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  • I've been following trade alerts from the Penny Stock 101 org newsletter, and I've been consistanly beating the market. If you want to get an early jump on the fastest moving NASDAQ, NYES and OTC stocks signup now.Just on an email stating they have a new pick coming tomorrow!

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  • I am an experienced Cash Applicator, looking for Contract or part-time work. I worked for a major mattress company for over 6 years. My daily responsibilities included processing cash that came in from the lockbox and wire transfers. I also processed adjustments that came in from various locations. I had the ability to communicate effectively with other departments including the credit department, as well as upper management. I had the ability to handle large projects with a low margin of error. Whenever one of our plants needed a big "sweep" of adjustments cleared, they would call on me to do the job. I am dedicated, hard-working and a quick learner. I am currently looking for a cash applications position. My availability is as follows: Monday through Friday from 6 p.m. until. Saturday and Sunday, I am available all day. If anyone is interested in my services, feel free to send a reply. My rates are very reasonable!!! References provided upon request. Thanks for your time...
    Please send all responses to

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    Sentiment: Strong Sell

  • Fastest gains I have ever made in trading and I couldn’t have done it without Ultimate Stock Alerts (do a quick search in Google for them). They saved my bacon!

  • This company continues to be a joke.

  • Not sure what happened here.

    Stephen Pence, who was majority shareholder and chairman of General Employment Enterprises, acted as front man for a convicted felon who schemed to divert $2.3 million from the company.

  • There is a lot of useless wisdom being tossed around out there about how to actually get a job. One of the most overlooked foundational aspects of the job search is having a professional resume. We can make you stand out from the app stack. Visit our site and get 15% off any document order with the code "gethired". 3 day turnaround for a complete, effective modern resume.

  • A friend told me about a website that has work from home jobs and said she had gotten jobs through that site before. So, I checked it out and applied for some jobs on there. I uploaded my resume as well. I received an email asking me to do an interview through Yahoo Messenger (I have had other legitimate online jobs offer to do that through messengers, usually Skype though). The email said they had seen my resume on that job site. I did the interview and they said that they were needing someone to do data entry, customer support, and marketing as well as accounting. I was told about entering information into their system. Said pay was $350/week. Then after all the interview questions was asked for name, address, phone to provide my info. to the manager for review. I was told to wait a few minutes while the manager reviews my info. They came back saying because of my experience in data entry, customer support, and marketing they wanted to hire me. They sent a contract that says GE Energy Consulting and says the address, phone, and website are:

    One River Road

    Schenectady, NY 12345

    Phone #: 563-275-6335

    Then they said I would be using CheckSoft to handle their payroll and print checks to send to employees. So, this sounds fishy to me and makes me leery of the job because of the checks. I think I will just not take the job due to that. But, was just wondering if it is one of those fake jobs. Sounds like it to me. What do you think?


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  • FNRG set to get big exposure after confirming $1 million LED lighting deal. Analysts believe it can go all the way to $10; what say you?

  • Patents seem to be leading the catalysts for PSID as Wall Street eyes a bigger valuation for the steaming hot biotech

  • AAWC shows intent to dominate auto warranty market. Good timing too given the surging sales in the vehicle industry. Big $2 climb?

  • Thats why the surge!! getting close to March 31!

  • PRKI displays bullish short-term upside as Wall Street braces itself for the big push. Remember this is a $1 monster over 12 months

  • TSRI seems ready to fly! This Nasdaq play is being heavily shorted by timsykes and co but they arnt really getting the results they want so as a result they are all fighting for an exit. Any upward momentum could cause a massive short squeeze

  • Reply to

    March 31

    by rexinstaller Feb 26, 2015 11:43 AM

    based on what?

  • This stock is a buy and will begin to move as we get closer to 3/31

    Sentiment: Buy

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