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  • Kind of like IBM which got whacked hard the other day.

    Buying back stock, multiple price increases, and chopping heads does not equal or generate long term growth. In fact it means just the opposite SEE has to do this to make the numbers. Companies that are really growing do not have to do any of the above. Growing companies split their stock, are hiring people, and do not have to implement price increase to produce revenue growth. This little rocket ship will fall back to earth when they can not financially engineer anymore tricks.

  • We started looking at SEE as a turnaround story. We liked the corpporate headquarter move to Charlotte, NC, it was named by Fortune as one of America's most admired companies, they are in space we like with all the e commerce and more and more people buying products that have to be shipped through the mail and Sealed Air products fit well in that space and they have some unique products that customers seem to like. But when we did some DD and started hearing that customers were more displeased with all the price increases and that they feel they are not really justified that caused us pause. We like it when we hear from customer's that they love the company and the products. That is just not what we heard. So we took a pass here. Customer's love Apple, Amazon, Costco, and FB. those companies care about the customer and the customer experience. We like companies that care more about the customer than thier own stock price. If you care about the customer stock price will follow. So in the end this is a zero some game you can not price increase your way to growth. SEE will probably have good earnings this quarter and for a few more quarters and the stock will probably drift higher. We will probably miss that move. Maybe we are missing an even bigger move if the management is dressing this outfit up for a buyout. But we do not buy companies based on buy out assumptions we buy them for real growth.

  • insatiable_appetite_for_stocks insatiable_appetite_for_stocks Sep 29, 2014 3:29 PM Flag

    Sounds like you missed the nice run in this stock and are tryiing to poke holes in the turnaround to me?

    Sentiment: Hold

  • Yes you are correct however we think North America is by far the largest market for their products btw we are not short sellers. We are private investor's managing a family trust. What perplexes us is how can other large share holders not do their due diligence and channel check Sealed Air customers? We did. I left out the part about the distribution side of SEE business where they sell a lot of products through used to be two large ones Xpedx and Unisource now those two companies merged. So we called some of their sales people to ask them how they feel Sealed Air is doing. They like the SEE products but dislike working with SEE because of certain policies they are implementing which makes it difficult for them to sell the products they are not all that willing to go out push their products because it is to difficult to sell them with unfriendly market pricing policies. Bottom line the feedback was not very positive. So how can this company be doing so great when the people that resale their products are not very happy to go out and sell them? So that makes us question what is really going on here? We are not running out to buy this stock or buying what the managment is selling. It looks like a price increase shell game to prop the stock up here and therefore not a long term sustainable business model. There are many other company's out there we can buy where customers love the company...Like FTNT, APPL, SSYS, FARO and on and we will look else where for now.

  • Sealed Air has little to no organic sales growth in fact we speculate true sales growth in non exsist and all the top line revenue growth is suspect. ? Even Zacks see's through the shell game saying SEE is getting top line numbers to look better from price increase's? How long can any company keep price inceasing while losing business out the back end? Sure the margin's will look better as they shed lower margin business but there is no real sales growth? Shareholders want growth !!! Why anyone would buy this stock is just crazy when they really do not know what the real state of business is... Who buys a stock when when a company is losing business left and right? Doesn't anybody on Wall St. see this shell game? They need to take a look behind the curtain and see what is really going on with the nonsense it is nothing more then a shell game here. Who is going to be the Bagholders when this train falls off the track? You can not price increase your way to growth. the way all anyone has to do is channel check with Tyson Foods, Conagra, Smithfield, Perdue ..etc these companies are sick of the price bullying and looking as hard as they can at all and any alternatives they can other then buying from Sealed Air... Curwood and Pregis are eating Sealed Air's lunch and laughing all the way to the bank while Sealed Air is losing customer's to them everyday. It appears that Sealed Air management cares more about stock options and stock price appreciation then they do their own customers Sealed Air is alienating their customers by the droves everyday. And this is what is admired by Fortune magazine? Fortune magazine needs to do more Due Diligence... When compaines care more about the stock price and then their customer's something is wrong. It is corporate greed here at the expense of their customers who are leaving in droves as Sealed Air thinks they can price increase their way to the top? Unbelieveable arrogance from our view point and homework.

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    Move to Charlotte

    by southwest199 Aug 12, 2014 4:58 PM

    Isn't he fabulous? Good thing he stiffed so many employees out of their bonuses. Otherwise, how would he have afforded that $12,000 bathtub. Marie Antoinette would be proud of her fellow countryman.

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    Move to Charlotte

    by southwest199 Aug 12, 2014 4:58 PM

    Did you see the New York Times spread on Pretty Bear's $5 million Miami house?? Do you think this guy is really going to move to Charlotte?? No way!

  • If you know what I mean, its a great market.

  • Is this move to a big new headquarters just an ego trip for Pretty Bear??

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