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  • Thumbs up = Republican
    Thumbs Down = Democrat

  • only dead thing after this and next pres election will be the DemoRat party
    Jimmy Carter the happiest former us president, now no longer the most incompetent president ever.

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  • "What the administration has done to the coal industry is a true outrage. So he had a war on coal and, honestly , I'm going to go to war with him over coal."
    God's speed Mitch!

  • Seems the downgrade has boosted a buying spree...nice going analyst!

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  • Look out Democrats let's hope Mitch becomes the next Senate majority leader. In his victory speech he hinted many times he will be helping the coal miners. Coal will make a huge comeback by ousting the clowns this country elected the past six years.

  • We should start by defunding the EPA Go gettem mitch

  • Go Mitch! Go!

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  • watch aci climbing up above 5 just like aks a year ago

  • The citizens of Buffalo are being heated by solar, right?

  • It is hypocritical for Obama , the Democrats , and those Hollywood Hypocrites , to demand "we the people" save the planet , while they use , abuse , and waste EVERYTHING IN SIGHT for their comfort and pleasure , and HOW can they even talk about saving the planet with a straight face when Las Vegas is sucking water from California and taking Farm Irrigation water to use for Casino Grand Water Fountains ..... Just youtube the Bellagio water fountains and look at all that precious California Water being spewed in the air for tourism dollars in a Nevadan DESERT ....... Look at a Google satellite map at all the swimming pools in Las Vegas , IN THE DESERT ..... Do you realize how much water is lost to evaporation in the desert ???? MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Gallons a year ...... and California Produce Farms are running out of water ...... and all of this goes on in HARRY REID's Backyard ....... YOU GO MITCH , break it off in 'em !!!!!!!!

  • I would call him a idiot and question why he would steal in the first place and move on with my life, SO WHY IS IT when black people who have 4 times the crime rate in all catagories across the U.S. get shot in a crime by a white police officer THEY BURN DOWN THE TOWN. This is not a raciest statement to all you idiots that will comment on it. Do some research blacks commit more crimes than any population sorry the numbers don't lie yet they believe they should not have consequences and that's why we have problems ...

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    on todays show

    by engineer30144 Nov 9, 2014 5:19 PM

    of course , that's why coal stocks have been surging since elections ...... No one cares more about the planet than I do , but to bankrupt a lot of families is NOT trying to save the planet , Obama and his cronies have simply been trying to destroy Republican sources of funding , and the Dems have been throwing money at THEIR pet donors for a very long time ...... How in the hale does Las Vegas suck California dry of water if Harry Reid cares so much about the $#^&%$#@#%$^^&*^^%%% planet ?????? It's all a load of #$%$ , the ONLY solution for this planet is for everyone to STOP HAVING SO MANY ^%$@@#^*(&%^#$%$$$%^&!! BABIES !!!!! and NO ONE says a peep about overpopulation , the entire cause of every problem we face ...... ALL we hear is "growth growth growth growth" and "money money money money money" ...... No one gives a sht about the environment except to cash in or burden the people while the fat cats live high on the hog ..... I say burn the hale outta coal and we all go down together , at least average folks can have a job until we all die .... Tell me how these Hollywood hors can tell us all to "conserve energy" when they use 1000 times more than we do for their homes , cars , concerts , movies , and all the other sht they do , Olympic swimming pools yet California is out of water ..... skroo them

  • Important news out of Kentucky, US Senate race: Alison Grimes v Mitch McConnell

    DNC pulling funds from Grimes support. It's over (BTW, I am not afraid to say I voted for Romney):

    "The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, after spending $2 million on the race, went off the air Tuesday, while a separate Democratic campaign group reportedly was doing the same.

    Meanwhile, national progressive groups lashed out at Grimes for an ad on illegal immigration that they called “offensive.”

    The developments are a blow to Grimes, who already has been battered by pro-McConnell attack ads and seen her standing in the polls slip a bit. She also has been hammered for refusing to say – during a debate on Monday and on other occasions – if she voted for President Obama in the last two elections, even though she was a delegate for the president at the Democratic National Convention in 2012."

