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    And with the arrival of $2.59...

    by spixleatedlifeform Jan 26, 2015 1:41 PM

    It's on my radar. I have been a customer of ApplianceSmart and have always been pleased with them. As the current millennial college graduatesz enter the work force and start to buy property, They will need appliances. I just put this stock is on my radar screen, but worry there might be some valid reason for the tumbling share price. Can somebody tell me why I should NOT buy this stock.

  • yet another stop loss gets triggered. This time, the micro-short selling (100-200 shares at a time) got covered before the last trade date for the January 2015 B short interest report period arrives along with its attendant rise in share price. The manipulators and their "clients" will escape the overt evidence that would put them in prison for their illegal works.
    Those who pay attention to such things as P/E, ever hear of a company that is in the black (making a profit) being priced at such low ratios?


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    So what have I been saying all along?

    by spixleatedlifeform Jan 8, 2015 4:42 PM

    You answered half your objection in the third sentence with the first example: Downward pressure via sales tax interpretation problem occurred LONG after the manipulation began. "Hedge" funds move in and out all the time. You only have to look at their Form 13F filings to know this. If one exits and one enters and there's no difference in the 'tutes' overall proportion holdings of shares outstanding, the laws of supply:demand would ordinarily dictate stable prices.
    This is different. This is price movement by 100-200 share trades to compel buying which raises prices further then dropping prices in 100-200 share trades to trigger stop loss selling where they buy up more.
    13F filings are only required when certain conditions are met:
    1) The moneys invested are NOT owned by the investing entity (hedge, mutual, private equity or public employee retirement funds, etc.) , but corporate cash reserves are exempt because by definition that money IS "owned" by the investing entity, as is an individual's money;
    2) Those non-owned monies must be invested IN THE US Equities Markets and must equal or exceed $100 Million;
    If only one of either criteria are met 13F filings are not required. That enables those with ulterior motives to evade any oversight. It becomes only detectable by the trading patterns left as evidence.
    Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes character was the first to present to the world the concept of "trace evidence" wherein every contact leaves a trace and in the finance community (stocks) every trade leaves a trail. It is only necessary for those with authority to do their jobs and there has been no rank-and-file hiring in either the SEC or DOJ to implement Dodd-Frank because of budget cuts known as sequestration. The only hiring was with "administrative positions" (appointments) and their immediate staffs.
    Ergo: No funds for hiring the necessary personnel and No funding for implementation of rules, regulations and laws governing the markets.

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    So what have I been saying all along?

    by spixleatedlifeform Jan 8, 2015 4:42 PM

    As usual I disagree. This stock is all about 2 things. Downward pressure because #$%$ CFO doesn't account for sales tax on CA rebate program and one hedge fund selling and another taking a big position in the stock.

    I just cannot buy into your theory that someone has been manipulating this stock for 5 years for an eventual take out.

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  • That the target buying price is at or below $3.00/share.
    What have we recently witnessed?
    Twice in the last month and a half the price was driven down to well below $3.00. The most recent was down to $2.56 and then BAM! Two days a nearly 10% of shares outstanding were bought at or below $3.00. Then it stops. A few pennies over are just taunting short sales.
    Point is: those price drops were accomplished with 100-200 share trades, all for the purpose of buying up shares well below the $3.00 target. The perpetrators of this intend to make an offer somewhere south of $3.50 with an implied "premium" of over 15% of recent highs.
    Regardless of any fairness of temporary trading price under alleged Efficient Market Hypothesis, the fact of blatant repeated manipulation to the downside bode ill for any true fair price for the shareholders.


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  • Can Wall Street contend with a $50 a share SIMH? The stock looks certain for a breakout now that WHO has confirmed 7400 global Ebola deaths

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    Third Quarter 2014 Results

    by maturadoratum Nov 5, 2014 8:27 AM

    Yes I'm curious about the strategic move too. Last year they filed a SEC form to keep something secret and the SEC granted them it ok to keep secret. Now they mention it again. Many times when a company gets acquired they are allowed to keep all negotiations secret until final agreement. It might just be pricing or something simple too. I also own lots of shares or at least lots of shares to me!! The reason to own it is because of the business potential and also current profits. I think everyone is waiting for the Ca sales tax audit to show they don't owe any additional taxes. If they clear that up we could see $5 fast, if they owe $5-10M or something it could go down to $2. Now with the unknown the market is pricing in the risk. The current business without the sales tax isssue is worth way more than $2.75. I heard somebody on here say many years ago they turned down an offer for $7, not sure if that's true but business is better now than it was then. Jack is retired so they might take a deal now, who knows. Its hard to see it valued so low. Time and contiued good results will make it go up. Have a nice day.

  • Hey there!

    Had been around here a long time ago (2010-2011) and I am missing the valuable comments from snds!

    I sold my entire position in 2011 and after dropping to nearly $1 in early 2013 I started to accumulate again in mid 2013, now sitting on a rather big position again. And I will not sell a single share at these rediculously cheap levels...

    Third quarter results were disappointing on a first glance, but seem really strong in light of a the much higher tax rate. The 9 cents translate into an annual earnings run rate of 36 cents a share - so, what is the reason this stock trades below $3??!!

    Anyone listened to the call? A replay is available on

    There were two negatives from the call:

    First, there will be no more carbon offset revenue realized in 2014, and, second, no one seems interested in the company right now as there was not a single question at the end of the presentation.

    And here are (some of) the positive things:

    The company expects carbon offset revenues of $0.5-0.6 million in 2015. Replacement program with large california utility expected to be out of funds by the end of August was extended to the end of 2014 with a $4 million budget! Several new programs started recently and the company opened two new recycling centers. They expect positive future impacts on its retail business, because of a stronger housing market and struggling competitors! They have implemented many cost reduction inititaives to save the company several hundredthousand dollars in the coming quarters. The low oil price will benefit the whole recycling business as transportation of old appliances becomes cheaper. Currently, they work on a strategic move which they did not disclose in detail due to competitive reasons (acquisition brewing?).

    Maybe I forgot some more interesting details, probably need to listen a second time!

    maturadoratum - "carbon stock" investor from Germany

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  • Now we know who screwed up the sales tax issue

  • It may be a good quarter for the company !!!

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