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  • carolynnv@sbcglobal.net carolynnv 24 minutes ago Flag

    Dlaskey. You might want to change nics. You have no credibility and people are laughing at you!

  • Wow... You smoking (or licking) Bailey crack?

    AEZS - 480K short....

    Took me two seconds.

    Penny Stock biotechs that have been down for months and months and are facing delisting tend to have very little shorts - Biggest reasons - Risks and Margins

    Most brokers require $3 margin for every share....
    Risk, you may be able to double your money, but you can lose a lot more.

  • Thoughts? Let's just say I like how you think, quentin.

  • Love these last minute trades trying to prop this stock up. Second day small last minute to keep stock propped up. Only manipulation are the pom-pom pumpers

  • Yep. The short interest just dropped to 332K. A short interest ratio this low in biotech is unheard of. I haven't seen it this low in 7 years. The shorts must feel this is the right time to cover.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • LOL. Short interest in a penny stock... Hey... Maybe you want to see if you can place a bet for the Buffalo Bills to win the super bowl next week.

    Better yet... Looks like ONCY has been taking their own REO and are dying

    REO kills. Nuff said

  • Yikes. The fruitcakes are out in full force. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the short interest will update tonight.

  • ONCY is an absolute bore. Yawn, yawn… Ultimate Stock Alerts (search them online)

    gives better picks

  • thoughts..? thanks for the invitation to break your monologues for a moment...

    My thoughts are mostly... To whom are you posting your negative sentiments on this stock.?

    Is to to stop would be investors getting on board... i.e. to stifle any interest... if that's the case, then presumbaly you WANT to see ONCY fail... And then I ask myself why you'd want them to fail.

    Well that won't serve patients who have recieved statistically significant clinical benefit (from H&N trial), of for those who may be shown to recieve statistically significant improvement for the right sub-group.

    So... who else would benefit... hmmm.. either a short... OR, someone wanting to buy in at rock bottom price.

    Either way, if it fails, you and your gloating will be dust, if it succeeds, you'll be nowhere to be seen either... a win win I'd say...


  • Skeeta Bug has a question. What are you gonna do with your worthless shares after delisting? wallpaper? bumwipe??????


    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Reply to

    Institutional Buyers Bailing

    by dlaskey Jan 24, 2015 1:09 PM

    "Still not sure how much institutions are left. Have not seen the 12/31/14 published holdings yet, but I am guessing it is down to under 2%."

    Skeeta Bug checked it out and its even worse than Skeeta Bug thought. Skeeta Bug thought the Nasdaq board was updated but its not. The last institutional date is for 09/30/2014 and the holdings are not updated as you say. Less than 2% institutional holding seems about right and dropping.

    Those that havent sold yet only have a limited time to sell.

    Skeeta Bug Likes it.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Does anybody have any thoughts as to what changes we can expect this year? Skeeta Bug wondering if we will even be able to see the Circular this year as oncy could possibly Cease operations before the release of the report.

    Will they change the Sales Transaction Bonus structure implemented last year and lower the amts at which Thompson and company get sales bonuses. Skeeta Bug thinks it is more likely they will implement a straightforward bonus for a sale.

    How much of a raise did the exec 6 get this year?
    How much of a bonus did the exec 6 get last year?
    How much did they raise the current approx $5 million severance package?
    Is it now likely that a large percentage of oncs current cash will go to management?

    Will they go bankrupt of will they get sold?

    Lots of questions, like Skeeta Bug said will we even be able to see the Management Information Circular as delisting will precede this. Will oncy pull the plug?

    So many questions? Thoughts?

    Skeeta Bug Likes It.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • The only value on this Snake Oil is cash on hand and its value as a tax loss pool.

    Skeeta Bug been looking into its advantage as a tax loss pool and its not looking good. It appears that the govt has been working at closing loopholes for this type of transaction.

    Thompson was CEO of 2 companies which were taken over for their tax loss pools, Synsorb and Genescape which became Signalgene.

    Not looking good for any oncy long is an understatement.


    Skeeta Bug Likes It.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Reply to

    Can You Feel It?

    by skeeta_bug 16 hours ago

    "I hope so...I'll buy more..."