  • The share price movement can not be justified by any logic or reason. It's just crazy. No market fundamental justify for the coal sector to drop 10% every day, day after day, without end.

    According to EIA data, US coal stockpile reached a low of 125M tons in July 2014 , a record low. That compares to the 203M record high level in May 2012. So the supply demand balance was able to digest away 78M tons of coal stockpile. In another word, demand exceeded supply by 78M tons. The production curtailment of the coal industry works, and is continue to be working, although I wish they curtail more swiftly.

    On the demand side, coal generation in July was 150 million MWH, versus 113M for natural gas. The natural gas share dropped from 139M in July 2012. So coal is still king and natural gas can not replace coal.

    The coal sector remains a cyclic commodity sector, as it always is. All fundamentals, the low stockpile, the high demand, continued coal production curtailment, all point to that coal price SHOULD recover at this point, and coal stock price should return to previous high. It should work that way, unless coal stockpile figure can go to zero and then can go to negative. Then the coal stockpile figure can continue to drop to negative infinity and no one gives a damn if power plants have negative stockpile for electricity generation. It might happen in a fantasy world. But logic does not work that way.

    The bottom line. The market has no logic or reason any more. There are only two things left:
    1. Share price movement, regardless of any rationality
    2. Your transaction, do you buy or sell here.

    Out of these two things, the price is one thing that the shorties take absolute control. They can move price to any low level they want. They can short shares at $1.00 or $0.50. If shorts hand out shares at $0.50 they can and no one is going to prevent them. If they move the price to negative, they CAN. They can give you shares not only for free.

    But YOU don't have to sell!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Cities across the Midwest are going to tie or set low temperature records tonight for this date--since records have been kept. So much for global warming.

  • #$%$ PUMPERS, on the coal message board, why don't you go pump solar on your solar boards..

  • Selling at historic lows. Tiny fractions of book value, extreme low P/S Fact: 70% of worlds electricity is produced from coal. Technology exists to clean up emmisions and friendlier political climate will make this group one of the best performing sectors next yr. as they double , triple or more off of current bankrupt price levels. Coal is not going away tomorrow. Don't believe these ignorant negative posters. The markets biggest bargains have been created. NOW is the time to load up before the naysayers come to their senses.

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    Here is what's happening Now!

    by cadmium_telluride Oct 8, 2014 11:54 AM

    So what do YOU know about the coal sector? What do YOU have to say about why they are pounding down the coal sector 10% down each day relentlessly? In light of the fact that US coal stockpile is already at record low, and market supply demand fundamental says coal price SHOULD go up at this point? It's crazy.

    I have no more to say about how the market reacts. Because there is no more logic or rationale.

    I am beyond broke at thing point. But I still hold quite some shares. Not much in dollar terms, but quite a bit in number of shares. I wish I have resource to add more shares. Below $2.00 it's no longer marginable. The only sure thing is I am not going to give out my shares. I hold on to them. When these shares recover to triple digits, I will laugh all my way to the bank.

    I rode SWC down to $1.70 in 2008-2009 and I held on to the shares firm and I added as much as I could. I was laughing my way to the bank when SWC recovered to $25 in 2011, and my margin strategy gained me nearly 50 fold. So my asset value was multiplied by nearly 50 times from the low point. This time in the coal sector I am going to gain an even more terribly huge multiplier. Maybe by several hundred fold. You take any small number and multiply by 500, it's going to be HUGE. I am beyond broke, but I am definitely not at zero. There is still something left to allow me to multiply by 500 times. Just watch and see.

    The cyclic coal sector SHOULD RECOVER very soon and very rapidly.

    If you want to give out your shares here, you are welcome to do so. If you just give your shares to me for free, I would really appreciate your donation. Please give your shares to me.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

  • Look at the incompetency record. Agencies headed by the incompetent less-than-qualified. Secret Service, VA, IRA, State Department, it goes on and on and on.

    In a quarter century our children and their children will look back and say 'What did you do to our America?".

    To boot, as a Libertarian, I am sad for my liberties lost.


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    Voting ---

    by coalfox1 Oct 24, 2014 11:46 AM

    Amazing how the west virginia incumbent is NOW supporting coal? Especially since the republican is running on that line

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