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  • C.ddule, It appears you are very familiar with this industry and the competitive products. ANAD says they can achieve up to 45% margin on infrastructure products. Their early results do show a dramatically improving margin on very low sales. Is it possible that their margin levels can be achieved, or will RFMD and SWKS just cut their prices to squeeze ANAD to death? Do RFMD and SWKS own their own fabs, can they produce at a lower cost? Obviously they have greater volume and more diverse products. Just wondering what your insight is to your opinion that ANAD cannot compete with the bigger players?

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    GlassDoor: “Terrible upper management ”

    by c.ddule Dec 17, 2014 5:31 PM

    Well, someone like you is in a different position. I would bet my life on you not being able to design an RF chip. Perhaps you could create a digital chip butbut not the ones done at ANAD. Therefore, your positions shipping suggestions do not apply here. I know of RF chip designers who do not want to move and have a tough time finding a new position. As for the "good talent" left at ANAD, that talent is leaving on its own, without being let go. The place is no longer desirible workplace and people do not wish to hang around for a next round of layoffs. In addition to that, management is trying to sell a "startup" mode but are not offering startup possibility of making monies at the IPO time. All in all, RF design is diffent from the one you are familiar with. The layoffs are also done based on the project, not necessarily talent. to go.

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    GlassDoor: “Terrible upper management ”

    by c.ddule Dec 17, 2014 5:31 PM

    I simply have a great idea actually. Dual Degree in electrical engineering and computer science. I have left more companies and more domain knowledge than I care to talk about. If you are at the peak of your industry you are creative, inventive, driven and you don't stay at Anadigics for TEN years. period.

    There is totally no shame in being let go when a company is not doing well, but would I lay off my best talent or my average under-performing talent? (Its not that hard, you'll figure it out). Good talent is valuable, in the market, but also from a talent acquisition standpoint, if this company is being shopped.

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    GlassDoor: “Terrible upper management ”

    by c.ddule Dec 17, 2014 5:31 PM

    jjhavokk439 said: "What person in engineering/technical field stays in the same job for 10 years? (The answer is hardly anybody) Obviously this person is not even near top tier talent or they would not have been complacent to hang out there so long (The fact that he/she was let go is also telling). "

    You simply have no idea what you are talking about. The RF design people do stay with a same company for years and years. The simple reason is that one acquires a specialty, be it a general radio design, PA design, frequency of operation subset, microwave design, filter/antenna design, and those positions are not a dime a dozen. To move to a different company, doing the specialty acquired over previous years, one generally needs to do a geographical move. If moving to a different area of the design instead, one pretty much needs to spend a good time learning new skills, and that takes valuable time and effort. The employers specify the area and the skills needed for the position and either you fit or do not fit. Take for example the latest job req ANAD has for a CATV RF chip designer, the skills needed there are not the same as for regular RF mobile chip designer, which is why ANAD will have a tough time finding a new CATV chip designer.

    There is no shame being let go from a company going under, it most likely is a blessing. The first to be let go can find the job easier because of lesser competition. Those let go last have a tougher time since the positions are already taken.

  • I have got to get my mag got filter worked on.

  • ANAD announced today introduction of the AWL5911 power amplifier (PA) optimized for 802.11a/n/ac WiFi infrastructure and multimedia applications. "A world leader in radio frequency (RF) solutions","Industry leading" and other BS present in every other press release of theirs.

    From that same release:

    ANADIGICS 802.11ac 5 GHz WiFi Power Amplifier Family:
    Product Frequency Band Output Power EVM Gain
    AWL5910 4900 to 5900 MHz +22 dBm 1.8% 31 dB
    AWL5911 4900 to 5900 MHz +22 dBm 1.8% 33 dB

    So, from the above it can be seen that the new AWL5911 is only an incremental improvement over a previous version of the chip, the AWL5910. The difference is extra 2dB in gain, 33 dB gain now vs 31 dB before.

    Now this same chip is going head to head with the real world leaders in RF solutions, such as SWKS and RFMD. Here is a comparable SWKS chip.

    ANADIGICS 802.11ac 5 GHz WiFi Power Amplifier Family:
    Product Frequency Band Output Power EVM Gain
    SE5023L 4900 to 5900 MHz +24 dBm 1.8% 32 dB

    So, according to this, SWKS' chip has a higher output power, a very very desirable thing and a gain of 32, a 1dB lower. The EVM of 1.8% is nothing special, it is a requirement in the 802.11ac standard. Therefore they both meet the specs. ANAD's claim of "The new AWL5911 delivers an industry-leading combination of linearity, efficiency, gain and thermal characteristics, while minimizing external components" is nothing but BS because they have all have to meet the specs. It is also interesting that both ANAD's and SWKS' chip have an exact same footprint -- a requirement by the customers so they can have multi-sourcing for drop-in replacement no matter the source.

    The RFMD also has a drop-in chip for this purpose, the RFFM8505. I'll not go into details on this one too.

    All in all, this chip is an infrastructure PA, the area where ANAD thinks it can have higher margins. ANAD can not get away from competitors which are better equipped to compete.

