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  • Well you lost me. “Fair and Balanced”? By my calculations you went 35 minutes into the prime time debate before you asked a “non-gotcha” question. Everything was meant to be confrontational, Rubio vs his mentor, Bush, the conservatives were asked all about God and abortion, NOT about the issues that would turn the country around. Wallace has always been a snippy, snarky gotcha guy, and now Kelly is well on her way, but Baier? I was disgusted.
    Your agenda was clear, trash Trump (I am no supporter), diminish the conservatives, turn a highly important “DEBATE” into a Reality Show, deny the American public the hard information they needed to make intelligent decisions while you wallow in the muck. (BTW listen to noted attorney, leading author and fastest-growing talk show host, Mark Levin’s archived first hour from this past Friday on how you distorted the truth on Kelly’s bogus Trump question.)
    You lost me with your new agenda. Hence forth, I will not listen again to Kelly and I will record Special Report, O’Reilly and Hannity and fast forward much if not most of the shows to avoid your new and destructive progressive slant.
    As for your AM shows, I had already given up on Fox and Friends which is almost all fluff. I might as well be watching NBC for the “happy talk” content. I find that even though I don’t agree with MSNBC, Morning Joe at least discusses the ISSUES of the day and has real guests (like Trump, by the way) not mindless entertainers.
    So I’ve had it with you guys. You built your audience and reputation by being “Fair and Balanced” and now that you’ve gotten our attention, you’ve “gone native” on us and joined the rest of the progressive media with a hopelessly inane message. Good-bye Fox News!

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    Message to Fox News -- GOODBYE!

    by abi_lgm_2007 Aug 10, 2015 11:35 AM

    Kelly was so full of herself acting like SHE was the story. What a waste of an important debate.

    Fox News has just destroyed the base that made them. What a waste. I was sickened by their new liberal. We expected this from the networks, CNN and MSNBC, but now we've lost Fox. I wont watch at all, I feel betrayed, mostly by Baier, Wallace and Kelly were lost causes.

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