma'am.
    : You were both very close
    to the door?
    A Correct.
    : You said he had his hands
    on the police car?
    A Correct.
    And he handed you the
    Cigarillos in your hand?
    A Yes, ma'am, correct.
    : Did he and you both have
    in one hand?
    A Correct, yes, no. He handed both of them
    in my hands he had, my hands were free, so he handed
    them to me at the same time.
    : Reason I ask this, I'm
    not judging, the reason I ask you is because that in
    Gore Perry Reporting and Video
    Electronically signed by b378e779-538c-4a9f-aa6b-d45c6b2b81a6
    Grand Jury- Ferguson Police Shooting Grand Jury
    September 10, 2014

  • Grand Jury- Ferguson Police Shooting Grand Jury
    September 10, 2014
    MS. WHIRLEY: Is there a question?
    :I do have a question.
    MS. WHIRLEY: It is okay with me.
    : Do you want to wait?
    MS. WHIRLEY: You can go ahead and ask a
    :You said you were on his
    A Yes, ma'am.
    : You were both very close
    to the door?
    A Correct.
    : You said he had his hands
    on the police car?
    A Correct.
    :And he handed you the
    Cigarillos in your hand?
    A Yes, ma'am, correct.
    : Did he and you both have
    in one hand?
    A Correct, yes, no. He handed both of them
    in my hands he had, my hands were free, so he handed
    them to me at the same time.
    : Reason I ask this, I'm
    not judging, the reason I ask you is because that in
    the film we saw, he only had the Cigarillos in one
    A Yes, when he initially grabbed out of the
    store, he had a lot of them in one hand when he
    grabbed them in the store. Once he got outside the
    store, that's when he divided them kind of and had
    both of his hands.
    He's 6'3" or 6'4?
    A Yes, ma'am.
    You're not six feet?
    A No, not at all.
    : So how do you know he is
    so much taller than the car than you, you say you
    saw both of his hands, how did you see his left
    A The officer or Big Mike's?
    : Big Mike.
    A Big Mike.
    : He's so big, he's up
    against the car.
    A Yeah.
    : How could you be sure?
    A He was never like, I see what you're
    saying, he was never that close to the car, like I
    said, because of the position that he had on the
    Page 57 1
    officer standing outside. He was more overpowering
    the officer and the officer couldn't get him to
    close to the car.
    So as he is pulling away, I can see
    his hand on front of the car, not both of his hands
    were on top. One hand was on top, the other hand
    was kind of by the side mirror on the officer's
    cruiser. So I can see his hands as he's pulling
    away, but then the officer, you know, there's a tug
    of war. He pulled him and then he pulled away.
    That begs another
    question. You said he was getting the best of the
    officer. And when Sheila asked you

  • For the delusional RWNJ:

    There were many causes of the suprime crisis, with commentators assigning different levels of blame to financial institutions, regulators, credit agencies, government housing policies, and consumers, among others.[5] A proximate cause was the rise in subprime lending. The percentage of lower-quality subprime mortgages originated during a given year rose from the historical 8% or lower range to approximately 20% from 2004 to 2006 - Republican Congress and Bush presidency!!!!

    The Glass-Steagall Act was enacted after the Great Depression. It separated commercial banks and investment banks, in part to avoid potential conflicts of interest between the lending activities of the former and rating activities of the latter. In 1999 Glass-Steagall was repealed by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act [A republican action
    ]Economist Joseph Stiglitz criticized the repeal of Glass Steagall because, in his opinion, it created a risk-taking culture of investment banking dominated the more conservative commercial banking culture, leading to increased levels of risk-taking and leverage during the boom period.

    The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 was bi-partisan legislation that formally exempted derivatives from regulation, supervision, trading on established exchanges, and capital reserve requirements for major participants. It “provided a legal safe harbor for treatment already in effect.”[224] Concerns that counterparties to derivative deals would be unable to pay their obligations caused pervasive uncertainty during the crisis. Particularly relevant to the crisis are credit default swaps (CDS), a derivative in which Party A pays Party B what is essentially an insurance premium, in exchange for payment should Party C default on its obligations. Warren Buffett famously referred to derivatives as "financial weapons of mass destruction" in early 2003.

  • And she’s anchored by weight of her own choosing. Landrieu didn’t have to ignore opinion polls and vote for Obamacare, but she did. She didn’t have to vote for radical Obama nominees like Debo Adegbile, pro bono legal advocate for cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, but she did. It was her own choice to vote against repealing the medical device tax and to vote increasingly pro-abortion in a pro-life state. She started her Senate career somewhat left of her Louisiana mentors Breaux and Bennett Johnston, and moved even further left. Breaux’s lifetime American Conservative Union rating was 45, Johnston’s 41; Landrieu’s is 20.

    It’s no wonder Landrieu is all but written off for reelection. No candidate won a majority in Louisiana’s nonpartisan primary held Election Day, so the two top candidates face a runoff December 6. Polls show Republican Bill Cassidy, a doctor and three-term congressman, with a double-digit lead.

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