    Skeeta Bug has a suggestion for you. Skeeta Bug thinks there will be a sale real quick. Soon you can buy all the SNAKE OIL you want for half price. Skeeta Bug thinks you dont have to wait much longer.

    Better buy soon also because after bankruptcy, you wont be able to buy no more SNAKE OIL.

    Skeeta Bug Likes It

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Funny Bailey... in the thread you deleted... you stated my Achilles Heel was I owned a lot of Novavax. You then showed your idiocy when you tried to say I was here because Novavax was failing and needed to move into Oncology to survive and posted a study that had to do with RSV but nothing to do with vaccines.

    Novavax has since hit its 52 week high today... and ONCY not only a few pennies away from its 52 week low... but these are LIFETIME lows for the company.

    And my AMD I bought last week, I am sure you probably saw my post on the NVAX board thanking the poster for bringing my attention how low it was... Well that is up 20%.

    How is your ONCY doing? More importantly how are you doing? Still have my 4000+ shares, and am down about $40 on paper on the last buy, buy still over $2K profit since end of Oct.

    In my "Achilles Heel", I am up 500% . How are you doing in ONCY.??? Down 400%? Down 500%? More???

  • ONCY is like a magician... it makes things disappear... mainly hope and money

  • Reply to

    Can You Feel It?

    by skeeta_bug 16 hours ago

    Sorry for your loss Putz - I honestly believe it would not have helped, but sorry she did not get a choice to at least get what ever chances she thought was best for her. God speed to her, and may you find peace

  • Reply to

    Institutional Buyers Bailing

    by dlaskey Jan 24, 2015 1:09 PM

    Still not sure how much institutions are left. Have not seen the 12/31/14 published holdings yet, but I am guessing it is down to under 2%. there were 40 holders, but really only 3 or 4 hold most of the shares and I am guessing they were either forced to sell, or took the losses to credit against profits

  • You still don't get it...

    You are so caught up in your thousands of losses and hate filled heart, that you see conspiracies all around you.

    I am not a paid poster
    I am not part of any financial research company
    I am not part of any bank, broker or hedge fund.

    ONCY is a funny little company that looks pathetic and I saw being manipulated and decided to play it with some cash that was sitting around.

    With a couple of trades, I have more than doubled my money.

    My posts here are not to "drive the stock down" rather it is to rub it in to a bunch of jerks who jumped on me and attacked me when I first posted.

    It is funny. I just look at my screen, see this stock down and see all the hate from the likes of you and it makes me laugh. Then all the stupidity of me having dozens of nics, etc. - Fact of the matter, I just have time on my hands and you haters amuse me. You may think I have all of these big motives and trying to make this effort and there is this group trying to "hold this stock down" or naked short it.

    Idiots. This is a $40M company and dropping. If REO had any prospects, this is an easy company to buy for pennies. Go look back at the moronic post valuing this company at $100+ PPS. If this stock was SO close and had so much revenue on tap, it would be BOUGHT.

    Instead, it is on verge of delisting or reverse split. So how much are you down Carolyn. I like to laugh at this stock, but more importantly you for losing money and still hanging on as you circle the drain.

  • Reply to

    Armed OT

    by speeddog23 23 hours ago

    Hey, speedy. Only three messages? But I've got an overabundance of subjects to cover. Ok, ok.
    D2. Yeah, he will be alright. Only foot and a half of snow this morning, D2 will go through it like a 14 yr old who just got laid first time. It's the drifting that's miserable. I just hope he doesn't strain that little bit of muscle he got left to impress the Good Lady. Neurons firing? D2 is too PC.That ammo is all blanks. haaa......
    Second: Have you been riding your bike without a helmet? Too many bug hits, eh? Bad boy. The Wings...well, they better wake up to the fact that Datsyuk, their game maker is getting up in age and if they are after Stanley, they need Datsyuk caliber player together with Zetterburg. So sooner than later make a run at it. No matter how they finish, they are fun to watch , even my wife likes them . She is a figure skating nut and in her opinion the Wings are a class better than most NHL teams in skating abilities. Will see.
    Third. Done.But only because you asked -aksed( so D2 understands).
    I don't watch the All Star, it is so close to being choreographed with WWF tinge to it, it's like a circus show. Might as well make it all a shootout.
    Stay healthy and warm.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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