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  • Chaos

    In Greek mythology, Chaos, the primeval void, was the first thing which existed. According to Hesiod, "at first Chaos came to be" (or was) "but next" (possibly out of Chaos) came Gaia, Tartarus, and Eros. Unambiguously born "from Chaos" were Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night).

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    Gold Prospecting in Ferguson

    by mp15shoot Nov 24, 2014 6:50 PM


  • I don't think he'll even get this prediction right
    No cahoonas

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  • So like royalty, merely a shiny relic or embellishment
    Not worthy of serious consideration
    I like your analogy

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    Who would buy 60 million shares of GSS today?

    by dumpplatinum 1 hour 59 minutes ago

    Heard Warren buffet bought today in after hours.

  • Surveillance State Song...

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  • The Russian Orthodox Church has warned of dire consequences for Moscow if plans proceed for a skyscraper light installation modelled on the all-seeing evil eye at the centre of JRR Tolkien’s fantasy novels.

    Russian art-group Svechenie plan to affix a real-life "Eye of Sauron" to the 21st floor of a skyscraper this week to coincide with the release of the final part of Peter Jackson’s movie adaptation of The Hobbit.

    “This is a demonic symbol,” the Russian Orthodox Church’s head of public affairs, Vsevolod Chaplin, told Govorit Moskva radio station.

    “Such a symbol of the triumph of evil is rising up over the city, becoming practically the highest object in the city. Is that good or bad? I’m afraid it’s more likely bad. Just don’t be surprised later if something goes wrong with the city.”

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    Who would buy 60 million shares of GSS today?

    by dumpplatinum 1 hour 59 minutes ago

    Some big tycoon was buying like crazy in the after markets.

  • Thats like half the company changing hands. Did it really get that low?

  • I have never seen that kind of volume. Must be everyone panicking out.

  • Tried to warn my POOR sweet amateur gold/silver LOSERS and FAILURES, again:

    Girls, what that means is that, for the next FOUR YEARS, markets will trade in the following ESTABLISHED trading patterns (and any deviations can only be brief and minor):

    1. Soaring Dow and Nasdaq
    2. Crashing gold and silver
    3. Soaring Oil and Gas (and the imminent rebound will be sharp and swift!!!!!)
    4. Soaring Platinum and Palladium (and the imminent rebound will be sharp and swift!!!)
    5. Dropping commodity prices ***
    6. Crashing commodity currencies (e.g. Canucka and Aussieville)
    7. Rising Bond Prices
    8. Soaring Metropolitan real estate

    *** And of all the commodities doomed to perform the worst, the non-China USELESS rare earth miners (that did not even exist back in the Clinton years) are 100% CERTAIN to be buried before year's end... ALL of them

    Again, as per my usual genius in market evaluation, second to none, vastly superior to the typical wall street clown.......I ask you note this post for future reference and, in another four years, those who followed my advice will thank their lucky stars they had the good fortune to read my extremely insightful analyses whilst those who ignored me will be living in a shack somewhere in the woods, feasting on their own feces and vomit ROFLMAO

  • Tried to warn my POOR sweet amateur gold/silver cheerleader DUPES and FOOLS, again:

    The sick bullion funds looked AWFUL today --------and smarter pros have used the pathetic bullion funds, along with the rotten gold/silver JUNIORS, as perfect FORECASTERS of all SENIOR gold/silver price movements.

    Reason: the bullion funds do NOT trade options so there is NO incentive for the slimy banks and funds to create SCAM RAMP JOBS in the bullion funds in order to SUCKER small spec fools into buying gazillions of WORTHLESS gold/silver CALL options.

    Girls, EDUCATE yourselves, re-read my usual genius posts, and STOP paying attention to a single word of NONSENSE coming from the sleazy wall street club and their financial media shills!!

  • Tried to warn my POOR sweet amateur gold/silver/rare earth SUCKERS and LOSERS, again:

    make NO mistake about one thing, girls......they ALL trade in identical BEAR market trading patterns...ALL OF THEM!

    those who try to make a distinction between those three DEAD commodity sectors are nothing more than hoodwink artists, the typical types of wall street slime who exist to deceive everybody, not merely strangers, but their own dysfunctional families and imaginary friends.

    The only commodities that remain in SUPER BULL market trading patterns happen to be platinum, palladium, oil, and gas, despite minor brief dips suggesting otherwise....while ALL the rest of the commodities (and commodity currencies, e.g, Canuck Dollar, Aussie Dollar) are destined to dive into the gutter where they belong. That is why smarter pro traders use ALL brief minor dips in platinum, palladium, oil, and gas to increase IN THE MONEY CALL positions while using ALL brief minor DEADCAT BOUNCES In the sick golds, silvers, and rare earths to increase IN THE MONEY PUT positions for the final ride to ZERO. Those trading patterns have now persisted for the past THREE YEARS and will continue for at least another 3-4 YEARS at minimum, along with the established SUPER BULL trading patterns of the Dow and Nasdaq favorites

  • Girls, if you read the gold/silver PUMP headlines at Kitco last week, a most deceptive company that has been known to SHORT frequently its own bullion hoard, even as it declares itself to be a gold/silver "long player, it featured the BOGUS headline, "Gold sharply up on safe haven demand???????????" ROFLMAO ROFLMAO

    Girls, first a pathetic 2% gain in bullion is NOT a sharp rise, it is a pathetic DEADCAT GAIN in the USELESS bullion that trades 40% BELOW its all time high.......and you can NOT deny that FACT.

