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  • If this company gets any kind of contract with a large company than ARCI stock will go up a significant amount. This is because lots of investors will see the the contract in the news feed of the large company, and then they will see ARCI stock. I saw this happen with plug power (PLUG), the company got a contract with Walmart, Tesla, and Fed ex. The price of PLUG went from .50 cents a share to 10 dollars at it's high. I think that ARCI has the potential to the same for a few reasons. Firstly, both PLUG and ARCI are in the business of helping the environment. With that said, most major companies would work with PLUG and ARCI to show that they are "green companies that care about the environment". So far ARCI to rise rapidly all it would have to do is get a few small contracts with large companies. These contracts could be as simple as "ARCI sells 15 break room refrigerators to walmart". If anyone knows the CEO of ARCI or anyone on the board of directors please tell them my suggestion. I truly believe this company's stock price could triple if they get a few contracts.

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    Spread the word

    by nicktefft98 Sep 4, 2014 10:09 PM

    I thought it was undervalued at 4. Now it is really undervalued. The problem is that this kind of stock is not sexy enough to garnish any momentum without having growing EPS each quarter. Momo traders and investors don't want to take the time to comb through the ER, they just see that EPS number and act accordingly. If this wasn't the case, the stock wouldn't have got a 25% haircut this last quarter. We need news or a monster quarter to get this thing going again. It is a great company who's stock has literally gone flat.

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  • This stock is really undervalued. the P/E is 4.6 and the sector as a whole has no where to go but up. If this company gets a deal with a large cap company there is no doubt ARCI will go way up because it will have more buyers who will see how underrated this company is. If more people on other message boards see this company they will also find it attractive while the P/E is under 10.

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  • Can a breakout take PLWY beyond its 52-week high of .18? Analysts project at least a .75 a share stock by the fall

  • I didn't think Jack was going to retire yet but I guess he needed to retire eventually. He did a great job growing this company to what it is now. Nice diversified company. I don't know if the direction will change much going forward with new CEO but it will be interesting to see any changes. It will be nice having Jack on the board to help with things going forward. Thanks to Jack for everything he's done over the years and happy retirement!!! Have a nice day.

  • I've been thinking about CA sales tax. How's this logic. I own a business and buy supplies from a wholesaler and then I sell them to my customers. My customer end user pays the sales tax or if non profit or exempt for whatever reason doesn't pay sales tax. So Arca wholesales the appliances to the electric utility and then the utility either sells or provide the appliance to the end user. The end user should pay tax or if they are given it for free then I'm guessing some use tax could be paid by the utility. Plus the end user being a low income could maybe possible make it kind of like non profit provided by power provider but that's not my main argument. Its more that the wholesaler doesn't usually collect sales tax if they know there's one more layer to the end user. Any thoughts. Have a nice day.

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    time to load up

    by snds10 Aug 8, 2014 5:19 PM

    Wouldn't be surprised to see ARCI acquired by yearend. Seems like a good pickup for GE, Home Depot, or another of their large partners. Even if they paid $5/share for ARCI, they'd be getting a bargain.

  • I might not know when to sell but I know when to buy!!! This is crazy cheap based on current earnings. Jack has things planned out well and this is no brainer. Have a nice day.

  • just check his ip address and figure it out, of course not worth the time. Have a nice day.

  • You must be angry and your only way to feel good about yourself is to try to wish harm on other people . I am quite certain you feel pain in your life. I hope you can find a way to feel good about yourself.

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    Mr. Market spoke !!!

    by magilla_s Aug 7, 2014 3:58 PM

    I hope they didn't make a mistake with the sales tax in CA. Other than that they had the same income from operations before tax as last year so that was great to see. I'm not selling here. This could be a triple from these levels or more. If they keep making these decent profits eventually it will go up or be bought out. Jack has laid the groundwork for an outstanding future. Way too many positives and now one negative. The carbon credits, plastic sorting upside and replacement market could produce crazy net income. These three things could produce results in which we might look back and think anything less than $10 was insane. Plastic sorting might take another year but huge upside. No brainer at anything under $5. Have a nice day.

  • i thing this was about the tax issue and not operating results. and the tax issue was not understood full, terrible pr. looking at recycle replacement revenue from the annuals for 11/12/13 it was 30m/11.7/14.5 or $56mil total. they have 11 recycling facilities ony one in CA, but could not find out how much of the $56m in revenue was from CA. should have been asked in CC. with a sales tax rate of 7.5% in CA, even if 1/4 of the revenue was from CA and subject to the 7.5% tax which it may not be, that would equate to 7.5% x 14m or $1m in sales tax + interest and penalties. could be much less. either way, drop today took over $6m off market value. overdone i think. anyone else have any input re: CA recycle revenue?


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    Mr. Market spoke !!!

    by magilla_s Aug 7, 2014 3:58 PM

    Wow I certainly don't get it! But I'll gladly buy up the cheap shares that people are throwing away below $3. Down 27%? On a good quarter?? Because of the CA sales tax issue? Jeez. Didn't anyone listen to the CC? Not the end of the world folks. And that's IF there's even an issue at all!

    Listening to the CC, there's sure a lot of positive things going on with this company. The recycling sector is going to boom for YEARS to come. Do the sellers think people will stop caring about the environment? That the whole 'Going Green' revolution is already over? To those who panic sold today...don't check back on the price of ARCI. It will likely be double or triple the current price sometime next year.

  • back to the drawing board.

    Snds10...what do you think of all this?

  • Still not convinced it isn't being manipulated?
    An open trade of 100 shares at $3.50 down from the $4.10 close yesterday had only one intent--to trigger stop loss selling and that's exactly what it did. The same minute quote for 9:30 AM finished at $3.00 on 100 shares. If a major corporation's stock had that kind of killing the corporate politicians would be up in arms, Congress (House of Representatives) would hold hearings and people would be fired.
    No way that was legitimate price exploration.
    They will continue in this vein with 100-200 share price drops because shareholders never figure out small caps' trading isn't regulated, monitored or enforced by public or private regulatory or enforcement agencies.
    All in the name of deregulation.
    Some system, eh?
    Until they get a mountain of complaints by others besides myself they only turn a deaf ear. It's the conservatives who need to get clobbered because they only listen to the fat F*&^s of Wall Street until it threatens re-election. Bought ans sold!


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  • This is what you should concentrate on. Way over sold. Im buying more

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