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  • Advice to DoDDDooolee
    Go Urinate up a rope.

  • Posted to GlassDoor on Aug 21, 2014

    “Great People ”

    Former Employee - Process Engineer in Warren, NJ
    I worked at ANADIGICS full-time (more than 8 years)

    Pros: Great people and environment with the ability to have some flex time if needed. Use to have opportunity for growth but not some much anymore.

    Cons : Management team struggling to get the company in a profitable state. Management team does not know how to turn the company around and at this point in the history of the company, there's a good chance they will go out of business. People are now leaving in droves.

    Advice to Management: Find a bail out plan quick!

  • Posted to GlassDoor on Aug 24, 2014

    “Down the tubes, quickly ”

    Current Employee - Product Engineer in Warren, NJ
    I have been working at ANADIGICS full-time (more than 8 years)

    Pros: A few talented managers who know their technical areas well

    Cons: But these managers are trying to manage areas they don't know, and the BoD won't allow decisions that ultimately would allow the company to survive

    Advice to Management: Close the doors now.

  • ..............two of the biggest rallies in god knows how long.................................and this pile is up .03.................................LOL!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't even get out of the .70's...................

  • oh i will make money on both side of the trade i shorted it..too! FOOLISH AN SENILE NO JUST TRICKY..AN SLICK...

  • may buy back@.35 for a short play if they don't get delisted first..i have to move a lot of shares today....

  • First of all, my apologies for speculating you were a senile old man. You obviously still have it. Everything that comes out of ANAD management's mouth is misleading and designed to deceive investors about well being of the company -- so the same management can keep riding the old mule until it drops dead. Good companies try to expand the market, increase their sales and profits, enlarge the company, and ANAD, does the totally opposite -- they reduce the work-force, get out of the competition's way, keep management the same as if they were doing the good job to start with. ... and they just can not turn a profit no matter what they do. Good luck to you!

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    GlassDoor: “Terrible upper management ”

    by c.ddule Dec 17, 2014 5:31 PM

    Of course I will!!!!!!!!!!!!You said, "MAY SEE ACCELERATED GROWTH IN 2015.'''.....................................Thats one hell of a "MAY" from this company....................once again, let me spell it out for you(you must really be slow in the head)! it trades at .75(totally missing out on the bull run) for a reason. NO analysts are coming out with anything positive for this stock(NO UPGRADES)...........lousy mgmt that is always behind the curve............SHORT interest still sky high..............just because mgmt says things are looking up, doesn't mean they will execute the plan..................this trades like a dog for a reason...........................

  • If they where smart they would sell mfg company to china.. Like the rest old to wait have better opportunities..glta

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    GlassDoor: “Terrible upper management ”

    by c.ddule Dec 17, 2014 5:31 PM

    JJHAVOKK439 I absolutely agree with you. We have two consistent psycho bashers on here
    with an unknown agenda. C.DDULE played a game with me last Friday and stayed on the same
    subject about one job opening for a Sr. level CATV engineer. Since then, he has posted
    about disgruntled ex-employees. I can understand there may be bitterness about these layoffs
    but I still can't figure out what his agenda is or FLAGLER either. FLAGLERBEATCH if you
    want to know what has changed fundamentally for ANAD let me try this again from a financial
    standpoint. The cost structure has been reduced to less than $25 mil. quarterly. Mobile revenue
    has stabilized at $8-10 mil per quarter and may actually increase next year. Infrastructure revenue
    is increasing and with the contracts now in place may see accelerating growth in 2015. With
    the cost structure now in place as painful as that was, the foundation has been laid for positive
    EPS in 2015. Look at the charts from 2005 when it bottomed at around $1.30 with a much
    higher per share EPS loss back then compared to Q3 2014. From there it ran to almost
    $20 a share by Oct. of 2007 and barely got to positve EPS. Now it appears to me that
    ANAD has a better chance to achieve profitability on a sustainable basis then back in that
    time period. Could this run to $20 a share again? Probably not. But after generating
    an uptrend in EBITDA with decreasing revenues over multiple quarters I would call that a
    fundamental change from a financial standpoint. Revenue has bottomed and will increase
    next year and it wil not take more than 5% quarterly sequential increases next year to swing
    to positive EPS. If you smoke blowers can show me some numbers to disprove what I have
    pointed out here then bring it on!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    GlassDoor: “Terrible upper management ”

    by c.ddule Dec 17, 2014 5:31 PM

    What person in engineering/technical field stays in the same job for 10 years? (The answer is hardly anybody) Obviously this person is not even near top tier talent or they would not have been complacent to hang out there so long (The fact that he/she was let go is also telling). This sounds like bitter ranting to me. Yes, I believe there is a conflict at the board level as I have heard that complaint before and everyone knows about managements flaws, but there is nothing here that leads me to believe they can't become profitable once again.

    Look back at my post from early Nov and you will see the low and high range I called until Q4 end has been spot on. I have had a trade order at 70 since management was buying and it has not triggered. You can bank on the short squeeze for those shorts who are at 80 and under in the coming weeks.

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