    Second, there was NO safe haven demand for the rotten golds or silvers, given that the Dow and Nasdaq NEVER fell a significant percent at any time....and the only real test of safe haven demand is whether these ZERO VALUE golds or silvers can rise in a sharp drop, one that does NOT immediately erase itself. Guess what, girls, they ALWAYS FAIL!

    In fact, during all genuine sharp drops in the Dow or Nasdaq, namely drops in excess of 10%, the USELESS golds and silvers ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS DROP through the floor as other words, there is ZERO safe haven demand for these gold/silver piles of puke, that makes ALL OF THEM completely WORTHLESS.... and that is irrefutable FACT!!!!

    GIrls, re-read my usual GENIUS posts, and EDUCATE yourselves about how markets REALLY trade, as opposed to the DISINFO NONSENSE coming from Big Media, especially the airhead clowns at CNBC

  • GIrls, one thing that both cracks me up yet annoys me like hell are all these BOGUS PUMP SHILLS attempting to SCAM gold and silver bagholder FOOLS into thinking that the sector can undergo any kind of sharp "short squeeze," suggesting 1000% jumps in gold or silver trash stocks, when that is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE....and knowing this FACT, I have advised friends and family to wait for ONE PENNY per share in all these DYING golds and silvers before they close shorts or long term PUTS.

    Reason: thanks to the CFTC and COMEX, the entire gold/silver trade is comprised mostly of DIGITAL and PAPER trades...and that means INFINITE amounts of DIGITAL/PAPER gold or silver can be created for the purposes of SHORTING the rotten metals into the toilet where they belong. IT IS NO LONGER A PHYSICAL MARKET, girls, and that means it is...repeat after me, girls...IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE for any kind of dramatic gold or silver "short squeeze," and that applies to both the lousy metals and the gold/silver stock stinkers...ALL OF THEM!!!!

    So please stop trying to sell snow to eskimos, PUMPERS.....nobody with a rational operating brain buys any of your gold/silver PUMP NONSENSE LIES...repeat...NOBODY

  • Tried to warn all my POOR sweet amateur gold/silver SUCKERS and DUPES, again:

    At NO time this year has gold or silver registered anything other than a WEAK DEADCAT BOUNCE.....and it would take consecutive gains of 100 bucks per day or more to even suggest that the the gold/silver BEAR has ended. .........and it would take a gold bullion close above 1800 per ounce even to suggest the end of the gold/silver BEAR. However, THAT is a technical IMPOSSIBILITY...and now you know why only the amateurs continue to buy ALL the WORTHLESS gold/silver CALL options....while smarter pro traders only buy IN THE MONEY PUTS aimed against everything gold, silver, and WORTHLESS

  • Tried to warn my POOR sweet amateur gold/silver LOSERS and SUCKERS, again:

    Girls, as I proved in the past Holmes is a typical gold/silver fund manager.....pure sleaze, certainly no less than any of the Wall Street fund manager weasels with whom I've been forced to break bread over the past many years.

    For those with bad memories, Holmes WRONGLY pumped these DYING golds/silvers almost half a year ago---and it is an understatement to say the boobster was WRONG WRONG WRONG ROFLMAO

    It's called ZERO CREDIBILITY....and just like all gold/silver pumps coming from the Goldman shills like Old Baldie (Cramer), Old Sleazo (Gartman), Schiff, Dines , Rogers, et is 100% WRONG!

    GIrls, as per the ongoing gold/silver BEAR, there can NOT be a gold bottom of any kind until it trades BELOW 400, shutting down 95% of the USELESS industry, everything from Anglogold to Barrick, Pan American to Silver Wheaton, etc. etc.

    Those who argued against my perfect forecasts have lost you best re-read my usual genius posts and EDUCATE YOURSELVES

  • Girls, all experienced smarter market pros remember that, during the 90s, the slimy wall street club rigged the markets and, as per the norm, never received even a slap upon the wrist for their typical overt malfeasance. They flagrantly stole multi-BILLIONS from the gold/silver SUCKERS, via one scam after another....the gold leasing SCAM, in which central banks "loaned" most of their gold into the market to kill the gold price..........the forward sale SCAM (in which Fed Reserve proxy, Barrick, forward sold FIVE years of future production in order to crash the gold price)....the Dutch auction of the Bank of England gold, in which the LOWEST price bidder was awarded 50% of that nation's gold reserves........the hedge fund collusive short raids against commodity nation currencies (e.g. Canucka and AussieFalia) in order to crash their currencies and force gold/silver sales from those nations.......the constant raising of margin upon gold/silver specs whenever the gold/silver prices begin to creep upward too quickly......etc. etc.

    What smarter experienced pros learned is this: the gold/silver sector is nothing more than a private "piggy bank" for the slimy wall street felons, a market that their obedient CFTC and COMEX "employees" fail to regulate except in favor of the wall street funds who rape and loot the entire sector at will, regularly stealing multi-billions of dollars from gold/silver SUCKERS via the complete abrogation of free market mechanics, allowing one SCAM after another to empty the pockets of anybody insane enough to place one RED PENNY into the corrupt sector. Girls, next time you are forced to break bread with some scumster at JP Morgan or Goldman or Citi, and you are forced to visit their forested estates, chateaus, or private islands, take note of one FACT: most of their fancy set up came from STOLEN MONIES extracted from gold/silver SUCKERS like YOU...years and years of such unpunished crimes. STOP BEING A perma-SUCKER, girls!!! ROFLMAO

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