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  • I overheard my colleague at work saying INFY has been chosen as lead Co for selling India made technology. The latest news shows that they have found ancient books over 15k years old showing how to make supersonic jets, AUV's, Tanks, Gene splicing, Nuclear physics, Medicine , space station, and space rockets.

    INFY seems to be the Co. chosen to decipher the code ,compile and sell this technology abroad. This is fantastic news if some one more knowledgeable could confirm what it is all about and how it will impact INFY .

    I was told that the President is scheduled to go over there to get a piece of the action for us.

  • Head and Shoulder pattern breakdown to 27.5 region looks imminent in very near future!

    Sentiment: Sell

  • In a clear example of why coliars should never be allowed around production data and why we need to stop the phoney trading system, Bloomberg did an expose piece on the total lack of quality in the land of the long low hanging stinks drug making biz. It showed smellies just deleting failed drug test data, shipping pills with the wrong amount of active content, of course filthy conditions, etc all so some failed exec can get a cost save bonus. It would really be in your self interest and research if any of the drugs you take come from stinky land and as always not buy anything from that land of filth and corruption.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • A court in CA has ordered one of Sun Micro's founders to obey the law and allow an easement for the public to walk to the beach. In a clear example of you can take the smelly of out the land of the long low hanging stink but can't take the stink of the corrupt gutter culture out of the smelly. I'd send it Lana Del Ray's Out on the West Coast video to help it understand why the public has a right to be on the beach, but it only listens to wining cats music, as monkey statue told it not to upgrade to western culture or no backdoor action. Hell her songs are real works of art with tons of sutitle clues that would blow past it's small brain so wouldn't get the message anyway.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • I really don't care what high caste aryan christians say or do with their time. Apart from the few intelligent capitalists and political power brokers, most of them are trivial. I care about Indians first and foremost.

    What does all this mean for us? Well many things.

    High caste whites are incredibly angry. They feel that they are under siege and they get fed all this #$%$ on a daily basis. They internalize it and then they stockpile guns and canned food thinking that everyone is out to get them. Complete conspiratorial idiocy. But they believe it...and after a few beers they will tell you.

    China is now the number one economy in the world (PPP basis). This gap will only increase wider and wider. Demographics is destiny. Brown people and black people will be the majority in the US in a few decades. High caste whites will always remain segregated from blacks/browns. They enforce this via police sanctioned violence if required. Problem is that the US has an aging white population that needs lots of money to live and maintain health. Then on the other end the US will have a huge population of uneducated blacks/browns who cannot compete in economic terms.

    This is great for Indians and Chinese and we have to thank white people for doing this great service for us. Whites will ensure that blacks and browns do not get access to good educations and blacks and browns will become more numerous. This means that there will be a tiny slice of elite whites surrounded by huge bantustans. However, the majority of the population will be NON-competitive. This creates a huge opening for us. We should buy all white people a drink for helping us in this way.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • Once again, a middle caste christian grease ball aspiring to be high caste, makes his bones by killing a low caste black man on camera in broad daylight. The middle caste tattooed and olive skinned grease ball wanted to show the high caste true aryans that he was worthy of their respect.

    The bible states that blacks and other nonwhites are animals - see genesis chapter 9. All churches are segregated in the US. Blacks and whites dare NOT worship together lest low case blacks get murdered by high caste police.

    The high caste aryan christian police exists to protect the high caste wall street banker caste.

    Ironically, the high caste banker caste are the best friends of Indians for they have brought us all the jobs. However, I can't help feeling stung by the gross injustice of the christian caste system. Horrible shame on all high caste white aryan christians.

    High caste white christians have ZERO authority on matters of human rights. Fuck off and fix yourselves.

    Sentiment: Hold

  • I think some one already has a short assian phoney mkt etf. A good suggestion a 3x short on the coliar biz.

    If the top caste cheat on the tests while in school I guess cheating must happen getting in school.

    Really Ferguson? It's a made up story by insane liberal clown puppets and 3rd world lying propangdist like fried zucchini.

    So I'm guessing true about how things really work in the land of the long low hanging stink, coming out of western media has you lost face and therefore coming back as a bug and clearly not getting any backdoor action from your monkey and/or elephant statue.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • SIMPLE solution - start a company and don't hire any south asians. You should get 100% of the business and you should have record profits coming out of the gate. Also, start a mutual fund and don't invest in any India-related companies. You should attract ALL the money. Why is this so difficult for you?

    Best thing to do right away is to get the highest score on the IIT-JEE exam. Ohhhh that's right...IQ and brains don't matter when you deal with Asians. Only "personality" should matter. The best way to prove your superiority is to get the best score on the same test that Indians take to get into their top schools. Indians and Chinese students take all the exams in ENGLISH and STILL get the best grades. Can you take a math test in Mandarin or Hindi and get the TOP score? I think that one has been settled :)

    Thanks for the reference to our caste system. Let's see how your christian caste system flares up after the Ferguson verdict. I feel so bad for low caste black christens who have to suffer at the hands of angry high caste aryan christens.

  • The bbc answered something that puzzled many developed world techs how these smellies claim that they graduated from iit couldn't id a fibre channel card even if you beat them over the head with one. Seems the answer was simple and a factor in their undevelopment namely their corrupt gutter culture in the form of the top caste members hire a thug to visit the pep grade the test and stick a dagger btw their fingers. A clear warning that give an A grade or die.

    Now the lower caste wants in trying to bribe their way to get answer or buy books with the answers.

    The point is this is yet another source of visa fraud to claim one earned a degree when it was the result of violence or bribes, results in not knowing the subject matter, which is why the coliars lay their work off to overworked developed world techies. This should be investigated every smelly h1-b visa holder and if found not to know the material then cancel the visa and make the failed mgr pay to send it back to the mud hut now.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Just in case you forgot it was Senator Grassley that put in an amendment to require bail out banks to fire the filthy smelly no talent nor experience backward idol worshiping tech retarding obl loving west hating ab resistant germ spreading visa fraud committing coliars, and replace them with American workers. Expect laws that will see many of these coliars back in their mud huts next year.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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